Sunday, February 21, 2010

Cassie from the Homeless Camp Gets a Home

Cassie, trapped last week at the Corvallis homeless camp, spayed Friday, just got a great home with a Jefferson man who needed a buddy for his female kitty after his elderly male cat died. He's a really nice man, with a great set up for the cats so Cassie, the little girl from the homeless camp, scored a great home.

Good luck, little girl.

I am hoping tomorrow the two big cats, Bling and Martha, plus younger boys Peter and James, all from the homeless camp, will move on to their barn home placement. They are bonding just fine, with the teen boys who now cuddle up to Big Martha like she's mom. She isn't. She was spayed in 2007 and returned to the camps, before I trapped her again last week.I would love to catch this cat, in photo above, to accompany the four to the new home. The above brown tabby tux I also trapped in 2007 when Martha was trapped. I could not believe it when I saw the cat nonchalantly sitting on the sidewalk, near the camp, last week, watching me. I believe the cat above is related to Big Martha, so it would be great to send them together.

I now have poison oak from that last venture into the camps, on my chin and my ankle.

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