Saturday, February 28, 2009

Craigslist Post on lost cat

I know this cat. I got her fixed for those folks. She is gorgeous. Makes me sad to see she is now missing. Here is the post:

Our one year old cat ashes went missing about a month ago from our home on 18th ave. by memorial middle school. she is fixed, and a grey tabby. her top coat is black. med. hair length. She is very missed. we have searched all over for her. if you have seen her or have her we would love to have her back. She is my daughters cat. thank you...

And here's another sad craigslist post, about a three legged dog at Linn County Dog Control. Or was there. I did call the lady who posted because, my gosh, a three legged dog in a shelter, that's awful. I also called her up because of the name of the dogs' original owners. This woman who posted found the dog, and then handed her over to Senior Dog Rescue, only to be contacted by the owners, who took her back. The owners last name is Torres. She was again found as a stray apparently. What interested me is that is the same last name as the people over near Crabtree who didn't feed their cats and all that sorrowful horrible stuff. That is the last name of the people who had Rags, Peko and Miato, and the little starved calico I had to return. I'm sure it's a common name, but maybe it's the same people, since they do not care for their animals.

Here's the post on craigslist about the dog and the poster is the woman who found the dog after the owners lost or abandoned it the first time. They should never have gotten the dog back:

There is an amazing dog at Linn County Dog Control that I found a few months ago and returned to her owners. She was found stray again and it looks like her owners are not going to reclaim her. She is a senior 3 legged blind dog, but the most amazing little thing you will ever meet. She is housetrained, quiet, and friendly. She would be great for an older person, or anyone really. She loves to just hang out and gets along with all animals and children. She is a doxie/chi cross and is only 8 I believe, but looks older. She needs a loving home that will spoil her. I can help pay the adoption fee if someone can save her! I love this dog in only the 4 short days that I got to know her. Thanks and pass the word on Mimi the wonder dog! Also if anyone knows a Torres this is their dog and they need to reclaim her if they can!

Cats Fixed Wednesday and My Red Wall

My cats like to snooze atop the table I have by a window.

Doc, Mops and Mums on the table.
Shady and Buffy enjoy a nap.
Brambles, standing, Doc, Mums and and Shady on the table.
Brambles in the back standing, Doc up front, Mops tucked in behind, Mums and Shady lounge.
Is this bright or what? This wall just has one coat so far.
The blue around the edges is actually just tape. I hope my brother, who owns this house, doesn't kill me for painting the walls bright colors. I like bright colors and the white was getting too dirty and showed every little bit of dirt too well. Way too well.
This is the calico, very cute I think, fixed from near Lacomb last Wednesday.
This is the Albany calico fixed last Wednesday. The other three fixed last Wednesday were brought in by their owners, also from Lacomb. And the same people took in three again Friday. I didn't see any of those six, just arranged it, so, no photos, sadly.

I got a call from a potential adoptor which just makes me so excited I can hardly stand it. And nervous, too, hoping nothing happens to blow it. They'll probably come see the cats Monday. I'm just crossing my fingers here and jumping for joy!

Ideas for Cat Toys. 27 Cats Fixed Last Month

I took in 27 cats to be fixed last month. That isn't close to the 51 in January, but I couldn't get appointments one week and then took in only three on another week.

I am hoping Poppa will allow me to overflow some of last month's fixing allotment to March. I have been receiving a lot of calls. It is more effective to fix females before they are pregnant even before they are in heat, rather than after, because of cost increases. A lot of the females are already pregnant.

So, I made appointments to take ten cats Monday to one clinic and five to another. At the clinic I made ten appointments for, females, whether pregnant or not, cost $43, so if half are female, that's $215 right there and if the other half are males that would cost, at that clinic, $165. That would be $380 gone of my allotment right there. If you add in the five going to my usual clinic, if three are females, and not pregnant, which most have been there, that's $185 there, for the five, although they will pay $45 of that, bringing it down to $140. In one day, that could be $520 gone from my monthly allotment. Yikes. Almost a third of it. With 15 fixes. And that's just an estimate, since I don't know the sexes I will be trapping tomorrow. That's still a good price for 15 fixes, less $40 per cat.

The 15 for Monday include five more from the Scio group, bringing the number fixed there, by Monday evening, to 11, with nine or so to go. And ten from the Jefferson desperate woman colony. I will also be trapping the 8 or more on Columbus, just to end reproduction there, too. But they'll be going in on Tuesday, or a mix from both colonies. I don't like to wait around on colonies when I find them and the only reason I have to is due to money. That's why there's a cat problem, I guess. I need to find some money to use for fixing more cats.

I have an idea for a cat toy I think the cats would love. Here it is: I would take a length of PVC, maybe four inch diameter and cut an inch wide hole along its length, leaving maybe a couple inches intact on each end.

The length of the PVC pipe I would use would be approximately 12 feet. That's just an estimate, because its dependent on where I would put it. I would want it slanted rather severely. The cats are going to ride this down.

How? I'd use a ball socket inside the pipe, made maybe of a smooth material, maybe wood, if I could make a round ball of wood. I can probably find something in a junk store that would work.

A piece of something, wood or pipe, would extend out from the ball inside the PVC. To that, I would attach a platform, with edges. This is what the cats would ride down on.

On at the top of the slanted "ride down" PVC, I would attach a vertical piece of PVC. A piece of cable rope would attach to the ball inside the ride down slanted piece of PVC, go through an eye hook at the top. The other end of the cable rope would be attached to an eye hook attached to a piece of smaller diameter PVC, that would fit inside the larger vertical piece of PVC. I would screw in a bottom on that smaller diameter inside piece. I would add a proper amount of sand or other heavy material and it would be used as a counter weight, to not only slow the slide down but to pull the platform back up after the cat rides the platform down.

The larger vertical piece of PVC would double as a cat climb. I would glue carpet around it.

Now what do you think of that idea? Would it work? How much counter weight would I need? Enough to keep the platform in the top position, for sure, when no cat was on it. Most of my cats weigh between five and 8 pounds. I suppose it depends on the slant and distance of the ride down piece? The travel length of the counter weight and ride platform will have to be the same. So, I need to make the size of the counter weight itself small (intensely dense mass, like lead maybe?), to not take up too much of the distance inside the vertical PVC. I'll have to experiment.

I had also thought of attaching the slant down inside piece to a strong spring, but that seems hard to calibrate and to brake, when the cat gets off at the bottom, and the platform zooms back up. I don't want a cat getting knocked in the teeth if isn't property braked and whips up too fast.

The third idea I had was to somehow make it a teeter totter type ride. Cat gets off at bottom. Platform with that end of the PVC then slowly swings up, to be ridden down from it's new position.

I plan on making a separate teeter tooter type toy also, rigged on bungees. It's fun to try to think up new ways to entertain the cats and me, too.

Friday, February 27, 2009

Home Depot Blues

I used to like going to Home Depot. But lately, I've been having trouble every time I go there. First, it was the dryer fiasco. I'd called them up when it broke down. It was only a little over a year old and they said to come in and talk to some guy who knew everything there was to know about dryers.

But when I asked for him there, he wasn't on that day. And instead, I got some guy who told me the dryer broke because I'd bought a cheap piece of crap and that's what I should expect and I needed to buy an $800 dryer. I said "But you're the one who sold me (actually my brother) that cheap piece of crap. Are you saying you don't care about your customers so you carry cheap crap that breaks down in a year?" He was very loud about it being such a cheap crap dryer and I gave up and left.

I hadn't ever intended to go back to Home Depot again. It's a store that could have the motto "The customer is always wrong!" lately. Didn't used to be so. But they have downgraded their customer service level drastically it seems.

I got paint there once. It was a woman at the desk of the paint department and boy did she go out of her way to help customers. I wish she was still there.

To avoid the Albany store employees, after the dryer incident, when I decided to paint my living room, I went to the Corvallis Home Depot. I'd found a color on Behr online, Cherry, and wanted to see the swatch. I had the number even. But the employee could not find the swatch and kept telling me the only way I could see it was if he mixed up a quart then painted a board. I could not figure that out. He said he'd do it, although it would cost the store money.

At that point, I went to the swatch display myself and easily found the color. He had said it was not in the swatch display. I showed it to him. He did not seem impressed. And I finally settled on a different color. I was very nervous at that point that he would not know how to mix it, if he could not do something as simple as locate a swatch.

I wanted a complimentary color but didn't want to get it with this guy at the helm of the paint department. Today I went to the Albany store, hoping that woman would be manning the paint department. Alas, it was a guy. And, it was the dryer guy no less. Inside I was wanting to scream, "Remember that piece of crap dryer you folks sold me that broke in a year and you said that's what I get for buying a cheap piece of crap? Remember that? I fixed the damn thing myself!" I felt like yelling that at the top of my lungs. I didn't.

I waited and waited as he helped other customers. When it was my turn, I gave him the paint color and number and told him I wanted the $16 interior enamel. I didn't know the sheen. It was Flat but I didn't remember to tell him that, just that it was $16 for a gallon. He was leaving his shift then, and gave me to another guy employee, who finally went to get the base. Then he went to help another customer. Finally, he said "We don't have that base. Sorry."

