Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Honey Gets a Home

Honey went to a home tonight, with a very fashionable young woman, a student. I usually don't adopt to students but she assured me she would never leave her, once she graduates. Of course, I know, people say anything. I hope she is as nice to Honey as she seemed when here.

She said she'd fallen in love with Honey's picture, when she saw it.

I guess I'm jaded lately on people. Good luck, Honey.

I have no choice in attempting adoptions because I have too many here. I'll become a collector if I don't try adoptions, but it's about the most stressful thing in the world for me, due to the nature of people and the fact I'm handing over living beings. It kills me, actually. Seen too much I guess.


  1. Not all students are bad. There are some good ones. No luck on the kittens in the park. I don't think I will be able to trap them. They won't be lured in with food. I've gone over there two days in a row and someone is feeding them so the food won't get them into the traps. I'm still trying for the others that are on campus.

  2. I"ve met some really wonderful responsible students. And they're so alive and optimistic and energetic, too. Well, guess I'm feeling old.

  3. I am so happy for tiny Honey - hopefully this will open up a new world for her.....who wouldn't fall in love with Honey from those pictures? When I was at your place she was this teensy beeny little thing - and I loved it when she ventured out to play with the others...I still remembering her scampering out to eat after the other cats were finished...and again I am glad I got to meet one of the kittens I named. She was named after an anime series called Honey and Clover...with Clover being the name of the cute little calico with bad eye you had at the time also. Like you I wish Honey the best of luck and a long happy life with this woman.

  4. She's a student, saw pictures of Honey on your site, so I'm guessing she has a computer and email and probably a digital camera (or knews someone who does). You could ask her to keep you updated on how Honey is doing. I get updates from the teachers and staff who adopted out of the "skool colony" at least once a month. It's good to see how they're doing in their forever homes.
    Donna in Wisconsin