Thursday, December 31, 2009

Deadliest Catch Greenhorn Actually an Oregon Bank Robber

So Josh the Greenhorn from Deadliest Catch and the Wizard's crew is actually an Oregon bank robber and was caught after allegedly robbing three banks. He robbed one before going on the show, after being hired by the Wizard's captain.

A Eugene police captain's quote is very funny. He says, "what a stupid thing to do. Rob a bank, then go on a National TV show and make a spectacle of yourself, then come home and rob two more banks." Hahahahaha.

Click post title to go to the Oregonian story about Oakridge Native "Josh" a.k.a. "the greenhorn", and his burgeoning film and bank robbing careers.

Close Call in Salem

I've been up looking for a lost cat all day in Salem. A very nice Hispanic woman, whom I was trying to give a lost cat flier, suggested this evening, that it might be a good time to call it day. I'd pulled into an apartment complex again, off Lancaster, to cruise it and give out more fliers. I so much wanted to find that cat and deliver him back, safe and sound, to my friend.

I was in the turn lane to pull into the complex, and the car ahead of me just wouldn't make the turn in. I saw a tan van with it's hood up in the front of the complex, just off the street, and then saw three Mexican guys striding away from it.

Finally I was able to pull in. I went by the van and drove around the complex, parts of which were puddled in deep water from all the rain. I talked to a little kid, gave him a flier too, then pulled out at the same entrance I'd come in, rolling down my window to talk to the woman by the van and give her a lost cat flier.

That's when she told me a shooting occurred right when I was driving in. I had heard about four popping sounds, but I thought it was something going haywire in my car and gave it no thought. I just wasn't in the mode to think "shooting". Click post title for story of the shooting, which started at the gas station right by the apartments.

She was very kind in urging I get out of there now. She told me "That kitty is going to get found!"

I stared at the bullet holes in the back of that van and wondered if it was her van and her kids standing now at the front of the van and why shouldn't she be getting out of there, too. Why should she care about my safety when she has to live there, is what went through my mind. I didn't want to leave, in a way, because it didn't seem fair that I could leave.

Somebody had pulled up with a big TV type news camera to shoot video of the bullet holes in the van. I left.

I drove around again. I turned down the road that the field is one side and the barn is on the other, to just take one look there and saw four sheriff's deputies or police cars, lights flashing, with two cars pulled over. I wondered if that was related the shooting that just occurred.

I drove back then to the field on the other side of the complex where the shooting occurred. I just know that cat is running through that field and the back of that complex. I thought about setting a trap by the side fence of the complex, where there is a definite trail under the fence into the field, but then I thought if I ended up running into people with guns and got shot, that wouldn't be good.

I don't like to be below windows. I got shot at once in Corvallis when sitting in my car between two complexes over near campus watching a trap behind a couple of dumpy duplexes. The shot came from one of those dark windows above me. I laid the seat back, turned on the engine and hightailed it out of there, laid out flat, below the doorline of the car. I had to come back to get the trap by sneaking through from the other side. Made me nervous. The students had just returned and were partying everywhere and hell, that was scary.

I left food, for the lost cat, near the field, and came home.

I was there all day in the pouring rain and wet. My friend was there most of the day. There have been no legitimate sightings, but we checked out another lead, that he was seen with two other cats in a field. The field was off another street and the back of it was against the end of a street lined in "projects". I'd been down that street too and there's nothing pretty about the trashy and trash littered complexes along there. There are signs to a sheriff's substation and I did put a flier in the doorknob of that, but it too looks trashed and maybe abandoned.

In the back of one complex a young dead nutria lies stiff, front legs up as if in his last moments of life, he was pleading with the heavenes for help. Out in the nutria crap filled field, another nutria, with a shot off back leg, ran a few feet, then had to curl up to rest, because of his injury.

This is not a nice neighborhood.

Across the way, a man who owns a falling apart leaky roofed rotting barn, vowed to watch for the cat and says he sees a white cat, maybe a calico come through. I know that calico and where it hangs out. I know all the cats now in a half mile radius.

Another woman told me she'd taken her cat, an unfixed male, to the humane society two days ago. I said, "You know he's probably dead already." I couldn't not say that, not after the days out there searching for that poor lost kitty. She looked uncomfortable and finally said, "Well, maybe he isn't."

A man opened the door to my knock at one house. I started my speil about the lost cat when he insisted I come in. He took my arm and tried to pull me through the door, but it wasn't forceful. The alcohol smell was strong. I twisted away and said, "You think I'm nuts? I don't know you and I'm not coming inside your house." He softened then and came outside and was quite sympathetic about the lost cat and took a flier.

I had no luck at all today, but I didn't get shot at least or raped. At least there's that.

I feel like a ditz. I don't even notice a shooting is going on in front of my eyes? How will I ever find a lost cat then.

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Hug in a Homeless Camp

I visited the homeless camp this evening. I found a friend who took me over with bags of cat food to deliver to the campers left there. The cats were nearly starved. I gave the first camper a bag of food. The second camp, Little R's, was vacant, but the black tame female, left behind by campers when they moved from the other side, was in his tent and starved. I opened one of the bags and poured out a large pile for her and the others.

I went to the last camp where the woman lives. She stood up immediately, startled at first by my sudden appearance in the woods. Then she held her arms out and wanted a hug. "I can't believe it," she said over and over.

She always acts shocked to see me, face full of disbelief. Like I've tramped through miles upon miles of deep snow and wilderness carrying an 80 pound pack to get there.

She wanted me to sit down and talk awhile. She stumbled to her feet to offer me her chair. She had two sports or camp type fold up chairs under a tarp, at a table. The tarp had been squared off to make almost a little room, where she could sit, at her table, out of the rain.

She was drunk and could barely stand without wobbling. I eyed the creek, only 15 feet away, and hoped she wouldn't stumble into it in the night.

She waved at the empty tent and said "He's dead you know." I said "I know." Speed, as was his nickname, died a few weeks ago. Alcoholism.

She looked old tonight. Almost defeated.

She had torn open the plastic wrap on raw chicken thigh and drumstick pieces, two in each of the two packages, for her cats. She had no cat food. I gave her the two 18 lb bags I'd bought and brought over. I opened one of the bags and filled two food dishes in her kitchen shelter so her cats could eat immediately. Then I came back over to the table. The man from the first camp had shown up, following me through the woods. He wanted to hug me too and tell me thank you.

When the woman hugged me, she wouldn't let go for about five minutes. We've known each other a long time. I think she knows if she doesn't do something, she might be next to die out there somewhere. I so much wish I could buy those three a house to live in. I mean, I know they'd trash it, but they'd have a roof and bathroom, shower, heat, even a TV and frig for their use. I just wish I could do that for them but I can't.

