Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Black Pearl and Toby

Pearl and Toby went to their home today. We miss them already. And then, we like having the spare bedroom back. We really do.

I spent part of the day and night out in Salem looking for the lost fluffy brown tabby Maine Coon looking male, originally from Sublimity. Again, the woman who "adopted" him, had him about a day and a half before letting him out, was not out searching. She did say she was going to Walmart to make fliers, but never did.

I know my friend believes her story about her letting him out the second day, but I don't anymore. Who lets a new cat out the 2nd day? I think it's a cover story and something happened to the cat. Otherwise, she'd be out searching, making an effort to find him, but not if he's already dead and she knows it. Maybe I'm just a total pessimist. Maybe she's just lazy. Boy I am not in a generous mood. It just hurts to see my friend torn up over this so badly and believing that woman when I don't believe her at all.

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