Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Stray Female was Indeed Mother of the Four Kittens

This is the mom of the four kittens SafeHaven took in, at least I hope it is.
She's not much more than a teen herself.
Two of the three Lebanon teens fixed today.

The third Lebanon teen fixed today.
This is Dirt Eater, the starving girl who showed up in Lebanon, so hungry she was gulping dirt frantically.

The stray female from the complex was the mother of the four kittens. She was both lactating and in heat and had polycystic ovaries.

Of the other four fixed today, including Dirt Eater, the starving young female, from Lebanon, two were girls and two were boys.

The old woman was successful trapping the last kitten, but not the mom yet.

The seed warehouse is still trying to trap the mom of the four kittens the seedman and his wife are now fostering.

The Clover Ridge folks are still trying to trap the last cat out there not fixed yet.

Other than that, everything's normal in cat land. Stressful to be sure. Have gotten a zillion calls lately.

The latest was about an injured down town Albany little male. His rescuer, keeping him in her car for now, since she can't have him in her place, bless her soul, says she thinks he was attacked by a big male, but she's not sure. She said his ear is torn up and his face swollen.

I couldn't do much but offer to get him neutered. Her sister might take him, if he can be seen somehow by a vet. Nobody seems to have any money these days. So I authorized the last of my gift card money at the vet clinic if she wants to take him in to be seen, and neutered. The vet clinic called back to say that would not be nearly enough, if he has an absess that needs surgical treatment. I said "do what you can for that amount left" if she wants to bring him in and the vet clinic lady said that was just fine.

I guess many of the cats there at that location who are not fixed are actually owned, but she is going to try to go door to door and convince people to let them be fixed.

It's so sad, all over the place, so sad.

Oh, and Topaz, whomever you are, who sends negative comments, which I reject, if you are so darn bored, reading my blog, why are you reading it? That's pathetic. I will suggest you do a search on your favorite subjects and likely you will find a million blogs about that subject. GO READ THEM!

Five Cats Up Being Fixed Today

Four are from Lebanon, including Dirt Eater, the little starving girl, and one is the complex cat, likely mom to the kittens found. I will find out today, if those kittens likely were hers.

The woman isn't going to stop feeding them. I misunderstood her. She's just going to rig it so the raccoon can't get to the food.

The old woman in Lebanon caught the last kitten, but not the mother cat yet. She's still trying.

I have seen two dead cats now in a very unlikely place--along or on Highway 20, east of Albany, right where the truck route takes off of Highway 20. One, hit or dumped today, looks for all the world like a dead Bengal. The other, hit or dumped dead, two or three days ago, looked like a Bengal mix tabby, fuzzy. I wonder if they are from the Bengal group colony. It's unlikely, but to see two dead cats there, within a quarter mile of each other, where there are no houses, makes me think the cats were either trying to make it home or killed and dumped there.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Trapped Four More at 88 year Olds

I trapped four more cats this morning at the home of an 88 year old amazing person. She actually walked a mile and a half to get her hair cut the other day. There are two left to catch there. She usually traps the cats herself. She is independent and amazing, I think.

One of the four I trapped is a new arrival, a teenage black tux female, who is tame, but was so starved she was trying to eat dirt. Can you imagine!

I'm also supposed to trap tonight at the complex where those four young kittens came from. I'm still worn out and have a cold, ache all over, so am going to try to catch a few Zzzzzzz's mid day. I have no free traps, is the thing. I have 8 traps in total that work, four on loan and four now containing cats. Someone who moved in Portland gave me a fold up trap, however. I just need to unfold it, fortify it, and then I'll have nine. Which is good.