I'd been there about 40 minutes at this point and I wasn't happy. I"d spent a couple hours online choosing the right color and now they don't have it and I have to wait over half hour to find that out. But then he comes over with another swatch card. It's bright blue. He says, "Um, I'll be willing to upgrade you though, no extra charge," and he taps a bright blue color.

Inside, I was incredulous. I was shocked, angry but I also wanted to giggle uncontrollably. They're out of the Evergreen Bough, which is a deep gray green, but he'll upgrade me to a neon bright blue! No extra charge! And it'll have to be on different type of base.

I tried to leave but ran into former dryer man now paint man. I told him since he was right in my path, I was pissed to have to wait so long to find out they didn't have the color.

I really was pissed about the dryer incident. In the background, a female clerk was rolling her eyes while filing her nails. You could not ask for a more classic "clerk" scene. Of course, since the customer is always wrong, paint man said it took so long because I didn't know what sheen I wanted by name. I should have known. My fault.

I love going there in a way. I love taking abuse. I like practising trying to stand up for myself, although I failed miserably tonight. It was the shock factor I think, of the upgrade offered. From deep gray green, to bright neon blue. Threw me off my game plan. They are good with their curve balls. Boy.

I stalked out, talking to myself, cursing Home Depot's policy of blaming the customer for all ills, saying little revenge things like, "I hope the economy gets them." And, "If they go under, I'm having a party!"

I know dryer man. He wanted me once to clean up the street he lived on, of stray cats. He wanted me to take them and dump them somewhere. Instead I got them all fixed. Or most of them. I don't know if he remembers me from where he worked before, where he was never rude at all, and where he asked a favor of me, and I did it.

I can't wait until the Lowe's in Albany is built and opens. Until then, I'll sit in the parking lot and keep a watch with my binocs to see who is manning the paint desk. If it's the woman, I'll get my paint. If it's the guys, I won't.

You know who belongs manning a paint department? Women or gay guys! Testosterone doesn't go well with helping someone choose color and sheen. I'm sorry if that sounds very stereotypical. I think it's true. I think from now on I'll just have to ask, if its a guy at the paint desk counter, if they're gay. Because if they aren't gay, I'm leaving!

Calls for Help Increasing Again

I got a call from a desperate Jefferson woman, feeding strays originally fed by a neighbor up the street, who also has a bunch of dogs, who now come try to eat anything they can find on her porch too. She's been laid off now and was crying. She doesn't want the cats killed or to starve. She said she'd try to donate what she could and I said to forget about that, since she's suffering so, to help these cats out, and even the neighbors' dogs.

I'm getting the cats in right away if I can. I know Poppa's funds are low but I am doing all I can to try to find ways to make fixing money. Even tiny donations from caregivers are very helpful too. Those Scio folks with 20 cats are donating $15 per cat which is pretty good, given they have so many.

So I've got those 20 being taken to the vet by their caretakers, three more today I think, five scheduled for Monday. But I want to get on top of this Jefferson situation immediately too, since the woman is so depressed and desperate over it, mainly to reassure her that I won't forget.

Then there's the Columbus situation Catman Roger asked for help with, 8 or so, some pregnant and a new Siamese showed at his place.

Then a woman called who lives near I5, just south of Highway 20 on the Albany side of the freeway, near 13th street, in that relatively newly developed area, who said there are cats all over the place there, but she thinks a lot of them might be owned. She is angry with negligant cat owners in the area. She said a stray female and an owned male were doing it atop the neighbors pitched roof a couple nights ago. I said "that would have made an interesting video." She agreed.

I suggested she go door to door, get lists of owned cats in the area, urge cat owners allowing unfixed cats to free roam, to get them fixed, identify known strays and I told her I'd help get those strays fixed immediately. So she thought that was a good plan of action and will call me back.

When cats start fighting, spray marking, and yowling when in heat, the calls start to come. That's fine. I also call this time of year "roadkill male" season, because unfixed male cats cross roads blindly, in pursuit of love and are often killed.

Thursday, February 26, 2009


I found the product code. I even found the CD. It was, of course, the fault of the cats. Who else? They'd hidden it. I'd tried product codes from every CD I could find and nothing worked. Then, suddenly, I come of the exclusion room to find Mops pulling something out from under the dresser. He'd hooked a claw into the paper edge. What was it? The missing CD with product code. The cats! It had become their toy. My product code CD!

Then, I could not get the computer online. It was a comcast thing. I briefly considered calling them. They were demanding a password, long lost. I was about to throw up my hands, call it quits, and live without online access too, as I am now living without all but four of the TV channels I used to love. Who needs it, I thought, and I really don't.

I love being able to post videos of the cats, maintain a blog, keep up my petfinder site and check e-mail. But..actually, those are the only things I do online anymore. I'm not a websurfer. Sure, sometimes I spend time blog hopping. And I do like to read the blogs of other people, see how other people think, what they worry about, what they do in their daily lives.

See I do love people. I may not sound like it sometimes. But I love the idiosyncracies of people. I marvel at how some survive horrible beginnings, traumatic events, extreme poverty, even extreme wealth. Sometimes, when I'm sitting at a stoplight, staring across at other people on the other side, or watching people go through the intersection, I wonder about them. What prompted them to be in that particular vehicle, where they might be going, who they might be meeting or going home to.

The world of people is so interesting! Oh, I get fed up with people I deal with, nonetheless most are fasinating. So glimpses into people's lives and minds, as expressed in personal blogs, to me is addictive.

But, other than those things, I do not use the internet really at all. I've lived without it up until about three years ago and did not even know how to use a computer until about six years ago when someone took me to the library in Corvallis and showed me a new world and how to access it, in about ten minutes. I was instantly enthralled. You can only use a PC at the Corvallis library, however, for 15 minutes at a time. I then lusted after a PC of my own. I got one in parts, found in alleys and at thrift stores, and with a lot of frustration, finally got it to work. I signed up with the cheapest dial up I could find and I was accessed!

However, where I then lived, the phone lines routinely shrunk or expanded according to how wet the weather was. During the winter, I couldn't even open an e-mail the connection was sooooo slow. I would use the library computers then, or hook up with somebody with a fast connection. My older brother gave me broadband when I moved to Albany and another new world opened up to me.

I often was without a connection for weeks or months and I survived just fine. In fact, I had more free time and was more productive. Same with TV. I had antenna connection most of my life, and could barely see any shows on TV, through the snow, unless I was at somebody's house with a decent connection or cable. In the circles I was in, nobody had cable and even the word was spoken with a bit of awe "You have cable?" (eyes wide and skeptical). Nobody I knew could afford cable.

Then I moved into a building where your rent included basic cable and I began watching shows I never knew existed. When I moved again, however, gone was the cable again. I didn't miss it much.

My older brother used to tell me about Animal Planet and Steve Irwin. I wanted to see what he was all about. I never did, however, before he died, although I would see clips here and there, on the regular news stations.

So my brother tells me I was never supposed to be getting most of the channels I'd been getting up until yesterday. With the digital changeover by comcast, they must have figured out that whomever hooked things up here did something wrong. I never really knew, because my brother gave it to me as a birthday gift two years back. He got all the correspondance and I just never really knew what he'd ordered. So that's why I suddenly have just the three regular networks now, OPB and FOX. That's fine. He does not have time to even talk to comcast and says he can't cancel the limited basic because then the internet either has to be cancelled or goes up in price. So whatever. No problem.

I am having a birthday in a couple of days here once again. I'm not hinting, I just remembered.

So anyhow, I am back to using the newer computer. Yaywho!

Yesterday, five cats got fixed. An albany calico. A Lacomb calico and three cats also from Lacomb who I didn't see, because their owners dropped them off and picked them up. But two were females and one of them was pregnant and one was in heat. Tomorrow, they are taking up three more. They have about 20.

I got a call from catman Roger, too, who has had another feral Siamese show at his place and has neighbors who feed about 8 ferals, one of them pregnant. Got to get those in, too.

Vaccine Protocol for Cats

Vaccine protocol seems confusing at times. I've always given two modified live virus three-way vaccines to kittens, giving the second between three and four weeks after the first. I do not use four-ways, which include protection against chlamydia because several vets have recommended against it, citing reaction to the vaccine by many cats and the short lived nature of any protection offered.

I was unsure, however, if adult cats need boosters if given a three-way, which provides protection against distemper (panoleukemia), herpes and calici. All three viruses are extremely common and very dangerous to cats especially those living in a shelter environment. Distemper can be brought into one's house on shoes or clothes and is long lived in the environment. I am fastidious about vaccinating any cat coming into my house immediately, against distemper. So far, I have not had a distemper outbreak among cats in my little shelter. (cross my fingers).

I believe it is a duty to vaccinate against rabies. I know there are people who do not believe in vaccination, but rabies has been controlled in this country largely because of vaccination. There have been several recent incidences in the Corvallis area of cats and dogs catching rabid bats, on the ground. The dog, who had not been vaccinated, had to be euthanized as a result. Many horrendous diseases worldwide have been nearly eliminated through vaccination. While someone may not believe in vaccinations, sometimes one must put their own beliefs aside for the greater good.

