Thursday, July 29, 2010

Nine Cats Being Fixed Today

Eight Albany cats and one Corvallis cat are up being fixed today. Three of those being fixed are Machi, Echo and Fantasia. That leaves only Slurpy unfixed here. She still is "slurping" with a cold, which is frustrating. I think she will have chronic herpes, making her probably unadoptible, unless, as she approaches four months of age, her forming immune system kicks in to overcome it. I am hoping very much that happens.

The three N. Albany kittens are getting so tame. Once their diarrhea is over with, I sure hope to find them homes.

I got two more calls about two more Albany situations. One is down town, not that far from where Echo and Fantasia were born to the feral mom, Meesa, and very close to where I got about 10 ferals fixed fed by a neighbor of a boarding house. Behind that house was a small stand alone house where the tenant who lived there abandoned his cat when he left. That cat was Hope, who had kittens, and later had an eye knocked out by blunt force trauma. She retreated back into the falling apart house where she had once been "owned", with her kittens.

She remembered me, from when I got her spayed. When I saw her inside, I took a photo through the window. There was a note from the police on the door of that rental, which was being worked on by a maintenance man hired by the owner. The note directed the owner or maintenance man to call them, about the injured cat inside. But the owner did not respond, so the house was locked up tight. Hope had entered through a hole in the foundation then a hole in the floor of the house.

But she remembered me. When I tapped on the window, she began meowing. I pointed toward the room with the hole in the floor then went to the foundation hole out back. Hope shoved her kittens out before she came out. She had her eye removed, and after a long saga, was adopted by a couple in Bend, who now take her everywhere with them, when they travel in their RV. She is one well traveled one eyed cat!

Anyhow, Poppa's president ended up with three semi feral flea hopping teens, whom she was never able to adopt out. And I was able to adopt out another Siamese kitten from same yard, and got the four feral adults fixed. They were returned.

Now, down the next block, someone else is feeding more. She's a nice woman from the sounds of it, but the neighbor across the street just took four of one mother's six week old kittens to Salem, where, she was told, they were killed. Anyhow, that's my next project.

The other caller was a familiar voice. The Bengal man. He has more kittens and unfixed cats and he claims a neighbor is trapping his cats and dumping them out somewhere. I got 24 or some such number fixed last summer for him and Shaulin is one of the three worm bellied kittens I took out. He's had my number. He could have called and gotten this taken care of before there were more kittens. It's frustrating. He called because the animal control officer has been over there or called him twice, after probably a neighbor complained.

He said he told him "What can I do? Safehaven won't take them." The officer called Safehaven, the man said, and confirmed they would not take any of them. So, with no recourse, the officer left it I guess, or gave him my number, I don't know. Anyhow, he claims there are still three unfixed females with kittens, although one has disappeared and one just had two kittens, a snow Bengal. Must be pretty kittens. I don't know, stressed me out to hear about it, to think of those poor cats caught in this.

Well anyhow, there are five males getting fixed from an Albany household. Their neighbor left seven cats behind when they moved out, but these folks found homes for the two girls. They could not find homes for the five boys and while trying, fell in love with them. The landlord said if they were fixed, they could keep them. That's great news. So today, they are getting their ticket to stay by losing their balls.

The Corvallis female, up being fixed, is a very pretty young and petite black manx. My goodness she is pretty. She too, despite her young age, just finished nursing a litter.

So, at least nine more cats from this area will no longer be reproducing. That's a good thing. Progress maybe. I get discouraged seeing the vast number of free kitten ads out there.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Quick and Easy. 9 Cats up Being Fixed at Humane Society of Willamette Valley spay neuter clinic

All my worries about using this clinic fast faded. It was quick and easy and they are very nice folks running it. I took in nine cats to be fixed from four situations. Click post title to go to their website. They do general public cats and dogs, feral cats too, at very reasonable rates. No excuses now not to fix your dogs, cats, kittens, puppies and feral cats.

I was helping a couple between Albany and Lebanon who feed strays. They trapped all they know they feed: two huge males, one of whom looks to me to be FIV positive, a blue female and her one surviving kitten (all black), at least they think it's the only survivor. Then one tame kitten, abandoned with him mother, now deceased.

They live at the edge of a busy road. An orange and white mom cat with kittens was dumped off there, but the orange and white mom did not survive. If there were more kittens, they didn't either. One male orange tux did survive but he has to live outside even though he is tame, because they have tons of dogs who would kill him.

They used to be dog breeders but quit when they could no longer sell the dogs or find decent adoptors. They have resigned to caring for over a dozen dogs still left for life, but only one is fixed, so they have to be kept seperate and often crated.

I am trying to find help for them in getting all those dogs fixed, but money is scarce and sympathy for a breeder's plight won't be easily forthcoming.

So, at least all the stray cats they also feed will be fixed. Five of them.

I trapped one of the two kittens at the rural trailer colony and it, an all black, is being fixed today.