I would have another trap, but I loaned it to my brother about a year ago and haven't seen him since, or he would bring it back. That trap someone found all twisted up after a flood, washed down a river, deposited in their fields. But they thought I might be able to fix it and brought it to me. I did pound it out, replace a few parts and I painted it and restored it into a nicely working trap. I'll get it back one day.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Four More Kittens

I got home tonight, after a very long day, and the woman who lives at the end of my street came into my yard with her kids holding kittens. The kids found them in the bushes by a fence. They'd crawled through, or been brought through by their mom, from an apartment complex behind the fence. The kids were ecstatic of course, delighted they'd found them, since it was starting to rain, eager to keep them and name them. But mom said NO. She wanted to know if I could find a place to take them.

I called KATA but they are full to the gills. Then I came home and called SafeHaven and they said they'd take them if I rushed them out, since it was late. They had no fleas and were fat. I thought they were likely kittens associated with two mom cats being fed in the complex as strays, slated for trapping tomorrow, but their state of tameness and the fact they have no fleas, made me and SafeHaven believe they were born inside to someone with a cat at that complex who decided they didn't want them and kicked them out.

At least they're safe now! They were shaking from the cold. Two black tux kittens, one a boy and one a girl, and two fuzzy brown tabby tuxes, one a boy and one a girl.

Sam, Daisy and Poppy

8 Cats Taken in Today. Seven Fixed.

One of the boy kittens fixed today.
The only female kitten of the six.
One of the five male kittens.
The kittens' mom, fixed today.
This girl, fed as a stray, turned out to be already fixed and had been abandoned by someone who lived on City View.

Off a craigslist post, I contacted people feeding strays. Specifically, they said they were feeding two adult females and six kittens from one female. I arranged to get them all fixed. They had failed to find a solution with Safehaven and never got a reply after calling every week with the local FCCO coordinator. So they were unbelievably happy to find another solution, a quick one day solution, which is what I love to provide when I can, through Poppa, area vets, and the local cat grant.

The kittens were five males and one female. Then I got their mom done also today. But the second adult female, a long hair brown tabby tux, wasn't fixed. That's because she already was spayed. She had nice green "NS" tattoo in one ear, although the vet didn't see that. However, when her belly was shaved, the vet did see the green NS tattoo on her belly. She was fixed at a Neuterscooter clinic.

The Albany newcomers said neighbors told them she was left behind by someone who lived on City View, when they were foreclosed on. Anyhow, they are going to try to find her a home. They are attemting to rehome the kittens and their mom also. They're very sweet kittens about 12 weeks of age. The girl kitten already is spoken for.

Sunday, September 27, 2009

UpDate on Broken Toe

My broken toe has not quite healed and I realize, it might never bend again. It's still red and enlarged somewhat, but not nearly as painful anymore. But it no longer bends. Not much I can do about that at this point.

I burned a quarter size hole in my arm on my oven. That has healed nicely. It was cat related, the reason that happened in the first place. Distraction.

I injured my left knee intially when chasing down flying canopies at Pet Day. A sudden violent wind storm began tossing those canopies, intended to cover vendor booths from rain or sun, into the air and twisting the frames on the fly. Many of them were headed towards the road and likely could have injured people or their cars.

So Keni, Poppa's President and myself, there with the Poppa Inc. booth, and with our own canopy secured with cinder blocks as they all should have been, felt since no one else was taking action, we better. So we did. We chased them down and took the canopies off the frames, so the wind could no longer take them airborne, creating hazards.

But at the end of a long day, chasing those down, my muscles already tight and tired, I ripped something in one knee, a tendon thingy or ligament, something. It healed somewhat but never fully and still becomes painful with much use and sometimes I can't bend it without what I call fondly "screaming pain". It still wakes me, about an hour after I go to bed, too, with deep groaning horrible pain. Then I massage it for about twenty minutes and usually the pain eases.

As for my chronic stomach issues, right now, they're back in force and have been since during my house guest visit. I ate cheese. That's a no no for me and it messes me up. I need to learn!

My missing filling has been replaced! No issues there!

And the poison Oak I had off and on all summer, from too much total contact with the homeless camp---for the most part, gone!