Over vaccinating, however, is a different story. So getting down the protocol is important and it can be confusing, because I have been told different things by different vets. The risk of injection site sarcoma due to vaccination in cats is strong and supports limiting vaccinations to the latest protocol available. For now, I believe it is the protocol below, but I have heard rumorings of more recent research making fewer vaccinations the protocol. I have put out some requests for information on the latest protocol and when available, I will post it.

Feline Vaccination Guidelines

In general, guidelines for vaccination of cats have been strongly influenced by the appearance of vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats, and in particular their epidemiologic association with feline leukemia virus vaccines and killed rabies virus vaccines. Thus, there is clear evidence for minimizing frequency of vaccination in cats. The recommendations below have been made in light of the AVMA/AAHA/AAFP/VCS task force recommendations on vaccine-associated sarcomas in cats. Risk factors for sarcomas should be discussed with cat owners at the time of examination. If a cat develops a palpable granuloma at the site of previous vaccination, the benefits vs risks of future vaccinations should be carefully considered. All vaccine-associated sarcomas should be reported to the vaccine manufacturer, the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics, and the AVMA.

Feline Core Vaccines

The definitions of core and non-core vaccines described in the canine vaccination guidelines above also apply to the feline vaccines. The core feline vaccines are those for feline herpesvirus 1 (FHV1), feline calicivirus (FCV), feline panleukopenia virus (FPV) and rabies.

Feline Herpesvirus 1, Feline Calicivirus and Feline Panleukopenia Virus Vaccines

For initial kitten vaccination (< 16 weeks), one dose of parenteral vaccine containing modified live virus (MLV) FHV1, FCV, and FPV is recommended every 3-4 weeks from 6-8 weeks of age, with the final booster being given no sooner than 16 weeks of age. For cats older than 16 weeks of age, two doses of vaccine containing modified live virus (MLV) FHV1, FCV, and FPV given 3-4 weeks apart are recommended. After a booster at one year, revaccination is suggested every 3 years thereafter for cats at low risk of exposure. According to recommendations of the vaccine-associated sarcoma task force, these vaccines are administered over the right shoulder. Note that recommendations for killed and intranasal FHV1 and FCV vaccines are different from the above. Killed and intranasal varieties of these vaccines are not routinely used at the VMTH. The use of FPV MLV vaccines should be avoided in pregnant queens and kittens less than one month of age.

Feline Rabies Virus Vaccines

Cats are important in the epidemiology of rabies in the US. In general we recommend that kittens receive a single dose of killed or recombinant rabies vaccine at 12-16 weeks of age. Adult cats with unknown vaccination history should also receive a single dose of killed or recombinant rabies vaccine. For the recombinant vaccines, boosters are recommended at yearly intervals. We currently stock and suggest the use of the recombinant rabies vaccine, although there is no evidence as yet that it is associated with a decreased risk of sarcoma formation. For the killed rabies vaccines, a booster is required at one year, and thereafter, rabies vaccination should be performed every 3 years using a vaccine approved for 3-year administration. According to recommendations of the vaccine-associated sarcoma task force, rabies vaccines are administered subcutaneously as distally as possible in the right rear limb.

Feline Non-Core Vaccines

Optional or non-core vaccines for cats consist of the vaccines for feline leukemia virus (FeLV), feline immunodeficiency virus, virulent FCV, Chlamydophila felis, and Bordetella bronchiseptica.

Feline Leukemia Virus Vaccine

A number of FeLV vaccines are available on the market, and many have reasonable efficacy, although they do not produce sterilizing immunity. We suggest vaccination of FeLV-negative cats allowed to go outdoors or cats having direct contact with other cats of unknown FeLV status. Vaccination is most likely to be useful in kittens and young adult cats, because acquired resistance to infection develops beyond 16 weeks of age. As of 2006, the AAFP recommends primary vaccination of all kittens for FeLV, but the decision to administer booster vaccines is based on risk assessment. Vaccination is not recommended for FeLV-positive cats and indoor cats with no likelihood of exposure to FeLV. We currently stock and suggest the use of the recombinant transdermal FeLV vaccine, although there is no evidence as yet that it is associated with a decreased risk of sarcoma formation. Initially, two doses of vaccine are given at 2-4 week intervals, after which annual boosters are recommended depending on risk. According to recommendations of the vaccine-associated sarcoma task force, parenteral FeLV vaccines are administered subcutaneously as distally as possible in the left rear limb.

Feline Immunodeficiency Virus Vaccine

The FIV vaccine is an inactivated, adjuvented dual subtype vaccine that was released in July 2002. Unfortunately, vaccination of FIV-negative cats renders currently available serologic tests (ELISA and Western blot) positive for at least a year following vaccination, and polymerase chain reaction (PCR)-based tests do not reliably identify cats with natural infection. These PCR tests have yet to be standardized, and quality control may be problematic. Previous vaccination does not prevent infection, and the significance of a positive test result in a vaccinated cat cannot be assessed. Questions remain regarding the vaccine's ability to protect against all of the FIV subtypes and strains to which cats might be exposed. Therefore, the decision regarding whether to use this vaccine is not straightforward, and the risks and benefits of the use of this vaccine should be carefully discussed with owners prior to using the vaccine in cats at risk of exposure. The UC Davis VMTH pharmacy does not stock this vaccine, and its routine use in indoor cats is not recommended.

Feline Chlamydophila felis Vaccine

Chlamydophila felis causes conjunctivitis in cats that generally responds readily to antimicrobial treatment. Immunity induced by vaccination is probably of short duration and the vaccine provides only incomplete protection. The use of this vaccine could be considered for cats entering a population of cats where infection is known to be endemic. However, the vaccine has been associated with adverse reactions in 3% of vaccinated cats, and we do not recommend routine vaccination of low-risk cats with this vaccine. The Chlamydophila felis vaccine is therefore not stocked by the VMTH pharmacy.

Feline Bordetella bronchiseptica Vaccine

This is a modified live intranasal vaccine. Bordetella bronchiseptica is primarily a problem of very young kittens, where it can cause severe lower respiratory tract disease. It appears to be uncommon in adult cats and pet cats in general. For these reasons, the UC Davis VMTH does not recommend routine vaccination of pet cats for Bordetella bronchiseptica. The vaccine could be considered for young cats at high risk of exposure in large, multiple cat environments. The UC Davis VMTH pharmacy does not stock this vaccine.

Other Feline Vaccines

Feline Infectious Peritonitis Vaccine

The FIP vaccine is an intranasal modified live virus product. The efficacy of this vaccine is controversial, and duration of immunity may be short, although the vaccine appears to be safe. Although exposure to feline coronaviruses in cat populations is high, the incidence of FIP is very low, especially in single-cat households (where it is 1 in 5000). Most cats in cattery situations where FIP is a problem become infected with coronaviruses prior to 16 weeks of age, which is the age at which vaccination is first recommended. Vaccination could be considered for seronegative cats entering a cattery where FIP is common. We do not routinely recommend vaccinating household cats with the FIP vaccine, and the vaccine is not stocked by our pharmacy.

Feline Giardia Vaccine

A killed Giardia vaccine has been marketed for use in cats. This vaccine has the same limitations as those listed above for canine giardiasis, and has the additional potential to induce vaccine-associated sarcomas. We currently do not recommend routine use of this vaccine in pet cats. The UC Davis VMTH pharmacy does not stock this vaccine.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Conversation with Jon

I got a call. I recognized the voice. The guy hung up on me before, after I merely asked "Who is This?" He starts out "Hi! Is the lady of the house home?" At that point, in the first call a few days ago, I responded "Who is this?" which prompted a hang up.

I did a look up on the number. It's a nonprofit "Kids First" or something like that that promotes Family Films, as opposed to non family films, that have nudity, violence and swearing.

Tonight, the phone rang again. "Hi! Is the lady of the house home?" I responded "You're those movie Kids First people who called before and hung up on me." He introduced himself as "Jon" and started in about a movie, about some rabbit. I interrupted and asked "Are you a computer generated voice?" Because Jon's spiel sounded like a computer. "Oh, do I sound like that? No, I"m not a computer, although a supervisor is standing by." I said "Jon, you could have fooled me." And on Jon went about the movie. I interrupted again, and said "Seriously Jon, you sound a bit like a computer." "Oh, do I sound like that? No, I'm not, but a supervisor is standing by." I said, "Jon, you said that before, in exactly the same tone. You're a computer, Jon."

I said, "Seriously, I bet you've heard of Hal, you being a computer and all. Do you know what happened with Hal? Read up on, it Jon."

At this point, a woman picks up and starts in. "Jon, transferred the call to me." I said "You mean Jon the computer? Why are you pretending Jon is living being? He's a computer generated voice trying to voice recognize words and respond, but he's not that good at it."

"Well, technically, yes. We're promoting a family oriented movie about a rabbit." At this point, I start giggling very loudly and I apologize, saying "I'm sorry, but this is a little bizarre, this whole thing, you promoting family films about some rabbit with a computer voice you're pretending is a real human. Are you offering me a free ticket to this movie?"

"No, of course not. We just want you to see it."

"Why? BEcause I like cats?"

"How would cats relate to a family oriented family movie?"

"I don't know. You're the ones who called me! Cats and rabbits are both animal species, unlike you know who=====Jon."

