Thursday, September 30, 2010

Ten More Cats Being Fixed Today

Ten More Cats are being fixed today. They include: the torti mom, at first thought to be feral, hosed down in carrier, with her four kittens after they pooped on themselves. Two teens from the 90 year old Lebanon woman's colony. She traps them herself! One female from Riverside Drive. More there needing fixed. Two more from the Scravel colony. One of those, a gray tabby female, pregnant again, is the abandoned house cat who has had litter after litter since, all of whom have formed this colony.

I also caught a torti teen at the offshoot of the Scravel colony, the second caught there. However, that was after I drove home after leaving the cats at the clinic, intent on sleeping. Yeah right.

In answers to comments after the last post, yes, I would love it if people got their cats fixed, or even lifted a finger in dealing with them not fixing their pets, like trapping resultant ferals. Any help. Most do absolutely fucking nothing to help and donate not a dime, or miniscule amounts. What in the world has become of personal responsiblity and honesty? And what about work ethic, has that too vanished? People have become so sucky wucky lazy and leechy. Oh, and add whiney.

I'm running on nothing, fumes only, but I still get what needs doing done.

Ok, old person comment here. When I was a kid and we wanted a kitten, we were told we could have one when we saved up enough money to get the kitten neutered. My folks didn't want a male cat spraying even the yard but god forbid, the neighbors yard. So we saved up. That doesn't happen now, not even with adults.

UPDATE: Of the ten cats fixed today, seven were males! I didn't stay up there, I cam back, to sleep, but sleep never happened, and I trapped three more at the Scravel colony.

They are caring for Mom of Colony and Black Beauty, the black male from there fixed today, after their fixed. The Riverside Dr. man came and got the black and white female he cares for, from there. And I still have the torti and her four boy kittnes, plus the Lebanon old woman boys, who will go home tomorrow. I may have a fosterer for the torti and her boys, but the Lebanon man claims a renter feeds her. Yet still, he says renters move in and out, and the torti has to find someone willing to feed her and she sure gets no real care, the way she was crawling in fleas. She'd be better off elsewhere, but it's up to the guy.

Unknown sex black medium hair young adult from the scravel colony, being fixed today.
Mom of the colony, pregnant again, abandoned by a neighbor unfixed, being fixed today.
Mom of colony again. The neighbor who abandoned her should be sued for all resulting costs. Every penny.
One of the Lebanon five soaker cats, hosed down in the carrier. They include three black kittens, one of them with medium hair, and one tabby on white male kitten, then the torti mom, who is beautiful.
Black soaker kitten, fixed today.
Both these two soaker kittens are males.
The gorgeous torti soaker mom.

The two teens caught by the 90 year old woman. Now that woman has a work ethic. She's incredible.

This female has had many litters out on Riverside Drive. A woman who adopted one of her kittens has been hounding him to contact me about getting her trapped and fixed. So it just happened.

Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Suffering Mother--The Hosed Down Torti Who Isn't Feral

I got her cleaned up. I wanted so badly to hit the sack. But she needed help. I wrapped her in a flannel sheet afterwards. I treated her with Revolution, then had to also spray her with Frontline, she has so many fleas. Likewise with her four kittens.

She began to purr. She has suffered so. Someone tossed her like trash. The couple who hosed her down thought she was feral and she was fouled in her own poop and urine from being in a small carrier too long. But she is not feral at all. Can you imagine what she has gone through?

My soft heart is crying. I want to find her a place where she will have peace, rest, fun and love for the rest of her days.

Please help me find her that quickly.

Long Days and Nights. Nine Cats Fixed Today.

Adult black male, fixed today.
DSH white and black yearling male, fixed today.
DMH faded gray female, fixed today.
DMH Black tux male, fixed today, from the church colony.
DSH black teen female, fixed today.
DMH black teen female, fixed today.
DSH brown abbytabby male kitten, fixed today.
DSH abbytabby female teen, fixed today.
DLH black and white female kitten, fixed today.