The other two kittens, a torti and a black tux long hair male, from N. Albany, are up being fixed. That leaves one orange kitten and one male up there needing caught. That is, unless the young Siamese's kittens survive. If she shows up with them, they'll need caught and fixed, too.

The ninth cat is an abandoned chocolate point Siamese male from Albany.

I am beyond tired, but really happy I've been able to get so many cats in lately. Please remember, every dime you donate to Poppa Inc. goes into fixing cats. Donate at This is an unbelievably effective way to help cats in this area.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Two More N. Albany Cats Fixed Today. Goodbye Buttercup.

I trapped two more of the now fixed torti's four kittens. One to go.
This big boy was trapped by the horse woman and is now neutered.
I trapped this muted calico yesterday and thought she was pregnant. However, she wasn't, just in heat.
Buttercup was adopted today by Jim and Jane, who yesterday took home Ginger, her sister.

Two more N. Albany adults were fixed today. I took up the muted calico, who looked pregnant but was actually in heat. I took up one of two big males causing issues in the area trapped by the horse woman. She stayed up til 2:00 a.m. to catch him. That's impressive.

Then she called me. I was in bed. She was just excited about catching him. I don't blame her.

I got dressed and went up and low and behold, two more of the now fixed torti's older kittens were in another trap I'd left set. Yahoo! One kitten to go. One more male. And possibly one more female.

So the in heat muted calico and the big male, driven nuts by her smell, were fixed. The two kittens will be fixed tomorrow.

I was exhausted today and slept in my car awhile up near the clinic. Then I went to Winco up there and witnessed an ugly scene. Parking lot road rage. It was a guy, one you'd kind of expect to be involved in such incidents, if there is a stereotypic road rager. He had some red Explorer or such type vehicle with fog lights and there was yelling going down. But the other participants, whom I saw park in front of me, facing me, then jump out of their car and rush two parking lanes over to get in the face of the red car man, were not exactly what I would expect, to be involved in a yelling match, over a parking space. The woman was thin, looked educated and extremely well dressed. She had a fufu dog in the car and her partner, a man, was also well dressed and appeared educated. I sat watching, stunned, then slipped into the store to escape the drama.

I mentioned it to the clerk and she said it goes on all the time. She said it went on at her gym, too, people fighting over the closest parking space to the door of the gym, even circling and circling to get the closest space until the gym got vallet parking. I said "You're kidding me. Vallet parking, at a gym?" She said, "Yeah, can you believe that? Kind of defeats the purpose of going."

I then went to the park and dozed off. I got a call, from Jim and Jane, who, just yesterday, took home Ginger. They wanted Buttercup, her sister, too. I was so thrilled, I cannot even say. I was talking to Jim while in the restroom, sitting on the can, in the park. It was nice and private and cool in there.

I picked up the big guy and the previously in heat calico and came home. Jim and Jane arrived shortly after and Buttercup is gone now too. I am happy, very happy. Only Machi, the male kitten, remains of the Lebanon four orangies.

So the muted calico is the same cat two people call "Grumpy" and another calls "Momma Cat". I had taken a photo of the cat on the run and compared the photo to a photo of the cat just fixed. That's a relief. I think there are now just two left, the orange kitten and one more tom.

I will return the two adults in the morning. Some neighbors are trying to trap the other kitten. The horse woman may be trying to trap the other male. I lost her card, so I can't contact her.

I set a trap at the rural trailer colony and caught a kitten big enough to be fixed. On the way back, I ran into two cats I knew sitting on the railroad tracks and offered them a ride home. Although the tabby came into my car briefly, she ultimately declined a ride.

I picked up a stray who needs fixed at an apartment complex. I trapped some at another location between Albany and Lebanon. Time to hit the sack. Except, I just heard a gunshot very near. Wait, it was just a board that flopped onto the cement in the wind.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Goodbye Ginger!

My Corvallis friends, Jim and Jane, adopted Ginger this morning. Good luck, little girl! They had previously adopted Whisper Willow from me, then a Lebanon kitten in a bad situation. Now, they add Ginger to their cat mix!

That leaves me only Machi and Buttercup, from the four orangies, out of the Lebanon trailer park. I still have two tabby on white orange boys, a brown tabby on white girl, and the black and white curled tail girl from the downtown Albany feral calico, Meesa, also still here, but returning home shortly.

I have Slurpy, but she is spoken for. And now Scout, from N. Albany, if I keep him here for adoption, since he's an older kitten.

I definitely have six kittens who will need homes once fixed: Machi, Buttercup, and the four Albany kittens. I haven't named them yet and I need to. Help please! Two orange and white males, a brown tabby on white female and a black and white girl with curled tail.

Couch Sleeper

I fell asleep on my couch last night, at 7:00 p.m. and maybe earlier. I woke up just now, back door wide open, garage light still on. I had planned to unload my car, you see, when I zonked out and never woke til this now.

I was worn out from only 4 hours of sleep the night before, checking traps in N. Albany. I'm glad I caught those two females, but the Siamese, it turns out, had just had kittens, in the last two weeks to ten days the vet thought. I had to return her last night, though now fixed, and she had already eaten and taken water. The vet office closes early on Saturday, you see.

