Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Condemned House of Condemned Cats

UPDATE: Of the seven taken in today, five were boys. Both tabby on whites were girls. One of them was pregnant. I met the woman today in the group of six trying to help the DD woman get her house demolished and a donated mobile home put onto the property so she can live there. It's really wonderful to hear of such good people trying to help a woman who needs it. I was happy to be part of it, although I still haven't caught that fourth cat. I will. They have a home lined up for all four.....

The condemned Jefferson house is set to be demolished later this week. I caught three of the four left behind condemned kitties. The fourth, this morning, was crying piteously from inside the falling apart house. I set traps, but never saw the cat again, after he disappeared out a hole beneath the bathtub and out into the berry vines beyond. The other three, two white and blacks and a gray tabby on white manx, none of whom are feral, are being today, along with five other cats. These include a brother and sister from Corvallis, and the two Pink House males, now over their colds, who have been residing in my bathroom for a week.

This is the condemned house.

This manx tabby on white female is very tame and sweet. She and three others found refuge at the condemned house.
I believe this black and white will turn out to be a male. This cat too comes from the Condemned house.
This is a very sweet and petite black and white kitty from the condemned house, up being fixed today.

The brother and sister from Corvallis, being fixed today.
One of two Pink House black males being fixed today.

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