Thursday, October 18, 2007

Hate Train to Glory--Lars Larsen Goes After Kulongoski, Over Goldschmidts Crime

Do I admire Lars Larsen for anything? Do I think he cares about right and wrong or about abused women and children? I don't. I don't think Larsen cares about much of anything. I quit listening to his hate train radio show long long ago. But, I happen to be very happy at least he is going after those who may have known Neil Goldschmidt was abusing a child, in his own political glory days, and did nothing to stop it.

Every tiny-balled man surrounding Goldschmidt, hanging on his coattails, who knew he was molesting a child and did nothing, needs to go down in flames, including Kulongoski, if he knew, and lacked the balls to do the right thing. Including the sheriff now under fire to quit or submit to an investigation of whether he stayed silent on the issue while acting as Neil Goldschmidt's bodyguard.

This is not a joke. Molesting kids is wrong. If you're now the governor and lacked the courage to tell on a political buddy molesting a child, then you need to go down in flames, like a spineless creep.

The Democrats have left this alone. They never should have. This is WRONG to leave alone and makes the Democrats of this state look spineless, like it's ok to molest a kid, if its a high level Democratic politician doing it.

Lars Larsen however is only filing ethics complaints to boost his agenda and career, not because he gives a shit about anything. That's my opinion of the man. That will also be my opinion of Kulongoski, if it turns out he knew, and did nothing, because his balls are shrivelled up and useless.

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