Monday, December 23, 2013


A friend drove me around this evening, early, as we hunted for Christmas lights around town.  Not that many out this year.  I can understand with the economy and high cost of electric.  I did not put up a tree this year.  They cost so much.  But we found some pretty lights.

I love Christmas lights!  I saw that show once, Christmas Light Fight.  Wow, the work those families put into the displays and the money!   I cannot imagine.

They are awesome!

Takes me back to the first time I saw Christmas vacation.  LOL.

Merry Christmas.


Elephant's Child said...

I am a sucker for Christmas lights. Much of the season leaves me cold - but not the lights.
Happy Christmas to you too.

Strayer said...

Me too, EC.

Everycat said...

Takes me straight back to childhood, when lights like these were the stuff of fantasy.

Happy Christmas to you and the cats Jody.

May 2014 be better for all

Jane xx

Strayer said...

thanks everycat. Yes, this has been a very hard month, with the snow and ice, although it was so beautiful, and trying so hard to find these Lebanon cats a home. the lights are very gorgeous, love them!