Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Four Cats Being Fixed Today

BS Original back barn teen--turned out to be a female.
BS Overflow buff and white, was a male.
BS Overflow young orange tabby. This orange tabby teen was a girl. Now spayed and returned.
Humongous trouble making black and white Hate Thy neighbor male. This neuter will calm the area!

Four cats are up being fixed today. One is a big black and white male from Hate Thy neighbor. Two are from BS overflow. One of them is a four month old orange tabby and the other, an orange and white, like all the others. One is a dark orange tabby and white from BS Original, from the back barn.

I also went over to the Corvallis colony, intent on getting my carrier back, which I did, and I delivered a cover I built for the dry food they put out, to go under. This will protect the food from rain. Then, on a whim, I netted the older light gray tabby kitten because I had a shot at it. Now, I'm a little mad at myself for so doing. I don't think the kitten is four pounds, so where will I get it fixed?

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