Friday, June 30, 2006

This NONPROFIT ROCKS!!! Celebrate tomorrow with POPPA at Recycled Gardens!

POPPA INC. ROCKS! (Donation Button to left and please donate) Pet Overpopulation Prevention Advocates Celebrates its fifth birthday tomorrow with a vegan friendly barbecue, party and Auction at Recycled Gardens---POPPA's primary fundraiser. This nursery takes in unwanted plants, or volunteers dig them up at sites slated for development. They are repotted and pampered then sold. The money goes to prevent unwanted pets, in direct financial assistance STATEWIDE to pet owners to help them fix their pets.

POPPA has helped fix hundreds upon hundreds of mid valley cats, dogs, house rabbits, even pot bellied pigs! More recently, POPPA funded seven spay/neuters of Albany Camp Boondoggle cats, ten spay/neuters of Corvallis homeless camp ferals and the fixes of four cats abandoned on Park St. This is just the tip of the iceberg. This nonprofit rocks! Come celebrate with POPPA and Recycled Gardens!

Date : Saturday, July 01, 2006
Time : 10-5
Location : Recycled Gardens
6995 NW Cornelius Pass Road, Hillsboro
Contact : Keni Cyr-Rumble
Description : Recycled Gardens is FIVE YEARS OLD and we are ready to celebrate! So please join us for a Vegetarian BBQ (Vegan friendly) party and a horseshoe toss competition, plus a live auction of 25-30 special plants we received as part of a generous donation from Centurian Homes, all for the small price of $5 per person for lunch (beer and wine will be available). More info regarding the plants is available on our Auction page.

Heat is Making me Cranky. Forced to White Trash Tarp out the Sun.

I'm cranky. I live in a 340 sq. ft. sweat box. The heat is not becoming to me. There is not a shred of insulation in this tiny house. It grabs the heat and never lets go. I cover my windows during the day in insulation and/or cardboard. I open things up nights, but it makes no difference. I live in an oven.

I lose sleep. I become irritible and cranky.

Today I raced home after doing laundry this a.m. and found one of the cats, the feral male, housed in the shed of dreams built by the hp Day of Caring volunteers, only half alive from the heat in there. I'd installed a window I bought at the Habitat store, but that shed needs three or four windows for air flow in the summer.

The door does not close properly either and has screws sticking through, like on the roof and some of the sides, that can tear out a cat's eye. I need to redo this shed of dreams, to actually be functional for what I wanted to use it for---housing feral cats before and after surgery and holding cats awaiting adoption. No can do in a shed that traps heat more effectively than a tomahawk live trap traps a feral cat.

I quickly contained him in a wire cage whose floor was soaked in a half inch of cold water. Want to cool down a cat quick? Cool its feet and ears. I also gave him rescue remedy so stress would not up his temp any.

In the panic, I was cursing the heat and cursing that shed and throwing live traps out the door so I could have room to manuever in saving the overheated cats life. That shed is no help to me, only a detriment, a space taker, now, the way it is. I will get it remodeled, but that will take time and money. In the meantime, i will pretend I don't have it, so as not to be lulled into housing ferals inside it overnight thinking it won't get oven hot because it will, even on rather mild days. I'm not sure why this is.

In the process of helping the cat, I nearly collapsed, overheated myself. The house intensely heated up today. Perhaps because I forgot to close the windows this morning. I guess I was tired. I guess I hadn't been following the weather report. I don't know.

I've put tarps up over part of the yard to block out the blazing afternoon sun. Sure, the place looks like a white trash trailer, but I don't give a fuck. These fancy neighbors around here laze in the comfort of air conditioned houses. I don't, ok. There's nothing easy about my existence here. So fuck them. White trash tarps and props to keep out the sun are all that is available to me.

DeFazio Office Comes Through for Homeless Camper Rita

Ten days ago, depressed over Albany Camp Boondoggle camper Rita's plight, I called Rep. DeFazio's office, hoping he could expedite her SSI claim.

She is mentally ill, that's for sure. She is a middle aged woman who has suffered severely, been beaten and raped and just had a horrible horrible life. Rep. DeFazio's office staff have big hearts. Today they called, hoping I might be able to find Rita. They have good news. They were successful in pushing through a claim that otherwise would have taken over a year. Yahoo!

Rita had doggedly been trying to find a tent and had bought an old one for $2. She was going to pitch it somewhere. Bless her heart.