I trapped her just before 7:00 a.m. Saturday morning. By 8:30, she was at the clinic and spayed not long after she arrived. I would have been back by 3:00 with her, but I was sleepy and pulled into a rest area, where I immediately zonked out asleep in my car. So I didn't get her back to the colony until 6:00 p.m.

I hope her kittens survive. They usually do, if left without mom that short of a time. The young Siamese was so starved, the respite for her, getting nourishment, and rid of her parasites, probably increased chances of her kittens survival.

Is that a good thing, in this kitten overloaded area, I wonder?

I still have pretty boy, Scout I call him, one of four kittens of the torti mom, now recuperating in a trap in my bathroom, where I put her last night, when I got home, to get her out of the heat in my garage. She's eaten, done well.

I've seen two more females up there at least, whom nobody claims, who need trapped and fixed, and at least two males, then three more kittens from the torti, and possibly other kittens from the two other females I've seen. Then the Siamese's kittens, if they survive. She was so skinny. The people up there said she disappeared about two weeks ago, very pregnant. They thought she was still pregnant or that the kittens had died. But at least some survived because she is lactating. The people up there think the kittens were born two weeks ago.

UPDATE: I just returned the torti female, saw the Siamese, happy as a clam, waiting for food, whom I returned yesterday, and trapped one of two other females I'd seen, a muted calico--all in ten minutes time! Yay!

Slurpy is now spoken for. She's the torti from the Lebanon situation. It's some people I know who have been big supporters, in Corvallis. Slurpy has a home waiting. She'll be spayed Tuesday.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Want to Be Like Baghdad? Then Fix Your Pets!

Veterinarians, better known as animal killers in this respect, and Iraqi police are killing stray dogs by the thousand, 58,000 so far. Stray populations are out of control there and packs of hungry dogs are attacking people. So veterinarians and police are shooting and poisoning them. Click post title to go to story.

Fortunately, the US isn't Iraq. We take them to shelters and kill them there, out of sight. By the millions.

This could all be prevented. Let's show we can get a handle on the problem here in the US and fix the dogs and cats. Only stupid people don't and selfish people who just don't care much. And people who lack self-control. And people who have instant gratification issues. I guess that is a lot of people, so the problem will be hard to solve here, too.

I call it the Animal Holocaust.

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. Two are female teens from a Maple street house. Their feral mom, and three kittens from her latest litter, were fixed a month or so ago. Now, the last two unfixed cats from that house, all offspring of the one feral mom, are being fixed.

The other three are from a N. Albany situation. A man called to say his parents and wife and others feed strays up there and there was a mom with four kittens. Except, there are lots of cats being fed up there. And, no one seems to want involved in helping watch traps until I finally met a horse woman, who will help. Also, the man had said he would pay the pain med fee, but now, he's gone for a week and I am having to pay $30 out of pocket and it's pissing me off big time! UPDATE: He has arranged for a relative to pay, was embarrassed I got stuck paying it. So that's a good thing!

These aren't poor people up there. The people on Maple street, whose two teen girls from the feral mom are getting fixed today, are poor people. Husband lost job. Just struggling. But they made sure I got the extra $10 per cat to go with their girls. it goes.

Torbi teen from Maple street house.
Tabby female teen from Maple street house.
Siamese female, from the N. Albany colony.
Torti, who has had multiple litters over years and years, and still, people just fed them, in a highly educated neighborhood, and did not get them fixed. When I was trapping up there, it was hot and horrible. People would come over to complain about the cats but none would help when I asked, to just watch traps. One said, "You must work for the humane society." To which I replied, "Absolutely not!" Another man said, "You must work for the county." To which I replied, "No, I don't. I'm not being paid. I'm a volunteer. Have you ever heard of those kind of people?"

I was frustrated by that time, with the neighborhood apathy to involvement. I shouldn't be. It's really common now.

Here's how it works: You just complain about problems. You complain to beat the band. Or you stand and protest about them, demanding someone else do the work of changing things. But heaven forbid, not you. And/or expect government to solve it, or anyone else but you. You make sure not to alter your lifestyle one bit to solve anything. If at all possible, get some freak like me to solve it while you stand on the sidelines complaining or telling me how I should be doing it, or offer helpful critiques of my appearance or personality, etc.
The torti mom again. FINALLY, her reproduction days are over.
This is Scout, one of her four kittens.

Friday, July 09, 2010

Recap on Gorge Trapping

I was informed by the Gorge rescue woman that she kept the 17 kittens I trapped, plus two of the adults, including the abandoned Siamese male.

She said 23 of the 42 I trapped (there were 44 but two were already fixed), were females and all but three of the adult females were pregnant again.

She's pretty overwhelmed taking care of so many kittens. I can empathize with that for sure.

I can't repeat myself enough: god bless the little people and small groups out there attacking this huge overpopulation problem with hard work and big hearts. The big shelters and big humane organizations are not tackling this problem but should be.

