Friday, October 31, 2008

Four Cats Being Fixed Today, But one.....

But one of the four, an alleged stray a woman asked me to catch and fix last summer, because she thought the cat was pregnant, turns out to be a previously spayed female.

I am always uneasy when this happens. Is this an owned cat? Cats can roam, although fixed cats and females do not roam far usually. She also told me then, middle of the summer, that she thought the cat was one of two cats a neighbor abandoned when they moved from the house next to them. I was unable to trap the cat at that time, and instead caught a different stray altogether, a very feral torbi.

The cat used to hang out in their yard but she said now, it doesn't seem to be and she hopes it's found a warm cozy place to stay when it is cold. However the cat is still often in her carport, perhaps sleeps there at night. So, when I was stopping by places yesterday, to check to see if they had more cats needing fixed, the stray was right there, and I loaned her a trap and she caught the cat, whom I took immediately this morning to the vet. But the cat is already fixed.

I had asked her yesterday if the cat was owned and she again said it was not, that it was a stray who had hung out in her yard all last summer. Likely she is correct. But I always feel uneasy, when this occurs. Did this woman tell me the whole truth, is what I think to myself.

It can be tricky out there. I wish people would outwardly identify free roaming owned cats, but most don't, and this area has such an incredibly high rate of cat abandonment. A few years back, the house across the street from where this woman lives, was busted for animal neglect. An old woman lived there and had, I'm told, over one hundred cats. Most were taken to Heartland, I was told, but many escaped unfixed and overpopulated the area, which is another reason this area has so many unfixed free roaming cats and why so many look so much alike---torti's, torbi's, brown tabby's and brown tabby on whites--these are the cat colors common to the area, descendants of the collector on the corner.

Sorting out who is who, is not only difficult, but nearly impossible at times. But, nonetheless, this woman is quite responsible, and I believe her when she says this cat has been a longstanding area stray.

Thursday, October 30, 2008

Flake Outs, All Around

Even the kitten that was supposed to be brought here, at 8:00 p.m., to be fixed tomorrow, made special appointments for kittens, too, at a far distant clinic, never showed. They have not called or e-mailed an explanation as to why they never showed up. I hope they didn't have a wreck. I always wonder about that, when someone I just talked to, and I did just talk to her, about 6:00 p.m., doesn't arrive, when they say they are going to arrive. I wonder if the unthinkable happened, a car wreck. I hope they're ok.

I re-arranged the whole evening to accomodate the kitten delivery, so I can't figure it out. They were anxious to get her fixed. I was back here, by a quarter til 8:00, after briefly trying to trap a female over at the Tuhill colony. I gave up early, to be back here to receive the kitten. They said they'd arrive at 8:00 with the kitten.

So, I don't know what to think.

I'm giving up on the Peoria Road woman, who has four or five more needing fixed, because there is not much I can do, if a person asks for help with spay/neuter, then doesn't return calls or e-mails. Nothing you can do.

I told her in the last e-mail, that it's really too good a deal to pass up, might never get a chance like it again--free fixes with someone else doing the work and transport. Great deal. But, for some folks, that isn't enough to inspire action, to get it done.

The Tuhill female is in heat, that's why I went over, plus I have no cats for tomorrow's appointments. I had really expected the Peoria Road woman by now to jump at the chance. The last I heard from her was Saturday evening very late. She left a message that she didn't want to get it done that evening, (for the FCCO clinic on Sunday), that she'd just have me do it this week. But this week, I have not been able to get a response from her. I also, in the bag, had the trailer park colony of six, and figured that would be an easy one to fall back on, if all the others flaked out. But then came the logistics issues with getting those done.

The woman who contacted me has after school evening activities with her daughter, and she had never given my number to the primary caretakers and did not have it with her. And then, the parking issues there. There is no visitor parking, and no parking allowed along the street. So there's just no way for me to do it and they'll have to borrow traps and get it done themselves. I told them I don't loan out my traps and I don't. Too bad there's not another FCCO clinic they could get them in to.

So, I bombed out. Not for lack of trying, that's for sure. I'm out of colonies needing trapped, too, ones that I know of. I know lots that need fixed, but, like I say, you can't do it if the caretakers really don't seem to want it done. So I'm cancelling next week's appointments and going to take it easy.

I have to figure out my future, too. The available spay/neuter money is almost gone. What will I do now?

Cat Roundup Not Going So Well

I am attempting to find cats for tomorrow's fixing. I returned the two big boys to the Waterloo Park area. The park ranger and hosts are tired of so many cats ending up without homes there, having kittens in the shop dumpster, etc. So they are thrilled getting them fixed. There is one more to catch, a long haired calico they say looks very ill. So, I left them a trap to catch her.

I cruised the old Elm street area, off Queen, where I've trapped so many, and stopped by a couple of the caretakers. The cats looks so much better now, all fixed. the one household had one more kitten from the elderly torti, who is now spayed. They turned over two of her litter plus a sick little brown tabby on white female kitten. All three got homes.

But she wanted to keep the third of the old torti's litter. I knew that would not turn out well, for the kitten and it didn't. She's disappeared. The woman thinks she was stolen but she just as easily could have been run over, killed by the many free roaming uncontrolled dogs in the area, or gotten sick and died.

The last three I got fixed were all runny eyed when I last saw them, and skinny. I defleaed them and wormed them, when they were fixed and now, they look unbelievably healthy and good. It is gratifying to see.

I stopped by another household, in the same area, to see how they were doing on cats, too. They had just one inside only female, whom I got fixed for them a few months back. They're quite responsible. Now they have a male kitten, who showed up suddenly in their backyard. He'll get fixed tomorrow.

So anyhow, there is a woman off Peoria Road, whom I got a couple cats fixed for awhile back. She left a message a couple weeks ago that she had more needing fixed, but now does not repond to e-mails or phone messages.

Just like the woman with 14 unfixed cats. I took in the six adults. The next 8 were to be fixed two days later. But, she went incommunicado on me, not returning calls and never home.

Just like the Heatherdale woman, who told me she had two unfixed females and a litter of kittens in her trailer. they were to be fixed this week, too. Now, she doesn't answer her prepaid cell phone, nor is she even home, the neighbors told me. The neighbors also told me she was taken away in handcuffs two days ago, and that the cats likely will be abandoned, which is rather normal at Heatherdale. The neighbors were hoping at least the cats could be fixed before they're abandoned. I hope so also. I also hope she won't abandon them.

The trailer park cats, down south of Albany off Pacific, that has been a frustration also, because the two trailers involve, feeding the cats, don't communicate much and have put it off. I can't do it because you can't park on the street and I am unwilling to loan them my traps. So, it is round and round there.

