Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stove Fixed

Stove is fixed. Took me half the day and I got my arms and back of one hand cut on sharp metal pieces in the darn front of it. It was frustrating to put the front back together in the poor light in here. Lots of sharp metal pieces that have to fit all together all at once. But, I rigged a piece for the broken part and I hope it holds. Not having morning coffee and oatmeal for a couple days was a big incentive to figure a solution.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I'll be able to fix all the leaks in the bathroom sink issue. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

I got the rest of the former couch pieces out of here too finally. It was hard to take apart to get rid of because it was stapled together, not screwed. I got my hands and fingers cut trying to yank those long long staples out to get it apart enough to get out the door. It's out.

I got a lot of work done today. And I can cook again. Frig fixed. Stove fixed. Really smelly yucky couch out. Yup.


  1. Right on! Sounds like a lot of work and just in time for Christmas.

  2. Quick thought on your plumbing leak-I remember having to dismantle the part you mentioned that hooks to the stopper. I removed a nut and I am pretty sure there was a washer in there after you remove the piece with the ball attached. Maybe the washer is shot and that is why it is leaking. It just came to me so I thought I would mention it to you. Good luck!

    Take Care,