Thursday, November 05, 2009

166 Cats Taken in Through Albany Cat Grant

Since mid July, when Poppa got the second Albany cat grant, I have taken in 166 cats, from within city limits of Albany, to be fixed on the latest grant.

These have included 79 males and 87 females. 7 of the females were in heat. 8 of them were pregnant.

I have taken in other cats from Albany, but gotten them fixed through other programs, like the FCCO clinics and the Neuterscooter. This total does not reflect the number of cats I've taken in since mid July. Unfortunately, even cats just barely outside city limits, like the first two of nine needing fixed from just off Three Lakes, can't be paid for by the grant.

These cats are fixed through Poppa's general fund, which is low. I do ask people for a copay. Most do not donate even a dollar, however. Then I'm left trying to decide if I hold out for a copay, when I know they will never donate or just get the cats fixed.

Most people claim they will donate later but I"ve never had even one person follow through on such a promise. I wish I could figure out how to raise money for Poppa, that's for sure. It is a benefit to society and neighborhoods as a whole, when cats get fixed, besides helping that particular individual who cares for that particular cat I'm taking in, on Poppa Inc. funds, to be fixed.

So if there are or were funds to get the cats fixed despite owner negligance on copays, there is a strong argument that these funds benefit a community as a whole, and are not just used to subsidize someone who did not fix their own cats.

The week before last I took in 11 owned Corvallis cats, just that week. This certainly helped the two parties who owned these sets of cats but I need to find a grant to help fix Corvallis and Benton County cats.

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  1. for one thing Jody keep emphasizing the goodsearch search engine - and shop thru goodshop - so far this year ninety bucks have been raised - i do all my online shopping thru this and i think i am the only one who does with the money going to poppa....if everyone does their christmas shopping online thru goodshop we could raise more money!