I am frustrated by Munchy's eye problem. He developed a cold about ten days ago. Wasn't too severe, then got gunky eyes. One eye went into conjunctivitis, but not too severe, until three days ago, when it began heavily draining green gunk. I've had him on terrmycin eye ointment for nine days and clindamycin. His conjunctivitis in one eye has become extreme, even in the last 24 hours, with a red protruding inner eyelid. He's going to the vet tomorrow, but I fear it will do little good. Vets around here will usually not prescribe Dex drops for kittens. I have seen results that are remarkable, when the kitten otherwise would lose its eye, using a combination of Dex drops and anti viral drops and antibiotic drops. Since antibiotic drops have not helped, I see no other option than Dex drops. Many vets will not prescribe Dex drops for kittens, because they believe it can damage the eye permanently, but when the eye will be otherwise lost, maybe they will do so.

Little Miss Sunshine got such extreme conjuntivitis that the inner eyelid protruded, swollen red and bleeding. It was only a combination of Dex drops, antibiotics and anti viral drops that saved her. She was a little Siamese kitten, not much older than Munchy, when the virus hit her hard.

Terrmycin ointment has only made his eye worse, so I have discontinued its use, fearing he may be sensitive to it, because otherwise, his eye would have cleared up, with its use. I fear the terrmycin ointment may actually be the cause of the extreme nature of his conjunctivitis.

I was told by Poppa, although communication has been limited, that funds are very low and they only really expect to keep going for a couple years longer, but won't continue even that long, if they don't get grants and they have no time to look for and apply for, grants available. So, a good thing is about to end, for the mid valley, I guess, and for me. I don't know what I'll do with my time when Poppa money is gone.

If you're working an area, unless you have continual, not sporadic money for fixing available, the problem just balloons again. It would be tragic to lose the gains made.

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Boy, boy, boy

I am trying to prepare for the HUD inspection. They seem to get earlier each year. My actual renewal time, for the paperwork, isn't til the first of next May.

So there are some problems I need to repair before the inspection. One is the lack of hot water capacity in the bathroom sink. I don't know what is wrong. First the whole thing plugged up with what looked like little white crystals, which, when I read up about them online, is likely from the water heater.

So I just cleaned them all out, so the water would run again. Then, a month or so ago, the hot water wouldn't come out the bathroom sink. I might think, if I had any expertise, which I don't, that the white crystal junk from the water heater, perhaps clogged the little thin hot water in line, from the wall under the sink, up to the faucet. I don't know.

Then I have one stove elment that doesn't work and maybe two. When I first moved in here, one elment was so slow at heating I never used it. Two of them actually. Now one at least doesn't work at all and I need to see if the other one works at all. And fix whatever is wrong. If both don't work on one side, that might signal something more is wrong than just the elment itself. They're spendy things to replace, like $25 each, so I don't want to replace any of them I don't have to replace.

I've been waiting to hear from Mr. Landlord. I have e-mailed. No response, and today, well tonight, tried to call, no answer, at home.

Hope Mr. Landlord is ok. Maybe they went on some vacation or something. Well, maybe I will hear from Mr. Landlord tomorrow. I still have almost two weeks before the inspection.

I also need to clean the gutters, which isn't easy, with the cat yard wire up, or in most places around the house, due to some structures in the way and the lack of a tall enough ladder. I usually manufacture some sort of grabber device, sort of like the devices used by old people to pick things up off the floor because they can't bend over. Well I can't reach gutter level. So, like a crippled up arthritic elderly person, I have to use a device to do it, from a distance. The gutter guck grabber, I call my device. Hahahaha.

I usually pull from my kitchenware collection to create the device. a hefty strong pancake flipper, attached through a hole drilled through a 1x2, at 90 degrees to the 1x2, ten feet long, or even 8, with a possible extension to 20 feet, by zip tying another 1x2 to the first, has worked for me in the past. You can create cheap extension poles by drilling holes in two 8 foot 1x2's and attaching them together by zip tie, through the holes in each 1x2.

These are white trash tools that work.

This Tree is Coming Down

There are two hybrid maples in the back yard, big trees, sort of. They just have lots of spindley branches that produce mountains of leaves. Currently the leaves sit atop the cat yard wire, which I can't take down. Their weight threatens to collapse it. I need two people to make the necessary changes to alter the cat wire atop the yard, so that two ends can be lowered. And I need a tall ladder.

It is still legal to remove these two trees, as they are less than two feet in diameter. They also prevent any light from getting to the backyard in the summer, so my garden didn't grow well back there last year. The root system is also cracking the garage floor cement.

But how to get rid of the tons of leaves each fall, that the five backyard trees produce. You can only load up the yard debris container for pickup every other week. You can only compost so many leaves. The leaves from these two maples would fill, every fall, a couple of dump trucks.

Sometimes the city picks up leaves, but you never know when, if you pile them at the curb, and often by then, the wind has come up and blown them all over the neighborhood.

Dead leaves piled thick atop the cat yard wire.

A Worthy e-mail Forward--The Death of Mr. Common Sense


Today we mourn the passing of a beloved old friend, Common Sense, who has been with us for many years. No one knows for sure how old he was, since his birth records were long ago lost in bureaucratic red tape.

He will be remembered as having cultivated such valuable lessons as:
Knowing when to come in out of the rain
Why the early bird gets the worm
Life isn't always fair
Maybe it was my fault

Common Sense lived by simple, sound financial policies:
Don't spend more than you can earn

And reliable strategies:
Adults, not children, are in charge

His health began to deteriorate when parents attacked teachers for doing the job that they themselves had failed to do in disciplining their unruly children.

It declined even further when schools were required to get parental consent to administer Tylenol, sun lotion or a band-aid to a student but could not inform parents when a student became pregnant.

Common Sense lost the will to live as churches became businesses, and criminals received better treatment than their victims.

Common Sense took a beating when it became punishable for you to defend yourself from a burglar in your own home but the burglar could sue you for assault.

He began to lose ground rapidly when well-intentioned but overbearing regulations were set in place. Reports of a 6 -year- old boy charged with sexual harassment for kissing a classmate; teens suspended from school for using mouthwash after lunch; and a teacher fired for reprimanding an unruly student, only worsened his condition.

Common Sense finally gave up the will to live after a woman failed to realize that a
steaming cup of coffee was hot. She spilled a little in her lap and was
promptly awarded a huge settlement.

Common Sense was preceded in death by his parents, Truth and Trust; his wife, Discretion; his Daughter, Responsibility; and his son, Reason.

He is survived by his 3 stepbrothers; I Know My Rights, Someone Else Is To blame, and I'm A Victim.

Not many attended his funeral because so few realized he was gone.

Ghosty, Starry and Mamisan Go to Homes

Three cats, all boys, are being fixed today. One is an owned, sort of that is, Albany male, a stray, but now taken care of, as a garage cat, at least. The other two are two more from the Waterloo Park. I've now taken in four big time males from that park, fed off and on, by campers and park hosts, and this should cut down on the massive yowling screaming cat fights that sometimes disturb campers in the night.

Meanwhile, three cats from here went to new homes.

Starry, from Lebanon Shovell Killing Christian Neighbor colony, now in a great home, with Mamisan, from same situation, in photo below.

Ghosty (above) was adopted this morning, by the folks who took in Little Orphan Annie, from the Marian Trailer situation. Annie, now named Jude, is shown in photo below, although she has grown a lot in the last month and a half, since she was adopted.

