Monday, November 30, 2009

Three Cats for Tomorrow

I have three cats for tomorrow to be fixed. One is a KATA referral from Lebanon. I thought I was going to trap a wild cat, but the cat is completely tame and I think I feel a spay scar.

I also stopped by a house where I have gotten many cats fixed, down by the canal and they had another have kittens. They pulled a carrier out of the garage and we put the adult female inside it.

There is a house with three females needing fixed that they want fixed, according to another resident on the street I got cats fixed for earlier this year, but they were not home. She left a note with my card.

The third cat is one from Albany, a female, and I guess I called her a few weeks ago, when she was advertising either the cat or kittens. I'm going brain dead I guess because I don't remember it. Glad she did. The cat will be fixed tomorrow.

It was nice to walk around the neighborhood and see far fewer stray cats and the ones I did see were in good shape, many sporting eartips.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Bridge to Somewhere

Yesterday, boredom I guess, drove me into project mode. I had some scraps of this and that and decided to create a bridge. For the cats. I fastened clips to two ends of two pieces of equal length wire rope and attached four eye hooks to hook each end of the two pieces of wire rope to.

I then attached a variety of materials between the two strung strands of wire rope. I had some plastic garden netting, but not enough. I had various mesh size pieces of hardware cloth but not enough of any one size. So, I pieced them all together and created the bridge.

But, for the cats to walk on it and not fall through the larger mesh holes something would have to cover it. Again, I turned to bits and pieces of this and that. I had half a can of spray foam insulation and used it to cover part of the wire. I had one little square piece of rug, from the dollar store and one plastic placemat from Goodwill. To cover the rest of the span, I used an old quilt.

So now, I have the bridge to Somewhere. Yup. It's impressive all right.

I also caught the latest stray who sneaks into my garage and sprays and sometimes, if he can avoid detection, he sleeps in the garage. He showed up a month ago or so. I thought at first it was the neighbors' cat, that is, until I caught them fighting. This latest stray has a curled over ear from earmites and was not neutered. He is now! I had his ears cleaned and mite treated, also, because he had them so bad.

So anyhow, now I know why Sam went on a pee machine extravaganza lately. This stray is number 19 I've taken to be fixed just from my yard and the yards of nearby neighbors. That's really a sad statement about the character of the people in this area and the sad lives of animals around here. Well, number 19 was fixed and his parasites are gone now too. At least he stands a better chance now.

My bridge is fabulous and the cats adore it already.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Four Cats in Need

A woman called KATA wanting to get what she called a "very pregnant" cat fixed. She said the cat came with the property and this would be her third litter this year. KATA called me and asked if I could get the cat fixed. I picked her up. She is a young long hair black tux female. She was not pregnant at all.

Ten days later, I got her two kittens fixed. They are adorable. One is smokey black, the male, medium hair, while the female is also a medium hair black tux, like her mom.

Then I get an e-mail from KATA the day before yesterday, about ten days after I last was involved in this situation. KATA wanted to know if I knew anything about a certain woman, who had called them needing to find immediate placement for two kittens and two adults, all fixed. The name matched that of the woman I had just helped.

I called her to find out what was going on. She said she had to pack up suddenly and leave, that the relationship with her boyfriend was very abusive and that she is now living with her mom and three kids in a tiny apartment, but hopes to be able to get another place soon. She said she is terribly worried about the cats, now all kicked outside and that she is going back to feed them, but will not be able to after the 1st.

I asked what she had done to try to find them homes and she said she'd left a message on Safehaven's answering machine and asked all her friends. No takers.

I don't know what to do. I guess her landlords have unfixed cats. I suggested she try to cut a deal with them, that I'd get their cats fixed if they'd take in those four. She said she would try but I have not heard back from her yet. It's all so sad for those cats.

The photo at the top is of the young mother, when I took her in to be fixed, but I did not get any photos of the two sweet kittens.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Toby and Shimmer Get Fixed (Black Pearl's kids)

Toby and Shimmer got themselves fixed yesterday. So did another stray from Jefferson.

