Monday, October 19, 2009

Six Kittens Fixed Today

I took up six kittens to be fixed today. I was unaware I had appointments down here, too. That was a mix up. I had meant to tell them no appointments today, but probably got mixed up in so doing. They were gracious about my mistake.

The six kittens were three from the Clover Ridge mom cat, abandoned by tenants with her seven two day old kittens. Three of them got fixed today. Three more were from a household on College Park. They said they found the three dariling long hair tortis dumped outside and took them in. They are unbelievably cute!

I stopped in and said hello to Happy, who is doing very well, and, of course, very happy, where he is in foster. Mom and her three from downtown Albany, are also in foster there and doing just fine. It was nice to see them again.

Tiny Tim is taking over the place. He's laid back, easy going and likes to sleep cuddled next to me in bed, provoking intense jealousy however, among some of my crowd. I have be sneaky to do it, which is just so wrong.

Anyhow, Tiny Tim is doing great.

All is well in Catland.


  1. CATLAND!!!
    No, not wrong to snuggle with THE TIM, just deliciously wicked! Right? So nice to get that innocent, appreciative love. They all love it but get to expect it, after some time, from those they own.

    wink wink, nudge BAT!

  2. The other cats will just have to get used to him....he needs that snuggling right now and probably forever. Go Tiny Tim! Be a snuggle bunny! Soon, he'll be cuddling up with the other cats I bet...