Saturday, August 22, 2009

The Pit Bull Owner Who Called Me Wanting To Adopt a Cat to Replace the Neighbors Cat her Dogs Killed

Click post title to go to a paper story about the case of pitbulls attacking and killing a woman's cat. The owner of the pitbulls called me last weekend, wanting to adopt a kitten, to give to her neighbor, whose cat her dogs killed. I told her "I don't do second party adoptions." I guess she had been told by the law to replace her neighbors' cat. Now Angela according to the story, now that her dogs are going to be put down, is nowhere to be found.


  1. If I had the power, there would be no more pitbulls.

  2. The type of people who own certain dog breeds is notorious, druggees, wannabe gangsters, theives, meth producers, and violent criminals. Such folks should not have pets, let alone kids. They don't train their pets, or love them, usually leave them when arrested or evicted, and likewise with their kids, whom they breed when high, then barely notice except it ups their food stamp dollars, which they can then trade out, at $.50 t the taxpayer dollar or less, in exchange for drugs. Seen it happen? Yes, I have.