I went into the camps three days ago and got four of her gray/white female's kittens out, along with that female whom I got spayed and returned.

The fosterer, who took those kittens in, after some major defleaing, decided to keep two of them, and her neighbor claimed two. I will help both women get them fixed once they are old enough. But those four now have homes.

And Stormy, the all black young mother, got a great home yesterday.

That leaves me with only Misty and four kittens.

Both barn homes I had lined up for the two Park St. cats fell through. I will have to release the feral male. The abbysinian young female, who was pregnant, is tame and will stay here awaiting a home. But the male will have to go back for now and hopefully those neighbors will feed him as they promised.

Hillbilly, from Camp Boondoggle, has been leaving messages, wanting to find someplace to hold his dogs, until he finds a new place to camp. I could think of nowhere to refer him, except to Canine HOmefinders. I gave him the number and said I hadn't asked them, so he'd need to call and make the case himself. I haven't heard the outcome.

K, formerly of 120 cats and fifth St, in Corvallis, then of Fall City, before 80 cats were rescued from her there, who then moved with her menagerie to south Corvallis, left a message stating she's again in transition and needs a place to locate her cats and dogs temporarily. Ain't gonna be at my place. I can't bail her out again. She's cost me a whole lot of money over the years. I wish her luck, but.....(she's also eyeing the for rent sign next door, something that makes me shiver inside to think about).

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

One of Stormy's girls. Stormy is getting a home tomorrow. And so is Calamity Jane. The lady who adopted Willie Wonka, Calamity's brother, last fall, although his name now is BJ, contacted me and wants to adopt Calamity. She'll be leaving tomorrow. I am happy for her but I will miss her dearly. Posted by Picasa

The three little girls from the Albany homeless camp. Now---Flea Free! Posted by Picasa

The smallest kitten of the four, also female. So, four more kittens to get fixed and find homes for. Does this at all inspire people to fix their pets? Think about this one person, who had two females at the camps. I had to foster, fix and find homes for three of the Siamese adult's first litter. The fourth is in the hands of some other formerly homeless campers who last I heard want to breed her. I had to get the adult female herself fixed. She was pregnant again. Then her adult daughter, now being spayed, had this litter, among others. That's just from one female and one camper---all these cats and expenses and homes to find. This is not to mention the 11 cats removed from another camp, owned by two men. Where are all these homes supposed to come from, for all these cats allowed to breed? The answer tragically is that there are not enough homes and that is why millions of perfectly adorable kittens and companion animals are killed every year in shelters. Sad. It's a human issue, a human irresponsibility, selfishness and laziness issue. In good news, Stormy, the teen mom of two kittens, one hers, one stolen, is getting a home tomorrow. Posted by Picasa

The gray tabby female kitten, of the four I removed from the Albany homeless camps today. This makes 21 cats removed so far. 11 of those 21 have been altered, six by Heartland and five through POPPA Inc. The other ten are kittens and still too small. I also have gotten two adult females fixed, that were returned to their homeless owners. These were fixed through POPPA Inc. also. So POPPA has paid to fix 7 Albany Homeless Camp cats and Heartland has footed the bill for six of them. Hey Linn County, how about some donations sent to Heartland and POPPA to help out in return? Isn't this little girl cute? I am happy to have saved her. Posted by Picasa

The little gray girl from the Albany homeless camp. Tomorrow she and her two sisters will go to Lebanon in foster. They will be available for adoption only after they are spayed at 8 weeks. I do not want them to go on to become part of the overpopulation problem. The Lebanon woman already has in hand the only male of the four kittens--a Lynx point Siamese. These kittens were crawling with fleas, had eye issues and flea anemia. But they will be fine. I gave them baths to rid them of fleas, have terrmycin for their eyes and am giving them Pet Tinic, which contains iron, to help combat their anemia. Posted by Picasa

This is a Park Street beat up male. Some of it comes from banging trying to get out of the trap, but this cat has been beating up the neighborhood in cat fights over teen females. Sick stuff. He's being neutered as I write. Posted by Picasa

Formerly Pregnant Young Tame Abysinnian, from Park St.