The Jefferson stray is a female teen torbi, tame and delightful, dumped off in the yard of an old woman who feeds strays, much to her chagrin, because she's struggling severely financially and even with household chores already. At least now she's fixed. I need to catch two more males and possibly one other cat there still too. I got three more caught and fixed there a few weeks ago. Two of them never returned and could have been owned, but she was adamant that since they hung around her house and she fed them, that they be fixed.

If a cat has no collar, there is absolutely no way to know if it is owned or not, even if tame, because abandonment rates are so high in these parts. If a cat is on some one's property unidentified, eating their cats' food, spray marking, and fighting it's going to get fixed and rightfully so, that old lady says. Pet owners need to be responsible.

Toby and Shimmer are the two remaining of Black Pearl's kittens. Tiger Lily, the biggest of all three, was fixed last week and went to a home.

I was back over at the house in Albany who fed Black Pearl before I took her, and crawled under it to grab the kittens. I was after the two remaining unfixed cats there. But the wife wasn't home and she is the helpful one. The husband who feeds the cats isn't as helpful at all, due to some health issues I think.

I ended up drop trapping the calico but she panicked and ran the drop trap a couple feet out, to the steps then just dropped down onto the first step and was free of it. It is a very difficult place to trap. Last time the wife was there, and had a big heavy block to go on the back of the drop trap. I mistakenly thought she was going to be there, and would have that block. So I didn't take anything heavy for that purpose. The husband was not willing to find anything. So, I decided to just try it without.

There's no light. I was guessing it was the right cat from slight color variations. I have to run the string for the stick across a sidewalk and watch in my mirror for pedestrians, even free roaming dogs, of which there are many in that area. It's not exactly a simple place to trap. And so I missed her. He wanted me to stay and keep trying but I said "no". I asked that he start feeding out back because it's so much easier to trap out back and I can sit inside, although they are caring for their daughters highly excitable two small dogs that bark constantly if anyone new is in the house or at any sound. It drives the guy nuts. His daughter and her husband are living in England I guess. And he said it would cost $4000 to ship them over and her daughter could only pay half of that. But now he says they're moving back to the states, so he can't wait til those yappy dogs are back with his daughter.

But the yappy small dogs make it very hard to talk to him even, if he comes to the door and might also make it impossible for me to sit inside and push a button to drop a trap. I asked them to trap once and they had called excited that they'd caught the calico. I was happy too. But when I stopped by in the morning to pick her up it was not the little calico, but rather Calico John, the big male calico fixed a year ago. He even has an ear tip, but they didn't think to check.

They're nice people they just don't know much about trapping cats and the wife works too many hours to have time to learn and the husband can't or won't, not sure which. The wife wants the breeding to end, however. The problem has been new arrivals and failure to finish. I knew about that calico and orange tabby a year ago when trapping, but they thought it was good enough when I got 13 and would not participate further then. But when the tame Black Pearl showed up abandoned, had kittens, then the calico had kittens, but only one survived and a few more arrived, she called me.

One of the new arrivals was Tiny Tim. I also trapped another white big male, also a new arrival, at that time and the one survivor, a little black and white male, of the calico's kittens and took in Black Pearl and grabbed her three. So that makes seven more fixed and five of them removed. Just two to go. And I think the calico is now in heat again. I just am urging them to participate, not make it so hard on me, that I have to sit out there in my car for hours to get those last two.

I know it's a bad neighborhood. Crime. Drugs galore. Loose dangerous dogs. Cat abandonment in that area is sky high. But we got to finish this little pocket of misery at least. Have to. I will get it done.

There could be more new arrivals too, that I don't know about, because it's pitch black dark when I trap, because otherwise I can't due to high volume pedestrian traffic on the sidewalk. I can't leave traps set because the already fixed ones get into them, making it hard to catch the not fixed ones. He doesn't know who he's feeding. I can't impress upon him the need to know, by taking photos, which can be so helpful to identify cats that need fixed and who is fixed.

