Sunday, November 04, 2012

Time for some Photos

Stuff on my dash.  

Cherry tree still has its leaves.

The maple tree does not.

Dressed out for Halloween candy hand out!  Dollar Store style!

Scored cheap at the library book sale!

All these for $14!

Arrival sign greets me at the Portland FCCO clinic.

Smolder, son of Sage, in the cat run looking in.

Calamity wants petted!

Fantasia, of the Quirkies, trying to sleep.

Electra, who has been with me longest of all the cats here, now 13, sleeps in the window.

Albany business cats Haley and Stiletto, love the baby diaper changing station bed.  Stilleto is Haley's daughter.

Haley, Stilleto and Raindrop, formerly Albany business cats.

Juno in the cat yard.  She acts like she's always lived here.  She loves it here, has many friends already.

Juno again.

Meesa in the Window.  Meesa is mother of the quirkies, Fantasia and Echo.

Miss Daisy atop the cage that contains Forest.

Bad bad boy Mops!

Three best friends:  Miss Daisy, Slurpy and Starry.  There is a fourth of these inseparable girls--old Electra.  
Beloved ancient home made net.
Here is the page just inside the front cover of the book I got at the library sale Tales, by Poe.  The message is dated 1933.  


The Elephant's Child said...

Brilliant photos. And all those books for $14 was an amazing pick up. Hours of fun. I like Hemingway (in small doses), Steinbeck (almost always) and Poe. I couldn't decipher any of the others in your haul. Have fun with them...

Strayer said...

There's a Mark Twain Book I got. A Charles Dickens book. A couple of stienbecks, one of which I've read before, Cannery Row, but I love it very much. There's William Faulkener's The Reivers. There's J. Fennimore Cooper's Last of the Mohicans, which I love. There's a first volume of short stories by D. H. Lawrence. there's Alexander Solzhenitsyn's Cancer Ward. There's Robert Louis Stevenson's Kidnapped. There's Albert Camus "The Myth of Sisyphus (and other stories)", which attracted my attention from the inner jacket. And there's one by Upton Sinclair, The Jungle. I must take a photo of the inner jacket of Tales, by Poe, as there is a written note, by someone who gave the book to someone else, but dated "1935"! Can you imagine touching something, personally, written that long ago? I could not resist.

Strayer said...

I added a photo to the end, with the inside cover of the Poe book and the message, dated 1933. I wonder who Billy and Jessica were and who their grandfather was, for whom this book had been a Christmas gift. It makes me wonder and want to know who they were, that this book that they bought as a Christmas present for a grandfather, and now lays in my hands.