Friday, December 27, 2013

Want to see some Cats?

Javi, finally almost over her cold.

Arrow in the back, but don't ask me to name the grays!

This cat I know.  It's Vino!

Vino always looks like he is smiling.

I know him too--Storm!

Flopsy on the left, Da Vinci on the right.
My younger brother now is spreading the word about these guys and their need for a home, down in southern Oregon, which makes me very very happy.  And hopeful.Click here to go to the cats' facebook page!

In other news, Miss Daisy still has diarrhea.  I have started her on Ponzuril, for cocccidia, however, and I do expect results from this highly effective anti coccidial.  I have felt she had coccidia all along.

While over at Heartland Humane today, with a fresh stool sample, I began to lust after a microscope, as I watched Brittany prepare a slide.  I told them so. I was looking at the photos of worm spores and coccidia eggs, and the slides used for smears or floats when they suggested I look for a microscope at the OSU used store. They said sometimes they sell them there as cheap as $10.

This is a perfect new hobby for me, the geek girl, from way back, who loves this sort of thing.

Can't wait to try to find a used one I can afford, with magnification lenses preferably of 100x, 400x, and 1000x.   Just can't wait!  Was barely able to contain my excitement at the thought, driving home.

Buffy in a cat bed, rolling her eyes in disgust.  "Not again.  Gonna have to pee on that camera."

A Basket Too Small

Comet on White

Gretal Contemplates Life.  One Deep Thinker, is she.

Sweet Shaulin (yeah right)
Snack Time. The Grass Eaters.  I cut them grass from the dead neighbors lawn now.  It's getting nice and tall and he's dead and would not care.


Elephant's Child said...

Such beautiful cats. And fingers crossed that you do find a microscope cheaply. Soon.

Strayer said...

Me too, EC. The college has a surplus store and sells stuff like that often and I need a new geeky hobby.