I have been frustrated back here, without a place to rush off cats and kittens to, to be fixed, now that the clinic in Wilsonville is charging more per cat, an add on for the mandated pain meds, that either I have to pay or the owner/caregiver of the cat has to pay, if I am to get them fixed there.

I am seeing all these free kittens advertised and I want to contact them, offering to fix the kittens, but I can't do it anymore. It's hard on me.

The only cat fixing I can do down here now will be very limited, to the few spaces I get at the Salem clinic. That's why I'm willing now to trap for groups, like the gorge group, since I can't be of much service anymore here.

Wednesday, July 07, 2010

26 Hours. 44 Cats. The Gorge Marathon.

I took a whirlwind trip to the gorge, to help out a group that needed trapping done. I trapped 44 cats, while there, 42 of them in the first 24 hours. But, it wasn't that big a deal. See, two of the 44 turned out to already be fixed and four of the 44 were actually two tame females I found amongst trailer park residents, that needed fixed, and one of them had two kittens. The rescue/cat fixer hauled them off to be fixed and will haul them back.

I wish could have caught all the cats there, but I didn't. I missed a couple adults and about four or five kittens. That made me disappointed. Some photos from the quick trip follow.

This cat still needs fixed.
So does this one, a little female. The orange tabby in photo above this one and the one above are both owned.

This cat turned out to be already fixed.
So did this one, a brown tabby tux.

I didn't think this muted calico, whom I trapped after taking this photo, was already fixed, but looking at the photo, I think she was already fixed. Looks like an eartip to me. My eyes are bad and this photo was taken from a distance in the dark. I didn't look at it til now. Funny.
Here's the knife I found outside my window at the motel this morning.
Big gray and white male. The rescue woman is going to find him a home.
This cat isn't fixed and still needs to be fixed.
Four of 8 kittens dug out of a junk and trash filled mud room in one trailer.
More deceased kittens in the trashed out meth trailer.
Old fishing platforms along the Columbia River.
The cat spine and skull, eaten, in the meth trailer. We were inside it looking for a couple of kittens. It was really disgusting.
Brothers in the grass.
Bridge over the Columbia River.

Trap bloodied gray tabby.
Two males face off.
One of above males, in a trap.

I longed for a vacation. I wanted to get away. I am very proud of my accomplishment in the vacation that wasn't a vacation over the last two days. I'm old, beat up, and my attitude may be sour, but I get the job done anyhow. And that is what counts.

I thought I'd have off time, and was chomping at the bit, for some off time, when a group in the gorge asked for help with one large cat situation. If I'd come trap for them, they offered to reimburse my gas and food expenses, and provide lodging. I loaded up ten traps and left. Before leaving, I looked up hikes and waterfalls and swimming holes in the gorge, eager for recreation. I was excited and hopeful.

But, my dreams for some recreational time while getting lodging provided for doing work, didn't work out. Instead, I spent two days with almost no sleep, listening to an old woman headed into dementia and deeply self-absorbed talk, and complain like I'm doing now. By this morning, deep into exhaustion, hunger and sleep deprivation, even the sound of her voice, starting up, became unbearable.

I arrived at the location Monday evening and was met at the motel by the couple who had invited me, but whom I would not see again. The motel, sadly, was seedy. I only saw one other car. The place was in disrepair and trash cans were filled with large cheap beer cans. A man, heavily scented in alcohol, was asking if they had a room. The couple had rented the room online and this motel's website did not reflect its reality they said!

It looked to me like a motel where rooms might go for the hour, or where people might live for a week or two at a time.

The young clerk, when finally located, could not produce record of the groups' payment or reservation either, which is a very very bad sign, I think.

So, the couple will seek reimbursement, and they got a room for me down a couple streets. The room was tiny and upstairs, but the bed was comfortable and it seemed much safer. I did not see the room again until after midnight, Monday night.

I was asleep quickly, then just as quickly, awakened by a man traipsing up the stairs with a ladder to change a light bulb in front of my door at that hour. I found this disturbing behavior.

However, that seemed mild by comparison with last night. I awoke startled to some noise just after 5:00 a.m. and only 5 hours after going to bed. I thought nothing of it, and, decided, since up, to check the trailer park traps. We were wrapping up the trapping this morning.

By the time I left the night before I had trapped 42 cats in about 26 hours at a seedy run down trailer park. I had overwhelmed the groups' capacity to fix cats, but also made them happy to have caught so many there. They had asked me to trap and I wanted to do a great job. I was confident I could filter out a situation, figure out the cats there, and get the job done. I did that.

I come back to the motel this morning after catching cat 43, and walk up to my room. It was dark when I had left, but it was light now and 6:00 or 6:30 a.m. I intended to sleep for two more hours. But, there in the middle of the walkway, almost in front of the window to my room, lay an open pocket knife. The blade was only about 3 1/2 inches. But it was an odd discovery, to be laying just outside my window so searly in the morning. I took a photo of it.

