Thursday, September 03, 2009


Jeanne, from Baltimore, who has donated a case of cat food once a month at least for awhile, whom I've never even talked to on the phone, is coming out to Oregon for a visit on the 11th.

This is a new experience for me. I am SO looking forward to it. I don't have anybody around here to do anything with or even talk to and if my human contact ends up coming from Baltimore, well yay! At least I'm going to have someone to do things with for an entire week!

I don't have any local donars outside of one person on disability in Corvallis, whom I've known for a long time. It's very nice that someone with very little money helps when she can. She's intent that one day I get something good for helping so many cats and people. She knows what I've been through. She wishes she could figure out how to make that happen. That alone makes me feel good.

I feel invisible here, where I live. I work hard to help the cats and people of this area. But I haven't been able to make real friends here, or find routine support, like in donations of cat food and other supplies. It blows me away that someone from the east coast sends me cat food when I can't find a soul willing around here, is what I'm blundering to say.

And to think she is now coming for a visit, is even more incredible to me. It'll be like an oddity, a real east coaster here, in my place, in Oregon. Almost as good as having a space alien visit. I don't get out much, you see. Just kidding there, Jeanne. Hope I'm not scaring you off.

The cats have come to know what the arrival of that box means: Fancy Feast! It lasts only one day. That one day is MAJOR PIG OUT day here for the cats. I break it open immediately while the cats watch and wait expectantly and impatiently.

I don't know what we'll do when she comes. Ideas? I'd like to show her some of Oregon, like the coast, and maybe we'll eat at American Dream pizza in Corvallis and maybe we'll see a movie at the Darkside in Corvallis. I plan to take her on a tour of the collectors of Linn County so she can take photos, since she's heard about all these problem spots. Hahahahaha. That's right, Jeanne, bring your camera! I have always wanted to do that. My vision was of a tourist van, me driving, with a megaphone, all these tourists, many of them foreign, with cameras hanging everywhere, would pile out at each location while I told the story, and cameras clicked. Hahahahaha!

I had hoped to see my brothers this summer. They are too busy.

So I'm going to meet a kind stranger, flying in from Baltimore, for some very much needed social interaction, and we hope to have a shitload of plain old fun!

Baltimore is like a foreign country to this untravelled Oregonian. I want to show off my beloved Oregon to her. I always think people who live in big cities are sophisticated and cultured. I don't know why I have this stereotype of city people.

Anyhow, she'll be here a week from Friday. And I'm coming out of my cave while she's here, for some recreation and human contact. Watch out World.

Hey Jeanne, I've never met you or even talked to you. I hope you sending cat food each month, wasn't a big ruse and that you're not really some Baltimore serial killer! Hahahahahaha!


  1. What you should do is open a PayPal account and then put a PayPal button on your blog. That way people could donate whatever they have on hand to you instantly. If you need any help with this just let me know.

  2. Hey Mimi, here's the thing. I can only take donations of goods, unfortunately. Long story, but that's the way I have to do things.

  3. this serial killer can't wait to get there - this is a vacation for me, too, ya know....i've never ever flown before - so i am so not looking forward to that - but it should be exciting - the airport, that is hahaha...and all those places sound wonderful...we gotta go somewhere one day with sand and swimming - i don't care if it does get cool - i love the beach, too....
    and the pizza place sounds perfect.
    I don't do zoos, either. unless they are open sanctuary types.
    i like your idea of the tour bus with megaphone - cat collectors tour bus - ten bucks a ticket for a short guided tour; twenty bucks for the longer tour - discount if you walk away with a cat to adopt!

  4. I will call my service "Tacky Tours"!

  5. You need to make it sound uplifting and appealing about Tasteful Tours for the Tasteful Tourist>? I bet they;'ll never know the difference...

  6. Or,Tittilating tacky town tours for troubled tourists...