Those last three campers have been at it too long. They know it, too, that they're on borrowed time now. I don't know if any of them will last the year through. It's the alcohol that kills them one by one.

I finally had to leave because my gracious friend would be out there driving back and forth waiting for me. I need to get those three some more food, human food, take that in.

I take her vitamins but she doesn't take them. I take them Gatorade when I can afford to, so at least they replenish their electrolites. She'll tell me, and Richard too will chime in "Is it like your job or something to bug us?" And I'll say "Hell yes. I have to bug someone. May as well be you guys." "All right," one of them will say, "guess we'll let you. As long as you fix them cats."

I know people think the drunks are worthless. Well, so what, they're still human beings.

Well anyhow, after I left my mind kept racing trying to come up with some solution for them.

Watch for this LOST DOG. He was Stolen and Theives are Trying to Sell Him

I got this from a friend who lives in North Bend:

Skipper has been missing since 12/16 when a visitor to the house left the gate open while Skipper was using the bathroom. He has since been picked up by what people are reporting as a couple.

The woman has been seen walking Skipper past McKay's and 7-11 in Empire Oregon. Then a few days ago was seen inside a pet store when the couple reported brought the dog inside trying to sell him to the pet store for $200.

Mind you the town has been plastered with his missing flyers, plus craigslist lost and found, the local newspapers, facebook is creating quite a following too, the animals shelter, and police departments all know too. So with these people trying to sell him, there is no telling where he might end up.

The description of Skipper is 1 1/2 year old White with Black Papillon, neutered male, about 15 lbs. He has a scar on his belly from an undescended testicle where they did surgery to remove it. He is incredibly lovable and excited when around people. Loves the mud! Was wearing a black collar and tags. Stacy's number is 541-404-1124 if found, she is offering a reward.

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Some Leg Hold Trapper Lost a Trap

A Sweet Home trapper apparently has a line of traps out around Albany somewhere and is missing a trap. Click post title to go to his letter. Pisses me off to hear of leg hold traps in use, because of how much animals suffer in them. And also because that trap could be attached to the leg of anything, including an unsuspecting dog, cat or kid. If I was out and had one of those snap onto my foot, I would lay in wait all right. For the damn trapper.

I bet that trap is with some kind person who found it on the leg of a cat or dog, and rushed that cat or dog to the vet. I hope too, if this occurred, the trap is now part of evidence in an animal cruelty case or in a trash can somewhere.

Nobody stole that trap, as he thinks. It's attached to somebody or something and he'll likely hear about it now that he identified himself. That is sad, man, so sad. If he's going to kill nutria, he ought to shoot them, not torture them to death. Those traps wait there for anything that comes along. Anything. I don't even leave an unattended live trap, for gosh sakes, what is wrong with these people.

In the comment section, some woman attacks another commenter who said it was cruel, saying any cosmetics he used are probably animal tested, etc. etc. In other words, she says he can't say its cruel because he probably endorses by product and medicine use, animal torture in labs.

Well hell, does that make any animal torture ok? Of course it doesn't. Oh everybody bullies that kid, says the bully justifying the bullying. It's a load of horseshit argument, lady. Horseshit argument.

It's Snowing!

Monday, December 28, 2009

OR Humane and 10,000 Adoptions

OR Humane is on a big campaign to reach 10,000 adoptions this year. I suppose I'm not so impressed. I should be, I know.

I got an e-mail from SafeHaven a few days ago asking if I had any kittens up for adoption because Oregon Humane was looking for kittens. Now I know why. They had a goal to reach by years' end and needed highly adoptable animals to reach it.

That Wilsonville woman who briefly fostered Black Pearl would get on a list to take cats she rescued in to Oregon Humane every couple of months. I wouldn't let her take in Black Pearl. I made her promise she wouldn't. I'm so damn skeptical about the big shelters. She would pay $45 per cat, I think she said it was, to take in the cats she rescued, primarily from the trailer park where she lives, to OR Humane.

I would like to see all the small timers, the heartfelt little people rescues and rescuers go to heaven. A nice vacation for each would be nice in the meantime, however.

I'm glad Oregon Humane is adopting out 10,000 animals this year. It's a good accomplishment.

I'd be far more impressed if Oregon Humane had spayed and neutered 25,000 Oregon low income owned and feral cats. I'd just be super impressed then. I might even become a fan on Facebook then. But not until.

I still see the possibilities. I still think that sheltering a fraction of the aftermath of overpopulation is ineffective and inefficient and diverts the spotlight from the bright shining possibilities, of really solving the overpopulation issue with massive spay neutering.

It's a hard sell. People like to see the success stories at shelters. They like to go to shelters where they can literally wrap their arms around the overpopulation issue and hug it and take it home. They can lay out their money there, even when they know, if they thought about it, most of that money would be going into salaries, and utility bills and cleaning supplies.

Are they instead going to hand over their money to the handful of statewide cat trapper and cat wrangler groups, who are dirty by comparison, unsightly, often poor, without pulpits or accountants, rarely seen but talked about like they're nuts?

Only those with vivid imaginations or experiences will. The stories could be told, the stories that begin with two cats, one male and one female, and go on to the subsequent stories and fates of all the kittens born. The stories would include the costs and tragedies of all the tangents taken in the lives of those kittens, handed out to breed elsewhere, to be abandoned, to suffer, to produce more who suffer, and the people who chase after them, their heartbreaks and costs. People who can imagine this or have seen it do hand over their money to spay neuterers.

The story could be told in that manner. And at the end of all these tragic tales, born of two cats breeding originally, one could say, "But these horrible stories never really happened. Because, when the woman found the two cats her neighbor had left behind, the first thing she did was take the two cats, a boy and a girl, to the vet. They had their shots, were wormed, treated for fleas. And, they were spayed and neutered."

The story could be called "Animal Abuse and Suffering Stories of Summer 2009 That Never Occurred" Or something like that.

You get your happy fuzzy endings to wrap yourself up in, because you prevent the alternative in the first place. All you really need is an imagination, knowledge, or common sense. That's all.

Don't Want it to Go

I have loved my Christmas tree. It is slightly bent and was when I got it. I tilted the stand to make the tree look straighter by folding towels to put under the edge on one side of the stand. I also put a cinder block on the edge of the metal stand, to keep the cats from knocking it over. I tied the tree trunk off in three directions, too.

The cats were excited from the moment I brought the tree inside. They sleep in a pile under it. Every morning, I pick up the ornaments they've knocked off and put them back on.

I can hardly wait for darkness to descend so I can turn on the tree and window lights and sit in the glow. I love these things. There is nothing better in the dark of winter.