I don't know if it was there when I left about 5:30 a.m. or if my waking up to a noise a few minutes before that had anything to do with that knife laying there, outside my window. I thought, momentarily, of taking it. It looked like a nice knife. But then I began to flick through possibilities. What if someone had committed a crime with it? What if someone had been just about to break through my window, using that knife to jimmy it, and I woke to that noise startling them away. So I didn't touch the knife. I buzzed the office door, to tell them about it but there was no answer. So I checked out immediately, despite the early hour. I felt that was the safest decision, considering that knife laying there.

The trapping I did was in and around an old woman's trailer and the other trailers in a trailer park. There were kittens everywhere, all blotchy in ringworm. There were unfixed abandoned house cats, like a nice chocolate point Siamese, skinny, sad, left behind. At one end, lived two brothers in their twenties, in a trashy trailer. Their mother, a meth head, started the cat problem there, I was told.

She had cats, never cared for them, let them breed, never got them fixed. I got 8 kittens in their "mud room", which is a room full of trash, waist high, broken windows and junk. Their poor old dog, itching and always tied on a dirty rope tries to live in that junk or on the rotting garbage strewn deck, or under it, when its hot. The dog is barely ever looked at, and a neighbor tries to feed and water it.

The kittens slept with the dog, just as unnoticed, unfed and unloved and unwanted. The boys wouldn't feed them, said that was the mother cats' job. One mother cat was pregnant again and the other in heat and skinny as a rail. All 8 kittens were skinny except for the big worm bellies. Those boys, now men, learned nothing decent from their meth mom, I will guess, and repeat the cycle. Got ten fixed there. The Gorge cat groups will not return a single kitten from that park back to the park. The woman who runs that was working herself to death, like me it seemed, taking care of all the cats, transporting them to various clinics, picking them up, assessing them, for possible adoption. She's amazing.

Yay! that no kitten will return.

Then there was a group of five kittens I found in berry vines, eating on another tenants porch. I trapped the five, then both their moms, then two more males he was feeding. Nine from there.

Around the old woman's dwelling were most of the rest of the unfixed cats roaming in, abandoned by various local meth heads. As tiring as she was, she likely was a good and hard working woman all her life. Brains get old. They repeat things, they rant on through old mouths and hearts hungry for love again, and warmth and friendship and someone to talk to. It wasn't her fault. I was too tired to deal with the cats, the heat, the no sleep and her. I couldn't do it all. I tried. I wanted to be nice and understanding but I went past a barrier I could handle in the end, and became irritible.

She thought I was there for her, to listen to her, to entertain her, to eagerly eat fried spam sandwiches, which she loves. And I wouldn't eat fried spam. I wanted to vomit at the sound of the words. By then I just plain wanted to vomit.

The weather turned, you see. It turned scorching hot. I had nowhere to get out of the searing heat except inside the old woman's trailer, where nonstop yabbering and complaining met my exhausted ears.

She'd offer her couch, for me to nap on, then kick me awake, because I wasn't there to trap the cats. No. I had been whored out to be her friend for two days. I think that is how she felt. She had no sympathy for my exhaustion, even as I begged for her to understand how tired out I was, that I came here to clean up a cat problem (I didn't add, "not listen to your stories").

Her stories were never ending. She asked if I'd ever been in a forest fire and I knew she wanted to tell me some story about a forest fire and that was her opening line. She told me about her father getting his fancy fringed glove caught in machinery then losing his hand, and how he did this or that with his stump arm.

No neighbor was good enough. There was the even older woman, the cat hater, the cop calling complainer. She told me about each and every neighbor. There was the single middle aged man, formerly a drunk and addict, for whom now she has a fondness, just as a friend, and he stops in all the time. She said the guys ex wife calls her "his old lady whore" and I thought "Boy trailer park drama is the best!"

The family, a man, wife, spoiled rotten daughter (according to the old woman) and daughter's single pregnant friend, also inhabit the scandalous park. I got the dish on everything going on, even in city hall. This morning the old woman marched back in to proclaim "I've made myself an enemy." I didn't doubt it. I saw the two girls come back, and watched the old woman follow them to the door of their trailer.

I asked "What'd you tell them?" She said "I told them they ought not to dress like that, with that pregnant belly bare and hanging out. And," she continued, "I told them they better sure as hell write the owner if that pregnant friend is going to live here and have that baby here because they don't have permission."

Oh boy. I didn't react.

I badly wanted gone this morning. I wanted gone so badly I asked her not to talk, that I was so tired I couldn't take talking. So she began talking baby talk to her young poodle who would slip out the door and run for it many times each day. I was enlisted three times to chase her down, then I declined involvement and would say, "I'm a cat person" as an excuse.

The old woman refused to keep her own cats in while I trapped and saw no reason I couldn't just release them if they were caught. It was no good trying to explain the extra added work to her. She didn't care.

Periodically, she would wave a BB pistol, and proclaim she was going to shoot all the cats and maybe she wouldn't stop with the cats. There were no BB's in the gun and I saw none around. It was just for drama. She takes good care of the cats. All of her own are fixed. These are caste out cats of others, and their offspring.

