Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Massive Setback. Computer Breaks.

My PC worked fine this a.m. I checked e-mail before leaving for Jefferson and Salem with 13 cat to be fixed at the two clinics today. I always turn the PC off, but it was not turned off at the power strip. When I returned, I briefly got a blue screen that stated "hardware failure. Contact your hardware...." something, then the screen flicked blank.

This is a huge setback for me. Without a computer, I can't adopt out cats. No more cat pictures, no more replying to adoptors or sending them the cats photos or posting the cat photos on my petfinder website. I don't have the money to attempt to find out what's wrong with it or have it repaired.

I drove back from the Salem clinic fighting the urge to vomit. I've gotten sick--diarrhea, wanting to vomit. Maybe I ate something.

My cable is getting shut off today I think it is. It was a birthday present for a year, from someone, that stretched out into over two years, but is now ending. And now my computer dead, too.

I hadn't recently backed up my files either. I did so about four months ago at least. I actually tried to back them up two weeks ago but I didn't have a working CD write disc and planned to actually get some today, since I have a bit of money on the first day of the month. Now I won't bother. Most of my photos, the ones taken in the last few months, are gone forever now.

Well I don't know what to do. Once, when my computer got jammed with spyware, I took it some guy, who charged a lot of money and didnt do squadley shit, except he did exhibit enough arrogance in character that he changed my home page. What a dickhead. That experience turned me off to computer geeks big time.

I finally figured out how to get the spyware off myself. This is no spyware problem. It's hardware, probably something my cats did. They've been going behind the computer, doing god knows what back there. I'm sure it's their fault somehow.

Monday, October 30, 2006

Major Brain Overload. Cats. Cats. Cats.

I can't keep it all straight, who I'm to fix when, all these colonies people keep telling me need fixing, all these people with either kittens or adult cats needing fixed, written in my brain or on little slips of lost papers tucked here and there......I need a bigger brian to store all this shit. I need a clean hard drive. I need a stiff drink.

12 cats are going in tomorrow, to two different vets.

I got to meet a supplier of mine on Friday at 10:30 is it? She's getting me some much needed cat food.

Three kittens need fixed who live with a family who owns one of the females getting fixed tomorrow. No room in tomorrow's appointments for them to be included. That female had had four male kittens. They gave away two and kept two, then found a female Siamese kitten from some other mother and kept her. Then, they want the two male kittens they gave away fixed too, because now they know what a problem cat overpopulation is.

Five cats from 43 going in tomorrow. A stray mother and her four six month old kittens, three of them male. The family took the kittens in. They have a calico inside needs fixed, too. One more female to catch after that outside, eats there too. She's the sister of the preggie stray going in tomorrow who is mother of the four, also being fixed tomorrow. The sister of preggie has at least two surviving kittens, living under some unit in the complex. They need caught, too.

Another mother at 118 has five newborns who will need fixed sooner or later. Plus that mother, too.

Friend of friend of 119, feeds six to ten strays, in down town Albany. All of them need caught and fixed. Two of them are pregnant, plus she has an indoor tame female needing fixed.

Friend of another tenant has a male kitten needing fixed. She just moved to Albany with that kitten today.

Another friend of a tenant feeds unfixed strays, don't know how many.

14 unfixed cats near Circle in Corvallis, in another homeless camp, need caught and fixed. Another 12 farther south in another homeless camp. Of course none of them are fixed. OF COURSE.

I must court and marry a fast spay surgeon quickly. Hook me up somebody. Here's my ad: Spouse wanted. Must do six to 12 minute spays and love doing it repeatedly. Must be obsessed with stopping feline overpopulation. Well moneyed would be nice. Pot belly/bad habits ok, if applicant can do six to 12 minute spays. Apply immediately. Applicants for spousal positions should come with surgery packs in hand. No sex before spays.

This is a photo of Asia, a petite gray short hair female from the same complex unit as Whiskers, Moose and Mr. Grim hail from. Asia will return following her spay tomorrow. This same apartment also has another adult female, the mother of Moose and Mr. Grim, who can't be spayed right now because she just had kittens AGAIN, four days ago. Five more kittens to deal with eventually. Posted by Picasa

Whiskers and Moose---two very related males from the Albany complex. Moose will stay here, following his neuter tomorrow, while Whiskers will return to his owner after his neuter. Ten cats from the complex will be fixed tomorrow. Moose, Whiskers and Asia, a gray female, from one unit, five cats, four of them 7 month old kittens of a stray mother, from another unit. Three of those are males, while the mother and one of the teen kittens are female. Then I have four month old black male, Midnight, from another unit, getting neutered tomorrow. And a black/white mother of four male kittens will be fixed also tomorrow, while the two male kittens that remain with them, plus a female Siamese kitten, who is either one of Ellie's or from the mother of Moose, will be fixed later on. Posted by Picasa

Here is Grim's brother Moose, the bigger of two flamepoint brothers. He will be neutered tomorrow then he will be immediately up for adoption. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Grim is very cute and loving. He has this upturned nose and fluffy tail. He will be for adoption right away. Moose, his brother, is getting fixed tomorrow. Mr. Grim is nicer, I think. Posted by Picasa

Mr. Grim, one of two male flamepoint Siamese kittens signed over to me this evening at the Albany complex. The mother of these kittens, just had five more kittens. They're like four days old. An adult male Lynx Point Siamese and an adult gray female from same household will be fixed tomorrow and returned after they are fixed. They are also feeding a long hair flamepoint, more of a ragdoll, old cat, they say was left behind by another tenant and that they had gotten him from a shelter or rescue. He is already neutered. So after I left there, and was driving home, I remembered the long hair flamepoint ragdoll I'd rescued from the Olsen colony on highway 34. I'd gotten him and a bunch of other cats fixed there. Then he got attacked by neighborhood dogs. His face and one leg had been severely bitten. So I fixed him up and adopted him out to a Corvallis woman. I began to wonder if this is the same cat. If so, he would have an eartip. I didn't check. Anyhow, she is going to give that cat up to me also, because the helpful tenant wants to care for him. It's cold, too cold for an old cat to be living outside. These two boy flamepoint kittens have given names of Moose and Mr. Grim. The photo is of the kitten they named Mr. Grim. He has not stopped eating since he got here, half hour ago. He's full of worms. He has a prolapsed rectum, which means he needs it repaired, which means money. They're all crawling with fleas, too, but that's already taken care of. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 29, 2006

Canning for Cats Total Under $30

I've returned over the half the cans I collected at yesterday's OSU football game and the total, by the time I return them all, is going to be just under $30. The total I've taken in from returning cans and bottles so far, is $21, just enough to fill my car's gas tank, which I did.

I'll need that full tank for this week's cat fixing. I have reservations both Tuesday and Thursday, each day at two clinics, one in Jefferson, one in Salem. Usually, when I have Salem appointments, I kill the entire day in Salem, so I won't have to drive back and forth. I sleep in my car, or I walk around, or I do laundry at a Salem laundrymat, something. At the remote Jefferson clinic, it's harder to kill time for the day, but I've done so. I've slept in my car when exhausted in their parking lot all day.

I'll be getting about 22 cats fixed this week alone. So working about five hours of hard dirty labor to get a full tank of gas to fund this weeks' cat driving, was worth it for the cats of our area.

In other news, inflation has hit wood pellet fuel big time. I went to Bimart to get a couple bags of wood pellet fuel which I use for cat litter. Last year, all year, you could get three bags for $10 at Bimart. This year, for just one bag, they want $4.50. I wouldn't buy it there. I left, shocked at the increase in price from one year to the next. Up $1.15 a bag. Man, that is inflation.

It's up at Winco, too. Use to be $3.29 per bag there. Now it's up to $3.88. Still high, but better than $4.50.

All in all, picking up cans yesterday was sort of interesting. Most people were very nice albeit very drunk. There was a an old lady and an old man, in the preferred high price per spot parking lot back of the stadium, who really looked down on the canners, shaking their heads in disgust like we were all a bunch of alcoholic losers. Wrong. The Clan, as I called the family doing it together, was doing it for money so they could survive. So were the Albany man and woman, who live in their car, which needed both gas and repairs.

This well off old football fan couple, who seemed to think canning shameful, might be out of touch with how many people are out there right now struggling just to make rent or to have gas for their car tanks or food for themselves or their families or to pay ulitility bills.

I bet they'd really be shocked if they knew I was out there making money to help cats and therefore make communities, maybe theirs, a better place in which to live. However, their attitude was in minority out there among the happy drunks at the football game. Most were way more than happy to allow those less fortunate their cast off cans and bottles.

Saturday, October 28, 2006

Losing the Can War at a Winning Football Game

OSU went after a football win today. I went after cans and bottles. Fans are heavy drinkers. Many people profit from boozing football fans. I wanted in on the can money this time around. I need money for gas, so I can get cats fixed.

