Thursday, January 07, 2010

Night in the Car

The Millersburg cat, who did turn out to be a male, and she has seen the other one, the female, who looks just like this one, only is pregnant. He's probably a brother, she thinks.
The boy mistaken for a preggie female.
Brother, a Tattoo Prairie colony male, fixed through the Neuterscooter 1 1/2 years ago.
The New Show at Tattoo Prairie, now fixed.
Owned Albany torbi tux, with multiple toes! Spayed today.
Nelson, the latest good looking male who showed up inside my friends house in Philomath. He came through her cat door. She's had a slew of males coming through lately. But she catches them all and they get fixed.
Nelson again. My car stinks again, like big male!

I had a "vacation" night, a "camping" night, so to speak. More cats showed up at the bulldozed trailer where Sam and Oci came from. I hadn't heard from the woman who originally fed the cats there, after they were abandoned when the woman who lived in the trailer was arrested for like three DUI's or something, had her kids taken away. She never came back for the cats and left two dogs locked inside the trailer too. This woman actually broke a window to save them.

Over a year later, she's still checking to see if there are more cats. She said there was a very pregnant black and white and four month old gray kitten. So I trapped the black and white before midnight, but just before. I saw the sleek round headed gray kitten too, in a shed, and he's so adorable and not really feral.

But this black and white sure looks big headed and bejoweled and large footed to be a girl. Granted, the cats' stomach is huge and bulging, like a preggie might be, but it could be a male with a worm belly.

So I asked the woman, and sent a photo, "is this your preggie girl cat?" She thinks it is, said the girl cat looks like a male, but thought her head was smaller, and maybe her body size, too. She asked if the cat hissed then let me pet it. I said "No hissing, just hyperventilating in the trap, but I did scratch its' ear. Seems like it might want petted, but it was late and dark. I didn't really try."

I went back to check the trap to see if the kitten was in it. He wasn't. He was snoozing. I dozed in my car for four hours then, but couldn't sleep because I needed to pee and it was just too cold to squat out by my car. I guess I could've.

I came home about 4:30 a.m. The woman feeds at 5:00 a.m. due to an early work schedule. I left her a note under the dish she feeds in.

She's curious too, to see if it is really a preggie girl, or if this lone kitten paired up with a male maybe. The kittens head is baseball round, like the black and whites, however. They seem related by shape.

I took the black and white, plus three others up to be fixed at the clinic. The three others are an orange tux male who showed up at Tattoo Prairie colony, where Stinod comes from. I stop by old colonies now and again, to say "hi" and see about any newcomers.

I ran a line out from the trap set on the porch at Tattoo Prairie colony, to selectively drop the trap door on the orange male, since there are a dozen fixed cats there. But the only two who came out were "Brother" the black male, and the orange male. I cut the clothes line, which I'd tied off to the passenger seat headrest and the door of the trap fell, but not all the way. The clothes line is not good for such use, as it isn't so smooth, to make a smooth drop once I cut the line. It catches and kinks. I quickly strode to the trap, hoping the cat didn't bolt out, since the door hadn't fallen enough to latch it. I got up there in time and he got caught.

Then my Philomath friend had yet another male show up. Probably again a caste off or unnoticed up at the collectors place on the hill. That's where I think he came from. She gets some good looking male cats come down. She gives them what they need: food and love. So they stay. I get them fixed. This is a really pretty gray tux long hair under a year old or about a year. Last summer's litter from somebody. I got to get up to that collectors house on the hill again. Check them out again.

Then the fourth cat is a little torbi from Albany, under a year, too. Low incomers. Only one of whom was out of bed this morning. Where I need to be.

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