Ghosty went to the family who had adopted Little Orphan Annie, awhile back. Little Orphan Annie's new name is Jude. They wanted a friend for her. Jude came from the Marian Trailer colony, the only one of four kittens to survive. Two were killed by the neighbors' dog while still at the colony. And Jude's sister died at the home of the folks who adopted her, and I don't know why.

Little Orphan Annie, a.k.a. Jude, is thriving, however, at her new home and now Ghosty, the little black long hair girl with the bright white chest spot, abandoned with sister, Angel, and mom, Spirit, at a rural cemetery, has a home, too.

Meanwhile, I took Starry and Mamisan to my friend last night, who has a large cat fenced property. Heaven for cats, actually. I was happy about her taking them, but sad to see them go. They were both so beautiful! Both were from the Lebanon Shovel Killing Christian Neighbor Colony.

At least three are now in homes. I'm happy about that!

Good luck, Ghosty, Starry and Mamisan.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Running on Empty

I am worn out, I tell you. This morning, I returned the Waterloo cats, four in all. Four were fixed at the FCCO clinic, from that park, but the little Siamese kitten, living in a dumpster, didn't return. She got a home. I'd left the park hosts a trap, because they also fed a calico. They caught her Sunday night and met me yesterday morning, at Three Lakes, with her. She was fixed yesterday.

Today, they're trying for two more. I happened to see a big fluffy Flamepoint male up there off in the bushes. He may be a cat lost at the park by a camper. Neutered. Declawed, but the park hosts said they did almost nothing to try to find him, just told the ranger they lost him, and left. Almost like they were really abandoning him. That was in the summer. Might be him. MIght not be. But they're going after him, plus another tom, fed by the other camp host.

They're all very nice people and were happy the little dumpster kitten, who slept inside garbage bags, and ate garbage, got a better life.

So I returned the two monster males, and then the calico and the brown tabby female.

Then I went to Corvallis and returned the torti and the black, whom I trapped Sunday night. Both were females.

Now, I'm cleaning up a bit, then taking Starry and Mamisan to their new person. Tomorrow, if all goes well, both Ghosty and Matilda will get homes.

Good news update: Does anyone remember my angst over Bucky, the white long hair kitten I adopted to a Corvallis man, only to read a few months later, that he had been arrested for attempting to run over two pregnant women. I raged over that, left messages on his cell phone, just two words, "Where's Bucky?"

I called the jail, tried to get the jailer to let me talk to him, but I couldn't, so I told her to ask him, if she passed his cell "Where's Bucky?"

Well, now I know where Bucky is. This old man, now in jail for attempted murder or assault, something, for attempting to run down two pregnant women at that sucky complex, impregnated someone I know, someone fairly young. She walked by, when I was returning the Corvallis cats and showed me her newborn son. Very cute baby. The old man's baby. And she took his two cats, Bucky being one of them, when he ended up in jail.

So where is Bucky? With his former owner's newborn son and mistress, that's where.

Monday, October 27, 2008

New Video of the Bottle Babes from Corvallis

The bottle babes, from behind Salbastgeon Suites in Corvallis, are in foster and the fosterer just sent me a new video of them. They are sooooo cute and getting big! Look at them, how beautiful they are now! Melodie, you are doing a good kitten mom job!

Do You Believe in Miracles?

Meet Roadkill Kitten Munchy's sister. Yes, she did survive. All this time out there......

Long hard week I've had. Then a longer harder weekend. I am very sleep deprived, to say the least. So I'm coming back from the vets and stop in again at the Scravel Hill colony. I'd been there before going to pick up the cats. I'm still trying to locate and trap that elusive third gray and white adult.

So what did I see? A pure white long hair cat sidling down through the field. Unbelievable. Then I remembered seeing an ad, about someone finding a longhair white cat on Scravel Hill, and to come claim the cat if it belonged. Well, it's still up there, and stands out like a bright light on a moonless night, in coyote country. I wanted to trap the cat, but the time got late and I had to get to the clinic before closing.

On the way back I stopped in briefly again, to see if the white cat was near the trap. It wasn't but I saw another dead cat at the corner. It was the brown tabby male that shows up at the colony every now and then but likely is owned.

He'd been hit by a car, too, like the little gray and white kitten who died yesterday up there.

So then I head home, anxious to hit the sack. But, right where I sat in my car nights, trying to trap the roadkill kittens, dumped out there weeks before I spotted three of them in the road trying to eat a dead possum, there were two cars pulled off the road. Two young girls were peering into a culvert, a carrier sat beside one car.

Of course I stopped, heart pounding. Were some of those kittens still alive?

I had been leaving food in several locations along there, ever since I trapped Munchy and failed to trap any of the others. I thought they were dead.

I was wrong.

They'd seen two brown tabby kittens in the road. One called the other to bring a carrier. they'd caught one by hand. Another was huddled in the culvert. The girls left, taking the one kitten they caught with them.

I stayed. The kitten would not go for the trap. So I blocked one entrance to the culvert with the set trap and cut a branch from a dead tree with my pocket knife. I skinned it of side branches and twigs and then laid on my belly in the ditch at the opposite end as the trap and fed the long branch into the culvert until it scared the kitten out the other end into the set trap.

She's a girl!

I took her out of the trap in my car, and cuddled her against me. She began to purr. I fed her by hand and told her I loved her and brought her home and fed her more and gave her a first vaccine, wormer and flea treatment. She's in with Sam and the others, eating up a storm.

What shall I call her?

Skinhead Plot

Skinheads plotting to kill 88 blacks and behead 14? Then go try to kill Obama? These are very insane people. And dangerous, too. I'm glad the FBI and ATF caught them before they committed such senseless acts of violence.

It is scarey to think there are such people out there. I heard in Afghanistan, Taliban were smiling and laughing about killing a whole bunch of innocent Afghanies on a bus. What is wrong with these godless heartless people?

Their parents should have taught them to be kind to all things, when they were little, and to respect life. They were not taught anything right as children, is all I can imagine went wrong.

I know many people are affected young by violence and they do not grow up normally, in many cases. When parents behave badly, with drinking, drugs, crime, they give no example to their children, and, beyond even that, give them no love or guidance. Children need love and guidance and discipline to grow up normal.

And other children are the victims of brutal regimes, like in Afghanistan, parents killed by this or that side, horribly, in war. They see so much horror and violence they have a tough time growing up normal, too.

Violence begets more violence and destroys our future. I wish we could learn to solve problems without killing and blowing things up, including humans, with hearts and souls and this does matter.

How could any human smile, as they watch another die, at their own hands? Distortion.

thoughts on a day of exhaustion

There's been another death in catland. At the Scravel Hill colony, in the first nine cats I trapped there, after getting the old female fixed, was one fuzzy gray tux male kitten. He died yesterday. The caretaker found him halfway up their long winding driveway, laid in the middle of it, like he was trying his best to get home.

I believe he was probably hit by a car on the road. Mortally injured, in shock, he ran for home, but only made it a hundred feet before he took his last breath. He was likely with friends and family members, when he died, probably also his brother, who is clinging to an adult female today, for comfort.