The tree is losing more and more needles and looking brown. Next year, I'll try to find a tree farm that will let me dig it up at the roots and I'll have it planted inside in a large something, then plant it outside somewhere afterwards. That way it won't die on me and will look great for the entire season and then go on hopefully to live for many many decades out somewhere. If I get a small enough live tree, I'll plant it in a big planter on wheels that I'll just roll inside, maybe, for the Christmas season. I will work something like that out. I love the tree and the lights and ornaments too much not to have a tree. I hate plastic trees. Christmas is plastic enough without having a plastic fake tree to go along with the rest of the nonsense.

I might start nurturing next years tree real soon. I'm going to get one at a nursery that's maybe four feet tall and that will be my tree at Christmas for years.

I'm thinking of decorating in like manner for some of the other holidays. For Presidents Day, I'm going to make life size President dolls to chew the fat with and discuss historical events and tell tall tales. That will give me a meaningful Presidents Day.

We got St. Patricks' Day and I am not really sure why non Catholics would be celebrating any of the saints, especially with green and heavy drinking. But hey, it's a lively holiday, much more interesting than most. And then there is April Fools Day, another of my favorite holidays. Oh I forgot Valentine's Day. I must consider some sort of tradition to begin for that one, too. This could be great fun.

For Memorial Day, well I need to find out how that differs from Veterans' Day, before planning traditions. Then there is Labor Day of course, which generally is celebrated by not laboring. There is the 4th of July. That is a day in need of new traditions. Fireworks and drinking seem to be the normal mode of celebration. I bet I can think of some other way to celebrate since fireworks are boring and loud.

There is Halloween and there is Columbus Day. I've spent at least two Halloween nights now in cemeteries after kittens. Staying the night in a cemetery is very peaceful, I've found. Quiet, too. You can get a decent night's rest there.

You've got the stuff your stomach day, Thanksgiving. You've got winter solstice which I do want to celebrate next year in style. And I think I'm going to celebrate summer solstice this year. Those are real events, not made up. Who doesn't like a holiday!

Saturday, December 26, 2009


They had their board meeting and Poppa's president said they will continue to fund Linn Benton county cat fixes. They gave me the budget amount I can use per month. I am back in business, for now at least! I am so happy I could cry!


Going Back to Bottled Water

Click post title to go to article about one Albany councilor's campaign to enclose the water canal, running from the Santiam River in Lebanon through Lebanon and fields and parts of Albany, in a pipe. The article claims most of Albany's water now comes from a treatment plant on Scravel Hill. Most of the water?

I don't want to drink any water from that yucky canal. I don't want to drink any water that picks up the "muck" of Lebanon through the storm drains, as the article describes, nor the chemical run off from all those farm fields. To read about how disgusted officials were to see the "muck" as they described the run off from Lebanon, made me want to retch. I'm not sure if one can trust water officials really, that the water isn't full of all sorts of bad things. It's so hard for the average jane and joe to know anymore.

I don't even want the asphalt and car run off in my water as it comes through Albany. There was an article once in the paper about a man who was swimming in the canal looking for his false teeth.

The Santiam River itself is a problem as a water supply in the summer, because of Foster Reservoir. In the summer, that lake is alive with jet skiis that pour out enormous amounts of gas when they run. That gas and oil ends up in the Santiam. I didn't understand the full implication of how much these jet skiis give off when running until I began swimming in Foster Reservoir now and then. Sometimes, when I'd swim up there, the smell of gas from jet skiis was overpowering. There would be a sheen of gas on the surface of the water in places.

I'm going back to drinking bottled water. I know, it probably comes from some other municipalities contaminated water too. I just read some article that the majority of city water supplies are highly contaminated. Before, people would say city water supplies are the safest to drink. I believed that, since you really don't know where bottled water comes from.

But I guess, according to the report, they're not really testing for most contaminants in city water supplies, like farm and yard chemicals, and pharmaceuticals passed into the water supply due to improper disposal methods of hospitals and individuals and through people's pee, in our society where people take handfuls of over the counter and prescription drugs each day.

There is concern too over the safety of sewage sludge, hauled to eager farmers for cut rate fertlizer, to use on crop fields. This is due also to the large numbers of contaminants flushed down the toilet, or in our own waste passed through our bodies and improper disposal of hospital drugs that ends up in the sludge waste and perhaps in anything grown in that. At least in the valley, most of the farm land is not used for food crops, just for growing grass seed, which is sold as a garden product for growing yard grass and sports fields, but not for eating.

My brother's mother in law got breast cancer. She's depressed, I hear, over it, because she's led a healthy lifestyle with healthy eating habits. My brother has tried to console her, telling her there is no way to avoid cancer causing chemicals anymore in our world. He's probably right.

Christmas Photos

Honey, from the homeless camp in front of tree.
This years' tree!

The top ornament didn't stay on top much this year. It was a constant cat target of interest. Tree Top Santa's usual location was somewhere on the floor.

I always wrap the stovepipe with red and green electrical tape and attach any Christmas cards I get.

Teddy from the homeless camp taken today, Christmas.
Starr, Teddy's sister, also from the Corvallis homeless camp.
Starr again.
Miss Daisy got into a funk this evening and went charging around the house.
Jade, from Millersburg, who had the kittens in the corner of a garage, and whose foot was broken at some point before she came here.
Shaulin, looking good and growing up.
Shaulin, from the Bengal breeder colony of 22 cats I took in to be fixed, along with Honey of the homeless camp, one of 35 I took in to be fixed from that camp.
Shaulin resting up on the couch before more play with Honey, her best friend.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

Head on on Highway 20

Click post title to go to short alert about recent head on collision on Highway 20. I drove up to lights flashing all over the highway, had briefly been in Corvallis. Wasn't sure what was going on so I just stopped. One deputy finally began waving a flashlight so I drove forward. He loudly called one driver, confused by his flashlight and which way he meant him to go "a retard". He had words for me too, but I just rolled up my window.

Well, all we could see was a flashlight waving indiscriminantly. I wanted to turn around and go back to 34, but that was not allowed.

All the cars were directed onto Independence Highway but from there, you were on your own trying to find a way through the maze of backroads into N. Albany and back to Highway 20. I took a wrong turn somewhere in the fog and ended up on Scenic and down at the railroad tracks, where there were more cops, saying "no" to accessing back onto 20 from there. This time they had red beacon traffic director lights.

Anyhow, finally made it back to highway 20 and home. It was very foggy out. Must have been a bad wreck to block so much of the highway off. That's always sad, to hear of wrecks on Christmas Eve or Christmas.

