Monday, November 02, 2009

Lucy Takes Her Kittens Back

Lucy accepted her kittens back just moments ago. She had been severely stressed, saw enemies in everyone, when she first returned here. She literally screamed in rage and aggression if she saw a shadow. I thought if her kittens returned, she would be happier but she also had attacked them. I removed them for their safety.

But, today, and last night, after I got back, she relaxed somewhat. She was dehydrated, from stress, and hairball afflicted. I used catnip and lots of petting and play to induce sleep for her, which she needed. When I slept most of the day today, she did also.

I just woke up actually, after falling asleep on my couch about 9:00 p.m. I'd also slept away much of the day. I took in Frankie, her little boy first. She huffed and hissed and growled, but then flopped on her side, showing her teets, like she wanted him to nurse. Her eyes were dilated in confusion. I let her sniff Frankie's tail. She growled and huffed again again, but sniffed at his butt.

I was sitting on the floor and let him play while on my lap. She turned around, from where she was, a few feet away, and made the first of several mother cat calls. I then knew it was a go, and let him off my lap. She began licking him all over. I made a bed for them, then went and got Sunshine, the blue girl, Tiny Tim's offspring.

Lucy is back to being Lucy, a loving devoted mother and wonderful all around kitty.

Take note, mother's out there. And kids, too.

Hissy spittiness is oft the result of hairballs, dehydration, stress and sleep deprivation. Take care of yourselves! Everyone feels better then.

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