They caught the third kitten, a little wild thing, just like his bigger older cousin who died yesterday. He's a boy, too, and currently in their bathroom with the first two, now totally tame and they're keeping them. All they do is talk about those kittens. The other day, I drove up, and the disabled man, was sitting on a chair in the large circular drive area, between house and shop, in a chair, to soak up some sun. The kittens were around him, batting at his shoes, climbing his pants and jumping down.

It was adorable.

I said "You're dad to them." He just grinned.

I wanted to use the third kitten as bait to catch that female, the only cat there not fixed, elusive and wild and hard to distinguish from the adult fixed gray tux male and adult fixed gray tux female.

But they caught him on Saturday and I was out getting frustrated with the Gleanor colony thing. I might still try it.

Someone who adopted kittens from me told me last week her mother-in-law, only in her forties, was diagnosed with breast cancer, so they've had a tough time dealing with that. We talked in brief about how scarey the epidemic of breast cancer is, for any woman. She says there is a cluster of high volume diagnoses in the mid valley area, of breast cancer, along with MS. I'd heard this before.

She said she has her own theories about the why's. She thinks it's the valley affect, that all water and airborne toxins concentrate between the two mountain ranges. In the valley. Causing illness and disease.

There's also the I5 corridor affect---heavy exhaust emissions due to the interstate highway. We get more gas from Alaska I think I read, with higher benzene levels. Once I read a warning for those along the I5 corridor that we should not exercise during heavy volume traffic times, due to benzene in the air being drawn deep into the lungs during exercise.

Maybe it has something to do with the heavy agriculture in the valley. The farmers douse those fields in all sorts of hazardous things. The dust could even be contaminated with toxins and that dust is kicked into the air in clouds, during planting and tilling times and those are warm weather days, when people are out and about, and their car windows are even rolled down, so exposure could be higher.

These things should be looked at, and investigated impartially.

It is kind of scarey. There is so much cancer in Albany residents you're hard put to find people who don't have it or haven't had it.

Well, my friend down outside Eugene, is going to take Starry and Mamisan and I might have a home for the older Matilda. Might. But I'm hoping. That would be three less adults here and that would be a good thing.

Sam is the one I really need to place. He's bored with the spare bedroom confinement, cries nights, when I'm trying to sleep and always, a young just neutered male, can be disruptive to the other cats, my own cats. He still will smell to them, for awhile yet, like an unneutered male, prompting the "behaviors".

Waterloo Cats Fixed Yesterday. And Today.

Three cats are up being fixed today. Two are from a Corvallis complex. A woman stopped by the clinic and talked to Nick about getting a mom cat, two teens and three kittens fixed at the complex. I offered to stop by on my way home, although I was dog tired, to try to trap them. I trapped two of the adults, and left her a trap to trap the third adult. But I didn't hear from her again last night, nor so far today. I had assumed she would rather easily catch that third adult and give me a call.

The third cat is a calico dumped off in Waterloo, the fifth Waterloo stray fixed in two days.

A very nice side story, from the clinic yesterday. I torti showed up in a trap. It was a torti I knew, sort of. I'd caught a good glance at her a month, or was it two months, ago. On campus.

If you read my blog, maybe you remember me responding to the plea of an OSU student, who had chased around feral kittens most of one day, and finally caught them and taken them to Willamette Vet clinic, who gave her my number, about catching the mother cat. I tried, and I saw her over there, where the student said she had found her kittens, but she ran off. I had to walk about a half mile from where I parked, with the trap and I set it, until the time ran out on the parking meter and I had to take it and leave. The torti mother had been back twice, in the meantime, desperately searching for her kittens, then vamoosed, back towards Monroe.

I looked at that torti just as the woman who'd brought her in walked up to pick her up. I asked "Where did she come from?" Turns out, very near to where I saw her on campus. I said "Did you know she'd had kittens?" The woman didn't know that. I told her "Don't worry, some obviously good hearted OSU student made sure they were safe." Then I told her the story of how I knew her torti, that she now cares for.

Anyhow, below are photos of the cats being fixed today, and some of the ones fixed yesterday.

Torti, mom of three kittens, caught last night, being fixed today.
Black teen, one of two, sex unknown, being fixed today from that Corvallis complex.
This Waterloo calico is also being fixed today.
Four Waterloo cats were fixed at yesterday's FCCO clinic, including two massive males, a brown tabby female, and the little torti point Siamese kitten, living and eating in a dumpster. That was a sad case. But it ended happily. The little girl went home with a woman volunteering. Her new name is Athens.

Athens got a new beginning yesterday, at the FCCO clinic.

One of two big males I trapped late Saturday night from Waterloo, fixed yesterday.
This brown tabby female was also fixed yesterday and from Waterloo, too.
Massive black and white male, fixed yesterday, from Waterloo.

Sunday, October 26, 2008

89 Cats Fixed Today

89 Cats were fixed today at the FCCO clinic in Philomath. I took in the four I trapped in Waterloo. I also helped trapped 7 at the Gleanors colony in Sweet Home.

Anyhow, am worn out, totally right now. The little Siamese Waterloo dumpster girl went home with a pre vet student. I was very happy. Little kittens shouldn't live in dumpsters, eat garbage and sleep nestled into human garbage.

The Sweet Home Gleanors woman claims she found placements for all the Gleanors ferals fixed today, and I worry about that. I worry she will place them as single outside cats, not have them contained, just turn them loose, at their "new home", alone, and they won't make it. That is an extremely cruel thing to do to ferals, take them from their home and family, and turn them loose somewhere else. I told her they'd likely be happier to return to familiar territory, rather than be taken elsewhere. Worries me a lot, in fact. Those poor cats.

Their current location is actually just fine. She told us at the clinic the calico she brought had kittens over at the Gleanors in some pallots. Why wouldn't she return her if she has young kittens in the pallets? There are so many stories being told about those cats, that I don't believe much of anything anymore. I'm just glad I won't be dealing in that situation again.

I wasted an entire day, due to the lies told about the numbers of cats there. I'm so worn out I can't even sleep. Sometimes, I get to that point. It was that damn Gleanors colony that messed me up this time, then trying to scrounge cats to make up for that fiasco. What bullshit!

Anyhow, going to bed.

I need to find cats homes. I am overrun in cats and I don't get sleep sometimes as a result. Miss Daisy, for lact of attention, began her screaming tear tonight, when I am so tired out, racing around, screaming at the top of her lungs. She is deaf, can't hear herself. There is just far too much work for one person, caring for all of them, trying to adopt them out, laundry, cleaning, dishes, then also the relentless daily trapping, answering phone calls, transporting. I haven't been to a grocery store in way too long.

the falling leaves are piled thick atop the cat yard wire. The stupid contractors guys wouldn't listen to me, when they put it on, about the need to be able to lower it, to not only get the leaves off of it, but freezing rain, ice or snow, which will collapse it. So now I'm left with a huge problem and no time or even physical ability to correct it. I'm going to have to cut it down for now, which means the cats can't go out, and even more stress in here. Tough times.