I continued, "Well, um, I'd just like to suggest that I think it'd be very family value oriented to use real humans in your calls."

"Ok then, thank you. I'll tell my boss."

"Is your boss a computer?" I try to ask. But she's hanging up. Or Jon is.

I wanted to say, "Is Jon your boss? Do you need help getting out of there right now? Are you enslaved by Jon? Are you safe? Pull his plug, lady, but you'll have to be smart about it or..." I thought better of such a response. I'm just not qualified to advise on how to escape a computer. They're so dangerous! I mean how would you?

The Whole TV Thing

I asked my brother to cancel Comcast TV cable, but he didn't. I don't know what he did. My channel situation went from having quite a few, not sure how many because it was always changing and channels here, then there, and I never really knew what channels they were. But I had a lot of channels up to maybe 31 before, but most were shit, I'll have to say.

There were two ABC channels, two NBC channels, and two CBS channels I got, one each from Eugene and Portland. Then I got Discovery and OPB, and FOX, then four shopping channels, which of course I never watched, two CSPAN channels which I never watched either, two or three Spanish speaking channels which I never watched and two sports channels which I never watched. Then, in the upper numbers, I got a sprinkling, which would mysteriously change occasionally. I have no idea why and I never really knew what those channels were. Except I got four national news stations, including CNN, CNBC, FOX and one other. I got the History channel, the Weather Station, the Food Channel, Spike, Arts and Entertainment, and that might be about it. Oh, TBS.

Suddenly about two weeks ago, the situation changed unexpectedly, and most channels I used to get showed only a screen about "as I've been notified prior, you will no longer get these stations unless you get a converter box". Only thing is, I'd been told and my brother had been told I wouldn't need one. I still however got CNN, CNBC, FOX and one other station in the upper number range.

Now, suddenly today out of the blue, I don't get anything but the major news networks, the three big ones and PBS. Oh, wait. I still get the shit channels---four shopping channels, two Spanish language speaking channels and two CSPAN channels. Like who in the world would want any of those channels?

My brother doesn't really communicate with me. I've e-mailed and tried to call him. I told him I can get the major networks, which is all that is now coming in on Comcast, with a government digital converter box and for now, using a regular antenna since most networks haven't switched.

Why pay comcast for nothing?

Five Cats Being Fixed Today

Five cats are up being fixed today. One is a calico from Albany. A woman called Countryside searching for my number. She told them I would know her and that I'd helped her with cats before. So they gave me her number. Sure enough, I knew her. From last summer. She had an adult female with four kittens and an adult male and was being evicted. Nonetheless, all of the cats, including the kittens, got fixed.

I never heard frpm her again, other that she might be couching it in Salem, or near downtown Albany, and that the cats were all safe. I heard that from a friend of hers.

So she's been in rehab she tells me when I call her. She's been clean six months. The two cats needing fixed are the calico, owned by a friend, and a stray male she's feeding, she said. When I picked up the calico (male hadn't shown up) this a.m., my gosh she looks so much better, healthy, happy. Made me happy. And the two adult cats fixed last summer, they were right at her feet looking well cared for and happy, too. That woman has got a lot to be proud of, that's for sure.

The second calico comes from near Lacomb, cherished by the daughter of someone I helped once with strays a year or two back.

Then the other three are from Lacomb too and their owner took them to the clinic herself. They are loved and there are about twenty she owns, and the first three are being fixed today. Six more will be fixed Friday, and the other 11 or whatever number, next week. So this weeks cat round up has been very easy on me.

I also took five cats from here, due for rabies, up to the clinic. I took up Oci who has not had a rabies yet. I took up Brambles, from the HTN, who is due. I took up Shady, originally from the BS colony. I took up Stinod, from Tattoo Priarie originally. And, I took up Panda, from Lebanon. All five also got Profender, a back of neck treatment that kills round and tapeworms.

Still needing updated shots: Buffy, formerly of the BS colony; Solomon, originally from Lebanon; Gretal, trapped on the shoulder of HIghway 34, after being dumped at SafeHaven; Mooki, from Spcier Wayside; Electra, one of my own cats, Dex, also one of my own, and Spirit, abandoned in the Scravel Hill Cemetery. And that will do it for this year. EVeryone totally updated on worming, flea treatment, ear cleaning and shots.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

That Darn Cat Toy!

A friend gave me a cat toy that the cats adore. It twitters and squeeks when pushed on. But, invariably, it is night when I am trying to sleep, that the cats, a bunch of them, carry that toy around, dropping it, pouncing on it and tossing it. Each time it is touched or hits the ground, the sound sequence is triggered. At night, that can drive me nuts!


Polenta gives me gas. But I love polenta. I got a tube of it last time I went grocery shopping, at Winco in Salem. Yesterday, I ate a polenta burger for lunch. Last night, it was polenta and green onions, sauteed. Tonight for dinner, polenta sauteed briefly with broccoli and white onions. I really do love that stuff!

I'm grinding up almonds for almond butter tonight also. I can't eat peanut butter. It has always made me feel awful for days afterwards, even though I like it. So I switched to fresh almond butter, that I make, partially using the meat grinder I got at a thrift store for a few bucks. That was a very very useful purchase! I add dates to the almond butter which give it a great taste. Sometimes, I add pumpkin seeds, too. Because I love them.

Today, I heard on the news, that California is considering its options with its budget deficit. One option they are considering is to legalize and tax pot sales. After all, it is a huge industry in California, like everywhere, but no taxes are ever paid on the pot and the money goes to support violent Mexican drug cartels.

Some argue it would only increase drug use. Well, drug use is a person's choice. If someone wants to ruin their lives with drugs, why not make money off their personal choices, rather than that money going to drug lords? That's my reasoning anyhow. It would be almost comical, to take away the livlihood of those violent beasts.

I can see them, all paranoid, darkened eyes, milling around in day labor areas, waiting to be hired by a drug lord, only none ever come. Or, holding up signs on the street, "Unemployed Drug Cartel Enforcer, Please Help."

Nobody wants to see more drug use in America. We have plenty in every tiny town and big city. But that's going on anyhow. The long war on drugs has done nothing to stem the tide of drugs in. No social awareness campaigns or parenting has stemmed the tide of eager escapees from society, willing to smoke up or snort or shoot anything into their bodies. So why shouldn't the rest of society, who has done nothing but pay out for the massive costs associated with various addictions and wars against them, not make some bucks on it for a change?

Legalize pot. Regulate it's production. And tax it big time. Watch the cartels dealing pot crumble. Boy, that would be something. There'd still be black market undersold nontaxed pot trying to sneak through, I'm sure. You'd have to undersell the costs of black market production and transport I guess. You'd have to somehow work around the lawsuit freaks, who, if they got addicted or did something stupid on pot, would want to sue the government for legalizing it. There are always those types out there.

I saw on the news a story about a young black mother of two, who just bought her own home in Detroit, for.......$1100. Good for her. She looked so happy. What a good thing bad times for the housing market handed her. It was a beautiful story.

I'm going to have to slow down on the polenta consumption. It's cheap and I like it and it mixes well with almost anything, particularly vegees.

Returned the Three Boys

I returned the three boys to the 88 year old woman. I called her first. She is sick. She asked if I could pick up some food for her puppy. Then she asked if I could get her some peanut butter, too. So I did. I stopped in at Freddies and got her these things on the way out.

My right knee is killing me. It's swollen. I can't walk easily right now.

She gave a $50 donation. Minus the $10 I spent on the groceries, that's a $40 donation. To help with four cats, that's adequate.

I got home and the mattress lady called. She'd called a couple days back, too, about maybe buying some discount flea treatment from me, for her flea ridden cats. I said I didn't have any to sell her and had no plans to buy more online and that the place I once bought it online, that was cheap, isn't cheap anymore.

But she called again today, hoping I'd change my mind. I told her all I'd been through lately, with people just kind of leeching off me, or trying to, like circling sharks, thinking after all the stories, she wouldn't ask, but she did. I said "no".

Then I have a knock on my door. I never get visitors so I couldn't figure out who that might be. It was the old couple I trapped six cats for last fall. I'd loaned them two cages also for several months. They didn't want the cats back, but I held out and wouldn't take them. They found a home for one. Now he's wanting them gone again, but he didn't come out and say it. He tried to feel me out and I tried to keep that question from ever coming out of his mouth, by telling him how I"ve had more and more cats end up here, and that I can't afford them and can't find them homes.

He talked about how they've called SafeHaven several times and get put off about taking any of them. He mentioned they send SafeHaven money every month. This made me angry, that they would show up here, wanting more help from me, but they donate to SafeHaven. It gave me the gumption for a definitive "no", however, on taking any in. I told them, if they have donated for so long to SafeHaven, then SafeHaven should help them find homes for these cats one by one. I said you could always donate to Poppa Inc., the nonprofit that did help you. He started to say he's told his wife that would be the right thing to do, but didn't want information on how to do it.

I said "goodbye" and hopefully have closed the door on that. They're nice, but for gosh sakes, I'm the one who helped them out, and they're donating to Safehaven. For gosh sakes. There is right and there is wrong. And that's wrong.

I think I am getting better at saying "no" when I need to.

