Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Christmas Decorated!

My tree up and decorated!

Did I over do on the lights?  I crawled up on the roof to light up the ancient antenna.  I think it looks awesome.  I am channeling Art Griswold.

Stiletto loves the tree!  They all do!

Blueberry is so funny and loves to play!  She wants a real home though!  She is earnest and a show off too.  She was so happy to be back here.  She'd gone to Heartland and after a month there, was adopted out.  But after a month in her new home, they returned her to Heartland and Heartland asked me to come get her.  She was shaking in fear when I went into their bathroom, where she was set up in a big carrier.  But when I got her home and took her into my bathroom, where she'd first lived after her rescue from the mean streets of Lebanon, and recognized where she was, I felt her relax in my arms.  She was so relieved to be "home".  The cats love it here, feel safe, loved, makes for an adoption dilemma!  Blueberry had bonded with Juno, when she was in my bathroom, recovering from heat stroke, before Blueberry went to Heartland.  Juno immediately was drawn back to Blueberry and Blueberry to her.  They were happy to see one another.

Brambles, from the Hate Thy Neighbor Colony originally, is my very loving chronic herpes boy. He too is getting older.

Comet, formerly of Heatherdale trailer park, is one of my big boys, getting older now, wants to be on my bed with me, sometimes is a bully, but really badly wants mothered by Miss Daisy (his fav) or Slurpy.  What I've discovered with bullies is they usually are insecure, and want loved.  So if a cat here starts to bully, sure, yes, I stop it, but then I start giving the bully more attention and that stops it longer.

Echo, one of the Quirky sisters, is still very quirky.  Those two are strange indeed.

Gretal, after three dentals I think it was, last year, and finally all her teeth are gone, is thriving.  She gained weight, plays and has friends here now. Gretal was allergic to her teeth.  The first dental she had, at a Corvallis vet clinic, left in roots of the teeth pulled.  Later, I took her to a different vet who pulled those roots and more teeth.  In the end, they all had to go, because she was allergic.  I believe that was also the case with Feather, but I did not catch it in time, and she died, of kidney failure.  There seems to be a close link to kidney failure and bad teeth in cats.  I say that only because I've seen it over and over again.  

Tilly, one of the business cat family, is a sweet girl, who loves to play.

Starr, from the Corvallis homeless camp, Teddy's sister, is a huge cat, a mackeral tabby, much larger than her brother, Teddy.  She is very shy, but lately has made overtures that she would like some personal attention.  Teddy is anything but shy.
Buffy loves the trap bed.  I have two old non functioning traps I've turned into hanging cat beds.  Buffy has claimed this one and woe be to the cat who tries to steal her place in the coveted hanging trap bed.  You don't mess with Buffy.
Teddy, Starr's brother, is smaller, very friendly and stately!

Juno, and sometimes Calamity, claim the second trap bed, attached to the bunk bed.

Meesa, discarded as a kitten to roam as a stray, in down town Albany when young, had a litter of four in a utility room.  I was called.  The two boy kittens got a home together.  The girls didn't and they're the Quirky sisters.  Meesa is their young mother.  She wants nothing to do with her girls now.  They're too strange for even a mother.

Forest is getting big and beautiful.

Oci is my fat cat and she is fat.  I free feed here, worried they would all starve quickly if something happened to me when I'm out.  So I'm trying to exercise her more.  Oci was abandoned in Millersburg, with Sam and over a dozen other cats.

Vision, now 18, a Willamette River cat.  We have a long long history.  She's beginning to look a little ragged.

Electra, another old gal here, at 14, also slowing with age, with Starry, one of her buddies, who, even when Electra gets cranky, sticks by her.  You could say Starry is a fan, a respecter of this tough old gal.


The Elephant's Child said...

Love your decorations (except the headless snowman that creeps me out). Really, really love your cats. And of course they are happy to return to you - a dilemma.

Strayer said...

You mean the bodiless snowman? Or the Santa at the top whose face is not readily apparent, maybe have fallen off? Yes, both are creepy, but then isn't Christmas a little bit like Halloween in some ways, a little bit scary and garrish? Now clowns really creep me out big time.

HotFudgeNubbins said...

there can never be enough lights i think. outside looks great & inviting!! love all the cat photos & vision is looking beautiful with age :)

TwistedPrincess said...

you mentioned gretals teeth. made me think of aother cat you ended up with that had teeth problems around that same time i think it was. someone had called you of a rabid cat which he wasn't rabid. he ust had a lot of pus coming from his mouth due to the dental issue. i forgot how that one ended up. did that cat live and get a home? if so, any idea how that cat is doing now? you had a video showing how friendly he was and one could not help to fall in love with such a sweet cat regardless of his condition.

Strayer said...

That was old Valentino and he had about three dentals that same year, broke the bank between the two of them. Yes, he got a home and his name is now Ziggy. He turned out to be FIV positive. He'd been tested here, at heartland. I thought for sure he must be positive, being older, unfixed and off the streets of Albany. Was shocked when he was negative, but the test must have been bad, because later he tested positive. He's still alive though. Got a really great home.

Snowbrush said...

You sure did a great job decorating. "Stiletto," what a great name