I have a HUD inspection coming up. I have to get ready for that and part of getting ready is getting about ten cats gone from here, adopted out, by the HUD inspection.

Saturday, October 25, 2008


I was supposed to help trap a supposed 40 cat colony. I was told only two of the original seven fixed cats were still there. Have now trapped five of those right eartipped already fixed seven, and seen another.

In talking to people over there, I heard these numbers in reference to how many cats there are: 14 cats. 20 cats. 28 cats. 38 cats two days ago. Then the 32 allegedly counted by the woman who wanted to trap and fix them on October 16.

The person who contacted the FCCO, regarding the colony, and then me, for help trapping it, did say she counted 32 cats on the 16th of October, just nine days ago. So where are they all? She is the one who is responsible for this fiasco, the one who was urged to make sure there actually were that many cats, so the reservations would not be wasted.

We trapped 11 this morning, five of them already fixed. I saw one other unfixed cat, then the other already fixed one, and a baby skunk, whom I chased away from the trap.

I finally gave up. A forty cat colony, there would be cats swarming, you'd think.

So, this means a very large number of wasted FCCO reservations, unless I find other cats.

The person who wanted to trap the colony, a Gleanors volunteer, was supposed to stay there and continue trying to trap until she went to work, and if she didn't go to work, until late. She also promised that another Gleanors' volunteer would stay as late as necessary, so the gates would be open for trapping.

Then I got an unbelievable call at 5:00 p.m. The original Gleanors volunteer, who got the reservations for these cats, 15 for her, and then I pledged to use my 8 for this allegedly huge colony, had gone home at 4:00, taken up the traps and wasn't going back. She said the volunteer who had pledged to stay, also went home. I could not believe it. These people are pathetic! They're unbelievable!

I could not believe that they would mess up the numbers so badly, saying there were four times as many cats as there actually are. I mean, that takes talent, to do that. So I went back over. On the way, I set traps in two Waterloo locations. Then I went on up to the Gleanors. I just could not believe those people would lie like that, then just not do it, knowing they were wasting my time, the FCCO's time, and valuable clinic reservations.

I could not really believe people would act that irrationally and thoughtlessly, without thought for consequences to people like myself, who had been out there, faithfully, at 7:15 a.m. and sat there most of the day.

I shone my flashlight through the locked gates, walked around and around, saw not a single set of eyes shining back. Certainly not 28 or 30 sets of eyes.

A cop drove in behind me. I got out and said "I bet you're wondering what I'm doing." I told him exactly what I was doing. I told him the whole sick story, of how a Gleanors volunteer had reserved 23 spots for a spay/neuter clinic tomorrow, and told the FCCO coordinator there were over 40 cats behind the Gleanors that they fed. I told him how they said only two were fixed, but I had caught five eartipped (fixed) cats and only seven that were not fixed, leaving the clinic tomorrow short. I told him how they'd just given up and left at 4:00, when they had claimed they would be here as long as it took. I said I came back out because I just could not believe they would lie that badly about the numbers of cats and I could not believe that they would tell me they'd be here, and just quit and leave.

I looked at him and said "I still can't believe it." Then I mumbled, "I think they all need to be on meds for compulsive lying and for taking advantage of people."

He said "You mean to tell me, they said there were forty cats back there, and reserved all those spots, then there were only ten or eleven and most of them were fixed?"

I said, "Exactly."

So I caught four in Waterloo. One is a Siamese kitten who has been living in a trash dumpster, eating trash and crawling into trash bags to sleep. Really sad.

Worn Out, Worn Thin This Week

Once again, I've over worked myself this week, worked myself into an irritable exhaustion, where everything annoys me and all I want to do is crawl off somewhere for a long winter's nap.

And yet today, I have to trap about two dozen cats for tomorrow's FCCO clinic. I wonder if I'll doze off in my car, while waiting on traps, startle awake four hours later, realizing I haven't checked a single set trap.

I need to stay away from answering e-mails when exhausted like this. I've been in one of those stomach problem times, too, with the clogged up left side and this makes me snappy. In short, I've overdone it and need to underdo for a few days.

I was happy Boulder went to a nice home yesterday. Very happy. I posted photos of Ghosy and Angel on my petfinder site, and hope someone likes them and wants to adopt them.

I still have a room full of the Lebanon cats plus Sam and the Starvation kids, without any adoption avenues for any of them yet. I am worried since I have a HUD inspection coming up. I was very much hoping that organic farm woman would take a couple. She seemed to love Sam and Little Matilda. But I have not heard from her now since she came to see them on Tuesday. That doesn't bode well. She must have decided against adoption. She was really nice and the cats would have been well loved and cared for if they went with her, so I am sad about that.

I moved Spirit, the cemetery mom cat, to the bedroom last night. She would growl and growl at me, lunge like she was going to attack, in the cage in the garage room. But I couldn't get her to go into a carrier, so I could get her to the spare bedroom. I know she is afraid of carriers. I imagine she was forced into one when she and her kittens were dumped at that cemetery.

I was beginning to think she was feral afterall. But I did get her into a carrier finally. It took a lot of work, with her growling and hissing and flailing at me. This is such bizarre behavior I know she went through horrible trauma associated with a carrier and being dumped out there.

But then, when I got her into the spare bedroom, all the Lebanon cats began rushing to the closed carrier to greet her. She began to chirp excitedly. I was going to put her first in a cage in the bedroom, because she seemed so hostile. I didn't want her attacking the sweet Lebanon cats.

But I just let her loose in the bedroom. She looked around worriedly. Sam flopped in front of her. She ran to the food bowl and ate just a bit, then turned around and stared hard at me. Suddenly, her tail flips straight up, she arches her back and begins to purr loudly. She siddles up to me, still looking around, at the food, cat beds, toys, and the other cats. Then she lowers her head and rubs against my leg. I bend down and began petting her. Her purrs become very loud.

I then went and got her kittens. She excitedly licked Ghosty's head then pretty much told her to move off. They are at least ten weeks old now and safe and there is food everywhere for them. She knows she's not in trouble anymore and it's ok to just eat and sleep and play now. She is one grateful little mother cat.

It's hard to imagine how someone could be so hurtful as to take a mother cat with her kittens and dump them out along a road, with no food source, to die slowly or be killed. It's hard to imagine what she went through in her mind, to be rejected like that, treated like that. It was mean. Whomever did that to her, is a mean mother fucker.

By contrast, people who work to help stop this violence are good people, despite differences. I feel bad about coming down on KATA for giving out my phone number. That's why I removed the post. They're good people, although we have differences. They use their own time and money to try to make a difference in this world. So, I removed the post and I apologize for ever writing something critical of people who work their butts off as volunteers as they do, to make a difference. Like I say, sometimes, when worn out like I am, and horribly constipated, I should stay away from blog posts and e-mail.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Boulder Gets a Home!!!!

Woohoooooooo! I'm cheering up!!!!!!! It's a great home, too!

