Monday, November 09, 2009

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Four of the five cats up being fixed today, two girls and two boys, are from Lebanon. I helped that couple get a lot of cats fixed much earlier this year, or was it late last year. I can't even remember. Well, three of these guys were just very sick little kittens, I recall, so it must have been this spring. Last night, after cancellations for other cats I had lined up, I called her and she wanted the three kittens, now in their late teen stage, fixed, plus another her daughter found covered in motor oil in Lebanon. So those four are being fixed.

The fifth is a torti female from Albany, who had seven kittens. One died when they accidentally stepped on it, but six are left and they have four with homes lined up and are then handing two over to the pet store. Darn it all anyhow. Six more kittens, four of them girls, going out into Albany unfixed. They are too underweight to take up to be fixed and I don't think they'll wait for them to achieve two pounds before handing them out.

UPDATE: they're going to wait on handing out the kittens, until they are fixed. That's a good thing! I got a $10 copay from the Lebanon woman, with the four. It's not much, but it's better than nothing.

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