This is one of the Park Street cats, the third I've trapped in that one yard. I hope to relocate her and the other male I trapped (the fourth cat trapped there) to a barn home tomorrow. They are being fixed today, courtesy of POPPA Inc. This young abysinnian was pregnant. I had hoped to catch the alleged black pregnant cat there also, but didn't. I will assume she's had her kittens by now. There is also a third short hair gray I've seen there, plus two cats allegedly already fixed the tenants, who were evicted, kept inside. They try to get back in the house, the landlord complained to neighbors, when he's there working.

It's so sad when people walk off and leave their animals behind.

Someone else in that neighborhood, who moved there about three years ago, told me a little girl from a house nearby told her, just after they'd moved in, that animal control got called about their dogs barking, so they took the two dogs out in their car and dumped them out several miles away. But, the little girl continued, the two dogs then followed them back home, so next time, they took them out farther and dumped them. They never came home. Now those people have more dogs.

Other neighbors, on that south town street (not Park), told me some Hispanics who live in a home there, used to get cats for their dogs, before they staged a dog fight. They'd starve their dogs, then throw a cat to them to fight over and tear apart, to get them blood ready for a dog fight. They were turned in to animal control also over this, I was told, a few years back and those dogs disappeared. Now they have more.

I did not witness this, and this is second hand information that this family behaves in this manner. So I won't name names or give the street they live on because secondhand information is sometimes not accurate. The source of the information I deem quite reliable however.

It is quite dangerous to give away free cats because there are a lot of people just like these losers out there.

 Posted by Picasa

Lynx Point Siamese female, very young, from the Corvallis homeless camps. I trapped her last night, along with two cats from south town (Park Street) and took them to Jefferson to be fixed. If she is not lactating, she has a place to go to, where some of her cohorts from the camp now live and are thriving. I also went back into the Albany homeless camp and got the second female and her four kittens from one camp. I will return the mother tomorrow. She is being spayed today. The kittens came with me, but will be fostered by a Lebanon woman. They were flea bags, literally, unbelievable. And flea anemic. Posted by Picasa

Mean Jim Resurfaces

Mean Jim has resurfaced. I trapped all but one of the ferals he fed more than a year ago. At first, he seemed maybe normal. But that illusion quickly vanished. Mean Jim is crazy. Crazier than a loon. He once told his neice he was so worried about me because his neighbor went by on a motorcycle and sprayed me with anthrax, while I was trapping there. Yeah right.

Mean Jim has a vendetta going against every neighbor. Real estate agents feel the need to inform anyone interested in buying a house nearby about Mean Jim. He really hates the kid who occasionally rides a dirt bike in the field behind his house. It's the kid's parents property. He stands outside and makes faces at the boy and cheers if he falls.

Mean Jim is quite the liar too and boy every tale he tells is tall. So tall and hateful you wonder why someone hasn't killed him or committed him.

So I blew up at him before the final female was caught and told him what I thought of how hateful he was to everyone. So he told me if I came on his property again he'd shoot me. He blamed his cat problem on me. He's really a sick person.

The final female had another litter. I went out with his neice and netted them in a barrage of Mean Jim hate. I should have been drunk, might have helped.

But we didn't get Zipper, the mother, before Mean Jim again banned us under threat of death. He's that way.

So I got a call from his neice a week ago. She was crying. She'd been up at Mean Jim's. He'd called her and said he was going to kill Zipper and her latest litter if she wasn't gone immediately. So she went and brought her back with her and paid for her spay and then took her to her sister. Then they both went after the kittens. They tried to plan not to engage Mean Jim in debate because it's useless because he's nuts. But they were drawn in. He said he bet them $50 they couldn't catch those kittens. So L took him up on it, then he refused her money and asked what it would take to get her off his property. She said she wasn't leaving without the kittens. He said he was going to shoot them that night if they weren't gone. But then he demanded they leave and said he'd catch them in his trap and he would call them at 4:30 a.m. 4:30 A.M!!!!!!!

They took it, they swallowed their goodness and they took crap off a miserable old man. He handed over four kittens this morning and refused to hand over the other two. Just the night before he was going to shoot them all. This morning he claimed he was keeping the two Maine Coons. To Mean Jim, every cat is a Maine Coon.

L offered to buy the two kittens, knowing full well what will happen if they don't get them. He's bragged graphically about killing over 50 kittens, holding their little struggling heads under the water in a bucket. He bragged about it like he loves killing them. The power of crushing out the hope of life in a kittens heart thrills this impotent human male. What a pathetic man he is.