Park Apartments in Albany---Pet Unfriendly

The Park apartments in Albany are super pet unfriendly. They do not allow pets and I was just told, the management there, routinely "rounds up" any stray cat hanging around and has them killed at the pound.

Thing is, I know one of those cats that hangs in that complex and it is far from a stray. It is owned across the street. I just called the owner and told her she needs to keep her on her property, but fat chance.

Neglectful owners result in so many feline deaths. An apartment complex has a right to be pet unfriendly, although I personally think it's sick. Rounding up and killing strays, I think that is also sick. But the ultimate responsibility for a pets safety lies with the owners.

As for strays, I feel for their plight. Their plight is also created by neglectful uncaring humans.

As for the Park apartments in Albany, I wouldn't live there in a million years. I'd rather live in a pet friendly gutter or dumpster, than at the Park apartments.

Albany Cat Grant Funds Now Gone

The Albany Cat Grant fund is now depleted. I took in 237 cats to be fixed on that grant. 136 of them were females, while 101 of them were males. The average cost per cat to the grant was $42 per cat. Many if not most of the females I took in were pregnant or in heat, which added to the cost of getting them fixed.

The problem areas were: Again, Heatherdale Trailer Park, and Columbus Greens Trailer Park, too. I took in over 30 again from Heatherdale and about 30 also from Columbus Greens. Residents in those two parks and management need to get on board the personal responsibility train! More problem areas: Pine Meadows, everywhere along the streets north and south of Elm, just off Queen, and the Front St. area.

I am grateful to have been given the use of this grant and worried, now that it is gone, about funding. Funding is drying up everywhere. I need to find more fixing money to have available!

For about a month, I've had access to the Linn County cat grant funds, through Spay Inc. I guess I've taken in about 2 dozen cats on this grant money. But, I am trying to keep track, because if you take in cats and the grant money is gone, then you have to pay for those cats. The grant is about 60% used up. The major hits to the fund came when the Neuterscooter visited Sweet Home in August and most of the cats, 100 probably, done that day were paid for under the grant. The cost was close to $5000 for that clinic alone. But, lots of cats were fixed and that's a good thing.

Well, I just heard the Neuterscooter will be in Sweet Home again the 9th of November. That means, likely, with that clinic, funds will be gone, since over half the grant now has already been utilized. This is sad, in a way, because after November 9, and that clinic likely taking the rest of the funds available, I don't know where I'll get funds to fix cats. I need to get the kittens out there, whom I adopted out to people I know, unfixed, fixed quickly, or I'll be paying out of pocket for those. Two of them now are of fixing weight. The other six are not yet.

The bottle babes also are out there, in foster, not yet nearly old enough to be fixed. That's three more. I am getting slightly worried about the lack of fixing funds available.

I'll be taking a vacation from spay/neuter soon. Not because I want to, but because I have to.

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Kittens Abandoned on Airport Road

These two kittens were abandoned on Airport Road in Albany. If you look, the male actually has a right eartip. He is fixed, but only two and a half to three months old. Where did he come from? Who got him fixed? And why were he and a muted calico kitten, without an eartip, abandoned on Airport Road?

Photos of Seven Cats Being Fixed Today

Instead of ten cats today, only seven are being fixed. That's because three of the kittens I thought were over two pounds, were not quite two pounds. So the three boy kittens over two pounds, are being fixed, plus four cats, including three fuzzy kittens, are being fixed from the Tuhill colony.

The three Millersburg Road Chaos colony male kittens, up being fixed today. The four others, three females and another male, were not quite up to weight and will need to be done later.

Four more from the Tuhill colony are up being fixed. Three are kittens and one is an adult female Siamese, but not the mother of the kittens, whom I still need to catch.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Long Days. Lots of Work

I am trying to accomodate all the trapping requests I receive, and quickly. Hoping next year's kitten season will not be so horrible. But I"m getting a little worn out in the process. I took in nine today. Five were from the Tuhill colony, a new one, and I went back and trapped four more this evening there, so nine in all, in a couple nights. I dropped trapped the Siamese female, who has had too many litters and I think if the caretakers knew, they'd be happy. I figured it was Miller time, since I'm burning the candle at both ends these days.

I aslo trapped three kittens fed a few houses down, but did not catch that mother.

So tomorrow, I'm taking in ten more. The four I trapped plus six kittens. Nine today. Ten tomorrow. Boy boy boy.

I have reservations on Friday also, and am using them on yet another colony.

Boy boy boy I'm worn out. I'm worn out and want to sleep sleep sleep. But I'm getting lots of cats in, cats who breed, cats who reproduce, cats in trouble, and next year, no kittens from these cats. None. And the neighborhoods will be quieter and more cheerful and not as sad.

But I'm worn out and I need to find some cats some homes. Lots of homes. And I'm not having any luck. No luck. None. Come on folks, you want cats don't you? Cats are wonderful and very comforting and loving and interesting. They are far far more interesting than dogs. Cats should be the American National animal, because they are the epitomy of independence. Yes they should be.

They are free thinkers for sure. Those who cannot really, in private, with no one else around to show off to, tolerate anything free or independent, ---they don't like cats. The cat haters, seriously disturbed people, who hate freedom. But they won't admit their private hatreds of independent thought and action in public. It'd be politically incorrect. You know, though. You know if they hate cats that they hate freedom and love to control everything.

So I am finally going to bed. I have accomplished a great deal this week, both for cats and for humans and it makes me feel very contented, inside, albeit exhausted, to have accomplished so much in just one week. For both the cats and the humans. Now I am going to plant Miss Daisy atop my face and go to sleep.

Photos of the Nine Cats Being Fixed Today and, Goodbye Rascal!

I don't know the sex of any of the five cats from the TuHills colony cats, except for the big black tux longhair polydactyl, who is a boy, a big boy. We shall see!

So, there were three boys and two girls in the first five from Tuhill colony.

This one is just a kitten, really.
This one is a girl. She had an abcess on one back leg.

One of the two girls, of the five from the Tuhill colony fixed yesterday.This is a boy.
This is the big boy!

These are the two girls, the last two of ten adults to be fixed, whom I trapped at the Millersburg Road Chaos colony. Today they are being fixed. Tomorrow they go home and they'll be happy about that.

Lastly, Ghosty and Angel are up being fixed today.

And, Longtom's new owner came over with him, to get his booster shot. They have named him Tubby. She complained about how vocal he is, and sure enough, he began to meow. He even makes little funny meows with his mouth closed. She says it's like he wants to learn to talk. But, she said, it's a little annoying. I said "that's funny, he never made any noise here. He must miss his brothers horribly." Next thing you know, she's leaving, with Longtom/Tubby, AND with Tubby's brother Rascal. I'm thinking to myself "Hallelujah! Woohooo!"

Flood of Liberals Illegally Immigrating to Canada

The following essay is circulating the web. It's hysterical, I think:

A flood of American liberals sneaking across the border into Canada has intensified in the past weeks, sparking calls for increased patrols to stop the illegal immigration.

The possibility of a McCain/Palin election is prompting the exodus among left-leaning citizens who fear they'll soon be required to hunt, pray, and agree with Bill O'Reilly.