I got overwhelmed again. The Scravel colony turned out bigger than I thought. I caught four kittens last night, chased skunks and left three traps set. One of those traps caught a female before the couple went to bed and shut them, to avoid skunks. I went up early this morning, set a trap at another location they feed, went on to the main colony and drop trapped three more there quickly. On the way out, I checked the trap set and had caught a big black tux male there.

In all, I took up nine cats. Five were females and four were males.

I was going to sleep at the rest area, but I got involved with a family of three and their two dogs, stranded by a broken down car. Bolts had fallen off the power steering unit and sent it through the serpentine belt. He had no tools. They were moving their daughter back to S.F. He was good at improvising.

I offered them a ride to Wilsonville to get any tools he might need, but he declined. We chatted for quite awhile as he worked, exchanged contact info in the end, as the couple and their daughter love animals. I ended up back in Wilsonville, took a walk then a short nap in the park and then the cats were done. Just south of Wilsonville, I spotted the red mini van again along the side of I5, on the bridge over the Willamette. I pulled over, depsite the danger during rush hour.

The woman hiked on the far side down to me to say they'd gotten the steering fixed and one new tire, got only half mile, and the second front tire blew, so her husband was putting on the spare and they had to return to Wilsonville for another tire. There was glass all over the road there, from some previous wreck and I worried, as I left my new found friends, that i might end up with a flat tire, too.

This evening, I got inundated. I caught another there, at the main colony a black fluffy adult. They had caught the very pregnant female who has had three litters per summer since she was abandoned tame by a neighbor and the cat who began the colony. I hope she does not have kittens by morning.

I had two calls when I got home. One was from the old woman in Lebanon and she'd caught two of the three teens left unfixed. I couldn't find her number to call her back. Over I went. I called back another Lebanon situation. I had asked them to wait for a week at least, but they had caught the "feral" mom and four kittens and had them in carriers and said they'd pooped all over themselves. Didn't sound good.

Even though I was scheduled to be out trapping the Scravel colony again, I headed off to Lebanon and picked up the old womans' three kittens. Yes, three. She's used the yank the bottle out from under the door of the trap method to target the unfixed teens and caught three, one of them already fixed. But, she wanted me to get him his shots. Then the Lebanon people arrived, meeting me with those five at the old woman's.

The cats were soaking wet inside the two carriers. They had hosed them down while inside the carriers. The adult female, a beautiful torti, was shivering violently.

I took a rabbit hutch out to the scravel colony for the black and white male, whom they will relocate to their own properly rather than feed him elsewhere now that he is fixed. I caught no more up there.

Came home and got the soaking wet mom and her four teen kittens into the bathroom with a heater on them. To my shock, I quickly discovered that poor little mom, besides crawling in fleas, shaking from being soaking wet, she is completely utterly tame. I so much want to find her somewhere to go.

I had to spray frontline on her and all four kittens they had so many fleas. It was horrible. I also treated her with Revolution. I itch to think of it.

Then another guy calls who lives on Riverside and I forgot I told him I'd help get a feral he feeds fixed. He had trapped her in the shop then set a live trap inside it. He has her latest litter in his house and her next to latest litter tamed, as late teens, who also need fixed.

So, I have the torti from there, the five from Lebanon, the three Lebanon teens and so far two from the Scravel colony. I think that's who I have. I am brain dead tired.

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Brutus Adoption Video

Now that Brutus is fixed, I made a short little adoption video to help show him off. I do not know why the embed code did not include the audioswap. Go to my youtube channel to see it with audio swap.

Long Long List of Cats

I have a long list of cats needing fixed.

There is the Scravel Hill colony of 12 to 16, maybe more.

There is the old woman in Lebanon, with three more teens needing caught and fixed.

There is the Siamese female left to catch and fix at the Attic Cats colony.

There are two adults and five kittens waiting on Riverside Drive.

There is a feral female with five kittens at another Lebanon location.

There are two kittens in down town Albany waiting.

There is one adult female and nine kittens at that other Albany household.

