Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm going to create a nonprofit to fund fixing cats. I don't know yet much more, but I may as well try. I have to name it, find at least two more people willing to act as board members, and hopefully functioning board members, not rubber stamps, as the term was coined usually when someone gets family members or friends who are uninvolved to sign on as board members just to produce the required number needed for nonprofit status (three in Oregon).

I can find rubber stamp people aplenty. I really need to find people who want to and will be involved.

I need someone with accounting skills and some, hopefully, with a knowledge of business and or fund raising ability. I do not possess accounting, business or fund raising skills or knowledge. If I can't find people with these skills, I will have to learn them myself before I file. I might have to do that. It would mean putting off the venture for a few months, but I would need to do it if I can't find people with such skills who will commit to involvement.

Either way, I have nothing to lose.

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