Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Want to Hide

A caregiver for an Alsea woman called, wanted to see if I would take on the old womans' 20 plus cats. Started from two who were never fixed. I told her they could be fixed, but that's all I could do.

A Senior Dog Rescue woman called me from Corvallis. For some reason, a homeless woman called her and thought she was me, and wanted her to tell me to come get a bunch more cats at the homeless camps in Corvallis. I told the Senior Dog Rescue woman if she calls, to tell her, I can get them fixed, if I can find help, but I can't take them this time.

A Lacomb woman has four adults and 11 kittens who need fixed. The calls today alone have been frightful and I am stressed again. I don't seem to be able to handle this anymore. There needs to be more help from the big shelters. I think both SafeHaven and Heartland should spend half their resources on reducing the population through spay neuter. I'd love it if they would do that. Now that would help.

A Monroe woman is working on catching a feral female, the adult daughter of a tame stray they took in and didn't get fixed. Now there are 8 kittens from two of the now adult kittens of the stray. The original female at least is now fixed.

A Lebanon woman has a male of hers who disappeared before she got him fixed and then a year later, reappeared, having found his way home, but is very aggressive now. Her neighbor has at least one in heat female, maybe more and she is going to ask them how many they have that need fixed.

I am trying to relax myself, tell myself I'll get to the situations I can get to and some, well, those cats out in Alsea are doomed. That's what people do, who don't fix their cats or the cats they feed: they are cat killers in the end. They do them no favors and nobody else any favors either.

I really can't deal with that homeless camp in Corvallis again. It's where the cops hassled me and I had to quit catching the remaining cats. So let Corvallis take care of that, but I know, means death for the cats. If Animal Control is involved, they are taken to Heartland and killed. But how do you teach the homeless, who never learn, to stop getting kittens and taking them into the camps and never fixing them. I don't know the answer to that.

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