The list is long long long.

Money for Poppa Inc. is dwindling. I can't get anybody to donate, despite promises. Oh boy.

Please consider donating to Poppa Inc. Thank you. Click the post title to go to Poppa's website.

Monday, September 27, 2010

I returned the bad ear big male, to the Attic Cats colony today. He was fully healed and eating everything I gave him and then some. He's also tearing things up in the rabbit hutch at night, wanting out. He's a good boy, and, as I loaded him into my car, in a carrier, his breathing became raspy, from nervousness. Poor guy. Even the big tough guys, when they are powerless for their fate, are very frightened. I felt bad for him and spoke soft reassuring words. Once back, I opened the carrier door and he ran into the bushes. The old woman caretaker had positioned herself to watch for cars, just in case he decided to bolt across the road.

She's resigned now to feeding the fixed cats. The found another way up into the eaves, back into their attic haven. They're just going to let them sleep up there. 8 of the 13 were males and some of those were roam ins. They won't spray marking anymore, so it is not a big deal. They will work on catching that last cat, the Siamese female. I have come to like their entire family.

Tomorrow I must get to work on the next big project, another colony. I have two possible homes now, for kittens. One is the long patient people who want Machi and are waiting for the all clear on his ringworm, which is probably now, but I want to make sure.

I am fortunate the outbreak quickly disappeared and did not spread. Fantasia got one spot but just as quickly, grew her hair back as the spot vanished almost overnight.

The apartment manager still has the gray male kitten. Safehaven can't take him. She is hoping her husband might allow her to keep him. That would be so nice. They just love him. He's a polite quiet loving kitten and very grateful. I told her I'd sure be happy to get him fixed and very quickly, if that would help seal the deal at all. I really like her. I bet I'll like her hubby too.

Well anyhow, to bed I go, to prepare for a big day, solving another big situation, then also picking up three Corvallis tame cats to be fixed.

Sunday, September 26, 2010

One Desperate Kitten Caught. Me Upset All for Naught

I get an e-mail, then a call, from an Albany apartment complex manager, stating two kittens were dropped off there, and could I help catch them. She said she'd donate if I helped and deal with the kittens herself. I hear such promises with skepticism, cynicism.

I went over, found one fuzzy gray male kitten, about four months old, behind the complex and quickly coaxed him close enough to net. The tenant who pointed this poor little sad guy out, who just cries back there, like his world has ended, said she hasn't seen the other one for awhile.

I can't bring him inside even, due to the threat of him picking up ringworm, so he's in my car in a carrier, waiting for that manager to follow through on her promise.

Update: She did call and is coming to get him. He's so worried and I try to reassure him and I don't know, really, what the manager has planned for him. She seems real nice.

Update of Update: The scared little guy is gone. Manager picked him up. What a really nice woman. I am happy to have met her because we got along instantly and maybe I've met a future friend. Anyhow, the little gray guy was right up front at the carrier door talking to both of us, very loudly. He's a sweetheart for sure.

I just got back home from delivering the kitten to the manager and three or so cop cars drive down to the end of the cul de sac. I don't know why they were there, but I bet someone called them anonymously over the cul de sac parking. Those neighbors again have made it their private parking lot. I don't care because they're not roaring in and out parking in front of my place. But after the cops left they yell down at me. I know they think I called the cops.

I didn't, assholes. You know what, people should not rent a place that will not accomodate their shit, including massive numbers of cars. They then try to inflict their excess on others and that is wrong. Very wrong.

Lack of Tolerance Affects My Night

I have no tolerance for caffeine. I plan it that. Cost and cafeine effective. I have one cup of coffee in the mornng. I always get a zing that way from it. If I drink two cups, before long, I have to have two cups to get the wake up. Today, I drank two cups hours apart. And so, I've been up most of the night. I have no one to blame but myself.

I've been bored. I played Plants versus Zombies video game most of the night. Sure, it's boring after awhile. But i like it. It's no worse than watching TV.