They just think I can sort it all out, which is a compliment, I know.

And I will sort it out.

In other news, I was notified by Poppa yesterday that they will remain viable at least until May. I was shocked, but happy! I didn't win that damn Thanksgiving lottery. Darn it. That's six more months of funding although I don't know how much money they have left or if it will last until May. But maybe I can find more spay neuter funds out there. I asked if they are closing because of burn out or if I could find available grants so they still had funds if they would continue. No word back yet on that.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Big Hairy and the LB Cat

Big Hairy!
LB stray.

Big Hairy, an amiable stray, brother to the female who stayed here six days to recuperate from URI and spay, was fixed yesterday. He is from the Jefferson colony, most of whom are tame abandoned strays. Big Hairy's brother, a short hair tabby, was fixed last week. His sister, the wheezer, was fixed the week before. Plus four female teen kittens and their mom, yet another tame abandoned female short hair tabby. The neighbor's female, who was one of the strays, was also fixed.

The other cat done down here yesterday was a tame stray wandering the LBCC campus. A security man adopted him right out of his neuter yesterday. This man had even kept him inside his office, after finding him roaming campus in search of food. He's underweight for his bone structure but will be just fine.

The other five cats fixed yesterday were done in Wilsonville: a calico; her two orange tabby female kittens, a long hair orange and white teen feral male, and an abandoned orange tabby very young teen whom I believe also was a female.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Push to the Finish. Let's Get Those Nebraska Cats Fixed!!!! Gosh Darn it.

Frustration! That's the word to describe my efforts trying to find help for a Nebraska family who took on caring for a neighbor mans' ten unfixed cats after he died. There's no help to be had in Nebraska!

The one feral group I found in Omaha never answered her, nor me. The Hildreth help seeker tried calling Alley Cat Allies, too. She's donated to them for years. No reply.

Finally, a new start up Grand Island nonprofit without really much money at all, began helping her, but only had funds so far to get two fixed. TWO! 8 to go. I am soliciting donations to help a Nebraska woman with health care bills and a finanical crisis going who nonetheless is taking care of a dead neighbors cats.

Come on Oregon! And all places elsewhere represented in readership! Let's show Nebraska some love. I'm going to donate.

Here is the address for Heartland Spay Neuter Fund: P.O. Box 5663; Grand Island; Nebraska. 68802. Anything, any tiny bit you might be able to spare, is helpful. Specifiy it is for fixing Joy's Hildreth cats!!!!! THANK YOU. Click the post title to go their website.

If you donate, let me know. Curiosity.

Accidentally Deleted a Post so Here's Another

I was going to edit my last post and boom it was gone. Oh well. I've done that twice in the last week. I'm not sure how, exactly. Not paying attention maybe. Anyhow, click post title to go to HB Livin's blog and see recent photos of Tiny Tim and even some short video clips.

I got a call from LBCC this a.m. My vet's mom works there, at one of her jobs anyhow. Campus security found a tame male on campus. The vets' mom has an obvious in and could say, "Even though you have no appointments today, take him up if you can."

I messed up there too. I forgot to take the security man's cell number. I get to the appointed place and can't call him to come out with the cat. I fiddle around, finally call the vet clinic, get the vets' mom's number, call that, but it doesn't work. I drive over and try to find a place to park and it's about 1/4 mile from the building where I think she works. I was there once before, a year ago at least, to pick up a cat found by campus security and trapped by them.

I park and leave a note on my car windshield. "Please don't ticket me. Picking up stray cat." Then a smiley face. I bet those notes don't work.

I jog the quarter mile to the building and I start thinking "Hmmmm, this is good for me and not so bad." The vet's mom is on the phone so a coworker calls security man who answers and says he'll be there. I go to the appointed place again and wait and wait, leaving numerous messages on that new phone number for him I've been given. No answer. No security guy. I go home. I find the original number and call him.