I think I'm doing ok right now for a beat up old lady. Ok I'm middle aged. I don't even know how to describe my age. Not young anymore, that's for sure. If I were young, I probably wouldn't need seven hours or more of sleep after pulling these marathon trapathons, to get my good attitude back.

Yes, I do have a good attitude when not in serious pain and when well slept.

My Cats

I took this of Miss Daisy the night she had her sore leg incident. I laid her on the floor, at first, on my shirt. Her sore leg is on ice.
Shaulin, in foreground, Brambles, from HTN colony, then Dex in the back.
Calamity. I woke her up.
Panda, from Lebanon.
Dex, one of the four cats here I call my own. She's gone through too much in her life to consider putting her through more. And she's an older cat, too.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

Starr, Teddy and Honey

Teddy with Honey. Both are kittens from the Corvallis homeless camp. Teddy is extremely social, while Honey isn't as social and neither is Teddy's sister, Starr.
Starr again.

Summer and Tara, homeless camp girls, went to a home yesterday. They were the social girls. Teddy, too, a boy tabby kitten, from the camps, is social. Honey and Starr, two other girls from the camp, are not as social. I don't want these kittens to slip through the cracks and end up as semi ferals here permanently.

Likewise with the two other kittens still here: Shaulin, from the Bengal group, and Calamity, abandoned on Lyons street in Albany.

I am still sick today, despite sleeping almost 12 hours last night. I got up, thinking I was fine, did a few things, then had to lay down again. I need to take it easy a couple days. I am suffering from exhaustion. However, I need to get to the store today, to get cat food and food for me and I will have to do that, after another nap. I get both at Winco, which means a drive to south Salem. Not looking forward to that.

Someone told me the rates I pay for a year's liability insurance on my car are not good. So I have been calling around for quotes. Turns out, my rate is the best out there among companies I've called so far, and they're the ones you hear are more affordable. Not! Cool.

Seed Warehouse Kittens

The four seed warehouse kittens we caught out there are all in foster now with the seed warehouse man and his animal loving wife. They're wonderful people. They will keep one and are going to adopt out the other three. The two boys were fixed at the Neuterscooter clinic.

I released the teen male back out there and they are still attempting to trap the mom cat.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Winter in the Air

The nights are turning black early, with a sharpness to the air, when inhaled. I love fall. I love the black black nights studded in stars.

But there is a worry too with the coming of the cold. A feeling in my stomach.

The strays suffer so in the winter. And so do people.

When there are disasters and shortages, calamities of any sort, the suffering is greater if its winter.

In the summer, if you have no home or money you can find one remote apple tree, long forgotten by humans and camp nearby and have food all through the late summer and fall. Earlier, you can eat the berries which abound everywhere. There is a bounty of food for the taking in the mid valley from spring through the fall.

But not in the winter. YOu have to have food stored to survive if you have nothing. YOu can't pick things to eat from bushes and trees or from the ground in the winter to live, if you end up by your circumstance to have no other way.

If your roof is blown off in a storm or a tree falls upon your place to live or a flood consumes your living space or if you lose your job or your income and fail on the rent and the landlord locks you out, in the winter you must fall on your knees at the mercy of others, to live, if you cannot even take with you food you have saved for emergency times of nothing.

So with winter for me comes trepidation, and the knowledge it is harder to survive.

I know so many people out of work who have been out of work for a long long time. When I think of those individuals and families it is at the same time I am inhaling the sharp night air that signals fall has come, and soon--winter.

The back of my mind is whispering "How will they stay warm? How will they feed all those kids?"

It is rightful to judge people, to say "How could they keep having children when they cannot afford to even feed themselves?" These are concerns that should be aired. Resources are scant and those that depend on others to survive should be mindful of their impact, and grateful, too. Being grateful means not creating more of a burden on others and this means in part not producing even more dependent children.

I help strays by getting them fixed because the shelter solution isn't a solution at all. When I get cats fixed it means fewer kittens born, far less numbers of cats will be abandoned and abused, or starve or be taken in to shelters and then killed.