I like number games, too. I have taken up sukuko or whatever it's called. I have it on my tracfone and I have some puzzle books. I really like doing those puzzles. I don't mind crosswords, but I like number puzzles better. I can picture numbers in my mind and move them around in my mind better than I can letters. "Making numbers swim" is what I call it.

But, for kicks lately, I sometimes read words backwards. I don't know why. There's no purpose, just killing time. Also, for kicks, I sometimes write words from right to left.

I've got another big colony to get going on. First, I have to return the black male to the Attic Cats Colony. I've not heard from them again. I thought I would. They were gone when I returned all the cats, to church, on a Wednesday morning, and I never heard from them again, which seems strange.

This colony is out off Scravel Hill, another one out there. Plus, there's a Corvallis kitten and two adults in need of fixing, too. And I still have to catch the old Lebanon woman's three remaining teens. She called again.

And, I've got repairs to do here, on the house and on the car, which is still leaking a bit of oil, even though I got a new pan plug and plug gasket. I think unfortunately it might be the pan gasket leaking.

I was supposed to go up to Portland to Poppa's president's husbands band anniversary party. He's been in a rock band for ten years, a hobby band, but they're good. I wanted to go, but there was a wreck on I5 north, causing massive congestion and closure of I5 North. There was a fatality, some young women, which is so sad. Guess she was headed south and was changing lanes, to the middle, while someone else was also changing to the middle lane at the exact same time, from the other lane, and she over-corrected, when she saw the other car, ending up in the northbound lanes. She hit an SUV there, but that driver was not seriously hurt. The young woman was killed.

So I didn't go up. I did clean out my car thoroughly. Won't last.

So the Albany apartment complex, where I got two females, two kittens and three males fixed, plus another female fixed owned by a neighbor, has had two more kittens show up. I think they're from the same litter as the two black boys but nobody knows. Then they also had a tame female get abandoned pregnant and promptly had kittens, but another neighbor confined her to their garage, at least, and is caring for them for now. That was five days ago.

Bad neighborhood. I told the woman caring for the cats I'd trap the kittens for fixing as soon as I could. Not easy there, with owned cats galore out roaming, then a few strays, too. Makes it tough to trap a couple of kittens, rarely seen.

I think those are the only situations right now on the docket to clean up. The one off Scravel Hill sounds pretty major. She's lost her job, so there's no money now for her to donate, she says.

I never finished the rural trailer colony. I got nine fixed then I got fed up. She, nor her mother nor her family donated even a dime and the family does have money. I asked her to ask her family to donate something at least, but then never heard a thing back. She'd made this claim that she and her sister would do a fundraiser for Poppa Inc. Well, that never happened. People always make promises but then don't follow through. I don't have respect for people who do that.

But her health isn't good. She might have gotten sick or worse. She doesn't take care of herself.

Last I was out there, she had two more kittens from her mothers. I'd gone inside to see them. There was a dead mouse flattened on the trailer floor and junk everywhere. Kind of sickening.

Some people live like that and act like its normal to live like that. I never know what to say. So I usually don't say anything. It's her life. If she wants to clean, good, and if she doesn't, she doesn't, but I'm not going inside there.

People think country folk are hard working but that isn't the case a lot of the time. Some of them are very very lazy just like city people. They're no different either way. And lots of them are very irrpesponsible just like city people. They always talk about country people having more values in Oregon. I don't know why. It isn't true at all. I think it's some fantasy world some people live in, trying to make things "the way they were" whatever that means. I think it's silly. They talk about rolling the clock back to the 50's or even to older days, like the world was better then. It wasn't. They should brush up on some history.

Well, the second cup is finally wearing off and I"m headed off to bed. This week I plan on doing that Scravel colony and catching those last three cats in the Lebanon old lady colony and that will be about it, because I'm inflamed again, hands all swollen and neck a mess, probably never quite got over overdoing it on the Attic Cats Colony.

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Beautiful Art, Bad Food at Corvallis Fall Festival

After returning the four Corvallis kittens fixed yesterday, I stopped by the Corvallis Fall Festival.