He goes "Well, we don't just sit in our offices. I think they think we do." I said "So you guys really are out there providing security. That is impressive. Good for you." (I feel it is always a good idea to be super nice, if you can, to anyone wearing a uniform anywhere. Can't hurt) This is a nice guy so it's easy to be nice to such a nice guy. He's taking the cat home with him after he's neutered. I leave again. This time, all goes as planned and I pick up the sweet kitty and take him to the clinic. Security man lives in Jefferson and is picking his new boy up this evening from the clinic.

So, after I do the drop off, I decide to swing by the Jefferson colony that still has a male or two unfixed. I spot one of them and set up my drop trap and catch big Hairy as I dub him. He's the brother of the short hair tabby girl, who spent several days here recuperating from a URI. She's doing great now. Both are strays now fed by this family. The clinic said they'd do him, too, so up I went with him.

Now I'm home. Yay. Two boys being fixed. And actually five being fixed today in Wilsonville. A small time no money rescuer took them in. I had previously arranged that.

They are a calico mom and two kittens, found by a wrecking yard in a wrecked car they went to tow, a long hair orange and white male teen who showed up starved in a trailer park there, and a thrown out young orange tabby girl teen some coucher at the trailer park picked up in Salem and tossed out in the trailer park. Lots of orange. Both of the calico's kittens are orange tabby tux girls.

Friday, November 20, 2009

Three Cats Fixed Today

I am in exhaustion. Took in three more cats today. One was a KATA referral out of Lebanon. A family was feeding a pregnant female and didn't want more unwanted "born to die" kittens. So she got fixed and is still here, actually, for the night, because I"m too tired to drive her back there.

The other two were two more kittens from the Albany Letter Writer colony. There is one kitten left to catch there, plus one big old male. The black kitten is a male while the muted torbi is of course a girl.

Muted torbi female kitten from Albany, fixed today.
Black male Albany kitten, fixed today.
Unwanted in Lebanon. This girl found herself abandoned, as so many do around here. A family feeds her, but will not let her inside. She was pregnant and had a BB lodged in her belly.

I'm so tired. I did way too much this week. Trapping way out in Foster all those cats when already exhausted did me in. I can't even think. I feel like used garbage tossed beside the can. I guess garbage is always used. I feel like very old roadkill. I think thats' a better description.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

11 Cats Fixed Today

One of the four females fixed today, from the Deceased Foster womans' trailer.
Gray tabby tux female, from the Deceased Foster Woman's trailer colony.
Big muted calico, fixed today, from Deceased Foster Woman's colony.
Black tux female, one of 8 cats fixed today from the Deceased Foster Woman's colony.
Gray tux male from the Deceased Foster Woman's Colony.
The gray tux guy again.
Black tux male, fixed today, from the Foster colony.
Big Gray and white male, fixed today from Foster colony.
The other black tux male fixed today from Foster colony.
Black tux male, fixed today from Foster colony.

These three were fixed from the Albany Letter Writer colony: Two more kittens, one boy and one a girl, and an adult torti.

The Siamese mix is the male of the two.

I took in 11 cats to be fixed today. None of the 8 from the deceased Foster woman's trailer were fixed. There were four girls and four boys. KATA already picked them up from me. They trapped up there this morning, but only caught the spotted muted calico. At least she's caught. They will begin searching for placements for these cats soon, I'm sure.

The other three cats fixed were from the Albany letter writer household. An adult torti female and two more of the kittens, one a girl, one a boy.

The vet forgot to eartip them, which was disappointing. I told the check in woman twice, the last time, just asked if she remembered I'd said to eartip all three. None were done. Yesterday, of the three I asked to be eartipped, only two were. I'm going to have to mark them better and brighter or somehow make a better impression with the check in person on what needs done.

I am hoping those folks catch the last three kittens tonight. Then that will be done. Yay.

All my traps are loaned out currently and I'm kind of happy about that. Zone out evening!