Canadian border farmers say it's not uncommon to see dozens of sociology professors, animal rights activists and Unitarians crossing their fields at night. I went out to milk the cows the other day, and there was a Hollywood producer huddled in the barn,' said Manitoba farmer Red Greenfield, whose acreage borders North Dakota .

The producer was cold, exhausted and hungry. 'He asked me if I could spare a latte and some free-range chicken. When I said I didn't have any, he left. Didn't even get a chance to show him my screenplay, eh?'

In an effort to stop the illegal aliens, Greenfield erected higher fences, but the liberals scaled them. So he tried installing speakers that blare Rush Limbaugh across the fields. 'Not real effective,' he said. 'The liberals still got through, and Rush annoyed the cows so much they wouldn't give milk.'

Officials are particularly concerned about smugglers who meet liberals near the Canadian border; pack them into Volvo station wagons; drive them across the border and leave them to fend for themselves.

'A lot of these people are not prepared for rugged conditions,' an Ontario border patrolman said. 'I found one carload without a drop of drinking water. 'They did have a nice little Napa Valley cabernet, though.'

When liberals are caught, they're sent back across the border, often wailing loudly that they fear retribution from conservatives. Rumors have been circulating about the McCain administration establishing re-education camps in which liberals will be forced to shoot wolves from airplanes, deny evolution, and act out drills preparing them for
the Rapture.

In recent days, liberals have turned to sometimes-ingenious ways of crossing the border. Some have taken to posing as senior citizens on bus trips to buy cheap Canadian prescription drugs. After catching a half-dozen young vegans disguised in powdered wigs, Canadian immigration authorities began stopping buses and quizzing the supposed
senior-citizen passengers on Perry Como and Rosemary Clooney hits to prove they were alive in the '50s.

'If they can't identify the accordion player on The Lawrence Welk Show, we get suspicious about their age,' an official said.

Canadian citizens have complained that the illegal immigrants are creating an organic-broccoli shortage and renting all the good Susan Sarandon movies.

'I feel sorry for American liberals, but the Canadian economy just can't support them,' an Ottawa resident said. 'How many art-history and English majors does one country need?

Nine cats to be fixed today

I contacted another colony, since I finished the Millersburg Road Chaos adults, and trapped the first five of them last night, rather quickly. I saw at least three more, but they refused to enter a trap, after watching their friends be trapped one right after another.

So those five plus the two calicos from Millersburg Road Chaos colony plus the two cemetery kittens, Ghosty and Angel, will all be spayed today. Nine more cats.

The total I've taken in so far this year, including the nine today, is 811.

A Corvallis woman came over yesterday morning, to see the cats. She is interested in adopting two or maybe even three. She wanted to think about it, however. So, I am hoping very much to hear today, that she wants a couple, at least. She is a kind and responsible person.

Longtom, now named Tubby, is returning today for his booster shot and to be weighed. If he is two pounds, he will be fixed tomorrow, and then go back to his new family. They adore him.

My vet's office called yesterday. Someone brought in two kittens, from Airport road, said they'd been dumped off. They have URI's and she wanted them euthanized. The vets' office called me, and asked/begged me to take them. They tested them, and are giving me antibiotics to help treat them.

Get this, one has a right eartip. They weigh just over two pounds. That means, one of these kittens either came from a rescue that got the cat eartipped through their own vet, and that likely means Brownsville or Companion, or the kitten went through the most recent Salem FCCO clinic. I will be interested to see them. And I will contact the Salem clinic coordinator to see if the kitten went through the last clinic there.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Drug Complex and Ajacent Trailer Park Managers Trap and Kill Cats

I had heard before, from some people whose own cats came up missing, in a trailer park on College Park Drive, that someone was trapping the cats and doing away with them. I found out from someone else that the managers in both the trailer park and the drug and crime ridden duplex complex, trapped and killed any uncollared cat, allegedly taking them to Humane Society of the Willamette Valley to be killed.

I got over 70 cats fixed on College Park drive two years ago. The place is evil and I avoid it now like the plague it is.

Tenants into drugs and crime, openly, cats being abandoned on a weekly basis, nobody taking responsibility, including management, who would rather kill the victims.

It's unbelievably sad now to hear it from the horses' mouth, that indeed most of those cats I spent time, and Poppa's money helping, are dead. Makes you want to scream. Makes you want to run for the hills. Makes you want to shake the dust from your feet.

My car was broken into there, when returning cats, too. And the back hatch lever broken off in that attempted burglary, still is broken. I have it screwed on for now. The scum of the earth occupied those duplexes then. I heard it was sold and the new owner has tried to clean it up, but I don't believe that. It was, after all, the new owner whose manager killed all those wonderful cats. And the manager of the trailer park.

I hate trailer parks. I hate control freak managers of apartment complexes and trailer parks, who never really do anything to make things better at such places but enjoy killing victims of their poor management policies.

I hate drug complexes and I hate druggees and the horrors they cause so many innocent lives.

For gosh sakes, all that would be required, would be strict enforcement of fixed pet only rules. Then you're not trapping little innocent kittens and trusting adult cats or strays whose lives are so sad, and killing them. Then you're not put in that evil position. And it is evil to kill victims when you are in a position to effect changes so that innocent victims are not even pro-created in the first place.

It's lazy, is what it is. Violent and lazy.

Rest in Peace all you lovely cats, tossed like trash, then killed, amidst the human filth of College Park Drive.

Photos of Cats Fixed Yesterday

Yesterday, I took in eight of ten unfixed adults, roaming a Millersburg property and also caught the final two unfixed adults, both calicos. Below are photos of seven of the eight fixed from this colony yesterday. Not shown: an orange tabby male.

Orange tabby tux male, fixed yesterday.
Black on white male, fixed yesterday.
Black tux female, fixed yesterday.
Orange tabby female, fixed yesterday.
Black tux male, fixed yesterday.
Brown tabby male, fixed yesterday.
Orange tabby on white male, fixed yesterday.

8 Cats Fixed Today

Eight of ten cats at the Millersburg Road Chaos colony were fixed today. Six of the 8 were boys! During the day, while the 8 were being fixed, I set two traps for the two calicos and caught both, but I didn't know it until 10:00 p.m. tonight, at which time, I trucked clear over there to pick them up. That does it for the ten adults of that colony. There are seven kittens, all of whom will weigh two pounds by the middle of next week and be ready to be fixed.

After dropping off the 8 cats, and setting more traps at the Millersburg Road Chaos colony, I went on up to sit way back in my car, with the RC trap set, at the Scravel Hill colony, to try to lure in the elusive alleged third gray and white adult, and mother to three kittens. The loose kitten has disappeared and hopefully, if there is another adult female, the kitten is with her. The other two are in the caretaker's bathroom. I sat there until 11:30, watching and freezing in my car. Nothing. Just the usual suspects--the three black and whites, the fuzzy blacks, the short hair blacks and the gray and whites. But no unknown gray and white.

The caretaker said she saw a third adult gray and white last night, not one of the two fixed ones, so that must be "her", the mother, she said with a reverence.

