Tuesday, February 02, 2010

Girls. Girls. Girls.

The last six cats from the seed warehouse were fixed today. Four of the six were girls. One was a normal male and the other a crypt. The tabby was a girl and so was the black and white with the mustache along with two of the blacks.

I haven't returned them since they were fixed just today.

I arrived at the warehouse early this morning, to check the traps, before taking the six to the vet, and the manager said, "Get your traps. We're done with this." There was no reasoning with him, that there were more cats out there, since the marker plate food bites had been eaten.

That was all he said. I asked when he was going to pick up the kittens and he said I could bring them to him anytime. I felt like talking back, like saying "Well Mr. King of Everything, slavery was abolished some time ago." But I didn't say a word.

I was way too worn out.

I delivered the cats to the vet and came home. I was nervous all day, couldn't sleep, over the two kittens he was supposed to come get last weekend, but never came and got. And the exhaustion and pain of nerve inflammation from doing too much heavy lifting and awkward heavy carrying. Those kittens are so sweet. The little Siamese girl loves to be petted!

If they pay me nothing, not even reimburse my gas and all the cat food and bait I used to help them out, at least the area will benefit, because they were handing out kittens from the mothers, who went out to reproduce also. Twenty females in the 27 fixed means in the first batches of kittens born to all these females, if they had just four each, would result in 80 more cats. 80 More, in just the first litters born this spring.

20 of the 27 cats I caught and took to be fixed were girls. Twenty of them!!!!

That is an unusually high percentage of females.

My neck and shoulders hurt My knee hurts. My foot hurts. I got several cuts and bruises in the whole process. But mainly, I would like to sleep for about 24 hours straight.

I can't do that as long as I'm caring for all these warehouse cats, plus my own here, but by tomorrow, they will all be back home at the warehouse.

I already have six cats lined up for Wednesday so I don't have to do any other work tomorrow except return these ten cats and clean all the traps and do laundry. I have to get cat litter because I'm out, and I'm almost out of dry cat food. At this point, I start trying to find anybody who will slip me into Costco to buy some dry cat food there, and that is not easy either. To find anyone willing, that is, who will actually make the time to do it.

I fell asleep tonight, across that darn love seat, which is four feet long if you count the arm rests at each end. That is a bad thing. Bad bad. I woke up at 10:30 stiff and crooked.

I worry about my brothers. Both are having trouble staying afloat in their businesses. I think one brother has laid off two thirds of his employees and I don't think he has work on the horizon. He's had to cut back health insurance for those handful of employees left and his family. My other brothers' company he said dropped health insurance for its employees as of today, in an effort to save the company and its remaining employees, which is about a third its original workforce before the decline. My brothers are about my age, not spring chickens, and if they go jobless, the prospects of them finding other jobs isn't good. I feel for them.


  1. wow! 20 girls that's great!
    i hope things turn around for your brothers. what a hard position for them to be in as owners of a company, not just employees. the kittens sound so precious!

  2. Only one owns a company. Then the other one is an employee. His wife also works at the same company. They are the ones who lost health insurance yesterday, he said. Or that's what he said the last time I talked to him, which was before the new year. He was worried, since he has a medical condition. He didn't know if he would be able to find private insurance he could afford with that pre existing condition.

  3. oh i love siamese kittens! well, your brothers and family could always move in with you...one big happy family under one roof hahaha....start your own spay/neuter business......