I was not prepared. I did not get there early enough and had to park, at first, almost a mile from where I began canning. Then I made the mistake of taking bottles and they were heavy. I finally stashed them and went after my car sure other canners would steal the bags if they found them before I got back with my car. So I hoofed it quick and tired myself out doing so. But nobody'd stolen them by the time I got back.

Most canners were working in teams. "The Clan", as I dubbed them, had a pickup truck, a bunch of kids, and a big woman to guard the stacks of plastic bags they accumulated until they could get by to collect them in the pickup. They were organized and there were perhaps 8 of them working the tailgater lots.

At least three folks had bikes with big trailers. Some people had rolling yard debris containers lined in heavy plastic bags. Some of the people canning had come up from Eugene for it. You can make $200 if you are organized and know what you're doing.

I have probably $70 worth of cans and bottles. It'll take a few days to return them. I'll have three tank fulls of gas out of the effort. But unfortunately, I gave up early, because hauling heavy bags of bottles killed my neck and right shoulder after about four hours.

Those are a lot of moneyed people out there at those games. Even the tailgaters. One guy says his friend paid close to $5000 just for a space in a parking lot near the stadium on OSU property for all home games for one year. Can you believe that? I had told him why I was picking up cans, to fund my cat fixing. I said, "Do you know how many cats $5000 would fix?"

I saw some incredibly fancy RV's, some of them really rigged to come to OSU games. I thought "wow, that seems so excessive and man would that one there make a good mobile spay surgery clinic."

But I guess there truely are a whole lot of people with excess money, money to burn basically. And the drinking going on, with spreads of food I couldn't believe. I didn't take anything from the tables. There were huge bowls of chips everywhere, beers, cupcakes, cake, all kinds of food, hot dogs, hamburgers, steaks, salmon steaks, most left unintended and out on tables during the game. I was both hungry and thirsty. But I didn't take a thing, not even one chip or cookie or steak or beer or hot dog....nothing. I just took empty cans and bottles.

Pretty soon, I smelled like stale beer head to foot. The bags I used leaked beer onto my clothes and even on my hair. It was yucky.

I wish there was an easier cleaner way to make a few bucks so I can keep on helping out cats. I didn't win the battle for cans. I was a foot soldier out there today, a rookie, fighting for leverage in the tailgater can game.

Journey into East Linn

After hours spent at the Albany complex yesterday, I headed into the hinterlands of Linn County. I had traps to return and promised cat food to deliver people who took in Boondoggle and Corvallis homeless camp cats. First stop: Slaughterhouse colony. Second stop: Eden. Third stop: Hole in the Hill farm.

I'd borrowed a trap from the Slaughterhouse colony's old woman caretaker. I asked if I could borrow her trap before the FCCO clinic figuring with reservations for twenty cats and only five traps of my own I would need it.

She waved me back to one of the open sheds. She said "I think it's in the shed with the mossy roof sagging into the middle." So I looked and there was a trap all right, by an old dirty lawnmower. But it was a double ended trap and they're useless. Besides it was punched in on one side, been run over.

So I told her this. She was standing midway up the ramp the Mormons built her when her knees went bad so she could get into her trailer from her driveway with groceries more easily. "The other one's back in the barn," she motioned. I looked back towards the berry overgrown barn, also in a state of collapse. I had to grab a stick to push through the thick berry vines. That was the only way to get into the barn, by getting stuck at by huge berry vines and lots of them. I finally got a heavy piece of old wood and laid it over the berry vines to get in easier without getting really torn up.

Inside, I quickly located the big Little Giant brand live trap. I never used it although I took it with me. Didn't need it, plus I hate Little Giant traps. They're shit traps.

So I stopped by almost dark last night to return that trap to her. She came out on the ramp. I have to knock on her bedroom window because she spends her time in there watching TV and doesn't hear me if I knock on the locked front door. She loves sports, all types, but mostly baseball, and watches sports on TV nonstop.

So she came out and told me to put the trap right there on the ramp because she was going to trap some more maybe with that trap, although she hadn't used it in years. She'd seen more cats showing up, she said, and figured they were coming from a trailer down the road. I've already trapped 11 cats there I think for her.

Then, I headed up to Lebanon and out Berlin Road off into Hidden Valley to
Eden. The woman there took in four of the Corvallis homeless camp ferals plus three cats involved in the Maxine Street incident with the city animal control officer. That's the situation where he tricked me into helping him catch like 12 cats, then he took them to Heartland where they would have been immediately killed. Four were adults.

I was just out of my mind angry over being tricked by Wentland like that into helping him KILL cats. So I took the 8 kittens home, even though overburdened with Boondoggle cats and exhausted. Heartland agreed not to kill the four adults, but said they would hold them until Sunday, two more days, to see if I could find somewhere for them. In the meantime, because Heartland was crammed with cats and they had all four adults in one cage together, one male got out, when a volunteer was cleaning their litterbox, and booked out an open door into the neighborhood never to be seen again.

I took the other three. Lady, Lucy and Gulliver. They were all beautiful, tame and just wonderful. Eden took them in. Lady and Lucy are now gorgeous happy cats. Gulliver still roams, though he's neutered and well fed.

I pulled into her driveway shocked that the gate was open. All the gates were open. One door of her house was open. I couldn't figure out why. I went around back, calling for her. No answer. Her van was gone. The cats had absolutely no food. So I filled all the dishes and water dishes and went out to see if the horses were ok. They had no water or food. I threw them some hay and was a littel bit worried by now about if they were all right. The dogs were inside barking up a storm. I wouldn't go in. I wouldn't even try the door. There are two dogs at least there who would rip my face off if I'd gone in there, in the dark, into their space, uninvited.

So I couldn't figure what to do. Should I leave the bag of cat food? This woman took in the Corvallis homeless camp cats, the four ferals, only if provided cat food each month. The colony caretaker had pondered this offer and agreed to provide her a bag a month. She's only brought two bags for me to take to this kind woman in five months. In other words, she's renigged on her word. But I don't renig, so now I provide the promised food and to hell with that liar.

It's been a hard burden for me, however, to pick up after liars, too. J promised me the bag of food and I promised Eden. Eden is burned out by people, so will not deal directly with people like J, the colony caretaker. So I was the middle person and as a result, got into shit because J is a liar and does not provide the bag of food each month that she promised she would.

Anyhow, that's how I got into this.

So I decided to head to the Hole in the Hill Farm. They know Eden, plus I hadn't seen them in awhile and rarely get out that way anymore. They're out in the hills near Lacomb and it is so beautiful out there. The night was sharply clear, cold and the stars were shining like sparkling brilliance.

I love fall. But I love clear cold starry fall nights more than anything I can think of in the world.

So I drove the narrow dark gravel roads to their place. I went through two gates I opened then closed. Then I drove up the hill into the hole and there was their house, warm and orange glowing against the black fall night.

They were not expecting me. Their place is remote and protected by gates, although they are livestock gates and not locked. But out they came to welcome me and wanted me to stay to chat and fixed me dinner. They're that way. Warm. To visit is like holding your hands out to a campfire.

So we chatted and ate and they called Eden from there and all was fine--she was visiting somewhere else, on her way home, happy I'd fed many of the animals since it was late, dark and cold.

Hole in the Hill gave me some sausage since they'd slaughtered their pig. They had a very mean pig, to be honest. The pig once even drug almost everything out of the back of my car when I left a back door open, and then she took off running with it. She went after me once. She's torn up their barn. She was an aggressive pig and now she's dead and inside my refrigerator, part of her anyhow. I feel maybe we'll make some peace if we're part of one another and we will be, after breakfast tommorrow.

After leaving the Hole in the Hill, I went back to Edens, to give her the bag of cat food. She was there by now, but wouldn't even let me in. It's not warm there for me like Hole in the Hill is. Eden's nice and all, especially for animals, but not for humans because Eden isn't a place for human warmth. It's for the animals. And they do find a refuge at Eden.

I drove home then, arriving home near 11:00 p.m. and my cats were pissed. I didn't know if I would make it home or not because my gas tank in the car was sitting on empty about the last five or so miles.

Lots of Cats Left to Fix at Albany Complex

I've gotten 21 fixed or out of that Albany complex so far. Today I went over and talked to the folks next in line to get their cats fixed. They were located by the helpful tenant and her young eager son. So, Tuesday 10 more cats from that complex will be getting fixed.

Four will be older kittens of a stray mother. She too will be fixed Tuesday. The kittens are beautiful and were taken in by a kind woman. Three are males and one is a female. She also feeds that elusive semi-feral brown tabby tux I've seen, who has the kittens beneath yet another unit. One was run over. There are at least two of the kittens left alive. The brown tabby female will be fixed Thursday and when she's gone, during the day, we'll try to trap her kittens. This woman also feeds a pale orange manx male outside, who may be one of Ellie's first litter of last spring. Or he may be owned. I put the helpful tenant's little boy onto the job of finding out if he's owned or a stray.

