Monday, October 30, 2006

This is a photo of Asia, a petite gray short hair female from the same complex unit as Whiskers, Moose and Mr. Grim hail from. Asia will return following her spay tomorrow. This same apartment also has another adult female, the mother of Moose and Mr. Grim, who can't be spayed right now because she just had kittens AGAIN, four days ago. Five more kittens to deal with eventually. Posted by Picasa

Whiskers and Moose---two very related males from the Albany complex. Moose will stay here, following his neuter tomorrow, while Whiskers will return to his owner after his neuter. Ten cats from the complex will be fixed tomorrow. Moose, Whiskers and Asia, a gray female, from one unit, five cats, four of them 7 month old kittens of a stray mother, from another unit. Three of those are males, while the mother and one of the teen kittens are female. Then I have four month old black male, Midnight, from another unit, getting neutered tomorrow. And a black/white mother of four male kittens will be fixed also tomorrow, while the two male kittens that remain with them, plus a female Siamese kitten, who is either one of Ellie's or from the mother of Moose, will be fixed later on. Posted by Picasa

Here is Grim's brother Moose, the bigger of two flamepoint brothers. He will be neutered tomorrow then he will be immediately up for adoption. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Grim is very cute and loving. He has this upturned nose and fluffy tail. He will be for adoption right away. Moose, his brother, is getting fixed tomorrow. Mr. Grim is nicer, I think. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Grim, one of two male flamepoint Siamese kittens signed over to me this evening at the Albany complex. The mother of these kittens, just had five more kittens. They're like four days old. An adult male Lynx Point Siamese and an adult gray female from same household will be fixed tomorrow and returned after they are fixed. They are also feeding a long hair flamepoint, more of a ragdoll, old cat, they say was left behind by another tenant and that they had gotten him from a shelter or rescue. He is already neutered. So after I left there, and was driving home, I remembered the long hair flamepoint ragdoll I'd rescued from the Olsen colony on highway 34. I'd gotten him and a bunch of other cats fixed there. Then he got attacked by neighborhood dogs. His face and one leg had been severely bitten. So I fixed him up and adopted him out to a Corvallis woman. I began to wonder if this is the same cat. If so, he would have an eartip. I didn't check. Anyhow, she is going to give that cat up to me also, because the helpful tenant wants to care for him. It's cold, too cold for an old cat to be living outside. These two boy flamepoint kittens have given names of Moose and Mr. Grim. The photo is of the kitten they named Mr. Grim. He has not stopped eating since he got here, half hour ago. He's full of worms. He has a prolapsed rectum, which means he needs it repaired, which means money. They're all crawling with fleas, too, but that's already taken care of. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Canning for Cats Total Under $30

I've returned over the half the cans I collected at yesterday's OSU football game and the total, by the time I return them all, is going to be just under $30. The total I've taken in from returning cans and bottles so far, is $21, just enough to fill my car's gas tank, which I did.

I'll need that full tank for this week's cat fixing. I have reservations both Tuesday and Thursday, each day at two clinics, one in Jefferson, one in Salem. Usually, when I have Salem appointments, I kill the entire day in Salem, so I won't have to drive back and forth. I sleep in my car, or I walk around, or I do laundry at a Salem laundrymat, something. At the remote Jefferson clinic, it's harder to kill time for the day, but I've done so. I've slept in my car when exhausted in their parking lot all day.

I'll be getting about 22 cats fixed this week alone. So working about five hours of hard dirty labor to get a full tank of gas to fund this weeks' cat driving, was worth it for the cats of our area.

In other news, inflation has hit wood pellet fuel big time. I went to Bimart to get a couple bags of wood pellet fuel which I use for cat litter. Last year, all year, you could get three bags for $10 at Bimart. This year, for just one bag, they want $4.50. I wouldn't buy it there. I left, shocked at the increase in price from one year to the next. Up $1.15 a bag. Man, that is inflation.

It's up at Winco, too. Use to be $3.29 per bag there. Now it's up to $3.88. Still high, but better than $4.50.

All in all, picking up cans yesterday was sort of interesting. Most people were very nice albeit very drunk. There was a an old lady and an old man, in the preferred high price per spot parking lot back of the stadium, who really looked down on the canners, shaking their heads in disgust like we were all a bunch of alcoholic losers. Wrong. The Clan, as I called the family doing it together, was doing it for money so they could survive. So were the Albany man and woman, who live in their car, which needed both gas and repairs.

This well off old football fan couple, who seemed to think canning shameful, might be out of touch with how many people are out there right now struggling just to make rent or to have gas for their car tanks or food for themselves or their families or to pay ulitility bills.

I bet they'd really be shocked if they knew I was out there making money to help cats and therefore make communities, maybe theirs, a better place in which to live. However, their attitude was in minority out there among the happy drunks at the football game. Most were way more than happy to allow those less fortunate their cast off cans and bottles.