He refused. I told her just to call the cops. He's abused enough people and enough animals to warrant spending the rest of his life behind bars. Hopefully county law enforcement isn't impotent.

Mean Jim is not someone you'd ever want to meet. Trust me.

Monday, June 26, 2006

Anyone know a good Lawyer? Lacomb Woman Whose Car was ruined by Jiffy Lube, is Seeking Lawyer

The Lacomb woman who trustingly paid Jiffy Lube for a coolant system check one day and the next--her car went dry because Jiffy Lube had not put the radiator cap back on straight, is looking to find an honest lawyer.

She'd had her car towed to Toyota after it overheated the day after the coolant system check. Toyota told her the car engine and radiator are fried. Toast, in other words. Toyota's have aluminum blocks. If you overheat, your engine is history. Jiffy Lube owes her a new car. But will they make it right? Apparently not without the force of a civil suit.

So she's looking for a good consumer fraud type lawyer who will work on commission.

Anybody out there know of one? This is a nice older woman who needs a car because she has a farm and lives way out. She's honest and Jiffy Lube made an error, costing her her transportation. They need to do right by their mistake. Period.

Exhaustion Takes its Toll. So many call wanting me to solve their cat problem

I was supposed to have a sleep study done this evening, but I woke up with a cold. I couldn't sleep last night because the temp inside the house was about 120 degrees.

I picked up two cats at Lancaster Bridge apartments at 6:30 a.m. The woman had contacted POPPA and Poppa asked that I call her and get the cats in right away. Lancaster Bridge apartments are on my shit list. I got over 20 cats fixed there two or three years ago, with permission of Corvallis Neighborhood Housing. A former Neighborhood Housing board member and then FCCO coordinator called them first and took me out. They also said to keep a list of my expenses and they would reimburse them.

That didn't happen. They stiffed me. And not only that, when I went back to get a kitten someone wanted fixed, the manager accused me of stealing cats and called the cops. It was unbelievable. Actually, a lady on the street behind the complex was trapping cats and taking them to Heartland.

So I hate the place and I hate Corvallis Neighborhood Community Housing, although their shit ain't supposed to stink in this town.

But I swallowed it all for the cats and went and got this male and female and got them fixed today. Doesn't mean I'll ever go back to that shithole or leave without spitting on the ground and shaking the dust off my feet.

I met the Salem woman I had trapped five cats for yesterday, off an exit, and picked up the four adults, because she had to be to work by 7:30 a.m. After I trapped them Sunday morning, she had taken them back to her barn to hold until they were fixed today. Then I took all six to Jefferson to be fixed and came home.

I fed Captain Courageous down along the river, the old feral girl old Ray has promised to take home with him for seven years. Maybe it's nine years he's promised. He's fed her since she was a kitten. The old man is on a road trip with another old man but will be back today. And he'll never do right by her. She was drooling, has bad teeth and Ray is a lazy cheapskate old man full of shit, too, who never does anything for anybody or anything he says he'll do.

Most of my problems along the river, with the cats, would never have happened if it weren't for Ray's laziness. Old Dorothy told me that before I came on the scene of the river cats, years ago, when Ray fed them, she had offered to pay for them to be fixed, if he'd trap them. But lazy Ray wouldn't do that, even though he fed them. He wouldn't trap them, even though Dorothy would have gotten them fixed at no cost to him, because Ray's lazy as hell and never does anything for anybody. So, when I stumbled into the situation, homeless off and on myself, I got them all fixed, one by one by one. Including Captain Courageous---the last living river cat.

I have no money. Ray does. He's a cheapskate and lazy and useless. And he let's that poor girl suffer down there alone, the last river cat, when he could take her in. He has three extra bedrooms in his huge house, that nobody occupies. She could have an entire bedroom to herself. Ray may have a big house and a bank accountant but what he lacks is character and that is what counts.

The south town crazy lady called, too, demanding I trap the rest of the cats left behind by the two gay meth heads who'd been evicted. She said the rental's owner wants them gone and is going to shoot them.

I said "I don't work for that landlord. I am not his slave. If he wants to pay me, fine and then I'll do it. He pays all the other workers mowing and painting."

I don't have anywhere for them to go and no place to hold them here. Fact is, I can't save the world alone. Not even the feline world. They're on Park St. on the right just before Crystal Lake meets Park. That's where those doomed cats live. If you're so inclined, contact me and go help them. Trap them. We'll find a way to get them fixed. I'm sick and exhausted and in pain and I can't even move currently.... They'll die because I'm one person and I can't save them all.

