Saturday, March 25, 2017

Chatty's Back

Chatty Katty, the friendly calico from the Lebanon House colony, spent a few days in Brownsville, while I prepared for inspection here, then returned yesterday to my bathroom.

She's waiting on a home or adoption placement and is no trouble.

She screams however when she sees another cat.  Like a demon!  She's not aggressive to other cats.  But when she sees one, at first, she does the scream, like "oh my gawd, what the hell!"

She is otherwise talkative and playful and loving.


I took the nine cats to be fixed Monday, got all returned except Annie, the black tux from the Lebanon House colony, who remained here in my garage in a cage, til Viv from Brownsville picked up both her and Chatty.   Annie will stay there, but Chatty only went for a couple days while I cleaned everything up and awaited the inspection, who came and went on Thursday.  The place is usually very clean anyhow, but the inspection gives me the excuse/desire to deep clean and fix anything broken.  It also gives me a reason to shut off the phone and be unavailable.

The bombshell then hit Thursday.   The most notorious trailer park in Sweet Home has been sold . The new owner, a Portland business, wants no free roaming cats or animals there and in a meeting Wednesday with tenants, announced they needed to keep their cats inside and their dogs on leashes.

Mountain Shadows has hundreds of animals, owned and not owned but fed, from cats to rabbits to dogs.  My heart sank when I heard the news.  That night, nightmares haunted my sleep.

I'd just gotten two more Mountain Shadows cats fixed in the nine fixed on Monday.  What would become of all the cats.   Most tenants there are not the type to keep their own cats inside, let alone fix them.  I got 60 fixed there last summer although I removed at least 20, probably closer to 30 in the end, of those cats.  There were not that many true ferals, but tame cats are often left behind there unfixed.  Then they breed.

Panic set in quickly with tenants.  Three called me.  So did other rescue groups as they heard.  Some went to the new owners meeting with tenants.

However, many tenants have not even heard about the new rule or are in denial it will ever be enforced there, not at Mountain Shadows, where anything goes.

I arranged with one tenant immediately to get out one tame pregant stray there.  She's in foster now.  I guess that's a start.

First things first.  I need to find Chatty a home or adoption venue.  She may go to Felines First Rescue, I just don't know yet.

After the repair job that cost a small fortune my car has been idling very badly at times, too slow, and shaking, trembling, thunking and sometimes will die if I don't hit the gas.  Back to youtube.  There were several suggestions offered for poor idle by youtube DIY mechanics, but the most common fix suggested was to clean the throttle body and plate.  So that's what I did.  Seems to idle better now, but I will see.

Throttle Plate visible by reflection in my little mirror

Duct off, and throttle body is visible middle left of photo, below transmission fluid dipstick.
I'm trying to keep the Catmobile on the road as long as I can.


  1. Getting out a pregnant stray is a great start.
    Good luck. And good luck for Chatty too (great name).

  2. What inspection do you have to undergo?

    1. Thanks. I thought it was for your cat rescue and as you had not mentioned anything like that before I was curious!

    2. No, wouldn't mind that though, show off the place and cats. I get inspected every two years now. Only one inspector left because of budget cuts. I like seeing him. Nice guy.

  3. Lucky that you have a car with carburettor that you can take apart and fix. What is the new owner going to do? Hire a shooter? Kick people out of the park because they put some food out?

    1. No carb, just a throttle plate that leads into the fuel injector rail. I have no idea how they would remove the cats. By Oregon law, if trapped to be killed, it must be done humanely at a shelter. Many places do evict people if they take pity on strays and feed them.

  4. I remember Chatty. Glad that she is still doing well. And you can only do what you can do concerning Mountain Shadows. And I know it will be amazing things. In the long run the new owner should help the overall situation there as he forces people to be more responsible with their animals.

    1. Yes on all accounts. Chatty is now with Felines First and up for adoption in the Portland area.

  5. What a dollbaby Chatty Katty is. Wish I could swoop her up. My cats would probably implode. You rock, doing what must be done. Equally, I wish I could take your nightmares away. Best wishes and hugs.

  6. chatty looks like a young miss daisy and my old girl hooka. so sweet