Thursday, November 05, 2009

Five Cats for Tomorrow

I have five cats lined up to go to be fixed tomorrow. Three more I trapped at the same location as the lice infested worm infested older female came from, who was fixed on Wednesday.

To catch one of the males, I had to contain four little ringworm covered kittens, who live under the house, to keep them out of the trap. They were starved so it wasn't hard to trap them one at a time. They won't be coming inside my house tonight, that's for sure, to spread ringworm spores. I wish there was a way to help them.

I left two traps set to catch the one big male left. I had no sooner gotten home then they called to say he was in the trap out back.

But would the many young people there, sitting on their butts in front of the TV, go haul the trap with the big cat in it around for me? No, they wouldn't. They sat on their lazy butts staring at the TV. I let them have it for such behavior.

I called them lazy ass young people, and "tv zombies" who would let a woman close to 60 with spinal cord issues haul their own cat around their slick dark berry vine enshrounded backyard, to the front, while they sat like lumps of dead lard staring, like zombies, and that's my best description of them, at a flickering TV screen. It's pathetic.

I heard on OPB today that 75% of military aged young people in America are unfit to serve. The number one reason: health. And that means obesity, the report said. The other two reasons: felony records and too stupid. By that, they explained, they meant they had almost no schooling and could not pass any basic tests. I think those are the people who should be going, and on the front lines.

I heard about the shrink who went nuts and shot a ton of people at the base in Texas. More senseless violence. I wonder what will come out as his reasons. I guess he has a Muslim name. Wonder if it will be a jihad thing. Such senseless loss of young lives. I can't fathom what the families must be going through.

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