My routine, was to set traps, then check them, and set up and monitor the drop trap. I also netted kittens, and searched out other locations and found other small colonies. When I left, there were two adults in the park I had not trapped and five kittens. In addition, there were two owned orange cats, next door, neither fixed. We contacted the owners of one, and he will soon be fixed, I believe. Two of the 44 cats I trapped turned out to be already fixed. The other 42 were not, but are now, except kittens too young and they're being held by the rescue lady who does more than I do, and is far better at adoptions. The other, owned next door, hopefully will be fixed at the same time.

During the day Tuesday, with temps in the 100 degree range, and me tired from getting only 6 hours of sleep, I began to fade. I ate only twice in the entire time I was there. There was one store, and the produce in the store was limited to a small section of very wilted looking fruits and vegetables. I thought, "Where in the world do these people in this town get real food?" If they have no car, they can't! The nearest bigger town was 20 miles away. Virtually the only food available in this town is processed packaged and expensive crap. That's pathetic and sad.

So I didn't eat much in the last two and a half days, which is good for me.

One of the rescue people, who took all the kittens in, walked with me through the disgusting rotting trash of a former drug trailer. We were looking for two desperate wispy gray fluff kittens inside.

We poked through smashed windows, rotting carpets, old chairs mattresses stood on end, with cat crap dried into the fabric, all this junk sitting on two to three feet of just plain trash, comprised of old moldy hardened food, to broken glass, boxes, electronics, and dead kittens. Lots of dead kittens.

This person too is fed up with the big shelters, hogging all the money for their salaries and big fancy buildings, and doing almost nothing to help solve the overpopulation problem. That's left to a handful of unfunded people, doing it on their own time and money. The shelters need to get on track and really help animals by primarly working to solve overpopulation.

The gorge is very very beautiful. You wouldn't know, when admiring a place of such natural beauty, that there exists, hidden from the tourists eye, thankfully, a place humans have created chaos and filth, deliberately and willfully.

The obvious eyesores of the trailer park hide some good hearts. None of those folks planned out their lives to end up there. It happened and many make the best of their situations and even improve them vastly. That's spunk. Nothing is permanent. In a year, that park could be cleaned up and gorgeous!

I'm going to end up like that old woman up there. I'm going to chock full of stories with no soul wanting to listen. I'll be feeding every stray. I'll get me a .22 but it won't be empty or for show like that bb gun of hers. No siree it won't. I'm already thinking the young girls dress like whores so it won't be much of a stretch to go knock on their doors to tell them so, like she does. She's fought her way to her age, and deserves more respect than she got from the likes of me. I should have been alert to her stories, got a third wind and not, in the end, had her throw my purse and other items out her trailer door. She was mad at me, for saying no, when she offered me a bag for garbage. You see, I had one in my hand already. She didn't see, didn't know, is having trouble with her brain and how could I be, I think later, so mean?

I forgive myself. I think I did admirably. Not many would have held up even a quarter of that time. I didn't mean to be irritable at the end, didn't plan it. It's not me. I have a brain too, that messes up when I'm tired. So there, critics out there, who call no one on their faults except me.

One day, I'd like to see the Columbia Gorge through the eyes of a tourist. I'd like to hike some of the hundreds of trails to beautiful waterfalls and views, to enjoy the Columbia River itself and explore places like Eagle Creek with Punch Bowl falls.

I didn't see much this time except another seedy trailer park over run with cats who are victims of humans frailties and weaknesses.

I am worn out and thin. I found a reply from the apartment complex management company I had e-mailed about Holly Square, to find out what they did with the cats there, after a former tenant told me that they trapped the cats there. I wanted to find out what they did with them, if they killed them or found them homes or just what, since those were probably some of the cats I got fixed. I don't like to think I wasted my time and Poppa's money on doomed cats and beyond that, I think animal cruelty sucks and there's way too much of it going on. And beyond that even, on a far deeper level, I suffer tremendously when I think cats I have helped, have been killed deliberately or dumped out somewhere. I see their eyes, and feel what they have gone through. I get nightmares and wake up screaming, running, trying to stop someone from committing a horrible atrocity, the likes which are very very common.

The management, I guess it was, claimed, in the e-mail, that it was the former manager who had some woman trap them and that the woman took them out to some farm and that they are pet friendly apartments and how dare I make false claims that certainly are not true, and pets are only indoor there and on and on about how wonderful they are and how evil I am to suggest the cats who are in fact gone, are not wonderfully happy and alive somewhere. They may be and that's all I want to know. That was the gist of it. There was no name attached to the e-mail.

Doesn't quite make sense. If it was former management, how would new management know anything about it, I can't figure out.

I got at least 25 cats fixed there. There was another set of notorious apartments off Pacific where I got about 70 or so fixed and where abandonment was a weekly if not more often affair. It was a horrible place and known for trouble making tenants, drugs, crime at that time. Then, and that was three or four years back, one SafeHaven employee, or former employee (do not know if she still work there), told me, when she lived there, while employed at Safehaven, she told me the management paid her a $5 a cat bounty to catch cats and take them to Heartland in Corvallis. This was before Heartland refused to take Linn County cats.

