Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honey is Back

Honey is back. The minute she got out of the carrier, she went running around in circles meowing frantically. Sam rushed up to greet her and would not leave her alone. She raced around greeting every one of her friends, tail up, meowing nonstop. She was soooo happy to see them all again and to be back.

It was really cute and endearing to see.

I had not written the adoptor's number down wrong. I had dialed it wrong. The number is accurate. I had not even considered that. Boy, must be getting old.

I returned the little male kitten, fixed today, whose HUGE umbilical cord hernia was also repaired. The vet determined his limp is due to a trick knee. I asked what was meant by a "trick knee" so I could tell the woman who rescued him. She said the groove is wrong or something, and that the kneecap then slips. She said it can be caused by trauma but is often congenital.

I still have the six from the other Albany location because those folks get off work late. They work in Corvallis and the commute can be difficult, backup of traffic wise. So, they'll call when they get home. The three kittens, now in their garage, will be fixed tomorrow, along with two more rural Albany kittens, whose mother was fixed about ten days ago.

I returned the Jefferson female, now much fatter and no longer wheezing and sneezing from a cold. She was happy to be home. The husband came out to say he had not seen either of the two still unfixed males for a couple days. At that time, one of them strolled around the corner. I had no trap along. Darn it.


  1. sounds like some nice folks you met. maybe they will help out with the cause :)

    tim is doing great. never meows execpt he is starting to say hi everyone once in a while. the girls are getting more used to him. it feels like hes been here forever.

  2. SO glad Honey is back. What was the story with the college kid? Why couldn't she keep Honey?

  3. Ah, the old luxating patela...our old german shephard had it. It's most often congenital and doesn't always fix itself. Knee pops out, knee pops in, out, in, out, over and over. Ritzy got surgery and that fixed it. To bad this poor little guy is going to have to live with it. There is usually a little pain associated with it too.
    Donna in Wisconsin