The booths are filled with the most beautiful and creative art imaginable. But, the price tags are fit for Bill Gates types, people with pockets full of spare money, not for the likes of me. However, those artists are so talented I hope they sell lots of their works because they deserve to make money off their beautiful creations. If I had money, I'd fill my walls and yard with their beauty. But...I don't have money.

I hadn't eaten, not even breakfast. I cruised the food booths looking for something edible and economical. I chose wrong. I got a grilled in the husk corn on the cob and walked away with it, only to find it not even close to being cooked through. Raw corn. Yuk. It was also bland as bland can be. I returned it and was given another. A part of it was charred and done, but beneath the husk, the corn was not even partially cooked. I chucked it.

How about cooking the corn through and maybe zesting it up with some seasoning?

I wandered on. And finally found myself in the basement of a church at their food servings. They had advertised sandwiches, soup, pie for reasonable rates. I went down and got a sandwich for $3.00. It was egg salad and again, as bland as you could imagine, and mostly mayo.

Sitting at a table to eat this mush, I unfortunately watched the kitchen workers who were preparing the food, mostly older women, stuffing food into their mouths, as they worked, and going right back to preparing food with same ungloved unwashed hands and it was gross, ok?

The food there was made for people who have no taste buds or whose taste buds are long long dead.

I only hope the money went to some good cause because otherwise eating such tasteless fare and paying for it would make me want to vomit it up right away, instead of a few minutes later down the street and give myself a good face slapping for being so stupid.

I think there should be taste standards and ratings at food booths. A rating of 1, would mean "food undercooked and tasteless to boot", for instance. A rating of .5 would say "Throw your money away here". Something like that.

I got away, although it took time due to a huge down town traffic jam, without flushing more money down the toilet.

Friday, September 24, 2010

Park Photos

I killed time again, while the cats were being fixed, to save on gas money, rather than drive back and forth. One thing I did was walk around the Wilsonville park circle several times for exercise. I also took some photos of the scenery on one of the trails. The trail in the woods isn't long but it's pretty, I think.

Baby Hanging Station?
This certainly caught my eye.

Five Cats Fixed Today

Four teens from Corvallis were fixed today. Squirrely, this tabby on white boy, was one of them.
Spotty, a black and white boy, fixed today.
Deborah, a calico kitten, spayed today.
Blackie the torti again, also fixed today.

Brutus and his brother.
The feral brown tabby male, fairly young, now fixed, whom I believe is Brutus's father.
Tabby on white male, from Brutus's colony, now deceased, who tested positive for FIV.

I took up the four kittens from the Corvallis man with the broken leg, who has nothing, but is quite nice and very grateful. Two boys and two girls. He'd given the fifth kitten away. She was the only one he was able to place, despite repeated ads in the paper and on craigslist. He says he'll keep trying.

The fifth kitten fixed today was Brutus, from downtown Albany. I get home, and coindidentally, the woman who cares for his mother and the other cats of that group, had left a message stating the big old tabby on white male I took to be neutered had just been euthanized. She had it done. His foot swelled up and he got really sick and he was positive for FIV. I am not surprised. But, I have to say, he's not the father of Brutus or the other kittens. That old tabby on white was too decripid too compete. I fixed a brown tabby young male, just about a year old, probably one of Laurel's older kittens, Brutus's half brother. He's the father, I'm telling her.

She's concerned Laurel might have FIV. Big deal, I think to myself, let her live her life out. She's not spreading it if she does have it. I doubt she does. It's hard to pass to females since they are rarely out there knock down drag out fighting. They sometimes get it when a male bites through the neck skin in the act of sex, however. Then they pass it to their kittens sometimes, through their milk or during birth. But kittens born with FIV rarely make it to teenagehood and Brutus shows no signs. He'll be tested in a couple months.

I went to Corvallsi this evening. I saw a cat dead along highway 20, near Seavy. It's this cat, fixed last winter and fed on Seavy. She was a girl.