Monday, October 22, 2007

Burn Baby Burn. So Cal Up in Smoke.

It is unreal to see the ferocity of the fires consuming southern California. I think of the people, fleeing for their lives. I think of the animals who are dying. Makes me horrified to see the pictures. I don't like to see fire on that scale. I think about the brave firefighters, trying to stop the flames. I wish I could be there, to help in the fight.

I have a friend I've never met, surrounded now by fires, but so far OK. Kate is a cat person. Kate, I'm hoping your complex doesn't burn and that you stay safe. The cat trapper hotel is open to you and yours, should you need a roof overhead, and can't find anything in your neck of the world. Click title of my post to go her blog.

Six cats were fixed today. One is a calico from downtown Albany. She was fed as a stray by a tenant downtown, who left her when she left that house. She also left her own brown tabby female behind. I'd gotten five cats including the brown tabby female and her brother, fixed mid summer for that woman.

I left a note on the door of one of her friends after trapping the calico Sunday. The woman called me back but said she would not give me Colleens' new number. She said she'd tell Colleen I called and give her my number. I said "You tell her she needs to get her brown tabby."

Then the woman says, "My mother got a kitten. When do you have openings to get the kitten fixed?" I was resentful to hear this. Maybe I shouldn't have been, but for gosh sakes,

I repeated it over, because she didn't seem to understand the first time I tried to say it: I said, "when you get a kitten, you are taking on a responsibility, one that includes getting the kitten fixed."

The latter part is what she didn't understand. She said "My mother DOES want to get the kitten fixed. When can you get it done?"

So I repeated myself, only this time adding that people who get kittens shouldn't expect that someone else pay for the kitten to be spayed, as that is part of the responsibility.

Then I hung up. I was disgusted. Some people want it all for free and leave animals when they move.

The 34th street crowd, where I've been trying to trap that now pregnant female, for months, are having some sort of a drug in I think, something of the sort. You can't even talk to them, they just stare vacantly, and I gave up and brought my trap home. There's only so much you can do.

The six cats up being fixed are one Hate Thy Neighbor male, the abandoned calico stray Columbus and 9th, off Santiam, and four from the Gore colony. I went and trapped them this morning. With these four from that colony, makes ten fixed there now. I like talking to that old man out there, too. Beats talking to the druggies and alcholies or the lay around lazy system manipulating crowd.

It can be dangerous getting cats done for the manipulative crowd. You have to be on your guard all the time. They want. Like a baby needs a breast, they want. Like hounds on a fox trail, they hunt. Like vampires to blood, they suck on anyone and anything that might hold something. And they have very sophisticated scams and lies they run to get what they want from the naives and vulnerables. They're like maggots looking for a wound. After they feed on infection, they're just fatter maggots.

I came home and fell asleep on the couch tonight again. Still not quite caught up on rest but working on it. I got a lot of rest this last weekend thanks to the cold. I'm pretty much almost over my cold. Must be getting immune or something, or maybe it hit hard and moved on. Or is in hiding and will burst forth upon me with vengence if I let my guard down. I don't intend to let down my guard. Going to bed early again tonight.


  1. The California house my parents lived in, before they moved back to Canada a few years ago, has been evacuated. It's good my folks don't live there anymore, as it would have frightened my mother to death. We had bad fires in the mountains around Las Vegas two years ago, and even though they were about thirty miles away from us, they were still scary. It filled our swimming pool with big flakes of white ash.

    You asked about our house in a previous comment... we're hanging in there, month to month, via a deal we made with the bank. They don't want any more foreclosed homes to put on the market, so we're allowed to start to pay our mortgage again, and all our late payments will be stuck on the end of the loan. It's a relief, but it's still tough to pay our very high mortgage, and I can see that we might have to move in the near future. Still, it's good that we should be able to move when we want to, not because we were forced to.

  2. Oh Leigh Ann, wish I could win the lottery and pay off your mortgage so it'd be one thing less you'd have to worry about.

    I bet a lot of people are losing everything in those fires. I think about the strays dying.

  3. thank you for your kind thoughts!
    we're doing ok. just waiting for the winds to die down (hopefully by tomorrow) so the firemen can get in and do their thing.