And the Albany homeless camp lady left me a message last night wanting me to come into the camps to get her other unfixed female and the two kittens of five, still alive. And I couldn't today, because I ended up falling asleep until 3:00 p.m. and then I left to get the cats who were fixed in Jefferson.

I pulled three ferals out of their traps, in the clinic bathroom, and with them in my net, after their surgeries, I vaccinated them and gave them roundworm meds. Then the Salem woman left with the four and I came back with the two from the shithole complex out off Conifer and returned them.

And Heatherdale is rearing its ugly face again. I got close to 70 cats fixed at that Albany trailer park last August right before back surgery, in a sea of pain I worked, and those tenants didn't lift a finger. Many wanted even more of me, like for me to supply them with cat food.

Now, someone forwarded me a post off freecycle. Someone was complaining a mother cat had kittens under his trailer. I told him Heatherdale nearly killed me. I can kill myself over and over and over again at Heatherdale, but it won't make things different for the cats. The tenants need to change. It's the tenants who need to change. Otherwise, it will be forever the same. For the cats and for me.

I'm tired and it's hot and inside I feel like a Dutch Boy with a finger in the hole of a dam. I feel like a Dutch Boy with a boat at his side with a finger in the dam viewing the carnage the water would cover. I feel like a Dutch boy pulling his finger from the dam, hopping into a boat and rowing off laughing.

Saturday, June 24, 2006

Stormy and her two kittens. Posted by Picasa

Stormy's two little girls, one stolen, one hers. Posted by Picasa

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Ping and sister Jazz on my lap. Posted by Picasa

Ping on my lap. Posted by Picasa

Misty, with just spayed shaved belly. Posted by Picasa

I will be needing to buy some toilet paper. Ping goes wild. Posted by Picasa

Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Five of Six Cats Return from Vet. Sixth Very Ill with FIV.

Five of the six cats came back with me this evening after having been fixed. The sixth, the big dominant male, was indeed very ill with tumors and mouth inflammations caused by FIV.

Of the other five, three were males and two were females. The little gray/white in photos of recent posts, was actually very pregnant and also very young. The other female is the mustached black and white. Both brown tabbies were males and so was the all black.

The little black male was buddied up with the big brown tabby male. I see this sometimes. Sometimes I think there are gay cats.

Low and behold, tonight, I caught my spayed and deaf female, Miss Daisy, humping on the poor young late teenager--Comet. Sure, he's good looking. But he's neutered and Miss Daisy is spayed and that was bizarre. She was on top, holding him down. Must be the summer soltice mystique.

I'm exhausted, having done weed whacking all day, besides the whole cat thing, with the six cats from the Corvallis homeless camps. I'm taking them to two seperate barn homes tomorrow, but to take more cats, each woman needs a committment of some cat food donated each month. So where will I get that, from here on out? I don't know, but I keep my promises. (unlike the city council in Albany. I still have not seen a dime of the promised reimbursement for vaccines, flea and worm treatment of Camp Boondoggle cats).

N in south town had left me a vague message yesterday about me being invited to some party down there. So I get home a bit late with the five cats and the one deceased one, unload them, leave the deceased sitting in my yard in a trap, and call N, to tell her I'm running late. She hadn't told me where this party was, just to meet her and D at her place at a quarter til six. So no answer. Instead of showering, which I badly needed to do, and changing clothes, I rushed down there.

She was home. She could have answered the phone and let me know I had time to shower and change. Instead, when I arrived, she completely ignored me, wouldn't even answer me. I finally followed them over to the party.

These were the beautiful people, the rich or at least comfortable hippy types. They had the latest in trendy hippy wear. And the treehouse alone was bigger than this place. I was a fish out of water. I knew no one but D and N. They went ahead of me in the food line. Some writer guy pumps me about my finger bandage and where I live. I think he thought I might be a homeless person that had slipped in for a free meal. He asked if I hurt my finger when cooking all day for the party and he knew I hadn't cooked for that party, unless he's completely lacking in observation skills.

N and D had begun talking to some man, who joined them in line. When I got my food and went to sit with N and D, there were no chairs available. The man they'd been talking to had sat down with them, along with some others, and they had not saved me a place. I said "There's no place for me to sit." They were unconcerned.