If I've worked very hard all summer to get in all the cats I know about, get them fixed and vaccinated, the winter is easier to bear. I don't have to think about so many out there suffering in the cold, starving. Fix your cats, people. It is the best way to reduce the suffering. The absolute most efficient productive way to reduce the horrible suffering out there.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Photos of the Five Cats Fixed Today

The tabby manx male, fixed today, who has occasionally visited my yard, but has been fed as a stray nearby. The woman has a home lined up for him with a friend of hers.
The Lebanon teen trapped by the old woman, fixed today.
This Albany male was fixed today after being rescued from a horrible situation on College Park Drive.
Female from same situation as above, now living a good life with a nice family. And fixed today also.
The male again, fixed today.
The last kitten of the stray female mom, now fixed. I pulled this kitten and four siblings out from under a shed, just after they were born. And I mean moments after they were born. I had to lay on my stomach in a tight spot between the wall of a shed and a fence, then dig out gravel to make a hole so I could reach under that shed to pull the newborns away from a still bleeding new mom I didn't even know.

A DD woman fostered all of them and did a damn good job, with the help of a neighbor. All the kittens are now in homes. This last kitten fixed today was scheduled to go to her new home later tonight. The fosterer is keeping mom. She's one very kind hearted decent smart woman, if you ask me, far smarter than many on that street, although she is labeled DD. I don't think she's DD at all, but I do think some of the druggees and trouble makers on that street who abandon cats and cause trouble for everyone are truely retarded.

Blackberry and Mushroom (temp name)

Taken in my car last night, right after I trapped her.

After delivering five cats to the clinic to be fixed, I took Mushroom, the latest four week old out of the homeless camps on up to Keni's where she will be fostered with her sister, Blackberry, who is already doing fine there.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Caught one of the little buggers!

I caught one of those little homeless camp four week olds! Yahoo, I caught one of them! Keni, Poppa's president, who still has Blackberry, the little black four week old, a sibling, is going to take this one in also to foster.

No more in the traps when I went back. I just left food, had to quit for the night. Bunch of cop cars at building next door.

Well anyhow, at least I caught one of them. She's so pathetic, severely undernourished and very dehydrated. I gave her sub cu fluids then nutrical. She wants to cling to me, up under my chin. Yet she is smart and interested in her new surroundings. Must be such a relief to her, but scary too. She's already had a first vaccination since she is so susceptible to everything at her age and condition. She's already been defleaed and dewormed and now I must go to bed. What a sweet little survivor girl I have beside my bed tonight, in a carrier, enjoying a new beginning.

I took the two big orange boys back today, but not the female. Decided to give her another day. The fourth kitten caught at the seed warehouse left today, to go to foster at the Seedman's place. His wife told me today they will also foster the two hissy spitty boy kittens, who were fixed at the Neuterscooter. They're hissy spitty because they're still slightly dehydrated after surgery, but tonight they have begun eating up a storm. By tomorrow, the hissy spittiness should dissipate.

That leaves me the teen male from that warehouse. I transferred him to a clean trap this evening, gave him more food. He had tapeworms but got treated for tape and roundworms at the NS clinic. They all got the works there. I am still holding him hoping they catch the mother cat out there. I hope they catch her tonight. He will return home tomorrow, as will the Clover Ridge female. They're still trying to catch a calico out there on Clover Ridge.

Tomorrow, I'm taking in the Lebanon teen, plus two Albany kittens a woman rescued from a trailer out off College Park Drive. And the last kitten from Lyons street, the one who was too small to be fixed last time I took her in, with three siblings, now all adopted out. That disabled woman who fostered those since the day they were born and I dug them out from under her shed is really wonderful. She is keeping the mom cat, who was a stray. I got her spayed long ago. Calamity's mom, who roams that neighborhood also, fixed of course now, is being cared for by a different neighbor. I saw her last night when I picked up the kitten. They already have a home lined up for this kitten.