The Teens and Their Pregnant Mom

All three orange tabbies from the Slow Talking 88 yr old Woman Colony were boys. And their mom, the torbi tux--pregnant. Jon, the vet's brother, suggested we all go on Jerry Springer to argue over that one. There are no other cats in the area.

I have the cats lined up for the rest of the week. Wednesday it will be two Albany cats and a Lacomb cat plus the first three of twenty unfixed Lacomb cats. They'll all get done, first three Wednesday, six more Friday and the rest next week. The family saved up some money, so they could contribute $15 per cat, which is a decent copay, with that many needing fixed.

I might have a home lined up for Rags. Nice family. Very much cat lovers. The vet told me they were looking just as they left, so we went back out and talked to them.

He came by yesterday, before his night shift in Albany, as we had planned, to see Rags, but I had passed out asleep on the couch and never even heard the phone. I woke up an hour ago, at 2:00 a.m., having slept since 7:00 p.m. on the couch, and called him on his cell, knowing he was at work and up. So he's coming in the morning before heading home to Jefferson, after his shift ends. They're a nice family and I hope they adopt him. Rags does have a severe cold right now. I told him about the cold. He shrugged that off, said they adopted a cat from SafeHaven once covered in ringworm. "He got over it," the guy said, like it was nothing. I like this family.

UPDATE: It was a no go for Rags getting a home. He behaved like a feral kitten, when the guy came in today. And strangely, so did the super friendly Miato. I think they're scared of men, is the thing.

Doc loved the guy and couldn't leave his boots alone. Doc used to be a true feral kitten. Miato and Rags were never feral. Go figure!

I need to find volunteers to handle and play with the cats here. They get used to me and I think they're just totally social and Miato and Rags are, but then some outsider comes in, and they are scared to death. Our little insulated isolated world here, in this house, is not beneficial to adopting out cats. They need exposure to more people. How to do this? I currently do not have a single volunteer.

I had one fosterer once and that didn't go well for her. It was against her lease to have more than two cats, which she already had. But she lived alone and worked during the day so it was hard for her, too, to socialize them. She tried to pull in people from her circle of friends, but not many were interested really, in playing with kittens. She decided not to foster after she worked with those three.

Then later on, a woman volunteered to foster the bottle babes found behind Salbastgeon Suites in Corvallis, when barely born. One of the four died that first night. They were crawling in fleas and cold. The other three I bottle fed--Sunshine, Flower and Beanie. Flower and Beanie retain their names but now Sunshine's name is Oliver. The fosterer kept all three. She couldn't part with them. I don't blame her. There went my second fosterer! I've not been successful finding anyone else.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Miato and Rags Photos

Times are Scary

UPDATE: Just when things seem very bad, I turned on the news to see a live feed from the President's fiscal summit. To see all those people, from both sides of the aisle, earnestly working to try to solve our government problems, just made me want to cry, for some reason. I got flashbacks to when our government was first formed and groups met to discuss the course of our nation. It was beautiful. No bickering. No accusations and partisan screaming, just earnest patriots working together like noble human beings to solve our problems. Can make a person jump for joy. At least that was my reaction. Hey you folks, all of you there, REpublicans, Democrats, Independents and special interest group leaders===THANK YOU, for putting our country ahead of all else. Do you feel like I see you, like a bunch of patriots in three corner hats, ringing the Liberty bell? I know that sounds cheesy but that's how they were behaving, I swear, like really good honest intelligent earnest servants of our country and its citizens, rising above. I am proud.

Then, moments later, I see one of the Republicans giving a sound bite at CNBC, saying what Obama is doing has to be fought, and he is going to fight it (possible tax increases on something that might be in the budget), and I realize then, there really isn't going to be people working together. If somebody opposes ways to fix the country, they should also be required to propose alternate means to fix the countries problems. That's my feeling. Anyhow.....

Times are getting scary, at least to me, to read about all the corruption cases coupled with job losses. The latest corruption case I read about is two judges, who were taking large bribes from the Juvinile Corrections to send them kids, often unrepresented by a lawyer. Those judges are going to jail, at least, and hopefully so will those bribing them in the Corrections facility, who wanted to maintain it full.

For every corrupt judge hopefully there are ten honest and ethical judges.

I stopped by the Millersburg colony hoping to spot that very ill and injured cat. I didn't. It was pouring down rain. The now out of work fifty year old came home at that time. She lost her job at an Albany business. She's complained last summer they were hiring illegals and that she was on the outs, since she didn't speak Spanish. They fired her finally and gave her job to a younger Mexican. If you don't think Americans lose jobs to illegals, they do.

But she's always the optimist and talked about maybe she'd find a better job one day. She's got health issues, arthritis in her hands and shoulders, from a lifetime of manuel labor I guess. It's going to be tough for her to find work again.

She likes to tell me stories of her soap operic family life. She started in with tales again. I sat there thinking her family life would sure make a edge of seat soap opera for sure!

She told me her brother's ex wife after the divorce moved back east and dated around, hooked up with some guy going for his doctorate. She too went back to school, to become a nurse. Her son went with her when she moved. She doesn't know who that boys' father is, because, (I'm telling this like I got told it), his mom hung around bars and slept with anyone, when still living in Albany. His father is not her brother, that they know, through DNA testing.

The young woman living out front in the trailer is her brother's daughter. Her brother kicked her out at 18, because she wouldn't do any chores let alone find a job or go to school, which he would have paid for, if she'd gone. She begged her grandparents to let her live in their camp trailer and its' a nice one, out front of their place. They didn't want to, knowing she'd likely just leech off them and never work and they were pretty much right. She had a part time job finally, as a janitor, but got laid off that. She claims she injured her shoulder at work, tore a muscle, this was almost a year ago, and still takes pain meds for it. But she lost the worker's comp claim she filed, so I don't know really what went on.

Again I'm telling this like the woman told me this morning.

So now the exwife's boyfriend moved to Seattle with the military and the exwife herself was angry because she's still in nursing school and figures he's up there cheating on her. So she's moving to Seattle and not taking her son, the 17 year old with unknown father. Now, according to the story teller, the 17 year old (properly unparented) has been dating a 13 year old back in the mid west wherever they planted after leaving Albany. And now he wants to come move in with the Millersburg crew, since his mom is moving to Seattle, although he is not related to them. He's the half brother of the twenty something living in the trailer, is the only relation.

They're trying to keep that from happening because he's been in trouble since before he was a teen and he is out of control and will never work, just leech off them and possibly spend his time in criminal behavior. He's claiming he's coming anyhow.

How's that for a soap opera?

That old couple doesn't need to support another useless kid, but who will, the story teller queiried, stating "nobody wants him because of his behavior." "Well," I said, "it's probably against the law for his mother to abandon him, since he's 17. Turn her in!"

It is sad, all these kids growing up without really any parenting and now basically without any skills at all. I mean skills like how to get out of bed in the morning at an hour that allows them to get to work on time, that kind of thing. But they're all over the place now, such young adults. At least I run into them a lot. But I suppose I see more of this because when people don't fix their cats, there's likely something real wrong going on in the household too.

Like if kids are in the house, they're aren't getting taught any values or lifeskills or responsibility, that sort of thing. I guess I'd say unfixed cats are an indicator of what might be wrong there. That's one thing I've noticed.

Anyhow, she's told me loads of stories about her family and does enjoy telling them. I can't keep track most of the time, of who is who, and who is where, and who was born to who, but I try. I think she should write a book about it. It might be sort of twisted, but I think it'd be a good interesting read and I told her so.

They are worried this kid will show up in Oregon and try to move in with all of them, because of his history and record they're worried, but I bet if he does, they won't say a thing. I think that has been a lot of the problem all along, parents not saying a thing, and look what that got them and all their kin. But anyhow, nothing anybody can do usually by that age, to set a kid on the right path, so they just hope he doesn't show up.

She tells me all these stories. They are interesting, but they're also very sad. If you think about kids nobody wants and kids who have had to raise themselves under extremely difficult situations. That is very sad and these kids, what becomes of them? Who loves them? How do they survive in a black world alone?

That young woman, living in the camp trailer at her grandparents, case in point. The woman's parents didn't give her an upbringing that would leave her with survival skills. Maybe the grandparents are just providing at the least now a place for her to zone out, to exist. Maybe one day, she'll come alive and do something fantastic. You just never know. Maybe that's about the best that could happen right now, the only thing possible really. Maybe she'll come alive. At least she's got a support system in her grandparents and aunt there. Maybe that boy needs that too, somebody who will acknowledge he's alive, love him.

That woman out there, the one trying to go back to school to get a GED, in her fifties, who is laid off now, she could use some help on that trailer she lives in behind her parents place. It need gutters and a window replaced very badly. She says she can't afford to fix it and she can't. I am wondering if there is a way to get help doing that for her.

Three Orange Tabs and a Torbi Tux

I caught all four cats being fed by the incredible 88 year old woman out near Jefferson. They are up being fixed today. They are three orange tabbies and a torbi tux, their mom.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Vegetarianism Promoted as Free Means to Save the Planet

Click post title to go to Gazette Times story. Ten vegetarians demonstrated in Corvallis to draw attention to the problem of methane exhaled by cows as contributing more to global warming than the carbon emissions from cars. This view is also promoted by some churches. That is, that being a vegetarian is not only far healthier for an individual but also is far healthier for the environment and future of our species. Not to mention the cruelty issues involved in killing and eating meat, particularly on factory farms and feed lots.