Briefly I sat on the grass behind. They never turned around again to include me in the conversation. I felt like an idiot, like a poor person they'd drug along. "Oh, did you see I brought a poor person? She's back there, on the grass. They're so much more comfortable in the dirt."

So anyhow, I thought this was quite rude, to invite me, then exclude me like that, so I poured out the cup of beer and left. I mean, there was nothing in it for me to stay. I didn't know anybody but N and D and N had decided to be a jerk off. Big surprise.

I stopped at the Darimart and chucked the paper plate of food in their garbage can. It had fallen off the passenger side seat during the drive back, spilling the fancy potluck food I had not cooked onto the seat and car floor. I went into Darimart and bought a cheap beer and came home. So much for the yuppie hippy party.

Big Brown Tabby Boy. He only has eyes for a little male.

The second larger brown tabby I trapped yesterday at the Corvallis homeless camp. He is half friendly and best buddies with one of the smaller black cats. Unless of course, that black cat is actually a female in heat, the more likely reason for the friendship. Posted by Picasa

This One Didn't Make it Back---FIV and ill

Big medium hair gray and white male trapped at the Corvallis homeless camp yesterday and no, he does not look well. Posted by Picasa

Little Black Male who Likes the Big Brown Tabby Male

The second all black, from Corvallis homeless camp. The first was a female. This one? I didn't check before taking it up to be fixed, courtesy of POPPA Inc. Posted by Picasa

Brown Tabby Boy Cat

Brown tabby male from Corvallis Homeless camp being fixed today. Posted by Picasa

Corvallis Homeless Camp Gray/white preggie teen

The gray/white female I trapped yesterday at the Corvallis homeless camp and being fixed today. (she turned out to be pregnant). All total, I've trapped nine at the Corvallis homeless camp, with zero or at most one, left to trap. Posted by Picasa

Corvallis Camp Mustachioed Female

Another Corvallis homeless camp black.white with mustache, being fixed today, one of six I trapped yesterday. Compare her to the photo in the post below. They're sisters. Posted by Picasa

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

6 More Corvallis Homeless Camp Cats Caught and Infected Finger

I caught six more Corvallis homeless camp cats who will be fixed tomorrow courtesy of POPPA Inc. (donation button for this wonderful nonprofit on left). I believe I have places for all six to go once fixed.

I also was up half of last night when the finger I smashed in the car door ten days ago or so, ballooned up and became intensely painful. I finally went to the doctor, who said I am losing my fingernail and infection got into and under the loose nail. He lanced the worst red bubbled part but only blood came out. I have to take antibiotics and keep my finger wrapped and he says this might be a long process. Fingernails take a long time to grow back.

Also, now I can't type very well.

I also have been doing massive heavy duty yardwork for my landlady for money off rent. Its extremely physical and a bit painful but I'm surviving it.

Also, a homeless camper I don't know from Albany left a message wanting me to find them an attorney, over the camp eviction next week. I don't think that is going to stop anything because they have no legal basis for a lawsuit. They believe they own the land under squatters rights. The camp has been in existence 40 years but I don't think any of them have lived there that long.

I'm very tired out and going to bed now.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Please don't bulldoze me! This little girl I trapped ten days ago, got spayed, and returned to the Corvallis homeless camp, is in danger. I found out later the camp is to be cleared for development in that area, perhaps a Home Depot. I didn't know development there was imminent, may even be happening right now. I was so tired last night, I didn't get out there to trap like I'd planned. There are nine cats out there, all of them from two litters of an abandoned pregnant female, from last year. Posted by Picasa

Sunday, June 18, 2006

The Old Hippy Pays Me Back

The old hippy formerly of the Cheshire cat colony, for whom I trapped originally 27 cats and relocated and found homes for all but six, gave me a donation today. Yahoo! He'd always said if he got some money he'd try to pay me back for all the work, time, and money I spent helping him. I will never get it all back, but for him to pay me back some now, is incredibly wonderful. He doesn't have much of anything as far as material possessions or money. I asked him if I could hug him, and he said "Well, ok but I'll be embarrassed." Then I hugged the shit out of him.

I ran into someone else I trapped cats for once in Philomath and he asked what I'd been up to. So I told him and he donated a few bucks. Yipee!!! Thank you Coby.

So, this has made me feel more confident that I will survive this month. It's not much I have in hand, but it's better than nothing, that's for sure.