Madras Rescue Get in Trouble

This well intentioned rescuer ended up with too many cats taken in and none were fixed and this spelled trouble. I hope the situation can be resolved so the cats get fixed and homes quickly. Over one hundred have been removed so far. Click post title to go to various statements from agencies about the situation.

A Beautiful Website

I wish I'd known about this woman's website before I bought Christmas gifts. Her artwork and photos of Oregon feral cats are beautiful and she has a calandar she is selling featuring these gorgeous photos. My friend Midori turned me onto this site. Check it out by clicking post title.

Joy to the World

I think Joy of Nebraska would say to the world: Believe! And fix those cats. Two of the ten cats she was feeding, at a neighbor's farm, after the man died, not only got fixed, but went to a home together yesterday Tucker and Tatar moved from outdoor struggle living to an indoor only home.

Joy contacted me when trying to find some help somewhere getting the cats fixed she'd recently begun to feed. She knew nothing about cats and could not bring any to her own home due to allergies of her son. She is a struggling American as so many of us are these days, with health issues and a chronic financial crisis.

I was frustrated and unable to find groups in Nebraska who could help. I found one in Fort Lupton CO and was almost ready to drive to NE myself to somehow get them fixed. But Joy met Diana of Heartland Spay Neuter Fund. Diana, despite low funds for spay neuter, began to get them in. Blog readers and others I know donated over $300 and the cats are mostly fixed now. I think there are two, right Joy? still needing fixed.

But this latest achievement of Joy and Diana is to get two of these kitties into a home. It sounds like a match made in Heaven. A man lost his wife and was lonely. He took both of the cats in, after first wanting only one. Yahoo for great endings.

Joy, to the world: Fix those cats and never give up.

Merry Christmas again, to Joy and her cats, of NE and to Diana, the spay neuterer of NE, Keep on Fixing! It's the only way.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Merry Christmas to All

To all my blog readers, Merry Christmas!!!!

Merry Christmas to all you faithful cat lovers out there. Thank you for all you do to help cats, for feeding strays, adopting them, rescueing them, and helping the rescues and fixers. You're good people and I hope all of you have a relaxing holiday!

I will be relaxing also.

Not much longer to enjoy bright colored lights and Christmas trees.

Black Pearl and Toby are doing great in their new home already, I was told. That's good news.

I have one more adoption interest contact that might work out.

In the meantime, I have not been able to find the missing cat. I wish I could have found him. Maybe he will turn up alive still.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Goodbye Black Pearl and Toby

Pearl and Toby went to their home today. We miss them already. And then, we like having the spare bedroom back. We really do.

I spent part of the day and night out in Salem looking for the lost fluffy brown tabby Maine Coon looking male, originally from Sublimity. Again, the woman who "adopted" him, had him about a day and a half before letting him out, was not out searching. She did say she was going to Walmart to make fliers, but never did.

I know my friend believes her story about her letting him out the second day, but I don't anymore. Who lets a new cat out the 2nd day? I think it's a cover story and something happened to the cat. Otherwise, she'd be out searching, making an effort to find him, but not if he's already dead and she knows it. Maybe I'm just a total pessimist. Maybe she's just lazy. Boy I am not in a generous mood. It just hurts to see my friend torn up over this so badly and believing that woman when I don't believe her at all.

Monday, December 21, 2009

Don't Bring a Gun to a Snowball Fight!

Amen to that. No guns at snowball fights. No guns at weddings. No guns at baptisms. But gosh darn it, don't bring a gun to a snowball fight. Click the post title to see the Youtube video.

One guy did. He was mad. His Hummer got hammered by snowballs. So Mr. Mad came out and drew his gun. Everybody else was having fun and lots of people were getting drilled by snowballs and throwing back. Not Mr. Mad.

What happened to our normal world? In a normal world, when the police showed up, insane man waving gun would have been shot at least 57 times.

Didn't happen. You see, Mr. Mad was also a cop, off duty, fully armed and angry.

The crowd of happy go lucky snowballers began the chant: Don't bring a gun to a snowball fight.

Damn right they are.

The whole incident was caught on tape.

Mr. Mad showed a side so dangerous he needs fired.

Looking for the Lost

My friend up outside Salem adopted out a stray to a Salem woman. This woman let the cat out the very next day and has not seen him since. It's killing my friend. I know how that goes, how much it hurts. So I went up this evening and we searched for a long time.

Everybody we talked to was nice, when handing out the dozens upon dozens of fliers she and her husband made. With one exception. The woman who had adopted the cat and immediately lost him would not even answer the door. She saw it was my friend and would not open the door, just talked out a window and acted like even this was a huge output of unnecessary effort on her part. It was sad!

My friend is very very worried about the poor lost cat. I know the feeling well. She says she will never do it again, never never never and I can only empathize. How many times have I said that, wanted to quit finding homes for cats. People suck most of the time.

How could that woman be so stupid as to let a cat out she's had a day? I don't know. But she never told my friend she was a dog breeder either and had 10 or 12 or more dogs. My friend is beating herself up. But she talked to the woman, talked her vet, did almost everything she could except she didn't deliver and she is upset with herself for not doing so.

I hope we can find the poor boy. I hope for him and for my friend whose heart is broken.

Free Market Baloney

The free market system argument used in our country isn't applicable anymore. Why? Because most of the goods we buy aren't made here, they're distributed here. The question becomes, will I buy this product made in China at this retailer, where it is cheaper than at this retailer? The factors that make a Chinese product cheaper at one retailer over another are usually labor costs at the retailer itself.

The free market system now really applies only in the sense of how cheap some retailer can get and market goods from overseas, meaning, in my opinion, the free market system now boils down to how cheap can you get your labor.

It would work if we Americans would turn over every item we buy and see if it is made in the US. And if it is, then you look for the cheaper of two US manufacturers and retail sellers of that US made item. Then the free market system argument would be valid. Otherwise, it's a joke.

Sunday, December 20, 2009

$310 Raised for Helbrith NE cats

THANK YOU to all those who donated to help Joy's cats get fixed in Helbrith, NE! Diana, of Heartland spay neuter fund there, reports that $310 came in donations as a result of blog readers and others whom I asked to help with Joy's cats in Nebraska.

I was so happy to hear of this. All but two have now been fixed and the other two hopefully will be fixed soon.

Joy is a kind woman who stepped in when a neighbor man died and left behind ten unfixed cats. She has nothing herself and has to drive to the farm to feed them. She cares for them well and hooked up with Diana, who is basically a one woman operation herself, as I was, trying to fix cats in Nebraska. Her task is overwhelming.

This is a great accomplishment and I have blog readers, and a woman in Corvallis to thank for helping.