Anyhow, I hope both places have changed. I really really hope that. But both places have been notorious for unfixed cats in the past and Poppa's money has tried to fix the problem caused by tenants. The guy who delivered my new frig lives out there, where I got so many fixed, and said the cat problem is back and said he'd heard management was trapping them there. That too made me want to vomit and to cry. I gave him my card, and told him, due to all the trauma of seeing so much animal neglect and abuse, before when I was out there fixing cats, that I was emotionally incapable of doing it again, but if he wanted to trap some, I'd take them to be fixed. I did not hear from him.

What is so wrong with worrying about the cats who have crossed my path? What is so wrong with not wanting cats to be trapped and killed or trapped and dumped out somewhere, and to be assured they have not been? I don't think anything is wrong with wondering such a thing. I think kindness is a virtue not something one should have to make apologies for.

Was this money, spent fixing Holly Square cats, wasted and cats killed or dumped out, not relocated? Hell if I know. I really don't believe anybody anymore. I wish this world were kind and loving, but it is a viscious jungle and I can't change that. The smoke and mirrors put out by our society, our churches is just that: smoke and mirrors. We are a blood thirsty species, for the most part. Humans are the most violent species in scale to have roamed this planet thus far. Maybe it's stupid to be anti law of the jungle, to save rather than kill.

If there is a god, the greatest evidence of a god may be found in the hearts of us unfortunate souls burdened with saving the animals. But who looks there, for evidence of a god? Certainly not those self righteous among the church people intent on evangelizing the human souls to their brand of religion oft while neglecting lives in their care or suffering beneath their noses.

I saw part of a show on elephant language, which is complex and largely unheard by humans. They communicate on very low frequencies we cannot hear. This certainly does not surprise me. I hear and witness language in cats and even different dialects. We must believe the animals are stupid and without feeling so that we can brutalize and torture them. Doesn't make it true.

When complexes lie to me about their cat policy, I don't go back and waste more money fixing doomed cats. I have nightmares otherwise, also. So I try to find out the truth which is really really hard to do. I don't know what really happened to the cats at Holly Square. However, the nature of their reply to my request for information makes me have dark forebodings about their fates. I've seen too many black hearts.

Monday, July 05, 2010

Holly Square Apartments in Albany Trapped the Cats?

I was just informed by a former tenant of Holly Square apartments in Albany, that management there changed, and they trapped the cats there and the person did not know if the cats were killed or just what happened to them. Since Heartland will not take in Linn County cats, I have to wonder what they did with those poor cats. Supposedly, they threatened to kill a mom with kittens also, but that sounds like angry tenant stuff. I don't know what they did with the cats. This information comes from someone who left there, very angry, so I hope to find out the truth.

This information churns my stomach, and comes to me just as I am stressed and about to leave on a trapping trip. The people I am going to go help are stressed and overwhelmed, like anybody who helps animals anywhere. We're all overwhelmed by the sheer numbers of unfixed unwanted cats.

I immediately sent them an e-mail asking what they did with the cats they trapped. I doubt I will get a response. But I might if a lot of people call them or e-mail them and ask "What did you do with the cats?"

Kitten Loves HER Chicken! The Littlest Lebanon Trailer Park Orangie Fights for her Food!

Saturday, July 03, 2010


I had a blast this afternoon. I went to the festival along the river in Corvallis. Mainly I danced, wildly, to a rock band. Fun? Hell yes.

I had a free wheeling super time!

I have two cats in trouble. Cattyhop is losing weight and wants to eat but can't. This has gone on over time. She gains weight then has lost it again, this time drastically. She sniffs at food, wants to eat, but then won't.

I have a bad feeling. I'm going to guess lymphoma or she fell off a shelf in the garage room and broke her jaw or something inside her mouth. She's going to the vet Monday.

The other cat with a problem is the smallest orange kitten. She has diarrhea and I can't get a grip on it. The others did at first but quickly got over it. I keep trying with her.

Friday, July 02, 2010

Holiday Breakfast

I went to the holiday breakfast down in the park. The food was far greasier than what I am used to eating and I feel very sick now. It was for a good cause, at least, but once is definitely enough.

Think I"m going to go vomit. Too much grease.

Bike Dude in the Dark

Some guy was riding around and around the neighborhood in the dark on a bike, with a huge old backpack on. I think he was looking to rob somebody. I think he's looking for people obviously gone for the holiday. Then, I wondered, well maybe he's with the new neighbors, since at this hour, they're out working on a car or something.

I have no clue. I was going to go out and ask him, "What are you doing riding around with a backpack on a dark bike in the dark in the middle of the night? But then I thought better of it. Maybe he's methed up or something. I just don't know. But I don't think he's out for exercise.

It is a white dude, with short cropped hair. Big old backpack. Huge backpack.

