Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Too Late on Preggie

I went over to get the preggie tonight, after getting a call from a woman who said there were five adults, one of them pregnant and three kittens in their neighborhood.

They hadn't seen the preggie all day. I said, "She's having kittens. Where might she have them?" I looked around and over the fence into part of the yard of the woman who feeds them and saw a shed, with room under it. I said, "She'll be under there."

The woman who feeds them is mentally challenged and very nice. She let us through to her backyard and got on my stomach and looked under the shed with a flashlight. Kissing the dirt has become the norm for me lately. Sure enough, there she was, in a back corner. I asked them to call her out, so we could see if she was still pregnant or not. She is a stray, but tame.

The three women, all neighbors, shook a food dish and out she came. She not only was no longer pregnant, but she wet down the back legs, bloody and still dilated. She'd just had her kittens!

I told the women it'd be a lot better for her and them if they were inside somewhere, safe and cozy and cared for. So the mentally challenged women decided with the neighbors her garage would be perfect. I was nominated to dig out the kittens.

The bottom of the shed is open in some spots but in other area, has gravel clear up on inch or two on the side. I slid through a narrow area between the far side of the shed and the back fence to get to the corner where she was. Then I had to lay down in the gravel and dig out under the shed. Then I had to locate the mom and kittens using a flashlight and mirror. And finally, to top it off, I had to reach under there, and pull the newborn kittens away from a mother cat who didn't know me!

She was ok with it and I pulled out four newborn kittens. Two gray tabby on whites, one gray and white and one either black or torti mix. They then coaxed out mom and put them in the garage in a nice bed and gave her food, water and a litterbox. I hope works out. I'm not sure it will. The mentally challenged women kept calling back her neighbors, claiming the mother cat wanted to talk to them.

I trapped the mom of the three older kittens. They males they told me about, three of them, were nowhere to be seen. I got a glimpse of the three kittens, but couldn't tell if they're two pounds or not. One looks just like mom, a medium hair muted torti. Another is a Siamese mix, looks just one dad. The other is black and white and looks like another dad in the hood.

I spotted Mr. Siamese when driving out. Seems he's neutered. This situation isn't that far from my place. Seems he's the same Siamese I caught in my yard a month ago and had neutered. That boy roamed into the wrong yard unfixed, I tell you. He sure looks better now. He was skinny and ratty looking and flea crawling. Now he's looking so much better.

So now instead of three kittens over there, there are seven, and another teen mother who may not be too interested in her four newborns. I say that in part because she was practically still giving birth when she came out for food, which is not exactly normal behavior, but is for a teen mom.

I got another call from someone in Monroe with unfixed cats. Her partner or husband or someone works at Hull Oaks Mill and says he knew me there, when I was catching cats out at that old mill in the sticks. So they have like two females and 8 kittens, all from a stray who showed up, whom they finally got fixed, but her first litter never got fixed and now are having kittens. One of the kittens turned adult also turned sort of feral, too. So I asked her if she could come up with a live trap and she thought she could and is going to let me know.

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