Six Kttens Fixed Today. 11 Cats Caught in Foster

At Foster Nicki colony, a gray tabby tux male, watches a very large gray and white male descend from the woods. I caught both.
Gray tabby kitten, not caught yet, with the elderly white male, who is with KATA now.
One of many black tux adults with the gray tabby kitten. The kitten hasn't been caught and there is at least one black tux still out there.
Caught this one.
The friendly older white male.
Handsome gray tabby tux, now in my garage, off to be fixed tomorrow.
This gray tux I didn't think I caught, but after looking at the photo, I believe it is the cat I caught, knocking one off the list of those still out there.
I took this on maximum zoom. It may be a second kitten. It has longer hair I think than the gray tabby kitten in the other photos.
Both these cats still need caught.

And the older brown tabby who still needs caught.
Female tabby tux kitten, fixed today, from the Albany letter writer colony.
Tabby on white female kitten fixed today, but I forgot to get her eatipped. This kitten also is from the Albany Letter Writer colony.
The Forgot to Eartip tabby on white female kitten again, fixed today.
And the black tux male kitten, from same location, fixed today.

I forgot to take photos of the two rural Albany kittens fixed today.

I took six kittens up to be fixed today. Two come from just outside Albany. Their mom was fixed about ten days ago. Today, the black male kitten and black tux female kitten, both adorable, were fixed.

Today Tiger Lily, one of Black Pearl's kittens, made weight and was spayed.

And three more from the Albany situation I found through a letter to the editor were fixed today; a brown tabby tux female kitten, a black tux male kitten, and a tabby on white female kitten, whom I forgot to get eartipped. That brings the total fixed at that house to nine, in two days. Plus, when the folks got home from work, they caught two more of the tabby on white kitten's siblings. And when I finally finally got back there, to deliver back the three fixed today, we set a trap and caught the adult torti female.

There are three more kittens to catch there and one adult male.

But after I returned from delivering the kittens to the clinic, I went all the way up near Foster Reservoir, to help KATA with a situation. An old woman who fed strays had a heart attack and died. The property owners, who are the neighbors, wanted the cats gone. KATA took three out last night. I went up today and trapped 11. Three were tame and already fixed and KATA took them home. The other 8 are here, in traps, and it is unknown if some are fixed or not, because some were fixed and not eartipped. That means they have to go through anesthesia again and the costs of it, to find out. That's a waste, darn it.

I also took photos to try to figure out how many there still are out there. I think there are four. I thought there were five, but upon looking at the photos, I think the gray tux I saw is the same one I have in a trap in my garage.

That means there is an old brown tabby out there still, a petite muted spotted calico, at least one kitten and at least one more black tux. There may be more however.

Also, I picked up Shaulin today. That adoption didn't work out. The people are super nice and cat lovers to the core, but it made them very sad that she was scared, so they felt she should come back.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Honey is Back

Honey is back. The minute she got out of the carrier, she went running around in circles meowing frantically. Sam rushed up to greet her and would not leave her alone. She raced around greeting every one of her friends, tail up, meowing nonstop. She was soooo happy to see them all again and to be back.

It was really cute and endearing to see.

I had not written the adoptor's number down wrong. I had dialed it wrong. The number is accurate. I had not even considered that. Boy, must be getting old.

I returned the little male kitten, fixed today, whose HUGE umbilical cord hernia was also repaired. The vet determined his limp is due to a trick knee. I asked what was meant by a "trick knee" so I could tell the woman who rescued him. She said the groove is wrong or something, and that the kneecap then slips. She said it can be caused by trauma but is often congenital.

I still have the six from the other Albany location because those folks get off work late. They work in Corvallis and the commute can be difficult, backup of traffic wise. So, they'll call when they get home. The three kittens, now in their garage, will be fixed tomorrow, along with two more rural Albany kittens, whose mother was fixed about ten days ago.

I returned the Jefferson female, now much fatter and no longer wheezing and sneezing from a cold. She was happy to be home. The husband came out to say he had not seen either of the two still unfixed males for a couple days. At that time, one of them strolled around the corner. I had no trap along. Darn it.