So I finally see him up the sidewalk, just sitting there, on his bike, in the dark, after midnight, near a neighbors car. I'm not sure what I should do. If he's just some guy, acting bizarre at that hour, I mean, well hell, this is one strange world now.

So I come back in and think, "Now what is the protocol here?" Should I call the police, because I think he's trying to rob cars or something. And if he robs a neighbors car and they're raising hell in the morning and I did nothing, boy, that isn't going to endear me in this area and I'm not endeared anyhow.

So I call the cops. But they don't come. They never come. I don't think car prowls is high pri in this town.

So then I feel foolish for even trying and think, "Well, I better keep an eye on what he's up to. He sails down the block again. I think, well, nothing I can do.

But then I see the new neighbors prowling around their garage. One disappears, then after awhile, a second guy is leaving their garage on a bike with a big old backpack. What the hell? I think, "Did a gang of theives move in?" I don't know that. They're young guys and I'd like to stupidly give htem the benefit of the doubt and be just all super Mayberry RFD about it. My goodness those hardworking young men are baking apple pies in their garage, for the 4th. Yes, that's it. They're baking apple pies and delivering them on their bikes in the dark to the doorsteps of old veterans of foreign wars. I'm sure that's it.

Ok, maybe they were just working on a project that required heavy backpacks to carry out of there, and well, how would I know what is going on. I have no idea, but I might ask them tomorrow, and tell them it's scaring me and see if they have anything to say.

Well, I probably shouldn't do that. I'll just ask the a couple of the neighbors. Because it oculd be something completely innocent or something common to this area, which I've noted it is.

Can you tell I have no clue how to survive in a concrete cul de sac? I don't. There should be a manuel. If I was living in the woods or the forest, I'd sic some dogs on that sort of thing, or set out some snares for trespassers then see what they have to say in the morning. Or solve it with some overhead shotgun blasts. But you can't do that here. It's supposed to be all civilized, but it isn't. It's only enforced civilized for the law abiding while the theives do what they want.

So I have a friend who tells me the house next to hers is up for sale. She had told me once some Russians live there and that the woman once told her, at least I think it was the wife of the man of concern, that her husband was working for the KGB. I said "You're kidding me!" She said, "No! And he said he had some little manager job, but he's always flying out and travelling all over the world."

"No!" I said. "Managers don't fly all over the world. Do you really think he might be a Russian agent or spy?" "Maybe Russian mafia," she said with a nod of very worldy knowledge I can only take stabs at from watching TV.

Then a few months later I encountered her again. She was distraught. She said there had been a car parked across the street at certain times for months, with a woman inside. At specific times, she leaves, then comes back, like she's on a time clock.

I said "OMG, do you think it's an FBI agent?" She had not thought of that possibility, that the woman might be watching the neighbors house and not hers. She was instantly relieved, to think it might have something to do with the Russians rather than her. "That makes sense," she said. "Sure does," I added with an emphatic conspiratorial nod like I knew what I was talking about, which I don't and rarely do.

"It's either FBI watching the Russians or a state worker dodging doing any real work, and just going back to punch in her time clock, then coming out to sit in the car and read and nap. Or....." I went on, "It's somebody leading a dual life and can't tell their family they've lost their job or that their husband has left them...something like that I bet, cause I saw a movie like that."

I don't know who that woman really was or why she would sit there in her car like that. My friend never found out and all of a sudden, she didn't show up anymore.

So my friend tells me now that since the neighbors house is up for sale, she's worried about who might move in. She says she would rather have some older meth addicts move in than a bunch of theives or people with out of control dangerous dogs or dangerous unparented kids. I said "Really? You'd go with meth heads over bad parents?" "Oh yeah," she said, "and people who are so insecure they get pitbulls and beat them, those are the worst." I had to agree. So far, the house hasn't sold and she's happy I think about that.

She sleeps on the couch so she can more easily see and hear if anyone is breaking into somebody's place or car nearby. She says she doesn't do bedrooms anymore, with all the breaking in going on. Guess I don't blame her. Guess I'm going to go back to some cheap booby traps.

I've really got nothing worth stealing in here. Nothing. Even this darn computer lately is slower than molasses and keeps on shutting off for no good reason, I keep telling it. I tell it, "It's a baseball bat to you, if you don't behave, and it doesn't react for about an hour to that threat, so you can tell, it's not much good for long. That threat is real, to any PC under my control. I've smashed them before, with no regrets, when slightly frustrated with lack of performance.

Thursday, July 01, 2010

Latest Kitten Photos

Slurpy. from the Lebanon situation, with the smallest of the orange kittens from the Lebanon trailer park.
The smallest orange female kitten again.
The largest of the four Lebanon orangies is a girl and this is her.
Orange girl atop her brother.
Down town Black Pearl colony girl kittens play. Their feral calico mom is still here. I'm afraid to take her back for fear that mean old neighbor guy will carry through and kill them.
One of two orange and white male kittens from the Black Pearl down town colony.
The down town girl kitten.
Albany boy wrestles Lebanon girl.