Saturday, December 19, 2009

Going For It!

I'm going for it. I'm going to create a cat fixing nonprofit, to raise funds to fix cats. I won't know if I can do it, or not, til I try.

I have a great staff lined up. There's me. Sam will be director of cat toy testing. Jade has volunteered her skills and color to run the Black Cats for Spay Neuter division. Teddy, Starr and Honey are anxious to make sure all homeless camp cats get fixed. Shaulin will reach out to backyard breeders, while Stinod will make poignant pleas to save disabled cat lives! These are just a handful of my dedicated staff members.

Miss Daisy just wants to look pretty and that's fine. Work isn't her thing.

Gretal says she will pose hissing anytime.

Vision wonders if she will face age discrimination as a 16 year old former river cat and I said "Hell no" and she danced across the floor.

Dex, Mops and Buffy have asked to be security guards. I said "Of course." I would have been scared to say no to that.

Feather says she'll steal cans at the rest area, where she came from, to help raise funds.

Angel would like to haunt the people who dumped her at the cemetery and when they are sufficiently scared, secure a donation check. I was great with that.

TWeetie and Button suggested they sneak into the houses of family members of the old woman who fed them and who promised to donate when she died and didn't. They want to steal things or just cause mayhem, until they secure a donation in exchange for a ceasefire. I said "Well don't get arrested!"

All in all, everyone has agreed to help. My staff are eager, enthusiastic and fun loving. They should be a pleasure to work with and by cracky they better not leave me with all the real work and run off chasing their tails!

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