Monday, December 28, 2009

Don't Want it to Go

I have loved my Christmas tree. It is slightly bent and was when I got it. I tilted the stand to make the tree look straighter by folding towels to put under the edge on one side of the stand. I also put a cinder block on the edge of the metal stand, to keep the cats from knocking it over. I tied the tree trunk off in three directions, too.

The cats were excited from the moment I brought the tree inside. They sleep in a pile under it. Every morning, I pick up the ornaments they've knocked off and put them back on.

I can hardly wait for darkness to descend so I can turn on the tree and window lights and sit in the glow. I love these things. There is nothing better in the dark of winter.

The tree is losing more and more needles and looking brown. Next year, I'll try to find a tree farm that will let me dig it up at the roots and I'll have it planted inside in a large something, then plant it outside somewhere afterwards. That way it won't die on me and will look great for the entire season and then go on hopefully to live for many many decades out somewhere. If I get a small enough live tree, I'll plant it in a big planter on wheels that I'll just roll inside, maybe, for the Christmas season. I will work something like that out. I love the tree and the lights and ornaments too much not to have a tree. I hate plastic trees. Christmas is plastic enough without having a plastic fake tree to go along with the rest of the nonsense.

I might start nurturing next years tree real soon. I'm going to get one at a nursery that's maybe four feet tall and that will be my tree at Christmas for years.

I'm thinking of decorating in like manner for some of the other holidays. For Presidents Day, I'm going to make life size President dolls to chew the fat with and discuss historical events and tell tall tales. That will give me a meaningful Presidents Day.

We got St. Patricks' Day and I am not really sure why non Catholics would be celebrating any of the saints, especially with green and heavy drinking. But hey, it's a lively holiday, much more interesting than most. And then there is April Fools Day, another of my favorite holidays. Oh I forgot Valentine's Day. I must consider some sort of tradition to begin for that one, too. This could be great fun.

For Memorial Day, well I need to find out how that differs from Veterans' Day, before planning traditions. Then there is Labor Day of course, which generally is celebrated by not laboring. There is the 4th of July. That is a day in need of new traditions. Fireworks and drinking seem to be the normal mode of celebration. I bet I can think of some other way to celebrate since fireworks are boring and loud.

There is Halloween and there is Columbus Day. I've spent at least two Halloween nights now in cemeteries after kittens. Staying the night in a cemetery is very peaceful, I've found. Quiet, too. You can get a decent night's rest there.

You've got the stuff your stomach day, Thanksgiving. You've got winter solstice which I do want to celebrate next year in style. And I think I'm going to celebrate summer solstice this year. Those are real events, not made up. Who doesn't like a holiday!


  1. Then again, why would Catholics celebrate it with green and heavy drinking?

    We have a blue spruce that started out as a Xmas tree.

    Our tree is 20 years old and artificial. I always worried that trees were unhappy being cut down and basically starved to death. Peggy assure me that they considered it a noble sacrifice, but I didn't buy it.

  2. Trees are strange, Snow, to me, alive but not mobile except for upwardly and side to side in the wind. Very alive. They bleed if you cut them, sap of course, but it's blood nonetheless.

    Where's the line I wonder, between us and them, or do we just create the lines arbitrarily. And do the others also?