Monday, August 24, 2009

Now These Cheerleaders Rock! Scamps Does Suck!

This video was on the Oregonian site. Cheerleaders in front of Scamps Pet Store at Lloyd Center, doing cheers against Scamps habit of selling puppy mill puppies. It is a disgusting practise and these cheerleaders aren't out their bouncing their boobs and wasting cheers on some sweaty sports team. They are using their talent for good!

I hate Scamps. An ex worker from the Corvallis store, long closed, told me they would put hamsters and gerbils that didn't sell, into the freezer, to kill them. My mouth dropped open. I didn't ask what became of the kittens and puppies that never got homes. But that very day I became an activist against that disgusting chain.

They call people like these cheerleaders Animal Rights Activistis. I would call them decent behavior activists. Puppy mills are disgusting and so are those pet stores who support them by buying their puppies to sell. Like Matt told his daughter, out front of Scamps': "look at that puppy mill puppy in the window."

I got a call tonight from someone I've helped with cats in three other locations. The first was years ago, when she lived in a garage next to her former house, which was destroyed by a meth production fire, then raided by SWAT. Her husband had died of cancer after a long career as a criminal and meth dealer, she said. At that time, the bank was taking the property.

I next encountered her when I was trying to fix the cats on College Park Drive. Those apartments were over run in drug activity. She was driving a Uhaul, said someone took off and she and some friends were "removing the stuff". I always felt maybe it was something else they were doing, maybe like stealing stuff. I didn't know.

I next encountered her after her move to a trailer park in Albany. She'd gotten more cats, and also two from outside SafeHaven. Yes, outside SafeHaven. She told me she stopped by for free cat food, and a man rolled up wanting to give up his cats to Safehaven. They needed a home. She needed money. So he paid her $50 a cat to take them. And off she went. She wanted me to get them fixed, but when I arrived, they had run off. I didn't hear from her again.

Now she's moved to a different trailer park. She said there were two litters of kittens she wanted me to come get, but one in particular because the mother ran off and might be dead. Turns out, she got two more females and both had litters and she wanted me to take all the kittens. I said, very emphatically "No." I said I could get them fixed, but I couldn't take them. She said, "Well, I guess they'll just die then." "Feed them," I said. "I'll get them fixed when they're big enough and don't pull that "they'll have to just die then" crap on me."

Only I might not be around when they're big enough to be fixed. I'm torn. When I'm not out doing that, I have nothing to do, but sit here writing useless posts and trying to adopt out cats. But I can't take the stress of doing it much anymore, nor the financial end of it, being as how I"m broke. So it's a big dilemma for me. I made no appointments this week except for Friday.

I told this guy I'd get the first five of his fixed Friday. The situation was referred to me by KATA, who had it referred to them by PAN, a Philomath group involved with dogs. I guess one of them used to work with this man. They said he had a zillion Bengals, at least if I heard right. Bengals! And feral Bengals spilling out from his unfixed cats. Out of curiosity, I'll like to peek at it, but there are so many red flags flying by the sound of it I should stay clear of the whole mess.

One solution might be to make him bring the cats to me, then I just transport.

He is supposed to be back Thursday. I don't want involved. He's got so many neighbors are threatening to do things to them and dump them. He could have gotten them fixed long long ago. Now he'll try to make it my problem to solve and the neighbors likely will too, if it's like all the others.

My stomach is already churning over it. I think I might have turned useless. I've had nightmares featuring recent cat situations and it's just really crippled me lately. That collector thing broke my back.

But what to do if I don't do that. Two days now I haven't even left this house. I need some recreation, that's for sure, but where to go that's fun and free and not very far away.

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