Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bridge to Somewhere

Yesterday, boredom I guess, drove me into project mode. I had some scraps of this and that and decided to create a bridge. For the cats. I fastened clips to two ends of two pieces of equal length wire rope and attached four eye hooks to hook each end of the two pieces of wire rope to.

I then attached a variety of materials between the two strung strands of wire rope. I had some plastic garden netting, but not enough. I had various mesh size pieces of hardware cloth but not enough of any one size. So, I pieced them all together and created the bridge.

But, for the cats to walk on it and not fall through the larger mesh holes something would have to cover it. Again, I turned to bits and pieces of this and that. I had half a can of spray foam insulation and used it to cover part of the wire. I had one little square piece of rug, from the dollar store and one plastic placemat from Goodwill. To cover the rest of the span, I used an old quilt.

So now, I have the bridge to Somewhere. Yup. It's impressive all right.

I also caught the latest stray who sneaks into my garage and sprays and sometimes, if he can avoid detection, he sleeps in the garage. He showed up a month ago or so. I thought at first it was the neighbors' cat, that is, until I caught them fighting. This latest stray has a curled over ear from earmites and was not neutered. He is now! I had his ears cleaned and mite treated, also, because he had them so bad.

So anyhow, now I know why Sam went on a pee machine extravaganza lately. This stray is number 19 I've taken to be fixed just from my yard and the yards of nearby neighbors. That's really a sad statement about the character of the people in this area and the sad lives of animals around here. Well, number 19 was fixed and his parasites are gone now too. At least he stands a better chance now.

My bridge is fabulous and the cats adore it already.

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