The little boy found another woman in another of the units at the complex who has two adult females, two adult males and two teen males needing fixed. One of the adult females just had kittens two days ago, five of them. So, the two adult males and one adult female who isn't nursing newborns will be fixed Tuesday. The two younger males will be fixed Thursday and the nursing mother will be fixed in a few weeks. Her newborn kittens of course won't be fixed for a couple of months.

I'm taking in another female, who has kittens, from another unit also. I guess there are five two month old kittens there from her. I'll try to work them in somehow somewhere, too.

And an unfixed solitary male from another tenant is also making the neuter journey on Tuesday. In all, ten cats from the complex will be fixed Tuesday, courtesy of POPPA Inc. while more will go in on Thursday. Tuesday's group will bring the grand total to 31 cats fixed at that complex in under a month's time so far. I have three of them here, however.

I have Storm, the abandoned tame just spayed black medium hair adult female. And I have Ellie's two kittens Google and Yahoo. All three need homes.

Friday, October 27, 2006

Miracle Lady from Portland

I met a kind lady from Portland a few weeks ago when she adopted a Jefferson hard luck cat from me sight unseen. Her husband slept on the couch in the den with the cat his first night there, so he'd feel at ease but not be stressed by their other cats. But the woman, when she met me in Salem to pick him up, brought me gifts from Heaven--lots of wet cat food and some warm blankets.

This was a stranger. And oh how I needed that cat food and those blankets.

Two days ago, she e-mailed me and asked if I needed more cat food. I was very hesitant about saying "yes" because I don't like to create hardship for anyone else. And yet I needed it.

This morning, however, I went over my bank statement. I had been negligant in doing so. I found out I might have only about ten bucks left in it. I'm used to running on the edge of absolute nothing. You get used to it living on SSI, which is pretty much nothing to begin with. But I am a pincher of money. I've been one ever since I started helping cats. My gawd one has to be, to be so low income, and still try to help all these hundreds of cats like I do.

I went to the writing group newly forming a couple months ago. It's a Corvallis chapter of some Oregon state writing group. Lots of people there. I mentioned, since they were quite heady about retreats and seminars, all costy, that maybe some in the group would not be as interested in those types of things because they're spendy. A woman I didn't know piped up, "Well, we all make choices about how we spend our money...." and so on. I just shut up about it then.

Afterwards, I asked another lady, whom I actually knew, what was up with that comment, was that woman really poor also (because part of her comment made herself sound like she struggled)? The women I knew said "Heavens no. She doesn't have a clue what real poverty is." A lot of people don't, I guess. I don't. I at least have shelter and shoes.

I also have food in my frig. Granted, I eat simple. I eat beans with vegees in a burrito for supper pretty much every night without fail. Cooking costs money in gas for the stove. Food costs, too. For breakfast, cereal and an apple. Pretty much without fail, day in and day out. My weakness is when I'm out trapping. I snack then, and I eat food offered to me by caregivers wherever I'm out trapping. Often this is junk food. My downfall.

Right now, I have a couple of squashes I can eat, for some variety and I am looking forward to that and that will be tonight. I have some grapes, some apples, some onions, some carrots and some bananas. I have beans, too, and rice. I wish I had some tomatoes to make into fresh salsa. I love fresh tomato salso with fresh peppers. Love it love it love it. This is another thing I have grown to love: black eyed peas. Sometimes I make them into patties for like pea burgers.

Off topic, I've drifted. Common for me now, as I age and don't care.

Back to topic. So when I realized, I was bereft of funds, except for cash on hand, I did e-mail the Miracle Lady from Portland and told her if she could spare more wet cat food, I'd be very grateful. I've not heard back yet, but I will.

She's like a guardian angel. That's how I think of her after just that one encounter, when she brought me, without me even asking, all that cat food and those blankets. It was a surprise and I couldn't even tell her adequately how much it meant to me.

I do struggle to continue in my ways--my cat saving ways. And this Portland angel out of the blue appears and made my life easier that day. Not to mention saving that poor cat, now loved and well fed. Nigel is his name now. Formerly, he was a sick starved 8 month old brown tabby roaming Jefferson looking for kindness. He sure found it, first with me, then with the Angel of Portland.

I know a lot of angels actually. I have my Boston angel. My Las Vegas angels. And a few local saints and angels. Boy, they're everywhere.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

The Fan

I went to my very first football game tonight. My landlady's son was playing on the CHS JV team. I know nothing of football. But it wasn't ten minutes into the game that I began second guessing plays called and quarterback behavior, and man alive, I never thought I'd turn into a fan mental in ten minutes. Maybe it was my cold butt stuck to those freezing aluminum bleachers that made me nuts. Maybe it's because I really never get out around people. Maybe I cut loose. I don't know.

I did the foot stomping on the bleachers thing everyone was doing, when the other team had the ball. I yelled encouragement until I was hoarse. I yelled stuff like "Just do it. Go right through them," into the cold air as my viral cold damaged throat turned raw.

They won. I told my landlord's son, as I passed their team when I was leaving and they were leaving the field "Nice".

The lady next to me talked to me a lot. She's originally from CA. I forget why she said she moved up here. She said she only watches CNN. I said "that must be depressing." "No," she said. She loves it, she said. She said it's the only truthful station. I said, "well I'm talking about listening to news all the time. Seems like that'd be depressing."

She says she wants to hear news slanted more left than right. I said but news is supposed to just be news without commentary "just the facts, Jack," you know. I said I don't want to hear news slanted any which way but fact. Anyhow, she's into politics big time. Everything she mentioned almost was colored political. I guess the whole world is pretty much that way now. But it's polarizing and it's not fun. I don't like it.

I want us all in this world to be one big happy family, that maybe has eccentric nutty members, some jailbird types, some crazy types, some earnest responsible types, some fun lovers, some free wheelers, some uptighters,--all sorts of people inhabit the cracks and crevices of big families, you know, but they're still family. I want us all to get along and be nice to one another, respect one another and work on the real issues that abound and that need addressed in order to make our planet livable and its people fed and happy for a lot of time to come.

Cold in Here. Nights I Resort to Cat Heat.

It is cold in my place. Cold, I tell you, cold. The bedroom and bathroom have no heat. The house has no insulation. The stand alone gas furnace blows its heat one direction only and the moment it shuts off, and it's always going on and off, every few seconds, it turns cold again. The kittens are cold. I'm cold. Man, and winter's only just begun.

I try not to foster cats especially kittens after it turns cold because it ain't right. I create cozy cubby holes for my cats, so their own body heat warms the small space. Nights, my cats surround me in bed. "Move onto my nose, Miss Daisy," I'll exhort. "My nose is cold." (Miss Daisy usually sleeps across my face nights). Moby sleeps on one side of my head and Old Sal on the other. Hopi sleeps next to me on one side and Bangor cradles against the other. Comet and Dex both like to sleep atop me.

So I do have cat heat to resort to at night. Cat heat is quite efficient I've found. I've never been warmer, inside nor out, than when Miss Daisy carefully adjusts her body to the contours of my face and settles in.

Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Left Hand Ball Ups

The inside of my left hand is hurting---sharp throbbing pains. This began last week when I was doing yardwork my landlady wants done for money off rent. My left hand is my investigative feely hand. It likes to feel things, investigate, explore, while my right hand likes to be forceful and do manuel behaviors. I can write with either hand, however, although my right hand is more practised.

I believe my painful left hand is a tendon inflammation related somehow to my thumb, although the pain is right in the middle of my palm. I hold a frozen water bottle to make it feel better.

My bottle babes are almost 8 weeks old. They shouldn't be on the bottle anymore, I told them. Croc, the little boy, cries and cries if he can't be held with a bottle to his mouth. Sometimes he just sleeps on my arm and hand with the nipple in his mouth and a dreamy look to his eyes. I tell him, when he sits on my foot or shoe, crying to be picked up and bottle fed, "Go play with your well-adjusted sister Bindy. Go get yourself adjusted!" I admonish Croc sternly.

The admonishments don't take. I feel self-indulgy fixing and feeding him a bottle still.

Bindy is the kitten fly. She can move, suddenly, leap and attach to something. Both like to sleep on my shoulder.

It will be hard to find them good enough homes. It will be hard because I've bottle fed them. It's hard to part with bottle babes or to trust someone with them knowing, you know, knowing how a lot of people are with animals out there.

To wonder if someone will dump them like trash when they move out, leaving them to fend on their own. To wonder about fates like that for my bottle babes, well it's hard.

Bindy's getting spayed next Tuesday. My little bottle babe getting spayed. Man do they grow up quick. Croc is still underweight for it. He will be spared another couple weeks. But by next Wednesday, my precious Bindy, the bottle babe, will be home ready.

Oh how I wish I could keep them safe with me forever.

Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Storm was fixed at Sunday's FCCO clinic. She's from the Albany complex, another abandoned kitty. Actually, the helpful tenant says she is the cat who was left locked inside one of the duplex's when the tenants left and other tenants had to get the manager and call the cops to get her out. No one had seen her since. Except I had, the first time I was out there. She was in heat when I trapped her and heading down under a duplex with a big Lynx Point Siamese. Thing is, I'd gotten that owned Siamese neutered two days before that. He wouldn't have been able to "perform" although he thought he still could. I meant to take her back yesterday, but I've stalled. She's a sweet cat and wants a home. Man, wish I could freeze over my heart sometimes. Posted by Picasa

Showing off my bottle babe. Posted by Picasa

Croc and me. Posted by Picasa

My bottle babe! Posted by Picasa

Croc on my shoulder. Everyone should have a bottle babe on their shoulder. Posted by Picasa

What Can We Do to Ensure our Future?

Well, I'm trying to make some changes. I now drive only three, sometimes four days per week, only now when I have cat business to do. Otherwise, I'm here, or on foot.

If you do drive, maintain your car. This will increase it's efficiency. Maintain proper tire pressure. Properly inflated tires give you better gas mileage. Properly timed and tuned cars increase gas mileage. Slow acceleration does also. I have found, with my square Scion XB, that gets amazing gas mileage anyhow, that if I am driving in wind, opening certain windows allows a "sailing" effect, increasing my gas mileage even more.

Re-using is a great way to save Earth's resources. I have re-used even screws and nails so many times, in so many projects, it's really incredible how durable those little things are. I routinely scrounge for and re-use building materials. Some boards I have around here, I have re-used in creating new things many many times over. I currently have a platform bed made from an old door, that was formerly my shed floor. I got that free at a garage sale originally. I have cinder blocks that used to be part of a foundation of a house that got moved over near the campus.

My cat catching nets are homemade, although the net frames are not. I got them at garage sales. The netting itself, at least on two of them, comes from an old volleyball net I found at a garage sale Heartland Humane Society put on.

How about tax breaks for people who grow at least some of their own food?

How about taxing people who have more than one car per adult in a household?

How about giving tax breaks to people who limit their reproduction to two or fewer children?

Even my brother says with the price of building materials he wishes regulations would ease so homes could be made of alternative materials. What are those houses made of mud, straw and sand, is it? And yurts should be approved for dwellings.

Buy locally made products and food and durable goods that will not need replacing often. I've begun to see the sanity in this, even though I have little money. I could buy one well made pair of shoes every two or three years rather than several cheap pair. Same with clothing. I'm going to invest in a metal razor. I don't shave my legs very often, but why buy plastic disposable razors? I am going to use rags for cleaning instead of paper towels. In the summer, I'll dry as many of my clothes as I can on a line, instead of using a dryer at the laundrymat.

I am now trying to take my two canvas goods bags with me whenever I grocery shop so I don't use more plastic or paper bags each time.

Home insulation is a wise investment if one can afford it, not only for oneself and one's energy bill, but for the planet. This house I live in is not insulated, but when I find extra insulation being sold at the Habitat Store, I snap it up and install it here.

Turn off appliances, like the computer, TV and microwave, when not in use. I'm talking unplug them, because if not unplugged, they still use energy. I have a battery wall clock I got at Goodwill two years ago, with a battery already in it. It's still running and keeping time, on that same battery. But, I also use rechargable batteries. I have an alarm clock that uses two AA batteries. I've had it for two years and never had to take them out for recharge yet. The clock adjusts automatically to correct time by satelite.

Have a one light house. Turn off all other lights except for the one in the room you are occupying. Fix dripping faucets. They cost, in energy and water loss.

Add more ideas........

Who Will I Vote For?

I will vote for our current governor. Do I think he's made needed changes in Oregon? No. But, on the other hand, I don't trust Saxton. I think he's going to serve big money interests and not the little people, like me, or even the middle class. He's already vowed to reverse the decision on auto emissions our state has made, in following California's lead with their tough emission and gas mileage standards. In fact, the terminator, CA's governor, wonders why Republicans refuse to protect the environment and therefore our future. I agree. I believe it's often because they're getting paid not to, by special interests. And because it involves self-discipline and perhaps sacrifice. These things are unpopular.

Plus, our over consumption and consumerism kills people. It does. If a person is really pro-life, they would be against our over-consumptive materialistic energy-resources gulping lifestyles here in America. I think a lot of real Christians, those practise what they preach, are. We are disproportionately consuming the world's resources. Seems hard to correlate Christian human values with materialism and big fish eat little fish Capitolism.

Check here, to see a yahoo Reuters news story out today about our effect on Planet Earth.

Saxton claims he'll sign an anti abortion bill in our state. Not if I can help it. I won't vote for him. We have huge issues in this state and our nation and world. One of them is over-population. But, when an American is born, that birth signals a heavier burden for our world to carry. We do need to think about a future, especially for the children. One of the best ways to ensure a future, and to save lives worldwide, is to limit population growth.

Caring about fetuses is one thing. But being pro-life should mean more than caring about a fetus who may be born to die. Each new life adds to this earth a burden. One life born to a privileged country means more burdens, suffering and death in another.

And, many women seeking abortions are extremely poor. Sure, they should have taken precautions in the first place. But they didn't. And the result will be another mouth to feed, and often, another mouth for taxpayers to feed, cloth, educate and house. The latter things are services many Republicans despise supporting. People aren't going to get more reproductively responsible. They haven't in thousands of years. They won't now. Meanwhile, our planet is groaning beneath the burden and so are our human financial resources and ability to care for increasing populations. More people, means more food must be raised and transported, more housing must be built taking more space and consuming more already expensive building materials, more jobs are needed so these folks can support themselves, and more burdens on health care systems.

Plus there's this. It's always about a woman, her body, her mistakes. No mention is ever made of the men involved in pregnancies. Single mothers are disdained. They can do no right, in fact. But the man who impregnanted the woman (still takes two), are out there everywhere, continuing in their lives, often as if nothing happened.

In fact, you'd never know them. One man I met once, who worked at OSU, told me he had fathered 31 children. He said it proudly. He told me he pays not one cent of child support. He was also a drunk.

But you see the single moms, struggling, with their strollers in super markets. You hear them talked about on national radio shows, etc. Tain't fair. Two to tango. It's like the Justin Timberlake/Janet Jackson affair at the superbowl a couple years back. He's the one who ripped off her "malfunctioning" wardrobe item. It was she who took every bit of American outrage. She was banned from some music awards held just after that happened. He was not. Unbelievable. I won't even look at posters of that coward now. What a little shrimp, to let her take full blame.

So, I oppose any man making policy about women's body's. Because they love regulating and controlling women, some men, but men are left out of such control-based legislative efforts.

And then there is this final straw. Many pro-lifers, like many Republicans, set aside any propensity for loving life when it comes to war. They seem to love and support war in any form. So I call these folks fetus lovers, not life lovers. Life lovers respect all life, not just babies before they are born, not just Republican life, not just American life, not even just human life. Real pro-lifers would be out there investing in a clean environment, driving fuel efficient small cars, devising ways to develop clean energy and help poor nations bring up living standards. Pro-lifers would help devise plans to cover everybody with basic health care, because people die for lack of health care. Pro-lifers would be against torturing animals for research and factory farming of animals pumped full of drugs to grow quick and treated like shit. And they'd sure as hell fix their pets. In other words, real pro-lifers would respect life, not just fetuses.

So, Saxton is a no go vote for me.

I'd be nice to have an activist visionary governor. Saxton isn't it, I don't believe at all. He lives in Albany. Albany is a train wreck. It's full of drugs, crime, poverty and unfixed pets. I guess I would think someone who wants to be governor would have been so involved at the local level that their own small community would not be suffering the major problems Albany suffers.

I suppose that's a misnomer of mine. Look what our current governor has done. Hmmm. Can't think of anything.

But, I think Saxton will take us backwards in time, except for maybe the high enough already incomers of the state who might improve their nice lot in life even more with someone who loves them in high office. He wants to repeal the minimum wage increases and maybe even knock it back to federal levels. Yeah, and how then will people already struggling to make rent on the abundant low wage jobs in our area, make rent? Maybe he thinks with people crawling our streets homeless and vacant rentals everywhere, landlords will be forced, after the fact, when the damage is done to real people's lives, to lower rents. Yeah, right.

I guess I've come to view the Republican Party as a party without real values. Greed. Dishonesty. Heartless. Disregard for life and freedom. A party without thought for the future. The "me" people. Big government spenders, even though, which is funny, they claim they're the opposite.

They also talk about how wonderful the economy is. How come I only run into people strugging to survive, to get the basics like pay rent and feed themselves then? I don't see this booming economy anywhere I go. I'm sure there are people with money out there, who don't struggle for the basics, but I don't know them. They're mythical to me. So I think many Republicans live in a bubble world completely disconnected to the struggling masses. And then there's this: many Republicans I run into, including my younger brother, think volunteering is ridiculous. They make fun of it, while out of the other side of their mouths comes this phoney Christian values thing. It's values spouted in words, however, not in actions. Those who volunteer are more aligned with Democratic Party values I think. Those are just the words I think of now when I think of the word Republican.