To Joy and Diana of Nebraska and all Nebraska cats---Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Going For It!

I'm going for it. I'm going to create a cat fixing nonprofit, to raise funds to fix cats. I won't know if I can do it, or not, til I try.

I have a great staff lined up. There's me. Sam will be director of cat toy testing. Jade has volunteered her skills and color to run the Black Cats for Spay Neuter division. Teddy, Starr and Honey are anxious to make sure all homeless camp cats get fixed. Shaulin will reach out to backyard breeders, while Stinod will make poignant pleas to save disabled cat lives! These are just a handful of my dedicated staff members.

Miss Daisy just wants to look pretty and that's fine. Work isn't her thing.

Gretal says she will pose hissing anytime.

Vision wonders if she will face age discrimination as a 16 year old former river cat and I said "Hell no" and she danced across the floor.

Dex, Mops and Buffy have asked to be security guards. I said "Of course." I would have been scared to say no to that.

Feather says she'll steal cans at the rest area, where she came from, to help raise funds.

Angel would like to haunt the people who dumped her at the cemetery and when they are sufficiently scared, secure a donation check. I was great with that.

TWeetie and Button suggested they sneak into the houses of family members of the old woman who fed them and who promised to donate when she died and didn't. They want to steal things or just cause mayhem, until they secure a donation in exchange for a ceasefire. I said "Well don't get arrested!"

All in all, everyone has agreed to help. My staff are eager, enthusiastic and fun loving. They should be a pleasure to work with and by cracky they better not leave me with all the real work and run off chasing their tails!

Health Care Bill. Santa for Insurance Co's.

I cannot find any real details about these health care bills, the senate or house version, how they work, or why they would make health care affordable.

I guess they require people to have health insurance but I can't find any reason this will reduce costs to the average person at all. They claim it will be illegal once the bill passes for insurers to refuse children with pre existing conditions but not adults, until the year 2014 and yet these adults who can't get insurance due to pre-existing conditions will be required by law to have it apparently. How stupid is that?

To me, although I can't find anything but vague generalizations about the content of the bills, no accurate summarizations, is just one huge giant windfall for the probably slathering with delight insurance companies.

They claim there will be subsidies for people or famalies who can't afford the now outrageous premiums and copays of insurance. Well how will people access those or even wade through the most likely unbelievably complex and confusing language use in the regulatory application process to get them?

They always talk about tax credits to help individuals or families pay for insurance. Do these people know that a lot of families and people are so poor they end up paying little or no taxes, but certainly not enough that a tax break to pay for health insurance is any help at all? Do they know this? I don't really think they do.

The people I know now are unemployed or work baby sitting or part time jobs like at a convenience store. That's it. I don't know people with good jobs at all. I suppose someone out there has a good or adequate paying jog. Someone out there somewhere.

I no longer have vision coverage under OHP or medicare and no coverage now for most dental. That's one way costs have been reduced here. I suppose I became disgruntled about even going to the doctor because it is like passing through a whirlwind, like a fast food drive through only faster, blink and you miss it experience. I came to think there is no way anything useful can be accomplished in such fast food type doctor visits.

I am totally tired of the brainless ultra conservative hate rant posts I keep getting forwarded. I have not and will not forget that the conservative run and led government got us into this financial mess with its reckless spending and blind eye to corporate crime. Both parties are useless at solving basic problems, but it isn't one's fault above the other. I am finished voting for either party.

I wont' vote either for religious parties, as Sarah Palin's branch of the conservatives has become. I can only picture Sarah Palin in that right wing homo hating bizarre church she attends in Alaska and at the same time, posing with a bloody moose she's killed while ranting about being pro life.

Mike Huckabee is also a religious whacko in my book. The Green Party is also what I consider to be a religious party. I'd like to see the No Bullshit party form. This party would espouse no bullshit straight shot solutions and anyone who bullshits is kicked immediately. No religious sidetracking allowed in the No Bullshit Party. No crucifixions for common human error and fault will be allowed either.

Vote No Bullshit Party next election. Does your candidate pass the No Bullshit taste test?

Heartwarming Story in Paper Today. Siamese and her Kittens Thrown into Freeway Lakes. Deputy Rescues Them.

Some scrooge, some nasty soul, decided to kill some cats last week by throwing a mom and her kittens into Freeway Lakes in Albany. Click post title to go to story. But a deputy spotted three of the kittens dirty and wet along the road, then watched, astonished, as mom and another kitten emerged from the water. She must have just missed catching the cowardly perp in action.

The cats are at Safehaven now and will be up for adoption Sunday. My only concern in this story is if they will be fixed before they are adopted out. They better be! Or the whole scenario begins once again.

Nonprofit Feasibility

I'm still mulling the idea of forming a nonprofit. I can't find one single person interested in becoming involved, however. That's kind of scary. I can't find anyone other than rubber stamp board member offers, to even form a board. I am becoming slightly pessimistic about going forward. I also recall how difficult it has been to get even a $5 donation from a person for whom I might be taking in a dozen cats to be fixed.

In other words, I don't know how I could find the funds to fix cats even if I got the status. I don't know how I'd find the start up money either. Or functioning board members. It is a huge undertaking to consider and to do so alone here, is a rather staggering thought. I wrote a letter to the local paper a couple of months ago, suggesting the need for a two county cat fixing nonprofit solution. I did not get any responses to that letter in support or from people interested in joining me.

I have to consider these things, since the undertaking is very very expensive, $600 or more in initial filing fees, which is like a million dollars to me. And that's without hiring a lawyer.

I have not found any local nonprofits whose umbrella I could work under who are willing and who communicate. I'm still working on ideas, however. I see all these unfixed cat ads, and situations, and it kills me to be able to do nothing. I don't go online much anymore because I don't want to be tempted to look at craigslist or the free ads in the paper.

I have always felt there are far too many nonprofits, so none get donations needed to effectively function at their mission. I don't want to create just another nonprofit.

The only thing I want to do is round up unfixed cats, feral and owned, and get them fixed. It's all I've ever wanted to do.

Within one week, without funding, I think I'm going nuts. Human contact is zero and other than do projects around here, I have nothing to maintain my interest. I do feel lost, like I've been sucked to the edge of a black hole and I'm trying to claw at its edges to hang on, desperate to keep from disappearing into its violently swirling unknowns.

There are no possibilities I am not considering. I am even considering trying to buy an old RV and hitting the road, rather than stagnant and go nuts here for the rest of my days.

Everybody keep your fingers crossed for Jeanne and her family in Baltimore, which is undergoing a BLIZZARD!!!! Hey Jeanne, need some snowshoes for Christmas? I hope you're not out in the bliz making snowmen and snow angels!