Seven Cats Being Fixed Today.

Below are photos of six of the seven cats up being fixed today. The photos are of the six cats from the same Albany location.
This is a blue point male. I netted him in the garage this morning of the family who feeds him.
This is a beautiful orange tabby male, being fixed today.
This is a Siamese mix female, being fixed today.
The blue point male again.
This black kitty is a girl, being fixed today.
This is a long hair brown tabby boy, being fixed today.
And this gray female is also being fixed today. I didn't get a photo of the little black tux male with the hernia, also being fixed today.

Seven cats are up being fixed today. Six come from a woman who wrote a letter to the paper in response to another woman's letter. The first woman's letter talked about hating cats coming into her yard and how she didn't know how long she could keep her husband from hurting them.

The sad part of her letter is I think I know her. I helped a woman by the same name, when she lived in Brownsville with her kids on her parents property, get a ton of cats fixed. It would be such a shame if now she has turned into such a cat hater who seems to endorse cruelty to them.

The second letter writer admonished the first one for her words endorsing cruel acts and urged her instead to get involved in helping get the cats fixed in her neighborhood. She then revealed that she feeds the neighborhood abandoned cats and could sure use some help.

I e-mailed the DH and asked them to give her my contact info. I got a message left by the editor here, with her information. He had first asked her permission. She is a delightful and funny person and so is her daughter. Just talking to her made me laugh and laugh.

This morning I went over to get the first ones there, thinking they were tame and could be easily contained in carriers, but I ended up having to net them in her garage, which turned out to be fun thing too, because those people have the best attitude! They are a kick!

So six from there, three boys and three girls, are being fixed, and the seventh is a little male a couple rescued in Salem who had a concern to them, a big cyst in the middle of its belly. She had posted asking for help on craigslist. I had responded, plus she had gotten a bunch of e-mails telling her to call me. Some of the people who e-mailed her, she said, told her not to tell me who told her to call me. But, she said, she wasn't going to lie.

Anyhow, I immediately thought the cyst was going to be an umblical cord hernia, which it is. He's up being fixed today, a cute little bugger, really cute, and his hernia will be repaired.

The woman asked to ride up with me and I was happy for the company and the help unloading.

In sad adoption news, Honey is coming home tonight. She was too shy and scared. And, in a shocker, Shaulin's adoptors left a tearful message, that she was so scared it made them upset, so she is coming home in the morning. I'm really lousy at finding suitable homes. I think for the teen kittens, the new policy is they must go in bonded pairs. Otherwise, it doesn't work, even if they have other cats. They're too scared.

I have to repair a lot of things here at the house. I'm getting behind. The bathroom sink has leaked on and off since I moved in. We always thought it was a pipe connection leaking, when in reality, it's sludge buildup, in layers. I have the trap off but some of the pipe pieces have been glued. I haven't been able to find anything suitable to snake out the turns into the wall yet, so I haven't been able to use my bathroom sink for almost two weeks.

Then, someone tried to kick in a door while I was gone late into the night trapping a few days ago. I came home to find the doorknob half off but the door remained secure, due to security measures from the inside. Now I have to replace the doorknob too. I finally bought the new knob yesterday. And a motion light, that I have to wire in, when the weather improves slightly. I find out how to do these repairs online, read up on all the advice, the hints, then I try to do it, usually without the right tools, but I do my best. I'm always trying to fix something broken. I have to try to fix my printer today, too. I have a very long list of fixing projects right now and I need to get on them.

I understand why single people seem to die younger. It has nothing to do with being lonely. It has everything to do with exhaustion. You have to do everything, when you're single. In families, at least in theory, division of labor and people helping out. It's probably the only way people can survive these complicated days, is helping each other out and no one person having to do it all. Single moms really have their work cut out for them. I feel for single moms, humans and cats.

Monday, November 16, 2009


I am worried about Honey. Yesterday, the student who adopted her e-mailed me that it wasn't working out and she would like to return her. She said she'd been trying, but Honey just hides. I should have known.