I'm a registered Independent. I will be voting for at least one Republican. I won't tell you which, but I will give you a hint: I hate extreme partisan politicians.

In regard to the measures, I guess I'll vote no on Sizemore's insurance measure. I know it is wrong, without evidence to the contrary, that people with bad credit ratings pay more for say car insurance. But the opposition's arguements that this measure would increase my insurance rates has me scared. I pay only for liability car insurance. I have a perfect driving record and good credit. But I'm also extremely poor and even $10 per month more on my car insurance bill would kill me.

This goes for some of the other measures, too. I'm a renter, not a property owner, so I don't pay property taxes. But, renters do pay property taxes. It's imbedded in rents. When taxes go up, often, so does rent. Like I say, a few more dollars a month is enough to break my tiny budget. So I will be thinking about that, too, in voting on these tax levy measures.

As for the measure about parental notification, of course no child should be getting a major medical procedure without parental consent. That would be normal parental consent.

But, when you're out there like I am, in the worst areas of Oregon cities, you come to understand there are a zillion parents out there completely unconnected, voluntarily unconnected, to providing for or even caring about their children. True, they should not have had children to begin with. But they did. And they aren't interested in parenting because their lives are about themselves, their addictions, their wants and needs, their criminal behavior, their extreme troubles that they inherited from their bad or absentee parents. In other words, that measure would be nice in a bubble world, where parents cared about their children. That ain't our world, and kids having kids that will go on to become troubled parents producing more troubled kids, all supported by tax payers, is not a great idea. So I'll be voting "no".

Anyhow, I got my ballot and I'm voting today and so it will be done with and I won't forget the election date or lose the ballot, as I tend to do now, with the vote by mail ballots

Monday, October 23, 2006

Strange Pairings

Grumpy Electra softens to bottle babe Croc's desire to snuggle.  Posted by Picasa

Sunday, October 22, 2006

103 Feral Cats

Mr. Coordinator Man Says "Remove that camera from my face now. And the rest of you out there, FIX your CATS!"

Mr. Coordinator Man turns to another volunteer and comments, with a smile, "Sure, she brought 21 cats, but I think she really comes for the free pizza."

Mr. Coordinator Man is tutored by the other volunteer on how to flip someone, possibly me, off.

Leah, the tech, checks out a cat from Roseburg who was very slow in waking up out of anesthesia.

Mel cares for a cat in post op.

Warming table volunteers bring up the cats' temps before they return to their clean traps and carriers and move on to recovery.

So, the three Garden Ave. cats I trapped, the mom and kittens---all female. Then the black medium hair, from the Albany complex, was a female and in heat. She's been abandoned there. I have her in my bathroom. She has to go back. I have no place to hold her and hope for a home to come along. She was abandoned by the same tenants who left Malaki behind.

Then, the three the Blodgett woman brought in on my spots were all female. Then, of the three the Jefferson woman brought in on my spots, who were trapped in Albany, two were female. Then, I think six of the 11 the farmer lady brought in on my spots, at least were female.

So getting the 21 cats fixed I rounded up to fill my reservations at this clinic will make a difference in the cat population.

But nothing like the difference made today by fixing a total of 103 local stray and feral cats. Too bad this can't be done once per week because if that happened, there would not be a cat problem in this valley.

There were caretakers who wanted to get the strays they feed into this clinic, but there was not room. The cats involved in these people who were not even called back yet number, N said, about 80. We are immediately going to attempt to find a way to get those cats fixed. If we do not do so, by next clinic time, those 80 will have multiplied by two to four fold.

A local vet may help with a clinic of her own. This would be wonderful, I must say. The helpful tenant at the Albany complex has turned up another owned male and an owned female who need fixed with owners willing to have them fixed and more kittens living homeless beneath one of the empty units.

Color Splashed FCCO Volunteers

Colorful, very colorful, FCCO volunteers at today's Philomath clinic. Who says fixing cats cannot be color fashionable? Posted by Picasa

Feral Cat Coalition Clinic Today In Philomath. Come on By.

There is a Feral Cat Coalition of Oregon clinic today in Philomath, at 421 S. 19th St. Don't bring any cats, because cats must be preregistered. But do come by and see an amazing volunteer effort on the behalf of local stray and feral felines. Close to 100 cats will be fixed and pampered today, by local volunteers. Not only do the cats get spayed and neutered by an all volunteer vet staff, but they get rabies and distemper vaccinations and treated for parasites, too. And of course, they get a right eartip. Seen a cat sporting a right eartip? Well, if you have, you know that cat is already fixed.

Come on by. Bring some cash. A $25 deductible donation covers the costs involved to the FCCO in fixing, vaccinating and parasite treating a local stray or feral cat.

Saturday, October 21, 2006

Garden of Cats

I trapped three cats at a barn on Garden Ave. None are going back there. They're going to a new home. It was a mom and two kittens. The other kittens allegedly were killed by a neighbors' dog. One kitten is black with a white chest spot and the other is a torti point Siamese. The torti is mom. Look at her lovely bright pink nose. Isn't that just button cute? Posted by Picasa

I Reunite With Two Boondoggie Gal Kitties---Now Living the Good Life.

Stormy, formerly of Albany's Homeless Camp Boondoggle, now called Indie, spent two weeks with me, along with her compatriot from Boondoggle, the lovely brown tabby tux Misty, while their new owner vacationed in Spain. They went home today.

I have to say I enjoyed seeing them, playing with them, and cuddling them all over again. They're living a really nice life now. I asked them if I could borrow a few bucks, you know, and they turned me down, citing the high price of good quality catnip.

That's gratitude for you. I saved their hairy butts. Ah well. I'd do it again. Posted by Picasa

22 Cats in Hand. Two over My Limit.

I'm over my cat limit. Damn and they were all keepers, too. Didn't have to toss any back for being too small. Just kidding there. I don't toss cats, or kittens either. I'm just being tongue in cheek, trying to make a joke.

So anyhow. Caught three at the barn over on Garden. Two of them were kittens, but like four month old kittens and then I caught the mother. The Wildlife rehab people are taking the kittens. I met the wife and boy there. The Pictin or Pectins. They'd come with a carrier. Funny to meet them that way.

I'd already caught one kitten in a trap. That Pictin boy or whatever their last name is, he's got cat patience. He flicked a horse um, oh what's it called, when you have the horse at the end of a line and you're running them in a circle, whatever, anyhow, he flicked a horse like whip for the cat, teasing that kitten out. I missed it in a net try. So they left.

After the Pictins left, I teased the kitten out again, and into the trap. Then I left one set and when I came back, the mom was in it. Yay.

So, I stopped by the farm people. They were going to round up the 11 cats. They'd already caught the feral female in one of my traps. Then I went to the Albany complex. Me and the helpful tenant say a long hair black and were sure it was one of two abandoned long hair black females. So I caught it. Then I took that cat door to door, in the trap, to make sure it wasn't owned. Nobody claimed her. So she'll get fixed tomorrow, too.

Anyhow, I caught four. The farmer lady and family are bringing 11. A Jefferson woman is bringing three feral kittens caught in Albany, with a barn home to go to. And a Blodgett woman is bringing three dumped off females. So I am over my limit.

But wait. Wait. I'm only one over, not two. Wheew.

Thursday, October 19, 2006

Drunk Albany Woman Grabbing Cats Gives Spay Inc. Volunteer Name as Hers, Claims to be Working for Feral Cat Society

The saga of the Albany woman, arrested for driving suspended, while throwing cats in her car on an Albany street, continues. I talked to N, the local FCCO coordinator tonight, and wanted to tell him the story, which I thought was funny. He already knew the story, or part of it.

One of the cats the woman threw into her car that night, she claimed was a gay guy's male that he said was already neutered. Well, she didn't get even that part right. He's not gay. He did call the cops. She was drunk, very drunk. And then he called the Portland FCCO number and said "You have a volunteer going around Albany driving drunk and grabbing people's cats off the street." They referred him to N, the local coordinator. So he'd called N. N assured him it was not an FCCO volunteer.

So N now knows the rest of the story. He thought maybe she was randomly drunkenly grabbing cats and taking them god knows where. I guess some Salem woman once did that and took the cats, owned and tame, to the humane society claiming they were strays and she wanted them euthanized.

According to the guy whose neutered male she grabbed, the Albany woman said she was going to take all these cats to be spayed and neutered then return them. He told her, "Well that male cat you just threw into your car is mine and he's been neutered for 13 years." Then he called the cops.

I guess she gave the cops a false name. She told them she was Marilyn XXXX, the Spay Inc. volunteer who helped her out, got three strays she fed fixed and gave her cat food. What a way to reward a volunteer effort. Marilyn will be so pleased to find this out. Man.