In other news, the young man who adopted Pippi, one of Jade's girls, called me from Hood River. Just before they left to go to their family for Christmas, Pippi had sudden onset violent vomiting and lethargy. They took her to a Corvallis vet who found nothing wrong but gave her some fluids.

She showed no improvement, however, and once in Hood River, he was frightened for her. I asked if she was dehydrated and he tested her by lifting up on the skin on her back to check for rebound and reported that she seemed seriously dehydrated. I told him she needed fluids immediately and also suggested karo syrup on the gums, since she had not been eating and perhaps catlax or even olive oil.

To me it sounded like a blockage of some sort, since she had no temp and her gum color was pink and healthy. I told him it could be from something she swallowed or hairballs. He said she liked to play with globs of fuzz from the drier.

I called again later, concerned I could have given bad advice about suggesting catlax or olive oil if she perhaps had diarrhea already from maybe giardia or coccidia, although he'd said the Corvallis vet checked a stool sample. I'd asked how they got one if she was dehydrated and he'd already said she didn't have diarrhea. He said he didn't know because they took her back to a room, for just a couple minutes, and brought her out again, saying they took a stool sample. They told him they found nothing in that, which doesn't mean much since most of those gut protozoa or bacteria don't shed in every stool. He had told me her vomit was clear.

To me this sounds not like infection but irritation or pressure on the stomach from a blockage, either in the stomach or intestine or at one of the valves. I had also asked him if she possibly fell from a height. The most notable thing he said about her behavior before was that she likes to get into the garbage can and that she likes to carry things around in her mouth. Like dryer lint.

He had told me she was walking sort of stiffly. I once took a kitten to the vet who could barely walk. She'd been given chicken to eat by someone living on the property. The vet found a lump on her abdomin's lower right side. When under anesthesia, he was able to milk that piece of chicken gristle, caught between the valve seperating the small and large intestine through. She later was able to eliminate it.

He said they'd found an emergency vet there, who didn't even charge for the after hours call, who immediately really hydrated her and started her on antibiotics just in case. He said if she does not improve with the fluids, she'll need an X-ray to determine if she does have a blockage. He said though after she got home and had the fluids she felt so much better and was racing around. He said he'd keep me updated.

Friday, December 18, 2009


I'm going to create a nonprofit to fund fixing cats. I don't know yet much more, but I may as well try. I have to name it, find at least two more people willing to act as board members, and hopefully functioning board members, not rubber stamps, as the term was coined usually when someone gets family members or friends who are uninvolved to sign on as board members just to produce the required number needed for nonprofit status (three in Oregon).

I can find rubber stamp people aplenty. I really need to find people who want to and will be involved.

I need someone with accounting skills and some, hopefully, with a knowledge of business and or fund raising ability. I do not possess accounting, business or fund raising skills or knowledge. If I can't find people with these skills, I will have to learn them myself before I file. I might have to do that. It would mean putting off the venture for a few months, but I would need to do it if I can't find people with such skills who will commit to involvement.

Either way, I have nothing to lose.

Mishmash Christmas

I have been reading up on the origins of Christmas. What a mishmash from the past!

The history of the Santa character is just one example. Clicking the post title will take you to Wikipedia's history of Christmas and its symbols. The Christmas tree is a mutated version of the pagan soltice celebration and paganism's worship of trees. The fat jolly Santa of today is more an Americanization of several characters most not falling far from the bough of St. Nicholaus, but includes a a paganization drunken good times veer which the Puritans found vastly immoral.

Christmas itself is not the date of Christs' birth. I watched a Discovery channel show a year ago on the life of Christ, as researched by biblical scholars, that disputed whether Joseph and Mary would have been in Bethleham at all. Supposedly all Jews had to travel to the town of their birth for census purposes, relating to taxes, but the scholars argued that would have been an impossible command and makes unlikely the story in the first place.

It was allegedly relatively common in that era to claim immaculate conception rather than admit to sex prior to marraige which could get a woman killed. This too was mentioned in the series of shows I watched on the life of Christ.

Nonetheless, Christmas, a bizarre mixture of paganism and varied religious beliefs mashed up into a steaming mince meat pie, is a pleasant faire to swallow. The season is bright, cheery, magical and brimming in the possibility of goodwill towards mankind in a world where otherwise scrooginess, violence and judgement prevail.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Tough Week

It's been sort of a tough week I guess. I threw out one pair of old stretched out jeans today. They are just way too worn out to stay on my body anymore. I kept wearing them and they kept embarrassing me by nearly falling off. I chucked them today. Denim is not good for rags.

I've got new bruises and cuts from a fall and from a ten hour appliance repair project gone sour. But the stove the works again, on the up side.

I sent off the Christmas packages I made up for my brothers and for a couple long distant friends today so that is out of the way.

I do wish I could figure out how to solve that homeless camp cat issue. It's a tough place, I tell you. Tough. Guess I'm not super woman but I just wanted to save those cats there at least. I have an affection for a couple of the campers whom I've known for a very long time. It's just kind of a warm hearted feeling of some sort, a wish for them, a respect for the hardness of their lives and their acceptance of it and their knowledge of their eventual fates. The fact they trust me and are nice to me, where so many are not nice at all to me or anybody else, I guess it means something to me.

If I had money, I'd buy the two a place that was private enough, had heat, a bathroom, shower, toilet and where they could live out their days, warm and protected from the elements even if they trashed the place.

I remember what the woman told me about Speed, the guy who died recently. She told me she'd fallen down and she didn't even know where she was. She'd gone to try to pick up cans at a home football game but got drunk after turning them in and couldn't find her way back to camp and fell down passed out cold on a bike path. When she woke up, he was on top of her, kissing her face and telling her how beautiful she was. She went to his camp which was ramshackle and inadequate she said and lonely, really lonely. She told him, she told me, "You come with me, to our camp." And when he hesitated, she said "Come home. Come home."

She didn't know him at all. She couldn't stand a nice guy like him, she said, to be out in a bad camp alone like that. EVerybody needs somebody, she said.

I know she's a drunk and has slashed people and I know why too, her hard life, the rapes others told me she's gone through, the childhood, nothing any good and she's made her mistakes and lives with the consequences. And her partner over there, who's felt the sting of her knife blade too, but never moves far. And he's too wet brained now, she says, to make a decent shelter, so she does it for him.

They'll die out there one day like Speed. Nobody likes the homeless much, but they're living like Americans. They do what they want. They don't whine. They accept their circumstance as mostly caused by their own actions. Their attitudes are far better than most people's attitudes I think.

