Saturday, December 19, 2009

Health Care Bill. Santa for Insurance Co's.

I cannot find any real details about these health care bills, the senate or house version, how they work, or why they would make health care affordable.

I guess they require people to have health insurance but I can't find any reason this will reduce costs to the average person at all. They claim it will be illegal once the bill passes for insurers to refuse children with pre existing conditions but not adults, until the year 2014 and yet these adults who can't get insurance due to pre-existing conditions will be required by law to have it apparently. How stupid is that?

To me, although I can't find anything but vague generalizations about the content of the bills, no accurate summarizations, is just one huge giant windfall for the probably slathering with delight insurance companies.

They claim there will be subsidies for people or famalies who can't afford the now outrageous premiums and copays of insurance. Well how will people access those or even wade through the most likely unbelievably complex and confusing language use in the regulatory application process to get them?

They always talk about tax credits to help individuals or families pay for insurance. Do these people know that a lot of families and people are so poor they end up paying little or no taxes, but certainly not enough that a tax break to pay for health insurance is any help at all? Do they know this? I don't really think they do.

The people I know now are unemployed or work baby sitting or part time jobs like at a convenience store. That's it. I don't know people with good jobs at all. I suppose someone out there has a good or adequate paying jog. Someone out there somewhere.

I no longer have vision coverage under OHP or medicare and no coverage now for most dental. That's one way costs have been reduced here. I suppose I became disgruntled about even going to the doctor because it is like passing through a whirlwind, like a fast food drive through only faster, blink and you miss it experience. I came to think there is no way anything useful can be accomplished in such fast food type doctor visits.

I am totally tired of the brainless ultra conservative hate rant posts I keep getting forwarded. I have not and will not forget that the conservative run and led government got us into this financial mess with its reckless spending and blind eye to corporate crime. Both parties are useless at solving basic problems, but it isn't one's fault above the other. I am finished voting for either party.

I wont' vote either for religious parties, as Sarah Palin's branch of the conservatives has become. I can only picture Sarah Palin in that right wing homo hating bizarre church she attends in Alaska and at the same time, posing with a bloody moose she's killed while ranting about being pro life.

Mike Huckabee is also a religious whacko in my book. The Green Party is also what I consider to be a religious party. I'd like to see the No Bullshit party form. This party would espouse no bullshit straight shot solutions and anyone who bullshits is kicked immediately. No religious sidetracking allowed in the No Bullshit Party. No crucifixions for common human error and fault will be allowed either.

Vote No Bullshit Party next election. Does your candidate pass the No Bullshit taste test?

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