This woman told me that night when she called me, very late, to say she'd been arrested, that she'd gone to do a driveby of the neighbor of the woman who took three of the kittens she was adopting out from a stray mother. She had been paranoid over the woman taking those three kittens for a month, she had told me. She said her taking three without even really looking at them caused her to believe the woman wanted them for "alternative purposes" like snake food or to blood ready fighting dogs, something.

Instead of just driving by a kitten adoptors house, she ended up who knows where on what street grabbing cats at random in a drunken stupor. She didn't tell me she'd been drunk when she went either. I can understand why she wouldn't tell me such a thing. Kind of makes her mission not so noble after all. Kind of makes her look like a very dangerous criminal who disregards all life but her own. That's what driving drunk is--selfish criminal dangerous behavior.

She had told me she ended up on some street with cats everywhere around a four foot high flat bright pink house. I told N this and to ask the guy, whose neutered cat she tried to take, when he calls him back, if the house across the street is flat, pink, four feet high and alive with cats. N said he would. Because I want to know. If it's true, I want to see this house.

She's going to jail and she should go to jail. And for a very long time. She told me she had already had four D.U.I.'s in Oregon alone. I had responded "if your right eye offends you, pluck it out." Meaning, I told her, why the hell do you own a car?

So N is going to try to turn up her address. Those strays she feeds, that Spay Inc. got fixed for her, will need relocated. Because of her behavior, she's now left them in need. I would certainly understand Spay Inc.'s unwillingness to get further involved by placing the cats they got fixed for her since she then turned around and stabbed them in the back by using one of their volunteer's names as hers to cops to try to avert personal responsibility for really bad behavior.

I trapped a bunch of cats in a North Albany trailer park long ago. They were fed in part by a couple of dedicated alcoholics. So once, they told me, they'd gone down the tracks and into a person's well maintained yard and cut some of her flowers to take for themselves, for their kitchen. When confronted by the property owner over the theft of flowers in progress, they told him they were volunteers with the Feral Cat Society and needed the flowers to adorn the grave of a dead abused feral.

Whackos, man. They're everywhere.

Achey Painy Drippy Whiny Me

Head colds aren't fun. My head is blown up to where I'm pretty sure if I looked in the mirror, it would appear something like that stryofoam ball head of the Jack in the Box monster freak, who pimps junk food to little kids and idiots. If I came around the corner and that freakazoid was standing there, like in the dark, I'd start punching that styrofoam head, I swear, because it's scarey and nobody normal would even think that was cool enough to cause one to go buy crap food loaded in transfats and lard, as a stupid sacrifice of their own and their childrens health, because they're fricking groupies of some styrofoam headed ad department creation. Wait, except for idiots.

I have diversed.

My head feels ballooned is what I'm saying.

I wasn't going to leave the house today. Just sleep. But I needed cat litter and some food. Then I decided maybe to rent a movie, but after getting the cat litter, I was really feeling bad. Snot would drip from nose. Just pathetic. I did go rent a movie, however.

The movies at Hollywood are crap. I was struck by the crap of most of them, just reeking off the titles and DVD case front pictures. Most are horror or bloody crime flicks or sex.

It's still all about men in Hollywood. Men are the heroes. Women are the victims or portrayed as sex objects. Nothing's really changed. But it's disgusting to be a woman trying to find an intelligent movie. Hollywood seems to view women as of zero importance outside of being victims and sex objects. No wonder it's a hard cold double standard world out there for women and girls.

I'm a woman. I"ve overcome incredible odds in life. I save thousands of cat lives. There are millions of strong women out there, leading adventuresome or interesting lives, doing significant meaningful things, but Hollywood is in the dark about that.

Ah well.

So then, I decided to finish the shopping I needed to do. I needed catlax, hard liquor and vaccines. I repeated that over and over, so my sick tired brain wouldn't forget: Catlax. Hard liquor. Vaccines.

I stopped at the liquor store. I rarely hard stuff, but I thought it sounded fuzzy, to sip maybe hot chocolate laden in something that would just ease me into a dreamy sleep. But I'm a hard stuff rookie. I saw Kahlua. I once named a cat Kahlua. I asked the clerk how much and it was too much. Then she said they had real small bottle behind the counter that were cheap. Another clerk said "with a cold, you should drink water and whiskey with some lemon, because kahlua is creamy and will make a sore throat worse, while whiskey and lemon will help it."

I said "But that sounds so harsh and burny and I don't have a sore throat yet." So I got the small kahlua bottle and came home. I stopped and got two three-way vaccines at Densons and had to count out change to get them, because I'm really broke.

And I didn't get any catlax for my bound up cats. Yesterday, Bangor came close to total clog. I had to force down 3 cc syringe fulls of olive oil and finally she coughed up a honking hairball and felt better. She'd gone into shut down mode. I felt I hadn't been alert to the troubles she was obviously having for a few days prior. But she's free of her clog now and olive oil works just fine, but I"m almost out of that, also.

So I drank a bit of kahlua and can't even feel it, but then I didn't put very much in the glass with the mango juice I got at Winco, in a 12 oz can. I really don't like the hard liquor feeling and always regret drinking any if I do.

Going to bed. I have 20 spots in Sunday's FCCO clinic but fortunately I have many people who didn't get spots, whose cats I will take in under my reservations and those various people's cats, if they each get them all, total 17, without me lifting a finger more than to deliver them traps and carriers and advice if they need it. So this is a really good thing, given the fact I"m really kind of under the weather.

The coordinator, as I suspected, was just busy and did e-mail me two days ago, last minute really, giving me a cage cleaning afternoon position. I told him today, I"m really very sick but I will cage clean because I said I would and I will.

I do have three days to improve and I am doing everything I can. I am breathing steam. I have peppermint oil I put on my sinuses. I took an Aleve for the pain of inflamed jaw joints and facial nerves from mouth breathing. I am rinsing my sinuses with a neti pot and salt three times a day. And I am sleeping and drinking lots of water (along with the slight amount of kahlua).

So, I think I'll be ready Sunday. I will be. You can't hold a cat trapper down for long.

The New Face in Kittenland

Yahoo is the new face in kittenland, a.k.a. my bathroom. Yahoo is Google's and Napster's sister. Napster's in a home now. Yahoo has pretty much no tail. There's a little stub and that's it. Google has more of a tail, maybe an inch or a bit more and she twitches and wags that stub expressively.

In the first photo, Yahoo and Croc, one of the bottle babes, watch. What they're watching is sister Google, clowning around off camera.

In other news, I broke out in a nasty cold overnight. I guess I knew it was coming. I felt it coming. I sensed trouble on the horizon. I've been exposed repeatedly in the last weeks to many very sick people when out doing the cat thing. I had begun to think "Hmmm, maybe now I'm immune to all these viruses." Wrong!

And then came exhaustion from doing too much for too many weeks, which depressed my immune system until my body said "Enough. Here, take this." And let the virus I'd successfully fought off after repeated exposures, breed like summer felines. I've crashed, so I'm not fighting it. I'm taking a couple days off.

Google and Yahoo, the two bobtail sisters from the Albany complex, like to play. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Best Shoes in the World

With the mystery giver gift certificate to Footwise, I bought these shoes, the most comfortable, most wonderful shoes I've ever worn. I had tried on almost every shoe that came in my size in that store, but none of them fit.

Then someone walked in, just as I was giving up. They had on some different looking shoes that looked very comfy. I asked the woman wearing the shoes, "Where'd you get those?" "Right here," she said. The clerk quickly said, "I will go see if I have those in your size." They did. Ka Ching. Sale closed. I also bought two pair of exceedingly nice wool socks. One pair I intend to keep as slippers, for wearing when it's cold in here.

And, I had briefly misplaced the new kitten in my place, Google, a couple days ago. I absentmindedly put her down while on the phone, even though she was then feral and brand new to the inside of a human house, and I didn't mean to do that. I then spent two hours turning the house upside down searching for her. In the process, I found my missing flip flop under a couch cushion. Yeah! Then I found Google, too. It was a productive night.

I'm set for shoes, now. Posted by Picasa

Needed: Highrise to throw my phone off of

People call me night and day and it's always people wanting me to do something for them. The lady who fed the Carmike cats has been calling me on average twice per day for a few weeks. I have to say, it's driving me frustrated. I've asked her not to call me so much but it doesn't work. She's a nice lady, apparently lonely, but for gosh sakes, I need some rest and to be left alone.

She often wants a favor. I tell her no and she's nice about it, but that doesn't stop her from calling again.

And it's not just her. It's so many people. I feel fed upon. Big time fed upon. I've taken to leaving my phone turned off and my answering machine turned down so I can't hear messages. Then I answer the ones I can or want to answer later on.

Yesterday it was some guy wanting me to take his pregnant cat although he said it was a stray. I figure it was his cat, although I don't that for sure. He wanted to know where he could take her where they wouldn't kill her. I said, "Why don't you find her a home then yourself?" He didn't want even that involved.