Well I'm just blathering tonight. I heard Ferc approved the Liquified Natural Gas Terminal in Coos Bay. I'm from that area orginally. I know they need jobs there. The gas won't be for Oregon. More for California and Nevada. And yet. AND YET, for some reason a pipeline going through hundreds of miles of Oregon, operated and built by a private company, can condemn Oregonian's property for "public convenience" if the Oregonian's property lies where they want to build thier pipeline. That gets me and it's wrong.

They get a license to steal, is what it boils down to, to steal people's property and that just riles the hell out of me. A private for profit company should not be able to do that. That is so unAmerican and wrong I just cannot imagine how things got to this point.

Record Mess Up

Black Pearl is supposed to go to a home on Monday. The people adopting both her and Toby wanted her records, to be sure she has been fixed, vaccinated and tested. All those things were done on October 16, the same Friday Tiny Tim went to the vet initially.

However, she is down in their records as a brown tabby female, who was tested (negative) and got a rabies vaccination along with spay. She is certainly not a brown tabby. How in the world did she get written into the clinic's records as a brown tabby? I don't have any idea, but they say they cannot change that now.

The adoptors will think I'm making it up if I hand them a record from a clinic on a brown tabby. I will need to pay now to have her belly shaved, to prove spay, a rabies vaccine and testing redone. It sucks, let me tell you.

I have been holding my breath waiting for this adoption to go through, because the pair takes up the entire spare bedroom, cramming the rest of the cats here into very little available space.

I am so anxious to get Pearl into this home because it is so hard for me to find even one cat a home these days and black adults are especially difficult. While Toby loves to be out mingling with the rest of the cats, Pearl, still in kitten protective mode, goes after the other cats very loudly, screaming fiercely at them. This has been very very hard here in this limited space.

I don't want this adoption to fall through because somebody wrote down the wrong color on a cat at a clinic even if now I have to pay to get accurate records on her.

I do not understand how this could have happened. Tiny Tim and Black Pearl were the only two cats I took in that day.

The next day, on Saturday, late, she went to that fosterer, up in Wilsonville, that turned out badly, along with her three kittens. That day also Tiny Tim's leg was amputated. I was going to take Pearl back to be fed as a stray, unless I came up with a foster home for her that day, that Friday. I got her tested because I would not take the kittens back to such a life, and the cheapest way to test the kittens is to test the mother cat. Mid day I got the foster offer from Wilsonville, so I called to ask she also have a rabies shot.

Black Pearl was returned to me on October 30 by same fosterer, the night before I took Tiny Tim down to his new home. There's no way to forget that. This caused me immense stress in trying to get rest that night before flying to CA with Tiny Tim.

That night, after flying back into Portland very late and exhausted, despite the late hour, or rather early into the next morning hour, I stopped by the Wilsonville foster woman's place and picked up Shimmer and Toby.

Black Pearl had been a screaming terror that Friday night she was brought back. I got no sleep due to her total anxiety over all she'd been through. That's why I got back two of her kittens the next night, to help her. Shimmer got a home with a Salem family after she acheived spay weight. Tiger Lily, the kitten kept by the fosterer, also was spayed and got a home.

I purposely kept Toby, her little boy, hoping to adopt them out together. Otherwise, Pearl's fate would not have been an easy one for me or the other cats here already. She had the best chance of adoption if paired with her little boy.

It's not like I don't keep records. I know she was fixed, tested and vaccinated on October 16. But, because she is not listed with a name in clinic records, (she had no name then), and only a color, the wrong color, the record is now useless and unbelievable to give to an adoptor.

Since the record is messed up like that, I don't even know if she really was tested and vaccinated. I was charged for it, but I don't know it happened. Maybe they had another cat going through surgery that day someone else brought in, a brown tabby. Maybe she got the shot and testing Black Pearl was supposed to have received. There's no way to know.

But a brown tabby Black Pearl is not and she could in no way be mistaken for a brown tabby.

If she possibly wasn't tested, I better have that done. I'll have to go clear to Wilsonville and it is not cheap there but it is cheaper than anywhere around here.

The clinic will not admit an error, and implied I must have brought her in at some other time and this must be some other cat I brought in the day I brought in Tiny Tim. That is not true. I rarely get a cat vaccinated and tested that I bring in. Only ones I intend to adopt out. Because I have to pay personally for shots and testing and that is not something I can afford.

Maybe one would think I should raise holy hell over this, go into the clinic screaming bloody murder. The only thing I would go into that clinic screaming is bloody thanks. They have been good to me and helped me help a lot of cats over the years. This is a very minor thing by comparison.

Mistakes are made every day everywhere by everyone. I will recover financially from this one day and it will be forgetable by next week or maybe even by tomorrow, when she will be retested and revaccinated at a cost of about $65 which, yes, will come out of my pocket. But maybe because of this, she will get that home Monday with Toby and there will be no hitch ups or complicated shady sounding explanations necessary.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Stove Fixed

Stove is fixed. Took me half the day and I got my arms and back of one hand cut on sharp metal pieces in the darn front of it. It was frustrating to put the front back together in the poor light in here. Lots of sharp metal pieces that have to fit all together all at once. But, I rigged a piece for the broken part and I hope it holds. Not having morning coffee and oatmeal for a couple days was a big incentive to figure a solution.

Maybe tomorrow will be the day I'll be able to fix all the leaks in the bathroom sink issue. Maybe tomorrow will be the day.

I got the rest of the former couch pieces out of here too finally. It was hard to take apart to get rid of because it was stapled together, not screwed. I got my hands and fingers cut trying to yank those long long staples out to get it apart enough to get out the door. It's out.

I got a lot of work done today. And I can cook again. Frig fixed. Stove fixed. Really smelly yucky couch out. Yup.

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Confounded Plumbing!

This White Cat may be one of the homeless camp cats I took in to be fixed almost two years ago. I can't see it clearly enough, from such a distance, to see if its ear is tipped or not. Doesn't look in great shape, out basically sitting in frozen grass. The photo was taken on maximum zoom.
The ducks were struggling with the pond ice, that at least was beginning to thaw.


On craigslist today, lots of cats are listed that people are trying to find homes for. If I was still was able to get cats fixed, I'd be calling every one of them, and the ones with willing caretakers, would be fixed immediately. God, it is killing me to see this. These kittens go out unfixed and start it all up again, when they're not fixed. Then their kittens are handed out free, to breed, too. It's killing me. Things can rapidly go backwards and all progress made in the war on overpopulation can be gone in a summer.

