Saturday, September 26, 2009

Seed Warehouse Kittens

The four seed warehouse kittens we caught out there are all in foster now with the seed warehouse man and his animal loving wife. They're wonderful people. They will keep one and are going to adopt out the other three. The two boys were fixed at the Neuterscooter clinic.

I released the teen male back out there and they are still attempting to trap the mom cat.


  1. Oh my, how adorable.

    I thought I would add this sad and terrifying beginning for a young kitten since I now the family who rescued him. A very Lucky feline indeed to have them and I am sure they feel the same!! Some people are soooo sick - to throw a tiny kitten into the water! Imagine if these young children had not been there and had not cared for cats or animals!!! We have already placed Lucky on my wall at the office! (all my pts bring in their pet photos and you know, I have not conducted a study but I am almost sure those pts who do have cancer do better in coping with serious illness than those who do not!) I am sure I do not need a grant and 2 research assistants to discover this but it would be kewl to be able to cite it from a recognized journal! I do know there are general studies but I mean one VERY specific! Any thoughts on this by anyone?

    And before I forget - here is the story:

    Survival: Kitten rescued after being tossed off bridge
    Published Saturday September 26th, 2009

    The little grey kitten licking her paws in the middle of Danny and M S's kitchen floor looks like she hasn't a care in the world.

    It's hard to believe the kitten survived being tossed from a pickup truck as it crossed the (small village in Atlantic Canada) highway bridge and plunging about 50 feet into the river below.

    D and M S and their sons B and A along with TM and her grandson C were swimming in the Tobique River near the western shore when they saw something fly out of a pickup truck as it crossed the bridge.

    "I looked up and said 'that's either a puppy or a small cat'," DS recalled of the Aug. 16 event. "I couldn't believe it."

    The kitten, which they estimate was about two months old, struck the water and immediately started swimming frantically. It made it to the shore where it was found shivering, shaking and drenched.

    "If it had been just a few feet farther out in the river, the current would have taken it," S (dad) said. "And if it had been just a few feet closer to shore, it would have hit the rocks."

    The boys gathered up the kitten and on close inspection, were amazed to find it was uninjured. The S (family) took the little grey striped cat home and after it was dried and comforted, the kitten made itself right at home. The family dog gave her a few approving sniffs and their adult cats were also accepting.

    After surviving such an ordeal, it was decided the kitten's name should be Lucky.

    Rescuers B, A and C are all delighted with her.

    "B (child) said he had prayed for a cat but he didn't expect one to fall out of the sky," his mom said of her younger son's desire for another pet to join their family.

    The incident was reported to the Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) and investigated.

    The S's and M's can describe the pickup truck the cat was thrown from and the incident was also witnessed by the driver of a transport truck that was directly behind the pickup on the bridge.

    However, as no one was able to get the licence plate, it hasn't been possible to find the vehicle or its owners. All those who saw the incident were repulsed by it and struggle with how anyone could be so cruel or have such a lack of regard for life.

    "What else would someone like that be capable of?" M wondered.

    Witnessing such an event has made the kitten's rescuers painfully aware of how some people treat animals and they wonder what would have happened to the kitten if they hadn't been there to save it.

    Lucky, however, is blissfully unaware of all the concern and is enjoying life with her new family. The S (family) said her next trip will be to the vet so she can be spayed and then she can look forward to a long and happy future.

  2. oh my goodness - its amazing how forgiving of people a cat can be - i've heard over and over stories of cruelty and then kindness...the contrast is simply amazing...Little Lucky is indeed a lucky kitten..and so is her family.