He said he was living off a student loan or grant money, something like that, so he was poor, but he wasn't a student. I said, "Well, then get a job, even a part time job."

I said I'm a private person without any money at all, in other words, poorer than you, buddy, and I have no more space and I could get the cat fixed for him but he'd need to find her a home himself.

He really didn't like those options. He was looking to unload her on somebody and forsake any responsibility or effort on her behalf. I told him he shouldn't be bothering the likes of KATA in Sweet Home either, when he has my offer to get her fixed, at no cost to himself, then he could find her a home himself, that way the sacrifice is spread out and not loaded onto people already sacrificing tremendously.

I don't think he was into it, though. He wanted to unload her somewhere, have a guilt free mind over it, by unloading her somewhere they wouldn't euthanize her, but didn't want to put out effort or sacrifice himself, didn't sound like.

Some people can drive you nuts in their desire to leech off others.

I once threw my phone out a fourth story window. It was $6 Conair phone. Later on that night, however, I had second thoughts about ditching phone life. I went down to the street and gathered up the bits and pieces of my former cheap phone. When I plugged it in, minus even number buttons, it still worked.

Right now, I'm looking to ditch my connections to the human world again. These humans won't leave me alone. They have no respect for my time or limitations or happiness or well-being. See, it doesn't matter to them because they have needs they want me to meet immediately and for free. The "me" culture.

People. Feeding off me. Vampires. I'm going to spray myself in garlic and get me a silver stake.

Napster Gets His Home While Another Sister is Saved

Napster, Ellie's son, got a home yesterday while the tenant trapped yet another of Ellie's wayward kittens--Yahoo, a short hair torbi tux bobtail.

Napster moved on out. He was adopted by a woman who adopted Arrow from me a year ago. Arrow was one of three kittens I saw huddled in the midst of an ODOT construction zone in the worsening weather of early October last fall. I'd been returning traps I borrowed from Salem for an FCCO clinic here, when I glanced to the right, when heading north on I5, near the Dever-Connor exit just south of the Rest Area. There, huddled miserably near the porta potty for ODOT workers, in new lanes being widened on I5 were three skrawny kittens.

Once back home, I found that contacting ODOT for permission to enter their construction zone, was a very beauracratic pass the buck endeavor. It took hours to find the right person. The right person turned out to be K, former FCCO coordinator now working for ODOT out of Corvallis. She knew the right people and I got permission.

The next day, I sat in that construction zone for nine long hours, unwilling to give up. There was a hold out among the three, who darted into the blueberry fields east of I5 and wouldn't come out again until way after dark. A storm had moved in. I knew pounding rain would soon hit. I was down along that fenceline when I looked back up at my car and a white car had pulled up behind it. I'd been meowing down there, trying to call the little long hair tabby kitten in and I thought "Oh shit. It's a cop up there and how will I explain this behavior to him."

But it wasn't a cop. It was my tow truck friends. They'd seen my car, knew what I was doing, knew I'd be cold and hungry by this time, and had stopped with a hot dinner. The hot dinner included hot turkey.

After they left, I rebaited my trap with hot turkey. Within ten minutes the smell drew that final kitten out of the fields and into the trap. Yahoo! I later named him Malcolm and he lives in WA state now.

The other two kittens were Misty, a silver tabby female, and Arrow, a smoke colored little male with white undercoat. Kim adopted Arrow. And now she has Napster, too. I was glad he went to such a good home.

I was tired out yesterday, dog tired is more like it. The tenant trapped a sixth Ellie kitten. I went over to pick her up late afternoon. She's another bobtail, but this one is short hair. I named her Yahoo, in keeping with the theme for this kitten batch. Google, her sister, is doing great.

In other news, Bindy is rapidly getting over her coccidia and already has formed stools again. She can bottle feed while hanging off one my hands, hanging on to my hand with her two front paws and sucking at the same time. What talent! The Napster adoptors took Bindy's photo last night doing just that. She's like a stunt kitten.

Did I mention Indie and Misty, from Camp Boondoggle, are in my shed, boarding here, while the Good Doctor, their owner now, vacations? I'm sure I must have mentioned that. They've been here over a week, I think now. Oh yeah, since the 7th. But I think she's coming home Saturday or maybe earlier. I really can't remember how long she said she'd be gone vacationing.

They've been no trouble. They're energetic and loving. I go out there and sit with them, play with them, brush them, hold them every day. It's nice in the shed for them--beds, toys, food and water dishes, litterboxes, a scratching post. I decided letting them free roam my place would just turn my own cats kind of against me and that can be scarey.

Indie, formerly known as Stormy of Boondoggle, is a very confident cat who wants to rule the world. Maybe she should be allowed to rule the world. But for peace sake here, the shed was a wise choice of places to house them, on my part. I congratulate myself on a very good decision.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Do You Know These Thieves? Linn County Couple Steals from Recycled Gardens.

Suzanne Ryan and Bruce McCleod of Linn County are the worst kind of thieves. They stole from a nonprofit.

Suzy Ryan and Bruce McCleod, who live between Albany and Lacomb, with a Scio PO Box, picked up a custom made bench at Recycled Gardens that their grandmother had special ordered from RG. Their grandmother or mother lives in Washington state. Recycled Gardens is POPPA's fundraising division.

The couple apparently delivered the bench to grandma, who perhaps had given them the cash to pay for the handmade bench at Recycled Gardens. Instead, they'd written a check to cover it. A bad check. POPPA has been trying to recover the money from them ever since. Suzy Ryan doesn't return messages, however. Theives usually don't.

So today Keni of POPPA, who runs Recycled Gardens without pay, with the help of a handful of unpaid volunteers, is calling the WA state woman, mother or grandmother of this pair of Linn County theives, today, and if she won't cover the costs for her theiving relatives, because she is the one now in possession of the pre-ordered bench, then the theiving relatives and the grandmother will be facing law enforcement issues really soon.

Plain theiving isn't enough for some people. Some resort to stealing from nonprofits run by nonpaid hard working people making money at Recycled Gardens to fix hordes of Linn County cats, like some who live real close to Suzy and Bruce.

These aren't nice people. Anybody out there know Suzanne Ryan or Bruce McCleod? They've stolen over a hundred bucks and labor from a nonprofit that has helped thousands of Linn County cats get fixed and thereby benefited many hundreds of people in that County.

Lowlifes, scumbags, selfish people. Let's bring them to justice. Suzy and Bruce---do the right thing--pay up and quit stealing.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Google, Napster's Sis

This is Google, Napster's sister, freshly caught and really cute. She also has only a little bob of a tail.

Her mom, Ellie, is now in Beaverton living the high life with Keni. And, turns out, there was yet another kitten, now caught and in the tenants house. She'll be coming here tomorrow. I've already decided to name her Yahoo, sight unseen.

I paid out about a hundred bucks today I didn't really have. Bindy, Croc, Napster and Google all broke out with the lovely orangish smelly diarrhea laden in coccidia. It's just so wonderful, like an early Christmas present. But not really.

I had to get both Albon and Metronizadole for all of them. Maybe I'll need it, too. Maybe I should start swigging from the little kitten med bottle but that would just be so selfish. Donations now being taken. I call it "The Kitten Coccidia Fund". So if you see donation jars around town so labeled, please donate your nickels, dimes and hundred dollar bills. Thank you very much. Posted by Picasa

I caught no cat in my trap but I did catch a rat in my trap. I had seen a black cat near SafeHaven off and on for months. When returning from Salem this a.m. after delivering the ten cats to be fixed, I saw the cat again, in the field next to SafeHaven. I stopped and set a trap. This evening, in the dark, after a long day, after returning the various cats, I checked the trap. I had to hop a fence to do so. The trap was closed, but there was no cat in the trap, just this big rat. I released the rat. And I then put out some food to try to attract the cat to one place for future trapping. As I was leaving, my headlights caught the area where I'd placed the cat food. It was swarming with rats. Oh my gawd, I thought, it's like a horror movie, that Willard movie. Then my tired mind switched from thinking of the movie Willard to thinking of the movie Flowers for Algernon and I thought "Ahhhhh." Then I left. Posted by Picasa

A Whole Lot of Fixing Going On

Ten cats, nine of them from Linn County, all of them tame, are being fixed today. The tenth cat is a Marion County little boy.

Eight of the ten cats come from the south Albany complex I've been working on. Two of them are big beautiful owned Siamese boys. One of the cats being fixed today is a big black male, also owned by tenants. Five of the cats from this complex being fixed today are teenage kittens of a female fixed last week. Two already have homes. Three of these five teens are girls and two are boys.

This brings the total number of cats fixed from that complex to 20, all within two weeks time. Also, three abandoned adult cats have been placed now---Ellie, Garfield and Percy. And five kittens have been removed. Three were adopted out by a tenant and I have two of them here--Napster and Google.