Two Nuts at the UN

Poor UN diplomats had to sit through a Khadafi rant and endure the presence of the Iran nutcase and he is one big fat nutcase who should be on medication and confined to an institution. Who could listen to such a man with a straight face, like anything he says is of importance to hear, the idiot who denies the holocaust.

He's just plain crazy, is the thing. It's like the elephant in the living room and everyone steps around and ignores the plain truth, that a nutcase who should be in a rubber room is running around pounding his chest in flatulent self importance and talking nonsense.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Miss Daisy's Leg

During the short time I left to go pick up the fourth kitten from the seed warehouse something happened here. I came home and Miss Daisy could not use one front leg. She was holding it up awkwardly and screaming in pain. I don't know if it is broken.

I hope not. I don't have any money right now. Too many things over the last few weeks have eaten up everything I have and then some.

I had some old pain meds, from a few months back, when she had a tooth pulled, so it is measured in a syringe for her specific weight. I gave her the dose and she was soon more comfortable. She won't move, is just laying on the floor on my shirt, with a pillow put for her. I had her leg on ice. The paw and ankle seemed swollen and the toes curled like her tendon is retracted tight, the tendons that would allow her to stretch out her claws. I don't know if she fell or what. Miss Daisy is not exactly athletic. She's very clumsy in fact and stumbles over almost everything. I worry if she fell off a cat run or shelf, she could have injuries I can't see, like head trauma or chest trauma. Tomorrow she goes to the vet and somehow somewhere I'll have to dig up the money for it.

The cats were in a tizzy when I got home, Mops attacking his sister, Shady going after Jade. I don't know why.

I think Sam had something to do with what happened to Miss Daisy. He doesn't like her and didn't from the start. He looked down the hall, hair at tail base raised and fluffed out, eyes dilated, like he was ready to attack. Then up the hill hopped Miss Daisy crying. Sam ran off. I believe he attacked her somewhere and she fell or something. God damn that Sam. As if peeing on my couch, and everything else isn't enough. I don't know what to do with him. He wants to be indoor outdoor and live with cats, but not 20 other cats. I can't find him anywhere. I have to disclose his three month old behavior issue, the pee marking, and then nobody wants him.

Now what do I do with Miss Daisy, how do I keep her comfortable. I'm so tired. She is my favorite cat. She's been so optimistic, so loving, so wonderful. Tonight, she was screaming with any movement. Seems like everything happens at once, conspiring in my exhaustion to take me down. The damn phone broke and that happened the last day my house guest was here, but I didn't know it until I got back. I need to get another one. My darm alarm/radio, that was crap to begin with, from a thrift store and barely ever worked. Those are just cheap things I can replace. Or even not replace. But Miss Daisy, that's another story. She's my baby, my friend and I love her. I'd whore myself in the streets if I have to, to get her what she needs.

Fourth Kitten Trapped at the Seed Warehouse

A fourth kitten was traped at the seed warehouse this evening. No adults have been trapped so far, just four young kittens and one teenager. A seedman took home the third kitten and I have the fourth one here, along with the boys from there fixed today.

I'm having all kinds of electronic issues. My phone is dead. My radio alarm broke and my computer has been slow, then shuts down suddenly. Hell if I know what is going on. I"ll get a new phone tomorrow and a radio alarm at Goodwill.

I have to have a tooth refilled tomorrow. Seems a filling broke and partially fell out and partially got stuck between two teeth.

Photos of the Cats Fixed Today

Seed warehouse six month old long hair black and white male, fixed today.
Seed warehouse black on white male kitten, fixed today.
Seed warehouse brn tab on white male kitten, fixed today.
Huge org tab male, fixed today, from the Clover Ridge area.
Clover Ridge white with orange female, spayed today.
The other Clover Ridge orange male, fixed today.
Torti kitten, from SE Albany, among several trapped by adult sisters. Their elderly mom feeds strays. There are only two left to catch and fix there.

The 8th cat is Honey, from the Corvallis homeless camp.