Thursday, December 24, 2009

Joy to the World

I think Joy of Nebraska would say to the world: Believe! And fix those cats. Two of the ten cats she was feeding, at a neighbor's farm, after the man died, not only got fixed, but went to a home together yesterday Tucker and Tatar moved from outdoor struggle living to an indoor only home.

Joy contacted me when trying to find some help somewhere getting the cats fixed she'd recently begun to feed. She knew nothing about cats and could not bring any to her own home due to allergies of her son. She is a struggling American as so many of us are these days, with health issues and a chronic financial crisis.

I was frustrated and unable to find groups in Nebraska who could help. I found one in Fort Lupton CO and was almost ready to drive to NE myself to somehow get them fixed. But Joy met Diana of Heartland Spay Neuter Fund. Diana, despite low funds for spay neuter, began to get them in. Blog readers and others I know donated over $300 and the cats are mostly fixed now. I think there are two, right Joy? still needing fixed.

But this latest achievement of Joy and Diana is to get two of these kitties into a home. It sounds like a match made in Heaven. A man lost his wife and was lonely. He took both of the cats in, after first wanting only one. Yahoo for great endings.

Joy, to the world: Fix those cats and never give up.

Merry Christmas again, to Joy and her cats, of NE and to Diana, the spay neuterer of NE, Keep on Fixing! It's the only way.


  1. Sometimes I get frustrated and sad but success stories help me keep going.

    Merry Christmas! :)

  2. Merry Christmas to you Jody!! I hope your holiday is wonderful!! (Personally I think the holiday is overhyped and too commercial but then I hesitate to be too critical since it is not my holiday.) As a child, I used to think Christian children had it so well when they got all those gifts even though Hanukkah which we celebrate is eight days long and provides small gifts for kids (and lots of fried food, what is not to like there, lol)) was rather lame by comparison, I now treasure the lighting of the menorah and the rituals that go with ut even if it means I continue to observe my religion. I think being a very small minority in this city ensures we do this to keep our community alive and well!

    Take care and please enjoy the holidays!

  3. I told diana i'd send a money order which I will pop in the mail tonight or tomorrow - I got the money order just haven't mailed it yet...hopefully that will cover part or one of the two cats remaining.