I tried to rake leaves during my short break, which occurred early afternoon. I wanted to nap, catch up some, but by then it was 3:00 and I went back to my stake out, at the RC trap. I saw every cat I've gotten fixed up there, time and time again, going in and out of the trap, but no unknown adult gray and white.

One little fuzzy male, fixed last week, was sent out, I think, by the others, to my car and I thought I was well hidden way back by the garage. He was sent to let me know the huge plate of bait in the back of the RC trap was gone and more was needed. Boy these cats are demanding. Yet helpful.

I went and picked up the 8 cats fixed and then went right back to the colony and my stake out.

So I had the 8 Millersburg Road Chaos cats in the back of my car and they began making noise, scratching around in their carriers and traps, and complaining. I told them to be still, or I'd never bring them on a stake out again. And this could be fun, I told them, if they'd let it be. I motioned into the stars and said, "Have you ever seen such a gloriously beautiful night? And no phone ringing out here. You see, it's a great time, we're having."

And finally I determined I'd seen every cat there was to see tonight. The bait plate was once again empty. I didn't want to leave the total darkness and the clear night sky with those stars behind, to return to the well lit darkness of Albany, but I must sleep now and then.

But I passed a cat on the way in. It was a cat I had passed in the exact same spot early this morning. Now what is up with that, I thought to myself.

This morning he wouldn't move from right around a telephone pole, sitting right on the curb, out on Grand Pairie, big brown tabby, medium hair I think, white stripe down the nose. He's tame, moved only four feet away but would not come to me, looked very very distressed. I left him food and went on my way this morning.

This evening, I see him again, sitting on the curb still. I stopped, he ran across the street, circled east and ran back to the same side he'd been on, to the same spot.

I could not figure it out. Was he dumped right there, I wondered, and is he waiting for his owners to return, like they'll come back, like they'll fucking come back for him? It's enough to break my heart. I tried to catch him briefly, but it was late, and I had nothing to catch him with so I left him more food. He moves off only a short distance. And why is he stuck to that spot. What is it about that spot? Breaks my heart, it does, breaks my heart.

There are no homes out there, not enough, for all these unwanteds. I get no calls and I have way too many here and ads running everywhere and I don't get one single call.

I get people wanting me to take their cats. Two Friday, after I got the Rosebud in the paper and the editor told people to call me only about adoption, not trying to get me to take more cats. So what kind of contacts do I get after that? I get people wanting me to take their cats.

Somebody in an Albany trailer park, started feeding strays three years ago, now there are lots, some neighbor hates it, and could I get them fixed, find them homes, and foster the pregnant one until she has babies then get her fixed, find her a home and find the babies homes, too? That was just one of them. Now one from Waterloo, the second actually from Waterloo, wanting me to take cats. Boy. People are really really demanding. And irresponsible. Just suck you dry.

So I have to say no and I have to say no to the curb cat who won't last long on that busy road. Maybe he'll be dead on the road tomorrow. I don't know. I just cannot save them all. I tell people they need to solve their own cat problems and I give them the information they need to do it themselves. But most people want to sit on their lazy whining butts and have someone else do it all. But I'm not taking in their cats. I am not am not am not.

Sunday, October 19, 2008

Who's Yo' Mommy?

The already fixed gray and white female.
She was spayed September 15.
Whose kittens are these?

More kittens showed up at the Scravel Hill colony. The caretaker heard kitten screaming and found 2 in the garage, about three or four weeks old. She thought the mother might be gray and white, but really has no idea, because the mother abandoned them or something in the garage. Later, she found another, but it took off. She has the two in her bathroom, both gray and white, very cute, a boy and girl, about three weeks of age. Who in the world is the mother? The girl has a bit of black on her nose, like the last gray and white female fixed.

They might be hers, but I was told she was pregnant at spay, and not lactating. They look to be about four weeks of age, do you think? It was a month and three days ago the gray and white female was fixed. The colony caretakers think all the cats they feed now have eartips, then suddenly they hear these kittens crying near the woodpile.

So, whose are they? Had, in fact, the gray and white female, fixed September 15, just had kittens, when I took her in for spay? Did the clinic mix up the tags they place on the cages, indicating who is pregnant and who is lactating or in heat?

I took in 8 cats on the 15th of September. Two were from the Division street complex in Corvallis--both males, one of whom died in surgery. I took in 5 from the Mt. Hopeless colony, three of them females, and then the female from Scravel Hill. The Linn County cat grant bill for that day was $294 for the six Linn County cats. Subtract $70, for the 2 males and you have $224 left for the females.

The only combination of charges that works, to add to that $224, is two pregnant spays and two normal spays. I remember those Mt. Hopeless cats. Two of the three females were young. The other I know was pregnant. The gray and white from Scravel Hill was indeed pregnant. So, they're only her kittens, if they somehow forgot to spay her.

Here is another clue. I took the black female's two kittens on September 11, then the caretakers found three more and put them in a box on their deck and called me. I didn't know there were three, just that they had found more kittens. I went up that evening, and picked them up. There were only two. During the day, some cat stole the third kitten, who has never turned up. That stolen kitten, was black and white.

Who would steal a kitten? Another mother cat, that's who, who was either about to have kittens, or already did have kittens. The black mother was by this time at my place. The old black long hair female had been spayed already and was shuffling around looking entirely not guilty and uninterested in any kittens. I didn't even know about the gray and white female yet.

I don't know. It's a big fat cat soap opera.
I found this picture I took when RC trapping last week there. This is the allegedly already fixed gray and white female. Zoom in on her shaved belly and there's a breast full of milk hanging, freshly suckled.

That leaves two possibiities. They're hers, and she was missed somehow on September 15, not spayed, but eartipped. Possibility two: She was pregnant when I took the black female and found only half her kittens. The gray and white, being pregnant on the 11th, heard kittens crying in the box on the deck and stole one of them. She later found three more of the black females kittens, but then was trapped in the early morning of the 15th and spayed the same day, returning the next. She was upset losing her kittens, but not for long, because she had some stashed, four to be exact or maybe three, because the black tux missing kitten, who was stolen, either died, or she misplaced it.

This theory really doesn't hold water. The black female's five kittens were born in the garage. A man who rents space to build things in their garage saw her with them, and even built them a bed, and moved all five kittens into it. The black female had only five kittens. So nothing is answered unless she isn't really spayed.

Don't you just love a kitten origin mystery?

The FCCO coordinator came by yesterday, to loan me nine traps to use to help trap an alleged 40 cat colony for next Sunday's clinic. He told me hadn't been able to get back to some folks, since the clinic is full, and gave me one example. He said there was a 30 cat colony in Millersburg and gave me the name.

It was one of the people I'd given my card to, when trapping the Trashed trailer colony in Millersburg. So I called him up today. He doesn't have 30. They know exactly how many cats are on the property--21 and four are fixed already.

There are seven kittens, still under two pounds. Subtract those seven and you have ten cats of fixing age. I caught 8 of them. They'll be fixed tomorrow.