I saw a discovery channel show highlighting the problems of livestock production and methane exhalation. It's astounding how much methane one cow produces. Scientists were doing studies to try to produce a methane gobbling bacteria and even, in Australia, to produce cloned meat in a lab. But, with the latter approach, the largest piece of meat so far produced in a lab is the size of one small bite.

Switching to a vegetarian diet or vegan diet can really impact methane production. I grew up a vegetarian. The church I grew up in espoused the vegetarian lifestyle although many members are not vegetarians. Recently one group of this church I grew up in was highlighted on a show about Blue Zones. Blue Zones are places where people routinely live to be one hundred and beyond. Lifestyle is a big factor in blue zones and often this means a vegetarian lifestyle or a mostly vegetarian lifestyle. It's healthy. There's no doubt. Click here to go to an Oprah show about Blue Zones.

Not a Single Call

I did not get a single call on my ad, which ran for four days. Not even one. It's quite scary actually. I keep adding on cats here, from situations, and I can't adopt out a cat for the life of me. Very bad. I can't afford all these cats. And I don't have the room for all of them. I'm not sure what to do. I'll put up fliers I guess.

The folks interested in Miato are on their way to Mexico by now, on vacation. She saw him on craigslist and he looks like the cat they had, whom they loved, killed by a vicious stray dog, who was then shot by a neighbor. She had hoped to be able to call me but did say they weren't really looking for a cat, just were struck by how much he resembled their old cat. She was extremely busy getting ready for their vacation. They never contacted me back. The person who claimed to be interested in Rags never actually called. It might have been someone joking around, since it was just through e-mail over a period of over a week.

So, although I was hopeful, I'm really getting worried. I don't want even more cats here. I just can't take care of all of them permanently. I do not have the resources, space, or time. I've got to find a way to get them into homes. I need to compete better with these big fixed place shelters and with the likes of KATA and their numerous adoption venues. But how?


I trapped three of the four cats this morning, fed by the old woman, who is quite interesting to talk to, out in the Jefferson area. I have a trap left set for the fourth, one of three half grown orange tabbies. At least I caught the mom, a fire torti.

I stopped by the Millersburg Country colony on the way home. I came home via country roads and so went by there. The old woman there says there are no new cats which made me happy, but that one of the black cats fixed in the very first round there, a couple years ago, is very very ill, with a foot and leg swollen up to tennis ball size. The cat even falls over it is so sick with that infected leg. I tried to find the cat but couldn't and will try again.

They are all out of work. The old woman and her husband, of course, are long retired and have many health issues. Their adult daughter, middle aged, who lives in the trailer out behind the house, laid off. The granddaughter who has little ambition was laid off from her part time job, also.

The old couple's son-in-law--laid off. A son--laid off. Another son, with a health issue he is trying to get an operation to solve, is in jeopardy of losing his job and hopes to get that operation before he is laid off and loses health insurance. If he doesn't get the operation while he still has a job, he fears, his mother says, he will never find a job again.

The middle aged daughter is a really delightful person, in the way that she plods on, keeps trying, and is now attempting to get back to school. First, she must get her GED and she is trying. She remains hopeful and keeps plugging away. The granddaughter is perhaps a lost cause, as far as her grandparents opinion. She is not the daughter of the middle aged woman, but of another son of the old couple. She, being so young, in her twenties, has the best chance of training for a job that might bring money to the group of family members living there. Her grandparents hope she will take on this challenge, although they are deeply skeptical.

Anyhow, when you meet the economic crisis face to face, it is sobering. I hope our President can find a way to inspire this country into solutions. He sure can't do it alone. That family out there, struggling as they are, are not happy with those opposing the President. They were conservatives, but voted democrat the last election and are very angry that the last President plunged us into such debt and with the croni good old boy special interest behavior in WA, that allowed lack of oversight and regulation, further crippling our nation. They see our President as optimistic despite racism and people working against him for political reasons, and the result is bestowed in hardship upon common Americans.

Well anyhow, I'll try to stop by there tomorrow and catch that horribly injured cat. It's interesting to hear the various views of people about what is going on and what they think our future holds.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Miato and Rags Still Here

I don't either adoptor will actually end up adopting. I did not hear from either of them today. So, the ad is still running tomorrow. I can always hope. I think I'll try to run an ad in Eugene. It's quite a long distance, but maybe I'll have some luck there.

I got a call from the vet clinic with two more names of folks with a small number of cats needing fixed each. One woman way out in the rural Jefferson area, did want me to take them all away, but understood when I said I could not. So I'll try to trap those tomorrow. It's only four. Another woman I help with cats befoe has one needing fixed and another woman, has two, that are tame.

So that's 9 more if I can catch the four ferals and those will likely be all I take in next week. I'm slowing down because the money is short, in part. I'm stove up again, with the partially blocked intestine thing going (from surgical adhesions most likely). It's quite painful and inhibits my ability to do much of anything.

I'm developing a contract for people to sign, if I agree to help them with ferals, outlining what their part of the endeavor will be, which will likely be either doing the trapping themselves, or donating so much per cat and for gas. If they trap themselves, there will be a trap deposit and a small trap rental charge per day. It's what I have needed to do, but just never got around to doing, so that people don't exploit free labor to get cats they feed fixed. If anyone has any other ideas, I would appreciate the suggestions. Those Lebanon people of last week inspired me to get into gear and get it written up.

I started to make a cat tree out of a few pieces of scrap wood I have and some carpet scraps, but my saw broke in the middle of it today. It's kind of dysfunctional saw I got at Goodwill awhile back. It used to heat up after about two minutes. I now get a few minutes more, after rewiring it, but the saw blade goes loose after one cut, and sometimes in the middle of a cut. I tighten it all up and it just goes loose again. That I can't figure out. I even changed the bolt thinking that would help. I don't know what is causing that to loosen constantly.

I have one cat tree, but it's shredded! The shelves are loose and one fell off, so it's time to make a new one. I'll get it done. Maybe tomorrow. Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow. The cats would love it!

Another Calico

When returning the female last night, to those Lebanon folks, I saw a calico, another one, only east of I5, roaming the edge of highway 34. It was perhaps a mile east of I5. Someone in Corvallis had told me a friend of theirs saw a calico right near the southbound offramp of I5 a couple weeks ago. I thought maybe it was a calico owned just south of there, across a field, on Tangent Drive, but now I believe this is the same calico, and she might have been dumped behind the gas station at I5. It's a popular place to dump. Or she could have been dumped at SafeHaven. Another popular dumping spot.

So I noted the location, but I can't really take in another cat, if I trapped her, in the night out there.

I've had an ad running now for three days and have not had a single call on the ad. I got the hit off petfinder for Rags, from the Corvallis woman, who I don't think will end up adopting him afterall. It's strung out for a long time, the e-mails about wanting him but she has not called me, so far, which is an indicator she might not be serious.

The possible home for Miato came on a craigslist post and that one does sound very hopeful. She may come to see him today. I am hoping very much.

Anyhow, it is tough to find cats homes these days. Really tough. Miato and Rags are such incredible cats, too, you'd think they'd be hot to adopt, but three days, no calls from my ad, and only a couple hits off petfinder. I am still hopeful and plan to get fliers out on Rags today. He's such a sweet little boy, but he's had a very tough beginning to life.

These are reasons I shouldn't go after the latest highway 34 calico, I know. Only if I get more room opening here, with some adoptions, but adoptions for me are pretty much not happening anymore. If there is an adoption group out there, who reads this, and will take on the calico, if I trap her and get her fixed, please respond.

Want a Free Aligator?

There's one up for grabs in Lebanon. Three feet long. Free! Ad was on Craigslist Corvallis/Albany pets.

Free aligator to good home (Lebanon)

Reply to: see below
Date: 2009-02-21, 12:58AM PST

I have an american aligator. He is about 3 foot long. I'm moving into a duplex and landlord will not allow.
the aligator is free to good home. That being said, you have to have some experiance with reptiles.
The incloser is not included. But we might be able to work out a deal. Please feel free to call me.Must be at least 18 years of age.

Friday, February 20, 2009

1 Lonely Cat

I only took in one cat today. She's the female from Lebanon whose three teen daughters I took in a month ago. She then had five ten day old newborns, who are now five weeks old. Since she is going in and out, the folks were fearful she'd be pregnant once again, so today, she got spayed.

These folks live only a few hundred feet from those other Lebanon people, whose young adult daughter was so rude to me and is so lazy. Fortunately, some of the cats I've been getting fixed at this other location, for people who contacted me before KATA referred the other people, are the same cats. So, I'm getting at it from the other side of the problem, and these folks are actually very nice. They have even contributed $100 so far.

I'm still trying to get the money owed me by the Albany woman. She said yesterday she had it, then never called back, like she had said she would, when she returned from the store, so she could pay me. No call today either. No answer. It's like trying to pull teeth, to get my own money back. I don't know why people do that or think it's ok.

