Wednesday, August 26, 2009


I'm sick, caught a cold. I did take a kitten to be fixed today. A scio woman caught the last kitten in her little colony of six cats. Four females, two males, now all fixed.

I was going to return the blindman's cats this morning, then got the call from the Scio woman who'd caught that last kitten, a muted torti. So I ran her up to be fixed and waited up there until she was done. A very boring day again.

Came back with her to Scio, and the woman has a cage she holds them in after surgery. So, I transferred her into it and came home then.

I've given up on the neighbors who were supposedly helping get kittens adopted, from two stray moms. The kittens were being fostered by a DD woman. I took them up last week to be fixed, but only three of the four were big enough. I tried to call one neighbor this morning, after learning I'd be taking one kitten up to be fixed, hoping to get that last one there done, no response, but I left a message. No response all day. I hope at least one neighbor is helping that DD woman find them homes.

I've still got one lonely collector cat here, that last one caught, who was pregnant, a brown abbytabby. She needs to go to a barn home with her friends, but the cats remaining from there are up in Sweet Home with KATA. We have to work it so they go to homes together, or I'm going to get stuck with a single feral, impossible to place alone as a barn cat. She's living in a rabbit hutch still.

I left the blindman a message, to call me, after I got home, but he's always over at a restaurant hanging out, and did not call me back. I then fell asleep on the couch. His disinterest in these cats he wanted fixed is alarming. But I can't hold them here, in my bathroom, as they've been, since they were fixed.

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