In addition to these 8 cats up being fixed in Salem, one adult owned male from Heatherdale Trailer park is being neutered along with one teen male from Jefferson.

Total: 10 cats. This will significantly make a difference. Every neuter and every spay prevents incredible amounts of suffering. In addition, neutered males prevents the spread of diseases like Feline Aids (FIV) which is spread through male fighting with the virus harbored best in the deep bite wounds males inflict upon one another in fighting. FIV is extremely prevalent in the Albany area because so many people do not fix their pets and allow their unfixed pets to free roam.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Garfield and Pluto get Homes

Garfield, the big orange tabby male abandoned at the Albany complex, got a great home this evening, with a young couple. And Pluto got a new home today also.

I'm happy to have placed Garfield and that he does not have to return to that complex to live as a stray. Now I will focus on placing Malaki, still over at the complex.

Tomorrow I have 11 reservations at Companion and only 8 cats, due to a cancellation last minute. So I"m still trying to turn up three more cats to take up.

Quickie Trip to Portland with Ellie, the new Micro, and New Kitten In Catland

Ellie is in great hands. I took her up to Keni in Beaverton yesterday. Keni is POPPA's president and had agreed to foster her. Keni also gave me a microwave oven. And, by the time, I got back by the Albany complex Ellie came from, the tenant's boyfriend, now supporting that family, had caught Ellie's other kitten.

I was kind of late getting going. I meant to drop the manx now spayed young feral torti back at the complex on my way to Portland with Ellie. I had meant to deliver back the Slaughterhouse now fixed feral male, too, on the way. But I was late getting going, in the end, and decided to deliver the torti back later in the day. I did take the feral Slaughterhouse male along, thinking I had the time to drop him off then head to Portland.

Keni also does haunted houses this time of year. By that I mean she dresses up in "horror" costumes and acts in one of them, scaring people who pay to come through, and she loves doing it.

She talked me into doing it with her one year. I crouched for hours, with extreme face makeup, in the dark, peering through a peephole. When people came through the maze of the haunted house, around my corner, I would suddenly drop a flap, revealing my face, and scream and reach at them. I must say I enjoyed it. Timing was everything.

So, anyhow, I had to be in Portland before noon, to drop off Ellie, because she was leaving her house at noon.

I didn't get going in time to drop off the Slaughterhouse male. So he became, yesterday, a well travelled just neutered feral boy. He went all the way to Beaverton with me and Ellie.

I got to see Lynx, the Lynx Point Siamese male I went all out to save, for an entire year. I got him fixed for an Albany family, who claimed they rescued him when their uncle, who lived in Brownsville abandoned him when he moved. Their uncle found Lynx wandering the streets in Brownsville abandoned, as a kitten.

One year after I got him fixed for that family, he showed up at Heartland in a live trap. I'd had him eartipped, you see. And Heartland graciously calls me when an eartipped cat shows up there.

So I retrieved Lynx. By this time, he had a pellet imbedded back of one ear and was FIV positive. Dr. Jordan, then of ARK Animal Hospital, a favorite vet of mine, before he retired, encouraged me to find Lynx a home, despite his FIV positive status. I did, but it took me a year, with many hardships for myself and Lynx along the way. And in the end, Keni took him. Blessed be Keni. Now, years later, Lynx is looking good, although a bit on the fat side. It's always good to see him. I remember all he went through and all I went through trying to save him. I see him now, happy and loved, and it just warms my heart up.

I said when I saw him yesterday "Hey Lynx, I brought you a nice Siamese gal from Albany! Remember Albany, the town that messed you over? Hey Lynx, come see the latest jewel Albany tossed in the trash. Lynx, you're going to love her!" (Lynx loves everybody.)

Keni's granddaughter was there. Her daughter was working. That little girl is four years old and extremely smart. She coached me, and Keni and her husband, on proper table manners. Keni had made me eggs and toast. I asked the little girl when she was going to start up a class and teach the other little four year olds table manners and nutrition, two of her expertise areas. Keni's husband is a techie, a long distance swimmer and a singer in a rock band.

I was telling Keni how it is very hard at my place, with often lots of fosters, and in the winter, the place is often damp and cold and trying to keep foster kittens warm is hard. I told her that my microwave broke months ago and I had been looking for another at thrift stores, because it helps in heating hot water bottles quickly for warming foster kittens, rather than heating water on the gas stove, which costs more money and takes time. Keni promptly gave me a new microwave. Unbelievable. We (me and the Slaughterhouse colony feral male) stopped in Wilsonville to pick it up on the way home.

I told the male, "Not only have you been to Beaverton, but you've also now visited the greater metro Wilsonville area. The stories you can tell the girls back at the colony....."

I then dropped him off at the colony and he ran into the blackberry vines.

Then I stopped in at the Mormon sisters place. M was happy to see me and very sorry about our last tiff. We'd decided to go to a certain movie one Saturday. When I called over, to see which movie time she wanted to do, her sister eagerly told me M had gone to that very movie the night before with their neice. I had hung up thinking "Man".

So M apologized yesterday and loaned me her three traps. I'm trying to round up plenty of traps because I have 20 spots for next Sunday's FCCO clinic.

The clinic coordinator, however, still has not returned any e-mails or phone calls about a volunteer position at the clinic for that day(I requested cage cleaning, transport or post op). I'm beginning to think he's not going to return my phone calls or e-mails. I mean, for gosh sakes, I've been requesting a volunteer position for about three weeks, and he has not gotten back to me yet. Time to make other plans for that day. Sure I was really wanting to volunteer, so I could spend time with people, but what I am supposed to do, kidnap the coordinator and force him to return a call? It's illegal.

After leaving the Mormon sisters place (they were in the middle of house projects and extremely busy), I stopped by the tenant complex. They were excited. The boyfriend, the big silent guy type, had caught Ellie's final kitten. Then they'd put her in the carrier. I went to look. She was wet, because she'd tipped over the water they'd put in the carrier for her, and she had runny eyes. I quickly removed her from the carrier and tucked her into the front of my shirt to warm her with my boob heat. She had been shaking from cold.

I mixed some water into a can of wet food in my car, with it idling and warm, and fed her by syringe, then she began gulping the wet food from the can. I drove home with her lodged in the front of my shirt between my boobs, her heading sticking out. She's eating like a pig now. She's a long hair black tux female manx kitten, and cute as a button like her brother Napster, only, the tenants says, she was the runt of the litter. I'm calling her Google.

So then a guy calls whom I met at Countryside. He'd been looking for an orange tabby kitten and I had Pluto return later, so I had the vet's assistant call him. I'd not heard back. But yesterday when he did call, I asked how he'd like maybe a year old orange tabby male. I was thinking Garfield. He was abandoned at the Albany complex and is still in my bathroom, because I was hoping hard to find him a home to go to and so not have to return him to roam as a fed stray. The guy said he'd come today to meet him.

But early this morning he left a message that he can't come until Friday, because his son left his dog off there to stay for a few days, and hopes I can hold Garfield. Hold Garfield a week in my bathroom while trapping twenty cats for a clinic next Sunday and, AND, I have Indie and Misty in my shed?

Oh yeah. They came back, those Camp Boondoggle gals, while their owner, the good doctor, is on vacation. They've already been here a week now. They're doing well in the shed, loving it. I go in and play with them once a day and sometimes sit and read out there, with Stormy, now called Indie, sprawled on my lap purring. I think the doctor will be back mid week and reclaim them.

I will hold Garfield somehow for that man and he better come through if I make a huge sacrifice and keep Garfield in my bathroom an entire week. Things can get very hard here. YOu might not believe the sacrifices I make to help out these hard luck cats of Oregon. For example, because I've had Ellie, Garfield, the manx feral torti, and all the kittens in the bathroom for the last three days, I've not been able to take a shower in that time. No room to do so.

So anyhow, Ellie's gone now, being fostered by the best of the best. I'm taking the manx torti back this morning. She's feral. But she's now fixed. And the young woman who wants Pluto is coming tonight, although I told her Pluto is now on the shy side.

Last night, I intended to come home and relax. I'd only been here a few minutes when a local cat saint stopped by to borrow a trap. Seems a cat she'd trapped then rehomed, had gotten out of the woman's place in mid August. The woman never told anyone, or even put out food once he'd escaped.

Immediately, the trapper, when she heard about his fate of two months ago, two days ago, put up fliers and got a response from someone who thought she saw the flier described cat darting across 99W in the dark the night before.

I had to go out, after that, to the store briefly, and decided to just to drive by that area. There was N, just arriving to attempt to place a trap near where the woman had seen a fleeting glimpse of a cat in the dark. Unbelievably, as I got out my car to help her, we saw him.

I waited there with her for a couple hours but he wouldn't go in the trap. I then left. She was going to keep trying. Good luck, N, and curses to those two women who adopted a cat, who got out and whom they immediately put out of their minds.

Friday, October 13, 2006

Blue-eyed, bob-tailed Napster. Posted by Picasa