Monday, December 10, 2012

Breeders Suck!!! Springfield Persian Breeder Arrested for Tossing Two Cats into the River

We've had our share of bad news about Oregonians behaving badly the last week.  Like the 11 year old loaded pistol packing wannabe car jacker up in Portland, who is already violent and without a soul.  His seven year old brother assisted in the attempted robbery carjack.  The gun they showed was loaded.  The cops couldn't arrest them, due to Oregon law forbidding it.  Kids under 12 get a free pass, but these are bad bad kids with terrible parents.  Exceptions should be made.  They're going to kill people.

But nothing gets up the ire like a breeder does.  If just being a breeder isn't enough, this breeder, a Springfield woman, was seen throwing two cats, inside a plastic bag, into the raging Willamette River.  What saved them?  An animal lover walking her dog came around the corner and saw her do it.  Breeder Betty took off.  The witness called the cops.  An off duty officer waded in, to save the pair, in the bag, that had, lucky for them, caught on a tree branch.

So she went to jail and has now been released until her trial.  And, the sheriff is getting a lot of e-mails and calls about other cat dumpings, Persian kittens thrown from cars, and a dead gray Perisan found floating in the river. It appears she's done it before, probably on multiple occasions.  News said she has sixty plus other breeder stock cats in her house. Probably in extreme danger.  Protesters today greeted her homecoming with signs.  A facebook page has started, demanding justice and shutting down breeder Betty's breeding business, that on the side, is animal abuse.

I hate breeders.  I hate Breeder Betty.   What's to like?  They're kind of like Nazi's, obsessed with breeding a master race, and killing the imperfects.  But there are plenty of breeders out there to hate.  I can't help it.  I see what they cause, the costs to society and to animals, and they just don't care. I hate them.

click here to read one Breeder Betty news story from the last week.

Here's a link to her arraignment story last week.


Snowbrush said...

I'm so, so glad she got caught.

The Elephant's Child said...

And so say all of us.

Connie, Orlando said...


I could go on forever about what is wrong with breeders & breeding. Can we throw in the vets who support their miserable "businesses" as well?

You need to watch this documentary from the BBC about the British kennel club - it's a fantastic, sad & tragic look inside.

Strayer said...

No kidding, Snow. That's your neck of the woods.

TwistedPrincess said...

the main problem with animal abusers is the courts. usually it is just a slap on the wrist and/or a fine/and or community service. i know it won't happen but i hope that bitch gets sentenced to prison for a while. maybe the gals there will force her to eat what she's been killing. (ummm...ok so i'm referring to a term both in its feline version and in its less acceptable version. couldn't help it. sorry.)and i won't apologize for the canine word i called her. i had a better term but i won't. Cant! <-oops one typo and it isn't the ' between the n and the t either.

Strayer said...

She has decided to relinquish the rest of her cats to various rescues and shelters.

TwistedPrincess said...

well i wish they would relinquish her to prison. but being that she is cooperating, lets just forget the suffering of the cats and maybe slap her wrist and tell her not to do it again and every thing will be fine and dandy. and that is what is called "justice" in our "justice system".