I e-mailed right back, asking when she would like to do that. But I haven't heard from her again.

I tried calling tonight because I was headed over to Corvallis, and thought I could just pick her up while over there. But the number I had down and called, was answered by someone who didn't know who I was talking about and it was a N. Portland business. I had showed her the number and asked if I had it down right as hers and she said it was.

I couldn't print out my usual adoption form, when she came for Honey, because my printer is broken once again.

I guess I wrote down one digit wrong at least of that phone number and she didn't see it either when I asked her if that was right. I am worried, nonetheless. Can't help myself. I think she has a good heart and probably is just busy. I'm sure I will hear from her soon. I remember how stressful and very busy student life is.

I should have known it wouldn't work. Poor little Honey needs her kitty friends. Well, probably tomorrow I'll be bringing her back here, and she can relax again, playing and sleeping with her friends.

I got an inquiry on Teddy today, from the Eugene area. Made me excited, but also nervous. They have another cat, indoor only, and are looking for a friend for the kitty. The problem is all the cats are so darn happy here and have so many friends it isn't pleasant on them to leave. Maybe I should make it a little more unpleasant on them here, so they're happier to get out and into a new home.

Well, tomorrow I'm supposed to be taking in five cats from one location and one from another. I'm trying to get in as many cats as I can these days due to Poppa's soon closure. I've been feeling stress from that.

I went over and weighed the kittens from the mom fixed last week. There were six of them, but they've already given away three. The kittens left are about two weeks away from being fixing weight.

Poor Jade is on everyone's shit list here for some reason. Mops goes at her, as does Buffy and even old Electra. Seems there's always one punching bag cat, and it varies week to week, on who is on the outs. For a long time, it was Tugs. Then it was Gretal. For awhile it was Electra. Now it's switched to poor Jade. She's used to finding refuge in the spare bedroom, where she and her kittens lived for some time, but now Black Pearl is using the spare bedroom, with Toby and Shimmer, who are a week away from fixing weight.

Mops is slightly psycho and always has been.

Boy is it ever windy here in Oregon tonight. Big storm moving through. The roof of the historic Seaside City Hall was blown off by a gust. I hope all the yard trees hold up ok tonight as the storm passes. The good thing could be this: I hope the high winds blow the mess left behind by the leaf cleanup away. I don't care where its blown to, but I'd like to wake up tomorrow morning to a clean street that I don't have to scrape of all that leaf sludge and sweep, to keep the neighbors happy. Let's hear it for high winds doing the leaf clean up.

My stomach is all tied up again. Makes me grumpy. I've started doing exercises at night inside here. I have to keep my feet on the floor when exercising inside, to avoid coming down on Miss Daisy, who is always right underfoot.

I'm taking the Jefferson female back in the morning. She seems over her URI and is weary of being in the rabbit hutch in the garage. I don't blame her.

I got my other cages back from the people who had trapped the five strays they fed before they moved and relocated four to a barn home of a friend. They're doing good, they said this morning, before they returned my relocation cages. They were happy with that outcome but are quite worn out from moving. Moving is hell. We all know that.

The cats fixed last Friday

This Jefferson tame brown tabby female, mother of the four female teens fixed on Wednesday, was fixed Friday.
This beat up brown tabby male, brother of the sick female, still in my garage recuperating from her cold, was fixed Friday. His sister is going home tomorrow.
The brown tabby male again.
This cat showed up there, at this Jefferson location, already sporting a right eartip. I believe he is from a group of cats I got fixed for another woman, last spring. Her mother left a message months later, saying her daughter had moved and left the cats behind. I didn't return the call. Her mother disliked cats. This is one of those cats.
Also fixed Friday was the Lebanon Family of Five, a very young white mom and her four kittens. Three of the kittens were boys, two whites and one black tux, while the fourth, the girl, was also white.
This is the very young mother, also spayed Friday.
The three boys.
One of the boys, fixed Friday.
And the female kitten, who looks just like mom.