Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Cats for Tomorrow

I have three cats for tomorrow to be fixed. One is a KATA referral from Lebanon. I thought I was going to trap a wild cat, but the cat is completely tame and I think I feel a spay scar.

I also stopped by a house where I have gotten many cats fixed, down by the canal and they had another have kittens. They pulled a carrier out of the garage and we put the adult female inside it.

There is a house with three females needing fixed that they want fixed, according to another resident on the street I got cats fixed for earlier this year, but they were not home. She left a note with my card.

The third cat is one from Albany, a female, and I guess I called her a few weeks ago, when she was advertising either the cat or kittens. I'm going brain dead I guess because I don't remember it. Glad she did. The cat will be fixed tomorrow.

It was nice to walk around the neighborhood and see far fewer stray cats and the ones I did see were in good shape, many sporting eartips.

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