Like these:

I have 5 beautiful cats males & females that need homes by Sunday,
I am moving on Monday. The homefinders will not take them.
Please help these kitties find a nice home, Call Pam at (541) 829-0272 Or (541) 286-0444
in Corvallis.Thank You

And these:

Five healthy, friendly kittens. One dark tabby male with white face and feet. Two orange tabby females and two orange tabby males with some white on faces and feet. Home raised and litter box trained. Available around Christmas and New Years.
Must go to good homes, rehoming fee of $5 each to help pay to have the mother cat spayed asap.
Mother cat is a beautiful tabby tortiseshell color, looks like a patchwork quilt- very unusual and beautiful. Built long and lean like a Siamese cat. She is available for rehoming if you are looking for a loving friendly, indoor/outdoor cat. Good mouser, litter box trained and 1 1/2 years old. Asking reasonable rehoming fee for you to use to have her spayed.
Pictures available soon. Can deliver to Corvallis or Albany or come see them on Independence Hwy between Albany and Corvallis.
541 974-5472

And These Too:


And this one:
Date: 2009-12-11, 7:00PM PST
Reply to: [Errors when replying to ads?]


This beautiful Kitty landed at my doorstep on Monday and we are unable to keep her due to allegies. if interested call Uva 541=971-3580

And this one:
I have a kitten, about 6 months old, male, not neutered, no shots. Free to good home due to move. He will come with everything needed: litter box, litter, food, dishes, bed. Good with babies/kids, VERY lovable. Thanks. call/text/email (541)231-1448

And these, too, although I've talked to this guy months ago, and he's a Siamese breeder, who ended up with tortis in the mix this time, looks like, and refuses to fix his cats. They live on Queen, in a neighborhood where, in a few blocks surrounding their location, in multiple locations where people feed strays, I've gotten about 80 cats fixed. I hope he at least keeps his breeding operation inside and is not contributing to or causing the neighborhood stray problem in that area:

We have 2 wonderful female siamese mix, some consider tortoise shell kittens. They are 8 weeks old, on solid food, box trained. Raised in a litter of 8, highly social, talkers, sweet cuddlers. Can deliver within reasonable distance. Please give us a home! contact Joel or Holly 541-928-1938 .

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Black Pearl and Toby

Another yard stray but I think this one is owned across the street. I'm not sure, however. He's huge but I think neutered. Not sure on that either. The cat has been around since I've lived here and a neighbor pointed out the house where he supposedly belongs. Maybe I should not have taken that person's word as absolute. The cat is limping badly with a swollen left front foot.

The cat puts no weight on that left front leg and there is a noticeable swelling halfway up.
This is him.
He really never comes into my yard. Today was an exception.
Lebanon adult female, fixed yesterday.
Young adult torti, from Lebanon, fixed yesterday.
The Lebanon torti again.
Three orange kittens were abandoned in Albany, who fortunately were crying outside some kind folks' house, who put them in a camp trailer, since it is so brutally cold out. All three, two orange tabby boys and one orange tabby girl, were fixed yesterday.
The orange tabby little girl fixed yesterday.

Toby and his mom, Black Pearl, are spoken for, but still alone in the spare bedroom, and bored! Today I put harnesses on both, matching harnesses and will try to harness train them.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. Two are adult females from Lebanon. One is more like in her late teens. The people have two kittens, too, leftover from one of the cats' litters. I will weigh them to see if they are two pounds and could then be fixed.

The other three are orange teens, two boys and a girl, dumped on Oak St. in Albany. The couple heard them crying and put them in a trailer for the night because of the sub freezing temps. The man is on some city commission and told the Mayor about the cats dumped there, and she e-mailed me with their number, to see if they can at least be quickly fixed. So they're being fixed.

On the way home, I saw big balls of black and dark gray smoke rolling into the sky off Spicer. It was a house on fire. Seeing a house on fire always makes me think of the people who live there and wonder what they'll do now. Emergency crews had already arrived.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Hard Day

Black and white male kitten, one of seven born to a torti on Queen, who is also now fixed. One kitten died. The other six were adopted out, but I kept track of five of the six and the sixth will be fixed by its new owner. The fifth kitten was going to be fixed today also, but Reid vet clinic told the woman, when she asked the clinic if they would weigh her, that she should not be fixed until she is six months old.
Male tabby on white from the calico on Queen.
Male tabby on white kitten, another one.
And the female tabby on white kitten. A very nice older woman adopted the latter two kittens from the people who owned the calico on Queen.
Three of four kittens fixed from another Albany location. All these are boys.
All four horse barn kittens. The only female is the tabby on white.
The four kittens again. The ninth cat fixed today was Kooshi from the cemetery.

I took nine cats up to be fixed. All were kittens. The oldest was Kooshi, from the cemetery.

I was also e-mailed today by a Lebanon woman who claims she has two cats and is feeding a stray she wants gone, claiming even though it is a teen, it is causing her own cats to bite her. She blames herself for feeding the cat and talked to her vet about bringing in the little stray to be killed and he or she suggested calling "the feral cat people". I don't know where she got my e-mail. That in itself made the e-mail suspect to me of someone who might be jerking me around. Plus the initials she used were used in some other e-mails I got a long time ago from a severely disabled person (DD).

I told her I have 30 cats already and live on nothing and I asked her to get the cat fixed, as likely it is a male, if territorial stuff is going on, and likely it would quit. But the problems she claimed she was having, with her cats because of the stray she is feeding, were out there and unlikely. She claimed the cat would deliberately preen in front of her cats, to egg them on and that she caught her doing it (preening).

OK. Uh huh. Yup. (sorry, everything's funny right now). I suppose I should keep some of the nuttier and funnier e-mails I get, for a book or short story. EVen strung together they could be hysterical.

I believe it was a prank e-mail from a preteen or the DD severely mental person. When people ask for favors but don't give their name and telll me all sorts of detail that sounds extravagant, I don't necessarily believe it is a legitimate contact. No name. And I automatically think it's a little kid on a computer prank.

Anyhow, I didn't take that one seriously although I pretended to in the reply.

This morning, I was set to get the nine cats on schedule to the vet. Everything was timely and going smooth. Until, that is, I walked into my garage and closed the locked door of the house behind me. The keys to the house and car were in the house. OMG!!!!

I called my very very patient mechanic friend, who has a key and came over, despite being barely up, and unlocked my own place for me. Boy, did I feel stupid!@

I was late then, rounding up the cats and getting them to the vet clinic. Oh well.

I'm still dismantling the couch. It's cheaper for me to dismantle it and use any of the parts and wood I can, then have it hauled off, which costs I think $20 or $30. I recycle parts I can't use, like the rusted seat half coils. Those go to the metal recyler.

One spring, when I released it, bit back. I didn't have a good grip with my pliers and it "sprung" into one finger, digging in. Price one pays, I guess.

Well, I finally got back this evening. Very very long day, but at least nine more cats were fixed.