I've been talking to myself more than usual lately. Been alone too long I suppose. Getting real eccentric. I get all joyful everyday, then as the lonely day wears on, I kind of wear out of hope again. But I'm usually refueled with it by morning, thinking something good will happen today.

Well something good did happen today. A real nice family wants to adopt Miato, but they'll be gone on vacation for ten days and so he'll wait here for them to come home.

Rags is still sort of up for grabs. A Corvallis woman has been e-mailing, wanting him, but now must ask her father, since I think she rents from him. I think that's the deal. She sounds nice.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Credit Card APR More Than Doubles

I just received notice from my credit card company, Capital One, that my APR will go from 11.32% to nearly 30%. I've never missed a payment or been late on a payment. I keep the card only for emergencies and my balance is usually under $200. Right now, it's a little over $200 because I bought vaccines.

Capital One is giving customers a chance to deny the new APR and cancel their accounts which is what I am going to do. It is nice to be able to purchase vaccines in bulk, cutting their cost to a little under $2 each, instead of paying over $5 each at a feed store. But I am being nickeled and dimed to death! And I don't have much of an income to begin with. So the credit card is next to go.

I'm going kind of backwards but then so are the times. I could keep the card, pay off the balance to zero, and try to save the money up, if I need vaccines, to pay it off the same month if I buy, and that would probably be smarter than cancelling since I save so much buying them in bulk by mail. You can only do that with a credit card, however.

I guess that's what I'll do for now. And shop for a card with a cheaper APR. 30% is excessive, I think, for someone with a low maximum and who keeps it low deliberately and who religiously pays off any balance quickly.

Capital One must be in financial hot shit and one way they intend to get out from under is to charge people excessive fees. The people who would pay these fees are the ones paying their bills anyway, not the ones who aren't. Sucks.

The changes start in May. My balance will be long paid off by then anyhow. And so I have time to decide if I keep the Capital One card or find one cheaper, if there are any such out there currently. They're making $30 on every $100 borrowed for a year. That's a lot. What a racket.

I like to think, in my fantasy world of alternate reality, "Boy, I'll show them. They'll be sorry. I'll cancel my account, take my business elsewhere."

Then I see, in my fantasy world, a silk suited executive sitting in a fancy office with expensive wood furniture and rich decor, getting an emergency call from his secretary, in the outer office.

He says, in response to her buzz, with slight arrogant outrage, "Why are you bothering me, Miss Davenport? I am an important very busy man. Have you scheduled my golf round with Smith and his board boys, for tomorrow, yet? I will assure you that if you have not taken care of that, I will dock your pay $100 for every minute you delay!"

"Mr. Your Lord Master Kingship CEO, I wouldn't bother you, but this is of the highest importance. It's Jody, that Oregon cat trapper, she's cancelled her account!"

Audible gasp from Mr. Kingship, who collapses back into his overstuffed leather chair. "You're kidding, right? When did she do this? Why? Never mind. Cancel all appointments. Cancel the golf game tomorrow. Give me her personal private cell number immediately!"

"Mr. Kingship Lord and Master, the cat trapper has no cell. But, she said, if you want to talk to her, you might be able to reach her at this payphone number, apparently near a colony she's trapping, during these hours. She said if you really must, you can fly down, but not to come without a case of tuna. She won't even see you if you don't come with a case of tuna and maybe some high grade catnip."

"Get me forty cases and gas up the private jet. Have the pilot there in twenty minutes and that better be albacore! Get ahold of that Cuban, you know the guy, always sending me those big expensive cigars. Make sure he can fly in tonight and meet me, give him that payphone location and he better have a truckload of premium catnip or so help me I'll have my yachts sink every cigar boat out of Cuba! Did you get that, Miss Davenport?"

That's what would happen if my fantasy world ruled!

Me Bad

I just got another call from the relay system for deaf and disabled folks. I've gotten about three such calls in the past, usually after 11:00 p.m., always when I run an ad in the paper, which I have running now. And all the calls before, despite me only being a cat rescue, the deaf or disabled person has always asked that I e-mail them a detailed list of every puppy I have.

There is no reasoning with this person. And also, since they have been on my website, why in the world couldn't they discover that indeed there are no puppies listed and or just look at the list, all of cats, that are listed?

Because every relay call has been from this same person, I have to believe it's a joke and I no longer take relay calls, especially since this person likes to call after 11:00 p.m. I have become fed up with this behavior and when it is a relay call now, I tell them I am extremely busy and do not have the time.

I don't know if these are prank calls from a deaf or disabled person or from a family member of a deaf or disabled person, but whomever it has been before, they are seriously abusing the relay call system so much so that I no longer will accept relay calls. You don't have to be deaf, blind or disabled to access the relay call system, so it could be someone else entirely doing this as a joke. I just don't take the calls anymore. Problem solved.

I'm going to report them to the state system. I do believe it is a very able bodied person making these calls and I have my suspicions as to who it is.

Odd News

There have been some truly odd news stories lately. Click post title to go to a KATU news story about a realtor who apparently made himself and a lady friend at home in a For Sale occupied Portland house. The homeowner came back to find this man in his easy chair, feet up, watching the home owners' TV. He had helped himself to liquor in the home owners garage and was entertaining a lady friend. He also stole items from the home. He was easily ID'd, after the home owner chased the realtor and lady friend out, by checking the realtor lock box on the door. He has been arrested.

In other news story updates, the Corbett woman has been arrested for her husbands' murder. She initially told police she and her husband met two people they had befriended to go fishing. An argument ensued and she was thrown off a bridge while her husband was last seen running from the two men.

Her story changed. Remains were found in a burn pile on the couples property. Townsfolk and family members are aghast, claiming Mr. Corbett was an outspoken conservative and both were church people and that Mrs. Corbett is incapable of such a crime, because she was so small and always quiet.

Mr. Corbett was dismembered systematically before some of his remains were burned. I'd say there was a whole lot of long term pent up rage in that woman. I don't know what really happened, but my guess is the outspoken loud Mr. Corbett maybe made her life miserable just a day too long. I don't know that. Just guessing. I grew up in a household with an ultra ultra "outspoken" conservative church going father and I could see my "quieted" mother finally getting her stomach full.

Anyhow, in another interesting story, a man heard burglars entering his house while he was in the basement. He slipped out a back door and saw their van out back, running, keys in the ignition. So he stole their van and called 911 as he drove off in it. Yeah!!!!!!!

And in a horrible story out of eastern Oregon, the police have put out a bulletin searching for a father and son in the brutal beating of a cross country skier, whose black Ford Explorer was then stolen by the pair, who drug him off and dumped him in brush, assuming he was dead. He wasn't. His dogs were stolen with his car, but later found. Three college students out for a hike found the beaten skier who had managed to crawl to a river bank. His descriptions and the resultant police artist sketches of the pair are unbelievably accurate, when you now look at their photos. Apparently the two were camped in the area and looking for a way out, but not your normal way out. They wanted to find a car to steal and to kill the car's owner. These are vicious people and I hope they are caught soon.

Saving Change Pays Off in Tires

I had more than enough in change saved, to cash it in and have bucks for tires today. I called around to find some I could afford. I ended up getting "take off" tires, four for $280, including balance and installation, free rotation, blancing and flat fix, for life of tires. That's not bad at all.

They're PrimeWheel, a medium grade passenger car tire, manufactured in August of 08.

Take off tires are just tires either tested by the company on vehicles for 30 days or tires put on new cars, that the new owner has "taken off" for alternate tires they buy. They have almost zero wear, usually less than a thousand miles but cannot be sold as new.

I will soon have enough change saved also to replace my badly broken and now moisture leaking windshield. Saving change adds up more quickly than you might imagine.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Stinod and the Two Today Fixes

Stinod, the one eyed cat, who also has limited vision in her one eye.
This female, spayed today, was in heat. She and the male below are the last two unfixed in that colony on 34th street. Ten in all.
Male, neutered today.

Tire Held

My tire held so I hope I have time to wait for a sale to come up, on the tire size for my car. I went and got groceries and cat food, too, in Salem, after dropping off the two cats to be fixed.

I spent most of yesterday tearing apart my box springs. Those people who brought that mattress a few months back, said they had a good box springs and the frame and headboard and would bring that later, they never showed up with the rest of it. Finally she called to tell me since they'd not gotten around to getting the rest, the guy who had it took it all to the dump.

I can't get rid of a mattress. They're too heavy and unwieldy and expensive to get rid of and won't fit in my car besides, for a trip to the dump. I decided to put my old mattress on top of that one, and get rid of my box springs instead since that would be easier to accomplish. Nobody would want them and I couldn't donate them because they'd been torn up and the covering was shredded from rot, age, and the cats. So yesterday I began the task of taking them apart to be able to get rid of them that way.

It was time consuming to remove all the springs, but I finally got it done and the springs are in a box in the garage. I'll take them to the recycler. The felt pad on the top of it, I folded up and made use of it for insulation in the bottom of a cat bed. The board frame I will turn into a cat ladder and they'll like that. And finally, that chapter in my life will be over.

I also did some window washing, that is, until that back muscle near my shoulder blade inflamed. Then I quit that.

Stinod gets out of the rabbit hutch today. She's over her cold and doing well. She's just a love bug, all furry and purry, and loves to brushed and petted. She will roll around on her back when I pet her then want me to rub her stomach. She's nearly blind, has only one eye and limited vision in that eye. She spends most of her time in the garage room and cat yard to avoid being startled and harrassed by my cats, who are sometimes not nice to disabled kitties.

I'd like to find her a loving one level home. It drives me nuts that she walks the cat runs in the garage room, from memory, sometimes falling off, if startled. So, I bet there's someone out there who would love to take care of such a wonderful kitty as Stinod.

Monday, February 16, 2009


I've got to get some. After tonight's near disaster with my constant deflator, I know. Since Costco is out now, I need to figure out the where. This time, I don't think I'll get them at a wrecking yard. I don't know what tires cost these days, since I usually do get my tires at a wrecking yard, but the hourglass has run out on options. I'm not sure I'll get to Jefferson with the two cats in the morning. I have the donut. Kind of hard to get to, due to the board I have in the back so I can use the car like a truck. I think I'll get the donut out and handy preemptively in the morning, just in case, before leaving for the clinic. And then I'll have to hunt for a deal on tires.

I've got to find something to do with my time. I've run out of known colonies to trap and to be honest, the rash of neglected cats and abuse I've taken from people has me unenthusiastic about aggressively searching out new colonies. I'm worn down, mentally, burned out.

When I was over trapping the last two at the 34th street colony, the colony caretaker was drinking again. I've seen her only at night, when I trap, and always the drinking. Some people drink every night. She's one of them. I guess that's not so abnormal. Not around here.

By the second 16 oz'er she's loose. She told me she cut off the heads of some kittens with an ax, right out there on her back porch area. She said they were just born, or something like that, and the mother was dropping them as she ran and they wouldn't have lived anyway, so she got her nice sharp ax out of the car and chopped off the kittens heads. She said she was just preventing them from suffering.

What really happened, was she startled a feral mother giving birth, is what it sounds like. If this was the case, she should have just gone back inside and let the mother alone. Instead, she decided to end their lives by cutting off their heads. She claimed one was more lively so she gave it to a friend to bottle feed, but the kitten died.

That's kind of played on my mind since she told me that. Then, drunk like she was, she told me she doesn't believe like I do, that nothing should die, not even badly suffering animals. I told her I never said such a thing. Talking to someone drunk isn't like talking at all, however. You may as well talk to yourself. Or to a brick.

My heart and soul were sinking with every word out of her mouth. It was like weights being added to my shoulders the longer I listened to her. So I just tuned her out completely. I don't know if she was joking about the ax and beheading the kittens or not.

I've tried not to think about that, how she carries that ax in her car in case she encounters a suffering animal, she said. I don't think that's normal.

I had a very bad feeling from that street up in Lebanon, that I returned to this evening, and should have gone with my instincts and never returned. Arguing over the fairness of behavior or right or wrong treatment of someone helping them out, with people like that over there tonight, is like trying to reason with a drunk. It's a useless waste of time.

I suppose I engaged in arguing with that young adult because it is wrong for them to behave that way and for gosh sakes, I wish someone would be nice to me.

I'm so lonely. Every day, every week, every month that goes by with almost no human contact makes me less capable of human contact.

I've been looking for another volunteer outlet, one where I'd be around people, but be doing a task so my volunteer work would not be directly serving people. I've had a little too much of that lately. I want to have at least something to do where I don't have to slobber, kiss feet, as is common when trying to help get cats fixed, with people like those Lebanon people.

I can't actually find much available out there. Many volunteer things you work alone, or work directly to serve people, or there is lifting involved. I want some camaraderie, as an equal, something like that. I'm still looking.

I'm going to cancel appointments for the rest of the month. Right now, I'm totally useless at getting cats in. I've lost my spark for doing it. I need a break and to figure out how to climb out of the pit I've dropped into since moving to Albany, OR. I'm not meshing here and I need to get out, if I can't, or I'm just going to whither into nothing.


The Lebanon people KATA referred me to are unbelievable. Talk about liars. They have had two of my traps since Friday morning, when I returned three cats I trapped there on Wednesday night. The daughter who is like late teens or early twenties, is there all the time, because she doesn't work.

There is absolutely no reason she couldn't trap those cats given her excessive free time. She said she would set the trap right away Friday morning. I actually thought she would. I showed her how, even how to keep the wind from blowing the paper. I tossed a few rocks inside on the paper to show her how.

And then I never heard from them. Finally Sunday I left two messages. Sunday evening the mother finally returned the message and said she'd been trying all day to catch those cats without any luck and was so tired she was going to bed. I tried to call her back. No answer.

With the appointments tomorrow and no answer when I tried to call today, to see if they had any, I finally went over tonight. But, I had a flat tire on the way.

My tires are bad and one has a slow leak. I had to stop and put air into it, but that's just a very temporary fix.

So I finally got on the way again. I got over there and it was like the mother was trying to avoid me. She finally came out and said she'd tried all day Sunday. I'm no dumbshit. I can see when a trap hasn't even been moved. Those rocks I tossed onto the paper, last Friday, when showing the daughter how to trap, still there, no bait in the back, same paper, not messed up at all. She just continued lying to me, straight faced as hell. It was almost comical. She hadn't touched that trap.

I asked her to go get my other trap. I'd had the daughter put the other one inside, on Friday, not wanting them stolen. Took them a long time to find it. In the meantime, one of the unfixed cats showed up and I set up the drop trap and sat in my car for an hour. Every time the cats would go under it to eat, the daughter would rush to the patio glass door to watch, spooking the cats away. This happened over and over, until I finally went and asked her to pull the curtain.

Twenty minutes later she came and said her dad wanted me to pack it up for the night, they were going to bed. They'd sat in there watching TV, while I tried to trap the cats they never even tried to trap. That is more than pathetic.

The daughter said "You didn't even call us to tell us you were coming and you should come at a decent hour." She seemed outraged. This didn't set well with me, after all their lies, about spending all day Sunday trying to catch the cats, when that trap hadn't been moved from the spot where I left it Friday morning.

I said, "I did call you. You don't answer your phone. And that trap, you haven't set it at all, or even tried to catch them."

She then told me how god awful rude I am and when I come back, it better be during the day, not at night. I looked at her increduously. Her mother had told me the cats only come at night, which would make it kind of tough to catch them in the middle of the day. I know she likes to sleep in, before her busy day of doing absolutely nothing or hanging with her friends and boy, how awful I might inconvenience her.

I said "You might be confusing me with a slave. I'm a volunteer." She again looked at me increduously, like a slave owner might if their slave talks back to them, and again told me how rude I was.

And then I said "I'm not coming back. Why would I? You folks have the money to get these cats fixed and you could have trapped them yourself." This seemed to shock her, like how dare I not serve them with free labor, or consider that they should do any part of the work or share the cost.

"Well then, we'll just get somebody else," she said, with attitude.

My mind ran over, in an instant, the faces of who that "somebody else" might be. Would it be Vicki, of KATA, who rises at 5:00 a.m. to go to her regular job, then does cat stuff afterwards. Would they try to get her to do work for free these lazy liars could do themselves and pay for themselves? Every damn one of them has a cell phone and car. They're not hurting that I can tell for anything. I wanted to vomit to think of them demanding help, these able bodied adults, from the likes of Vicki of KATA. Sure, we've had our differences, but one thing is not in contention: she works her ass off to help cats. The thought of these folks calling her up just fired my blood.

Or would it be Sharon they'd try to bamboozle, who works hard long hours in a stressful county job, and helps cats on the side, or Lila, who doesn't have much herself and way too many rescued cats. Which one of these ordinary heros will these sit on your butters make demands on next?

They have no clue, no respect, no character, no nothing.

Now I understand why they never returned calls. Because they were not actually using those traps, or even trying. Man, they can lie.

I picked up stuff, grumbling to myself about losers, about entitlement mentality, about how dare they call me rude when they're sitting on their asses watching TV instead of helping solve a problem they created, about how rude it is to just outright lie and to take my traps and not use them, to make such demands on me, to treat me like a slave.

And then I tripped in the netting of my own drop trap and the live trap I was trying to pull out, went flying and I really felt like a person who got involved trying to help people who are just basically not very nice. I picked myself up, retrieved my traps and left in my car with the deflating tire and came home.

My anger quickly turned to hysterical giggling, because it is funny to think about them lying like that.

The mother said the daughter never even tried to trap because she's lazy, then went on to tell me how hard she herself tried to trap on Sunday, and I'm staring at the trap in exactly the place I left it Friday, with the paper in it just like I left it and thinking, 'man, she is one practised liar.'

Then, when the daughter got all outraged over me telling her they don't answer their phone, that I had been trying to call them, because afterall, they have had my traps four days and said they'd have two cats for me today, she claimed she tried to trap but just kept catching the same cats.

I said, "Your mother already told me you didn't touch the trap so you can quit telling me you did right now. Besides, nobody touched the trap. It's exactly as I left it." This only made her really mad and she told me again how rude I am. I think she told me that at least three times.

I couldn't stop laughing on the way home. Like mother like daughter.